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1: REDKEN REUNION It is with enormous respect and heartfelt admiration that we present our memories to you. It has been the privilege of our personal and professional lives to have known and worked with you. You are a visionary of the highest order and your stewardship of Redken is the definition of exemplary leadership. Thank You For 50 Extraordinary Years

2: Dearest Paula; In 1963 I visited Redken Laboratories on orders from my then current employer, Clairol, to pick up some products for testing that salons in the LA area had been telling me about. It was there I met a beautiful red head that I thought was the receptionist. We talked awhile and when I found out you were the owner, I told you that what you needed was a technician. You said, "What's a technician?" I explained it was someone who shows the salesman how to sell the product and the stylist how to use it. You remarked "What a great idea!" Unfortunately, you couldn’t afford a technician at the time but I kept calling and calling. Somehow I knew my destiny was with you. Eventually, the day came in 1964 when I was hired! That was a memorable year for me as it was my first year at the incredible company known as Redken Laboratories. I embarked on a journey that, for the first two years encompassed traveling all over the United States for eleven months and then returning to LA for the month of December. Obviously, Redken was my life and I loved it. Two years later I found myself in the 'City of Hope' battling TB and in those days it was a fearful disease. I became totally depressed and despondent but Paula, you never gave up on me. You even had me keep the company car where I could see it through my hospital window, so I knew I had my job to come back to. Through your support and love over those nine months, I took that experience as a wakeup call, to look at the positive side of everything that happened in my life. You were always the one person I could turn to for anything. I spent the best thirty-five years of my career working with you, Paula. You were a true visionary in our industry, even though you didn't know it then, and you probably still don't realize it even today. At Redken Laboratories, we changed the way hairdressers did business and we helped them earn respect for themselves and what they did. We also revolutionized the industry; salons would not be the success they are today if the beautiful redhead had not had the vision to ask, “What’s a technician?” I will never forget the faith you had in me - no matter whether I deserved it or not - in all of those thirty-five years. I love you, Paula. Bill Peplow

3: Dear Paula, It is an honour to be with you tonight for the 2010 family reunion in celebration of Redken's 50th Anniversary. For your commitment and all that you have achieved you have indeed commanded the respect of the entire hair and beauty profession worldwide. Ken Grogan's words were so appropriate “To Redken, a company that changed an industry”. Your vision, principles and values are unparalleled and our products and programmes reached out and touched the hearts and minds of millions of dedicated professionals around the world. You have always said that Redken is a family of dedicated people and we are very proud to be with you tonight to reflect on the company's success, with the comforting thought that it continues to go from strength to strength. I have so many fond and happy memories of the fun trips in so many countries with you and John, in particular one trip to Japan stands out, possibly because we had a little time to relax, and that was Gifu. You looked radiant. Paula, you and John gave me some of the happiest days of my life and it has been an honour and privilege to share our story in so many countries around the world. You are truly the greatest and I am blessed in having you as a friend. With love and respect, Arthur

4: Reminiscing through my 27 years with the company, I couldn't possibly single out any one instance to highlight. There were truly far too many great memories. A special thought that comes to mind though is that nothing is more important than my personal family, combined with the fact that I was so fortunate to have a second family comprised of everyone who worked so hard and shared the same dreams at where we all worked, Redken Laboratories. How special it was through the years to interact with my children and watch them grow and mature, while at the same time being able to be a part of what of Paula started, the acknowledged leading company in the professional beauty industry. Over those many years and even today, I've had so many, many people say that what they learned and experienced while working at Redken completely motivated them to apply those same philosophies and practices to their personal lives, as well as later business pursuits. This “Redken thought process” will always bond all of us. Thank you Paula! My participation with Redken started in the summer of 1972 in the Redken Mailroom and Shipping and Receiving (thanks Dad), then as a Distributor Sales Consultant while in college (I promise I only focused on Redken), then back to full time with the company in U.S. Field Sales, then into Marketing, later as Director of Redken Education, and then finally culminating in 1994 after six year as it's V.P. of Sales for the United States. What an incredible and rewarding experience that shaped my life forever! I've said it many times from platform and meant it, I loved every minute of my time with the company from start to finish, and owe and thank Paula and my father for the initial opportunity. On behalf of my wife Brenda, who worked many years for Redken in Canada, all of our kids who love their “Grandma Paula” and so much miss their grandfather “Dido”; we all wish at this special time to express our sincere love and thanks to Paula, and at the same time look back at what Redken Laboratories meant to all our lives and our many friends, and feel profoundly thankful and truly blessed. Paula - Thank you and God bless you! Chris, Brenda, Marissa, Gavin, Jessi and John

5: We are proud to announce that Redken 5th Avenue NYC has been honored as one of the "Icons of the American Marketplace" together with 256 other American brands. Random House Publishing in partnership with Columbia University honored consumer brand excellence to the top 257 brands out of 800 nominations. Redken is the only haircare brand named. The tribute is commemorated in a hardbound coffee table book. Congratulations to Redken! Pat Parenty

6: While working at Redken as a district manager in 1971, I traveled with Pete Record, who distributed the product in Southern Texas. One day we went to the small boarder town of Del Rio. Upon entering a salon there was a row of 9-10 customers under the dryers. I flipped every dryer up and gave a sample of Redken’s Onika nail grower on the nails of each customer’s hand, then put Proderma face cream on their other hand on the top of their wrists then continued by telling them the story Redken told me “If you use Onika and Proderma every day for 14 days you will see your nails starting to grow and your skin looking younger”. The majority of the people in the salon bought a jar of Proderma and a bottle of Onika before they left. Between the customers’ orders and back up stock for the salon we sold more Onika and Proderma in the salon that day than their entire order of Redken hair products. This just goes to show that if you truly believe in a company and what you are told about the performance of its products, it is very easy to get excited about all the products the company makes even if they are not hair care. Enthusiasm is contagious. John Paul DeJoria Co-founder, Chairman and CEO John Paul Mitchell Systems And Patron Spirits Co.

7: It was in New York City, in a box seat, in a beautiful theater, that I fell in love with a lady and an incredible profession! We sat, overlooking the stage, I, the hippie from radio and records, she the actress and executive extraordinaire. Below us a slight man stepped into the spotlight to be introduced: “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Guilliaume!” As he spoke I could feel the presence and the power of the people who filled the theater but most deeply the presence of the lady who had so graciously invited me to attend and share in this incredible evening. The Frenchman was a sculptor, couturier, and hairstylist and his closing words, in his beautiful French accent, were the opening of a doorway to the most exciting and beautiful time of my life. “True beauty” he said, “is a gift from heaven above!” He was correct. That evening the world of beauty became my passion, and Paula became my leader, my inspiration and a true friend. Thank you for the gifts and the adventure, Doug Cox

8: "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful for beauty is God's handwriting a wayside sacrament. Welcome it in every fair face in every fair sky in every fair flower and thank God for it as a cup of blessing." Ralph Waldo Emerson Paula, I am grateful and I am blessed that you've chosen to share your 'seeing' with me. I love you, Ann Mincey

9: Dear Paula, First, I must again thank you for allowing me to be part of your team for 14 years. My time with Redken continues to be the best part of my career thanks to you and the team that you put together. You were always an inspirational leader and a really fun person to be around (when you were not mad at me!)! In many ways, you truly changed my life. But, now to the story: As only a true entrepreneur would do, you decided to take me out of Operations and assign me to the Pacific Rim (did you know that I did not even have a passport at that time?). Since I was a true international rookie, you took me on my first trip to Japan to meet a number of the major distributors. You had been there many, many times and always said that you thought you had lived there in another life... and I believe it! You tutored me in the customs and protocols of Japanese relationships and I soaked up every single word. So, one night we had a big dinner meeting in Kyoto with our distributor team. It was you, I and about 10 Japanese in a beautiful and very formal Tatami room. You had already coached me that the presentation of the food in Japan is as important as the food itself. There is no doubt that has always turned out to be true and this occasion was certainly a great example. In your coaching, I understood you to say that "everything" on the dish is edible and that it is an insult not to eat all that is put in front of you. As the servers brought out the main course, there were little bridges and other ornaments on the dish that appeared to be made out of sticks. Not wanting to insult our friends, I proceeded to eat Everything on the dish! Yes, the sticks and all! I will never forget your face and the face of the servers when they came to my place, kneeling on the floor, and saw my plate. Of course, the plate was completely empty! There was suddenly a lot of chatter and giggling and a curious look around my seating area... looking for the sticks! I remember you just rolling your big eyes and the distributor saying something that led to a lot of laugher... I still do not know what was said but can only imagine! Every story has a silver lining... the roughage was great and the results predictable! Thanks to you, I now have over 20 years of heavy international travel and I have learned to eat almost anything to make a deal but I leave the sticks alone! My very best to you...always! Cary Newman SVP/GM Del Operation

10: Paula is responsible for the greatest, most positive and longest lasting change ever in the professional beauty industry. Her influence goes far beyond any individual in the history of this profession. She built her company on the absolute and sustained belief that increasing the bond between stylist, their salon and their clients, based on knowledge of the science of hair, skin and nails, would create a new and powerful professional bond much stronger than traditional stylist/client relationships. Paul conceived and formulated professional products that matched and supported the increasing stylist’s knowledge and constructed educational programs to bring the scientific approach to everyone recognizing its advantages. Through her efforts, beauty product distributors changed their approach to support her vision of the industry and thereby made them stronger and more successful in their relationships with the stylists and their salons. The use of trained and licensed cosmetologists as field technicians to represent her company was a brilliant step essential to support the success of stylists, salons, distributors and her company. Over the past forty years during which I was either employed by, or following the direction of the Redken Company, and the professional beauty industry, there has not been a program that comes close to duplicating Paula’s. In fact, I believe that there will never ever be one that exceeds, or even meets, her triumph. James K. Ahlquist

11: I will write a brief note about Paula's support for the Valdez Oil Spill Recovery effort with the otters in the spring of 1989. As you recall, she sponsored me for two weeks while I was in Valdez; and we did some good and developed a treatment to clean off the oil that allowed the otters to return to the ocean. The star otter for the new treatment that we developed was named "Kent". Only I knew the significance of his name at the time in Valdez since I was downplaying any commercial benefit from our efforts at the time. All the Best Lee Hunter, Ph. D.

12: Dear Paula, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the opportunities you’ve given me. From the days that I did your hair in the test salon to the time you asked me to restage Color Blend, which ultimately became Shades EQ, you’ve always been a source of encouragement and inspiration. While I’ve had the opportunity to work with a great many talented and gifted people, your focused vision and dedication continue to be my guiding example of what a true leader should be. Thanks for all you do for so many. Much love Steven Goddard | Paula Meehan: Your endless energy and enthusiasm for business and life gave so many of us a real opportunity to be more than we knew we could. And our friendship is one of the great highlights of my life. Thanks, Martin Parsons

13: Dear Paula. I can clearly recall my days at Redken. It was 1973 when I visited Redken’s Head Office in Van Nuys for the first time. That encounter with Redken changed my life. I learned so much especially on Hair Chemistry, Marketing Philosophy, and so on from Redken. It is true that I owe it to Redken for what I am today. It is you, Paula, however, who gave me such a precious chance to choose the way to go with Redken. I cannot express how grateful I have been. Redken will be in my mind, along with the REDKEN DIAMOND PENDANT that I was awarded, until my last moment of my life. Most sincerely, Mickey Nakayama

14: There are some people you meet in life who can make a difference, mold your character, provide knowledge to you and even guide you on a path to a magic world. When I saw the name Redken for the first time it was in Stuttgart at the World- Championship in 1970. My employer Mr. Dvorack Franz Secrater OAI in Austria had invited me to go there. He paid the entrance ticket and I paid for the train ticket. Living and working in Vienna at that time and being just 21 years old was very exciting and my interest was totally concentrated on competition work. When I arrived to the Grand Messe hall in Stuttgard I noticed big buses all marked with the slogan “Redken Loves You” and I still remember the feeling that went through my mind “I want to be Redken.“ A few years later in 1983 at the Rio de Janeiro Intercoiffure Mondial World Congress our Icelandic Section did a show there that was unique and very avant-garde. We made bikinis out of lamb furs for the Brazilian models and it looked both sexy and stunning. It was there I met Paula. Paula was in the audience seated with our dear Guillaume. To make long story short she invited the Icelandic Section to Florida in January 1984 to do a show at the Redken International Seminar. In 1986 at the World Congress in Verona, I became a distributor for Redken in Iceland. From there our paths have crossed at Redken Distributor meetings as well as ICD meetings all over the world. I have had the pleasure of visiting her on her yacht, flying in her airplane and staying in her home. She made all of us her family and through her I have met her friends, beautiful and great people. She has made a big impact on my life in so many ways. Thank you Paula –Let us keep the spirit until the END Elsa Haraldsdottir

15: First meeting: It was January 1980. I had joined the company as the Australian and New Zealand General Manager in September of 1979 and was on my first visit to Canoga Park. In fact it was my first visit to the USA and I have to admit to being a bit starry eyed. It was an exciting time. I met a whole bunch of talented people from both International and Domestic. It was very evident I was a member of a progressive family, the Redken family. Following the marketing and financial meetings our happy little group moved into the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA. It was to be my first Redken International Seminar. Excited by the prospect of the first day and feeling good about myself I stepped into one of those glass elevators that glide up and down the walls of the Bonaventure. I found I was sharing the space with another traveler, a woman with a presence. ‘My gosh, you’re Paula Meehan,’ I said. She smiled broadly and surprised me by saying ‘And you’re Jim Hudson our new man in Australia.’ We shook hands; I said,’ It’s a great pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Meehan.’ ‘Please call me Paula,’ she said, still smiling. So, that folks was my introduction to a great company and a remarkable woman. Jim Hudson Australia 2010

16: Dear Paula As we’re sure you are aware our Redken years were a special and rewarding experience on many levels. We all deeply thank you and every one of the remarkable people we met and worked with. The everlasting friendships we had with you all remain a joy in our lives; love is sustained. God delivers great ‘gatherers’ of people and one of your many facets has been to draw together many talented and enriching people around you. The exciting time we had with you and your ‘gathering’ was one of the most wonderful experiences in our careers and lifetime, unique. So, a very deep bow to you, your family and your friends. On behalf of us all Love always Charlie & Janet Miller

17: Perhaps you’ll remember Paula, when you first made Redken stock available to company employees I wrote and handed you a check for $10,000, and you told me that it was a check for the largest sum that anyone had ever handed you. I in return said that it was the largest check that I’d ever written. Guess we’ve both held and written larger ones since. I only wish I’d held on to that stock. Sometime thereafter you cosigned a bank note for me for the sum of $50,000. I used that money to invest in a building, which has paid me back many times over. I’ve been ever grateful to you for your kindness. Much Love, Ron DiSalvo | It’s very rare that any of us have the privilege of meeting and working closely with someone who has had such a profound and far-reaching effect on so many people’s lives. Not just those of us who were fortunate enough to work alongside her, nor even the thousands of salons and stylists around the globe who were so proud to promote the Redken name, image and professionalism. Paula’s effect on a whole industry is still being felt today and the ethos was changed by the courage, foresight and sheer business acumen of just one woman. Paula, many congratulations on this wonderful anniversary celebration – I am so pleased and proud to be a small part of it and to be able to share it with you. Every good wish. Many thanks David Plummer

18: 50 years is a long time – Although I have not been a member for all 50 years I am still so proud of Redken and our cooperation in Finland, both in Tamro Group Ltd and Hairco Inc for over 15 years. Redken was the reason I founded my own company Hairco Inc, twenty years ago. I remember with pleasure my time with Redken and our “Redken Family”. It was something special and so are you Paula. Thank you! I vividly remember your visit in Finland in the year 1994. It gave us hope for a bright future. I wish to you Paula and all Redken people many successful years in every aspect of your lives. Marja Lievonen

19: I once told Paula that I had worked for three female CEO's in my career: Ruth Handler of Mattel, Linda Wachner of Max Factor, and Paula. Ruth Handler ruled Mattel with an iron hand, was aggressive and gutsy in her business practices, but was distanced from the middle management people. Linda Wachner ruled Max Factor with an iron hand, yelled and screamed a lot to get things done but wasn't particularly effective, and taught me some four-letter words I had not yet heard. Paula ruled Redken with a great business plan to which she was ever faithful, and the courage to trust her management to make intelligent decisions and reward them accordingly. I think most Redken people would choose that management style if they had a choice. In a way, it is unfortunate that many did not have my particular experiences so they would know for certain how fortunate they were to work at Redken. I certainly did. Thanks, Dick Mallek

20: Dearest Paula: I first became aware of Redken in 1970 when my dad summoned "all warehouse personnel" to clear aisle 6. We learned the news that our Curcio Beauty Supply Company had exclusive rights to represent Redken Laboratories in Northern New Jersey. He had purchased a truckload of merchandise that was to arrive within 2 weeks - an entire truckload! I was “on the road” at that time and was one of the first female sales consultants. This was at a time when our industry was in the throes of evolving from ‘Beauty Parlors and weekly wash and sets’ to what was then "dreaded" unisex salons catering to both men and women. Beauty Parlors were afraid to lose their “weekly” standing appointments. I was simply WOWED by the way Redken approached educating our 24 person sales force about Beauty Thru Science. You educated hairstylists on how retail could increase revenue, profit and provide a better client experience. You were the first to teach the consumer that they could maintain their professional service at home. First there was “The Basic 4” Event and then “The Challenge of Success”. No other company taught salons that their DSC should be their business partner. We learned to make appointments with our “clients”, manage their inventory, help them with their retail merchandising, assist with their advertising and offered top notch education that elevated them into becoming more esteemed, proud, happy and productive professionals. Due to your leadership, Redken was ahead of the curve in all aspects of the business. After my family distributorship was sold, my career path eventually led me to work in NYC for the Professional division of Revlon-Realistic for 10 years. Throughout that time, I always admired what Redken was doing from afar. I received a number of recruiter calls through the years asking if I would be interested in working for Redken. I declined, as I was having too much fun and success and had family roots in the northeast. One day, however, a recruiter said, "You have nothing to lose, take the interview. So I did.

21: We met and toured the Redken offices and my heart skipped a beat when I saw your Redken lab. Imagine! Product testing and development right at the corporate facility! Your charm, knowledge, contagious energy and genuine desire to make me happy had me leaving my family, my job and my home to move west. I kept thinking “How could this woman build such an amazing lab?” I cannot begin to communicate the impact you had on me. There were very few women leaders at that time and I will forever value having worked side by side with you. You are a gifted leader with grand vision, and have an innate capacity to begin with the end in mind. Your strength, wisdom and generosity are more than inspiring. I admire your ability to make thoughtful, reasoned decisions - even when great risk is involved. I will always hold you in the highest regard in my life because you have so duly earned it. I say this as someone who came to our world from the best possible circumstances - a wonderful family of strong, decent, hard-working parents who provided a loving, nurturing, environment for my siblings and me, the gift of a great education and the added benefit of early exposure to the business. When I began my company Joni Rae and Associates in 1991, I sent out a few letters notifying people that I was a consultant. There weren’t many "consultants" at the time and you called and offered me a few projects that once again gave me the opportunity to benefit from your experience. You were my first client. From that point I have worked for the last 20 years to build Joni Rae and Associates which has enabled me to make a living and care for my family. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have taught me about business and about life. I love you Paula, as though you were my own blood because I feel that you are a part of me and the woman I have become. Thank you so much and congratulations on 50 fabulous years. Joni Rae Russell

22: I worked for Redken Australia from 1986 to 1997. On a personal level there are so many special memories I had with Redken during those eleven years. I was honored to have helped develop a team that started with less than a dozen staff and grew to a direct sales and education team with close to forty staff members. This was an important part of my personal growth. Many other product companies were envious of our sales, marketing and education team as we truly transformed the hairdressing education programs through our creative business models involving our local stylists and non-industry people. We introduced business programs to salon owners and stylists who had never experienced such training. And, we had many stylists and salons win awards at our annual Hair Expo event. I always say to my family and friends that the time I worked with Redken helped me grow into a young successful businesswoman. I thank Paula for those wonderful opportunities that she gave young women in the workforce. Love, Dorothy Marlow

23: I had the great pleasure of working with Paula during the creation of both the Redken skin care line and the wonderful "Pique" fragrance from Paula Kent Perfumes. The beautiful, feminine, long lasting scent was so aptly named for a wonderful lady with many of the same characteristics. I remember the excitement during the creation of the beautiful butterfly packaging and the delightful floral fragrance. As with everything else that benefited from Paula's creativity, Pique became a great success for Redken. I cherish my memories of working with Redken and with Paula and have always been grateful for the inspiration, leadership and friendship she so generously offered to us all. Dale Naylor Thomas Vice President, Development

24: Paula its been 30 years now since I was a newbie Ph.D. from UCLA and I had just done a presentation for the powers that be at Redken on some scientific aspect of hair, my instructions were to “make it so a hairdresser could understand the science.” Shortly after, I sat before you in the Chairman’s office and we discussed the exciting prospects of a woman Ph.D. representing Redken research. Thus started my journey in the beauty business. Today, 30 years later, I am still traveling the world lecturing and loving every minute of it. I thank you for having the confidence in me and for introducing me to a fantastic industry that started me on my career path. I wish you all the best. Diana Howard Ph.D. | I visited shortly after the Canoga plant shut down, and sat in the empty back parking lot by the railroad tracks, reminiscing. In my mind's eye, I felt like I could still see the ghosts of the cars and people that bustled by, and that moment is forever seared in my consciousness. I'll admit I was a bit teary eyed, as I felt the lingering energy of all the fantastic people that had come together there, all the lives that had been touched. It was a once in a lifetime Camelot that I will always be thankful for being graced to be part of! Thank You! Mike Bruhns

25: Paula thanks for the adventure Lavon Hartle Matthews I was Paula’s secretary from 1963 through 1977. In 1977 I married Mike Mathews of Geo H Weyer Inc, one of Redken’s distributors and moved to Kansas City

26: Mrs. Meehan, I remember the countless hours of taking shorthand dictation in your office. (Then I had to go type the memos and letters on a typewriter—before computers!) It was such a fascinating time for me to be in on the conversations you had with everyone regarding every possible aspect of the company. Over those years, I learned acute business sense and the surprising secrets that made you a wise leader managing a very successful company. It was like getting a college degree in business management. The only thing was that I couldn't ask any questions (I had SO many questions!) I have never forgotten any of the lessons I learned from you and have applied them in all of my jobs. You will always be one of the leaders I admire most in this world! Lora Doncea

27: Hi Paula – thanks for the many parties and dinners you’ve provided for the former Redken employees. I worked for Redken for 17 years. When Redken was moved out of California – and I was looking for another position in the workplace, I felt very qualified and was recognized as qualified to compete in the job pool. I had no difficulty finding another position. Thanks to you and the way your company was managed. Pat Dee Purchasing Section Manager – and Planning Section Manager | Congratulations Paula! So very happy for you! I so wish that I could be there to celebrate with you! I was with Redken from 1981 to 1984. What a wonderful time that was! How I miss the fun and great friends! We really were a family! Of course, those fabulous parties that we attended at your mansion as well as the ranch were unforgettable. And then there were the trips to Hawaii... WOW, such a highlight of my life! As a young woman in her twenties I thought I was living a dream! Thanks Paula for the fantastic memories! May God richly bless you now and always! Warm regards, Joni Ravenscraft Fastnacht

28: It wasn’t too long ago it seems that we celebrated Redken’s 25th anniversary at The Bistro in Beverly Hills. The Modern Salon team and the Redken executive staff had quite a wild party that night celebrating not only Redken’s 25 year milestone but the also the accomplishment of reaching over $100 million in sales. Paula created a company that set the industry standard for professionalism in business, quality products, and education. Redken Loves You! inspired stylists, salon owners, and distributors to join the Redken movement and what a fun ride it was. Congratulations Paula on Redken’s success and best wishes! Gregg McConnell Modern Salon Media

29: Remembering 50 Beautiful Years! Congratulations to the Redken family from the MODERN SALON family! Laurel Nelson Modern Salon Media

30: Two dates that I will always remember are November 21, 1985 and January 17, 1994. These two dates represent the most fantastic date and the most tragic date in my 31 years with Redken. November 21, 1985 I worked on the Redken Research Center for two years. It was our Opening Night. I know that you had to have been as proud of the Research Center and the event as I was. For me, it was all that I could have hoped for. The evening was a great success, and the Laboratory was spectacular. January 17, 1994 On the Friday night before, I remember walking through the Atrium and thinking that this fantastic Laboratory would be here long after we were gone. At 4:31 am on January 17, 1994, it was gone. It was never to be used by Redken again. When I look back over my life, that Laboratory will always be one of my proudest achievements. Thank you for letting me have this wonderful experience. Gary King

31: Over the years, Paula and John hosted many incredible parties for the Redken distributors. One that I especially remember took place, I believe, in Washington, D.C. This was a grand theme party. Paula and John were dressed like Tarzan and Jane, both wearing leopard skin outfits. John walked around with a large python around his neck, and Paula just walked around looking sensational. To really complete the theme, they had a number of baby animals throughout the dining room floor. I happened to go over to a baby camel, and as I was stroking its neck and talking to it, the damn little thing turned around and bit me on my arm. Being a baby, of course, I was able to pull my arm out of its mouth. The odor from his breath was something like I have never smelled. I happened to go to Paula and say, “Your camel just bit me and it stinks like hell” and she said, “Oh, I thought it was just you.” And then she laughed and said, “I’m only kidding.” It was a great party. My wife Cora and I attended, along with our four children, and Joe Marcelli and his wife. East Coast Salon Services is indebted to Paula for all that she has done for us. With much love, Stan Klet

32: I wish to take this opportunity to say how much I loved working at Redken. Here is a fun memory. One day I was walking by Mrs. Meehan’s office and heard the phone ringing on Carol’s desk. Since no one was around, I felt that I should pick it up and take a message. Much to my surprise the voice on the other end was Debbie Reynolds. She was asking for Mrs. Meehan’s zip code as she was doing her holiday cards. I was able to give her that information and was ecstatic that I had just spoken with a real live movie star. Our Redken holiday party was later that evening at the Warner Center Marriot. While there, I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Meehan who wished me good health in the coming year as I was recovering from a serious illness. The Redken family took such good care of me during that time. I will never forget the kindness and concern that I received during the five years that I worked there. In a strange coincidence, I later worked for a hospital in the Valley whose Chief Nursing Officer was the wife of Ed Newsom of our Research & Development Department. That friendship continues today, as well. Thank you Mrs. Meehan for fostering such a wonderful spirit and for your continued outpouring of love with these wonderful holiday parties so many years later. Donna Burrow Finance Department 1987-1992

33: I first met Paula Kent when I was creative director in Harrods London for S&L. I was called to reception and remembered I saw a crowd of people standing with Arthur Fabricant our CEO from S&L group in London and Xavier Wenger the #1 Diplomat from British hairdressing in the UK a personal friend of Paula's – was showing Paula around the best salons in London. Arthur called me over to meet this young beautiful redhead and thought immediately that he had found yet another beautiful woman he wanted to make a model. I was wrong in that assumption, he then said, "Harold I want you to meet Paula Kent CEO of Redken", I was honored then, and even more so to be taking champagne with her and all her friends at this wonderful 50th anniversary night here in LA. What story should I tell is the question? There are many but these two will give you the character of this incredible lady. If she lived in London I am sure the Queen would have given her a title for all the good she has done for the world of Hair. The Story I had a phone call from Paula's office to ask me to be guest artist and represent the UK as hairdresser to Redken. That’s enough to rock anybody’s tummy. Of course the answer was an immediate “Yes”. The post arrived a few days later with an itinerary to be in LA to do this major international Redken show. I remember being asked, “How would you like to come on stage." My answer in-joke "coming off the Concord Jet liner!" The person listened and questioned me and said you will hear from Paula's office. Some weeks went by and I took another call to plan this Concorde story as it was “All systems Go” In the month or three that passed I found my way from Heathrow to NY and then NY to LA. On arriving in LA I felt a bit queasy in the head and brushed this off as tired with the travel. By the time I got to the hotel I was sick and immediately asked for the nearest pharmacy. When I got there I bought the store up, so much junk to get myself well as the next 2 days were rehearsal days. The following day after arrival I really felt sick but have never ever missed a show. Liz Hindmarch the PR from Redken UK, came over and said I hear you are not well, go back to bed we will cope and will see you in the morning. By the end of the day when Liz came to visit me in my room, I was running a fever. I ended up missing my arrival by Concorde and missed this unbelievable Redken show the largest I had ever done. I was in bed for almost 3 weeks finishing up with pneumonia. I was taken care of by Paula. Liz and the Redken crew. On a lighter note, one summer whilst in the Harrods salon I was asked by the S&L office to go and open The Hudson Bay company store in Toronto and then do 4 weeks promotional work in and around LA. With that I phoned the Redken office and spoke to Paula to explain that I was in LA for a month and if there was something in the showbiz side to work on for the company. Her immediate reply was “it’s the wrong time of the year for shows in LA but bring Maxine and your boys to LA and take our house on Malibu Beach for as long as you like. That’s what I call friendship from a beautiful, successful and kind lady, Paul Kent Meehan. Thank you for this and so many many more wonderful memories Paula - Happy Anniversary and a very healthy 50th. Harold Leighton Creative Director

34: Dear Paula and the Wonderful Redken Family, Words alone can’t express the gratitude and appreciation that I still have and what Tom and I shared together during our beautiful Redken years. Since, HAIR WORLD 1984, our lives changed and I am sure Redken’s did also with Tom’s vision and his love for people, art design, concepts and show production. Especially, when he designed a walk through tunnel of the hair follicle. But you believed in him Paula we truly loved and respected you so much as a visionary and a powerful leader in the Beauty Industry. Your passion was an inspiration to all of us. I can still recall some of the corporate meetings when discussing “Budgets” (not one of Tom’s favorite words) were taking place and he always forgot to wear a tie. For Tom, forgetting a tie was like a nightmare! He would call me to deliver one and if that didn’t work, he would borrow the Security guards “clip-on” and promise them one of my favorite Italian meals for payback. Of course, because the a tie that was not a fashion forward look, or “made in Italy”, he would just clip it to his pocket, or to the back of his shirt, but it served the purpose. Another incident that crosses my mind was when “Vivagen” was being introduced to the Beauty Industry to grow hair. Well, this was Tom’s big chance to explain the concept of this new Redken discovery and to prove how it worked, So, he decided before his meeting to cut up hairpieces and wigs and cover his body, arms, legs, chest and neck with all this hair, to prove to you, he was testing it faithfully and that it was the best thing out in the market. Unfortunately, he did forget to put it on his head, where he needed it the most! Your laughter, said a thousand words.

35: And, then there was “ANNIE AURA”. Our own Redken, Ann Mincey, who has touched all our lives, loved and hugged us all till today, a VISION, of a new discovery in technology for the REDKEN audience of the future in Hawaii, all dressed in White. There was Bette Midler with her rendition of Roy Peters using a pork chop on her head to add more protein to her hair, and Singers, dancers and standing ovations! But you believed in him “Light the Way” performed by Saint Tropez was the Redken song, that told the story, and the passion that you brought to life. No other company in the Industry had his or her own song to believe in and to perform in every show for years. It was hard to imagine a show without that song. Your strength and dedication to the REDKEN family gave us opportunities to move forward in our lives and hold us all together finding,” our way” of who we are and were we are going. And you believed in him Thank you Paula and Happy 50th Birthday Redken With Love and Gratitude, Gloria Saponaro and Tom’s special soul, “Who believed in you!”

36: Dearest Paula, How can one give thanks to the foundation and fabric of my future? When ST Tropez began singing for Redken back in 1984, the treasured friendships and joyous memories would continue to weave throughout the many years ahead and last a lifetime. The Redken Family introduced me to my wonderful husband, and to this day a framed photo of us on the night we met at Hair World 84 in Vegas, sits in our home to remind us that “your magic touches people every day” as it touched us, so many years ago! We’re so thrilled to travel 3,000 miles to celebrate with you tonight on your Golden Anniversary. All the best! Phyllis Rhodes Cortese Saint Tropez

37: Dear Paula, I really don't think I've ever felt more glamorous or more elegant than during those days when I would let Redken just have their way with me - my hair, my makeup, and my clothes! So many wonderful and talented people, so many incredibly exciting travels and adventures, and so many FABULOUS hairstyles and outfits!!!!! Thank you Paula and Anne for inviting St. Tropez to be a part of the Redken 50th Anniversary! (OK ladies... "One More time"! :) P.S. Don't be surprised if I don't breakdown and cry when I see everyone again. I will really miss Tom being there soooooooo much! Although I know he will be there with all of us in Spirit! Love, Lyndie White-Wenner Saint Tropez

38: BBSI Africa Safari One of the best assets that Redken Labs had was its people. Redken’s own Jewish Mother, Blanche Hankoff was one of the best. This story is about one of her exploits at a Dinner party during BBSI in New York City. Blanche and I had worked together when I first came to work as the Show Department manager and we shared mutual respect for each other’s abilities. Blanche was in charge of setting up the Ballroom in the hotel with the theme of an African Safari, which included live animals that could have been seen on a typical African safari. There were animals such as, Lions, Tigers, Camels, Panthers and even an Elephant. Blanche had asked me if I could come to the ballroom a little earlier than the rest of the staff in order to assist her, if necessary, with setting up the room and with some of the animals. Now mind you, these animals had to be prepared with tranquilizers and administered an enema before they could be brought into the hotel ballroom. This was necessary due to the fact that several hours would pass before they would be returned to the outside world and several hundred people would be milling around the room in close proximity to their cages. When I entered, Blanche was just exiting at the rear of the ballroom and I decided to follow her to let her know that I was there to assist. By the time I got to the door Blanche was already outside the hotel on the side street of the Hilton hotel supervising the administration of an enema to the elephant, a half a block off 5th Avenue in central New York City.

39: The animal handlers had already set up the various cages around the room for the animals to be placed in and set up rope bearers around the cages. The handlers were in the process of placing the animals in their assigned cage when Blanche and I returned to the ballroom. There were several of New York’s police officers assigned to work in the ballroom just in case one of the animals got loose. Blanche and I stopped in the middle of the ballroom and were discussing how great things were coming along when, all of a sudden; Blanche got this look of horror on her face. Behind my back was the lion cage and someone had forgotten to lock the cage and much to Balance’s horror there was a lion outside of its cage. A police officer was getting ready to take a stance in order to aim and fire his pistol at the lion. Most women in this situation would scream and take off running to hide or escape, but not Blanche! Blanche let out a loud shout at the police officer of nooooo! And took off running to where the officer and the lion were facing each other about seven feet apart. Blanche begins to wave her hands at the lion urging it to get back in the cage, all the time saying, “shoo, shoo get back”. The officer had grabbed a chair and was beginning to behave like an animal trainer from the circus. A pistol in one hand and a chair in the other, standing in back of Blanche, backing her up. The lion, with its glorious mane, merely looked at Blanche for several seconds and then meekly turned around and entered its cage and the affair was over. Blanche dived for the door and quickly locked it, with a big sigh of relief. The lion was back in its cage and no one was hurt. None of the guests for the evening was ever the wiser of the excitement in the ballroom, prior to the evening of cocktails, dinner and festivities. Ralph Moore

40: Long before the recent disaster associated with the Superdome in New Orleans, Redken developed its own story and history of the Superdome. In 1982 we left Los Angeles to host the most impressive Redken International Seminar to date. We hosted the largest corporate party and dinner ever held on the floor of the Superdome at that time complete with a Mardi Gras Parade with bands, floats, costumes and entertainers that was second only to the original New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades held each year. For many years to follow, the special events management team at the Superdome used Redken’s International Seminar in 1982 as a model event for other events to follow. A great seminar with incredible guest artists, an entertaining parade followed by a fabulous dinner topped off with Ann Mincey’s gown that turned into a gold star (“Starshine”). It was an event to remember that created a long-held memory of Redken. Four months later (May, 1982), we produced Redken’s next big International Seminar that was to be a true International event in Monte Carlo. We added one feature that we had not dealt with before at an International Seminar Paula’s yacht, “The Sophisticated Lady” being moored in the Mediterranean. There is no question in my mind that my years at Redken prepared me for my work as the Producer and Director of International Film Festivals for the years to follow (Palm Springs, Bangkok, Belgrade). Thank you, Paula and staff, for the memories. Craig Prater, Producer/Director International Film Festivals Las Vegas Program Coordinator: Education & Shows Education Department 1977-1982

41: It's been a wonderful ride thank you Bob J Peel

42: Paula congratulations on celebrating your 50th Redken anniversary. Your vision and dedication to a concept of selling through education continues to be a successful business strategy today. Surrounding yourself with top-notch professionals and managers you created a team that was the best in the industry and for many people at Redken became the springboard for their careers. I want to personally thank you and the entire Redken organization for sparking my interest in the personal care industry and providing the management skills that I learned during my 13 years of service. The experience I gained at Redken continues to be the foundation of my career in the personal care field, now covering almost 30 years. You are truly and inspiration and role model. My very best regards, Patrick Novak

43: In 1987 two very special and life changing things happened to Georgia Boltz-Worden. First she got married and then Paula and John Meehan presented her with her Redken Diamond, for 10 years of employment at their great company. Georgia considers both of these occasions to be at the top of her "greatest moments in life" list! She added another 5 years to her Redken career after that. Those 15 years, from 1977 to 1992 represent a huge source of pride and accomplishment in the Life of Georgia. Thinking about my Redken career days ALWAYS makes me smile. Paula, your influence on my life has helped to make me who I am today. Where would I be without you? Love, Georgia Boltz Worden

44: I have so many wonderful memories of this company that I am not sure where to start. I feel like I grew up in this company, at least in terms of my professional years. I met the most wonderful people that I am still in touch with through out my career with Redken. And as far as professionally, it was the strongest growth period of my career. From meeting people like Bob Mackey to people like you a nd Anita Schertzer, to meeting one of the first true loves of my life. Paula instilled into me grace and professionalism in both my professional and personal life. These were life lessons that won't soon be forgotten. Thanks again to Paula and Redken for the opportunities and experiences. Dale Mecus

45: I began working for Paula and John Meehan in 1976. My office was in their home in what was once Elvis Presley's dressing room. While I was hired to provide accounting services, it soon became clear, anything and everything could happen and did happen during the 10+ years I worked there. From John's giant python "Monty" uncoiling and throwing me across a room while the vet from "Sea World" was trying to give him a shot, to tourists trying to gain entrance to the property through the mail depository, sometimes getting stuck. Nothing surprised me, we encountered raccoons killing the koi, chasing the 2 Irish Setters who ran out the gate, to Debbi Boone's ("You Light Up My Life") home, to finding "Monty" in the neighbor's yard. My good friend Wendy Karazin joined me in tying yellow ribbons around the trees on the Meehan property on the day Paula brought John home after open heart surgery. The love and support I received when my husband passed away in 1982 will be forever appreciated. I could never list all of the events. Just know Paula, that you (and John) made my life so much better in so many ways. Love, Sue Stone Zoske P.S. I always got the tax returns filed on time. Thanks Wendy, you made it work!

46: Paula, Thank you for the honor of working for such a great company. I made so many great friends and have so many wonderful memories during my 15 years. It was not always an easy job but it was always a fun place to work. Thank you throwing these parties to keep the family together. It has been a real pleasure knowing and working with you over the past years Jerry Otelsberg

47: My most exciting order of Redken products was when Ken Gilman of Davidson Supply ordered 100 cases of Extreme Paks. I said are you sure that’s 6-6pks per case and he said "yes". I was so excited that I stood up and yelled to my staff that we had received our largest order ever on Extreme. Ken Gilman laughed and thought that was so funny. I told him I would never forget his order. A most fun time was when Paula took Lavon Hartle and me to her dressmaker and had her make Gypsy dresses for a party we had in Chicago. We also got to ride in her Rolls Royce for the first time. This was my first dress made by a dressmaker and I was very appreciative to Paula for that. I felt very special. I can remember when we were in Van Nuys California. One day I received a call from a guy named Smokey Neill. He expressed interest in the "Redken line” and of course we were looking for distributors at that time. He was located in New Orleans, LA. After many conversations we finally arranged for him to meet with our District Manager. I was asked to put together an opening order for Smokey, as they really didn't even know all the products we carried at that time. Well to make a long story short, we enjoyed a great relationship with Neills Supply and after a while they became a Million Dollar distributor. There were many happy moments with Redken Laboratories, Inc. Canoga Park, CA. Thank you and God Bless Jeanette Stone

48: I don't really have a particular memory but I can say I truly enjoyed my years at Redken - the professionalism, the camaraderie, the people and the story: of how she got us to where we were. I speak of my years at Redken with pride and still do even after 16 years. I compared every job after I left to Redken and every single one fell short. When I would tell people I came from Redken I can honestly say they had only praise & admiration, maybe even a little jealousy. The education I received at Redken has served me very well and was much more than I could have ever received with a college degree. Thank you Paula, thank-you Redken! Tania Orozco

49: Salon Services Department Dear Paula, What a privilege it is to have this opportunity to say, “Hello” and to express my heartfelt gratitude for having spent time working for such a great company as Redken Laboratories, Inc. Thank you for the vision you had and the courage it took to follow your dream. Very few people are persistent enough to accomplish great things in their life that benefit not only themselves but many others as well. It was nothing short of a miracle when I met a Redken person named Ruby Roberson and a State Beauty Distributor named Sam. In July of 1973 Ruby did a pH Plus class that I attended (Sam’s request) & I fell madly in love with Redken. I had been a hair stylist for several years but until that magical weekend I had no idea that the beauty industry was indeed the “the industry of many opportunities.” I was so determined to work hard on the ph Plus class information and impress both Sam and Ruby and get the job with State Beauty as their in-house skin care educator, that I stayed up all night reading and practicing my presentation. Little did I know that there was a bigger plan for my life, I would actually go to work for Redken. Paula, without going into detail this was indeed a dream come true & I will be forever grateful to you for the many times you were so gracious and kind to me. I know you have no way of knowing how you changed my life and gave me the confidence to accomplish many things which would not have happened without your inspiration. Thank You! Out of all the many things I could say to you, just know this, as human beings we all have times when we wonder if all that we have done truly counts and if we have made a difference in this world. Rest assured that, as for me, you have made a huge difference and most certainly changed my life for the better. I pray that you are enjoying every day and that the accomplishments you have made are bringing you much happiness, comfort and peace. May God bless you and cover you daily. Respectfully, Shirley Reed-Burke

50: Dear Paula.... how does one express their gratitude for so many wonderful years working at Redken? Except, to say, "Thank you, Paula". The everyday working experience, whether at the office or at an educational event, was filled with an amazing and gratifying level of professionalism. Most memorable was the interaction I experienced with salon owners and stylists, distributors, field staff and co-workers... all working for a common purpose, to spread the word that "Redken Loves You" Fondly, Sue Tracey Salon Services Department

51: REDKEN LOVE Although hairdressers are generally recognized for their artistic ability, we have a tendency to be “closet scientists”. “Beauty Through Science” was a natural attraction and primary source of inspiration for me personally. Since beauty school days I have had the appreciation for the Redken philosophy of creating products based on scientific principles. Redken set the industry standard for quality product, as well as quality people. Redken people have always been an integral part of the success equation - beginning with Paula. Industry legend, business icon, the true Queen of Beauty, Paula’s vision and leadership fueled our passion for the industry and for serving the people using Redken products across the globe. To this day I am fairly certain any of us who have had the opportunity to be called a “Redken-ite” wear the distinction proudly. I love Redken and always will. I love the people I have worked with and met during my time at Redken. I remain in contact with many, many of them to this day. Thank you Paula for providing me with opportunity, confidence, and a relationship with an industry I will always cherish. I love you. Rudy Zamora

52: Dear Paula, My first memory of Redken was Cosmetology School where I learned about Redken products, Trich-analysis and was impressed by the professionalism the company represented. I knew I wanted to work in a Redken salon and after 4 years of being a stylist, I researched a position with Redken. I was hired in Field Sales in 1980 and just celebrated my 30th anniversary with Redken! The journey within this industry has been exciting and I’m proud to represent a company with values and a mission that make a difference in the professional salon. Congratulations on your achievements and Happy Reunion! Beth Wroblewski

53: Dear Paula, You changed my life... thank you! I have believed in you and Redken for 40 years! You have inspired me and taught me to dream big dreams.... thank you and I love you! In His Hands, Kitty Victor | I am proud to have been a member of the Redken team for fourteen years Thanks for the memories Carol Wohlgemuth-Newell

54: Thank you for the opportunity while I worked at Redken, to learn a profession in the meetings industry that has taken me along the path to a successful career offering me a great living doing something that I still love 25+ years later! What a gift! Thank you Paula! Stacey Starck

55: Dear Paula, It is my pleasure to celebrate you and all that you have done for so many of us, and for our beloved industry. Your tenacity, vivaciousness, straight forwardness, vision, humor and grace are endearing memories of all that you are and continue to be. I joined Redken in 1990 as your first Artistic Director. I remember John Meehan saying to me in his "John Wayne" voice - "I think we had someone in the sixties doing something like this when we started but I'm not sure." I was tasked with reviving the Redken shows and especially the Redken International Seminar. We built it and they came. In 1991 we had 2000 attendees, in 1992 there were 4000 attendees, 5000 in 1993 and '194 and in 1995 we brought the house down with 10,000 in Vegas! It was my last show. Debbie Reynolds was there with you. After my presentation I was coined "Little Debbie" by Arthur Long. We had the International group with people from all over the world attending, and here in the US we were setting a new standard that later other companies would follow. I have so many good memories of those times. One year in Orlando after the Seminar I was doing my typical retreat from everyone, resting at the pool before getting ready to go home after the show. I saw you going in and out of the hotel and I was so hoping you wouldn't see me as I just wanted to escape, so I hid behind a newspaper, I dodged around corners missing you every time. I thought, thank God I can make my escape. I had my bags waiting for the shuttle - you walked into the hotel and I cleverly walked out another door so we wouldn't connect in the lobby, but as fate had it, I walked smack dab into you as you came back out the front of the hotel! "Paula," I said, "how are you?” Happy face on the outside but inside I was feeling, oh shit! Turns out we were both going to the airport at the same time, me in a shuttle and you in your limo. You insisted I come with you. I humbly resisted but it didn't work. So there I was with you, and as we got to the airport you insisted I come up to the Delta room with you. By then, I was ready to just give in and let go - I said "chardonnay?" and you said, "That sounds fantastic!" You and I both share an interest in the world of astrology, tarot and psychics. I said I had my cards with me, and you said, “Could you give me a reading.” Well, the reading was about you making changes to the business but I didn't know what it was and we didn't talk the details but you told me I wasn't bad. Turns out one year later at a dinner at the national sales meeting you asked me to your table where you said, "Have you seen any good psychics lately?" I said “Yes”’ one told me you were going to sell Redken, the table went silent and you smiled at me like a Cheshire cat and asked for her phone number... it was priceless! The rest was history! - I will hold dear many great moments of you forever, Thank you, Teri Donnelly

56: Hi Paula, I proudly served in your SALES department. I started May 3,1973 and was trained in the same class as Bill Gray. I left sometime in late 1977. I feel that I was a meaningful producer during the "GLORY YEARS". I proudly won many sales awards during my tenure at the company including the "Super Salesman" award at the Bermuda national sales meeting in 1976. I am sure you are aware of how industry leaders emerged from that meeting and how many lifelong friends I met through you and Redken, I will never be able to thank you enough. I never forgot where I got my initial training or how much I enjoyed working for Redken. This is where I learned two of the most important lessons of my business career. First, that it was much more important to sell the complete company concept rather than just the item and second, that if you could sincerely help your customers hit their goals and get wealthy, they didn’t mind that you made money and became successful because of it. Wes Higgins hired me and I worked with too many great people to begin to mention. I sincerely believe that I never worked harder or had more fun doing it, while being as productive as I could possibly be. I also believe with all of my heart that the sales department during my era provided you with the initial sales dollars you used to take Redken to the greatness you took it to. I know that many of the other alumni are also very proud of the various roles that they played in Redken’s success and also in helping to change an entire industry. None of this would have happened without the leadership, direction, and vision of both you and John. Thank you very much. With sincere appreciation, Jon Prill

57: This is my favorite personal Redken story – and I have repeated it often throughout my business career. I was in the boardroom at Redken for a budget meeting. Paula was reviewing budgets with her staff, asking questions and requiring explanations for each line item where there was an overage. Paula could be quite pointed during these meetings – especially if she felt you weren’t genuinely focusing on the details. On the other hand, if she felt you had really tried, and were being totally honest she was exceptionally understanding. Well, it was finally my turn I had one line item that was way out of sync. The overage was about $10,000 (which was a large overage on a small line item). Paula began to question me on why the overage had occurred – and I explained. Then she looked me straight in the eyes and asked me an important question, “What did you learn from this?” I told her everything that I had learned and how I planned to avoid the repeating the mistake. She listened then there was a silence. She then looked at me, smiled and said, “Let’s mark this one up to your education!” That simple phrase taught me a lot. I remember it often and repeat this story frequently when I am providing guidance to my own employees; learning and education comes in many forms. Thank you, Paula! Steven Muro

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