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Remembering Tony Lancellotti

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Remembering Tony Lancellotti - Page Text Content

S: To a Colleague and a Friend Tony Lancellotti

FC: To a Colleague and a Friend Tony Lancellotti

1: Tony, Needless to say I am saddened to see you leave the Boston Office and it will not be the same without you. Your contributions to PB and to the New England Region in particular are major and impressive. We have lost a fair and inspired leader, a talented professional, a competent manager, and someone who in the words of William Barclay Parsons has the imagination to conceive solutions and the courage to innovate. Like many others I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors. Also, like many others I will always have the highest regards for you and will always hold you in very high esteem. Morris Levy | Tony, You have provided me with opportunities that have invigorated my career and you have done the same for scores of others. I am going to miss you wise and subtle advice. You've proven yourself to be a thoroughly decent person who cares about the people he works with. I hope our paths cross again soon. Rich O'Brien

2: Lou Silano

3: Dear Tony, I will forever be in your debt for your unwavering support over the past 20 years of working together and, more importantly, as my personal friend. Our years together, both in the Engineering and Program Management, have been filled with working through many challenges and successes. I am particularly grateful to you for your personal efforts to bring me (and many others) to the PB Family. With your support, I have been able to achieve many of my personal and career goals. Thank you so much. Wishing you only the very best with your future endeavors. God bless you and your family always. John Saroufim | Tony, You are an amazing leader, an amazing manager and an amazing person! Thank you for your honesty, your directness, your guidance and support that you have provided me in the five years I have been with PB. You made the difference in my accepting this job and I have never looked back. In fact it's been a lot of fun. I look forward to our working together again, transportation is a small community - enjoy this transition, I know you will make the most of it, I'll miss you but I'll be in touch; and, please do the same. Sincerely, "Your Best Hire"! Margaret O' Meara

4: One of Tony's less well known achievements is his key role in development of the Quarry Hills recreation area, a 475-acre site reclaimed from four landfills and two quarries. Thanks to Tony, the Commonwealth was able to solve a long-standing environmental problem and dispose of nearly 8 million cubic yards of excavated soil and dredge. The Quarry Hills contract, a public-private partnership, allowed the completion of the Central Artery project and saved the Commonwealth over $30 million. View is Boston from the 18th hole at the new Granite Links golf course. Chris Barnett

5: Tony, It was my pleasure to work with you on this exquisite project! Best Wishes, The Z-Man

6: Tony , Our ventilation group has been doing work for the Toronto Transit Commission since 2001. At a PB get-together in September 2009, there was mention of the sudden increase in our work for the TTC. While others stood around and claimed" we did it" Tony was the only one to acknowledge that the ventilation group had paved the way by making theTTC happy and therefore making an opening for others to expand upon. No-one else did this and to me this speaks to Tony as well as others. Tony is not afraid to give credit to those who had earned it. One notices that people who worked for Tony have the same character. May his next contributions be as great as those he has made to PB William D. Kennedy | Dear Tony, On the occasion of your “retirement” from PB, I wish to take the opportunity of expressing my personal appreciation for all of your contributions to PB over the years. As you recall, our paths first crossed in January 1994 when I was asked to lead a joint Bechtel/PB cost & schedule study on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project. This, of course led to our working together for the next five years, during which time we both have many fond memories (and perhaps some not so fond) of challenges and experiences in managing this magnificent mega-project. You did a masterful job in your responsibility as PB’s lead manager and as Deputy Program Manager for the B/PB Joint Venture. It was always a professional pleasure to work with you, and you can be assured that your leadership and contributions were major factors in the successful completion of the project. Please accept my very best wishes for continued success and happiness as you embark on a new chapter in your adventure in life, wherever this may take you, and whatever you may be doing. Warm regards, James C. Doebler | Tony, Thanks to your achievement gaining a PB foothold here in Toronto, a whole bunch of us would not have had the pleasure of working together and of showing the locals how good PB can be. Also, we would never have heard of SINS or poutine. We wish you continuing success in all your future endeavours (where did that "u" come from?) Peter J. Allibone Chief Project Manager, Eglington Toronto Transit Commission

7: Tony, We have both come a long way since the days when were both in New York as part of the New York Structures Group. PB is great company and you have had a major role in making it so with your work on Immersed Tube tunnels and then in Boston on the Central Artery Project. But most of all, I know that it was only with your help that we were able to put together the Design Criteria documents for the Port of Miami Tunnels. You know all of the people that we needed to make it happen and you were instrumental in making it happen. For that I will be forever grateful for your help and friendship. My best wishes for you and your family in whatever direction you decide to head next. Best Regards, Eldon Abbott | Tony, PB will not be the same to me without you here. Thank you for hiring me some 20 years ago on the CA/T. It was the highlight of my career, full of great people and exciting experiences. I've enjoyed working foir you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Happy Trails Gary P. Baxter

8: Tony, I really want to thank you for all your help, advice, and encouragement over the past few years. While working on the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Project, it was always reassuring to know that you had my back and could be counted on to provide a valuable "been there/done" that perspective to project management problems. You always provided sage advice and made sure that I had access to all the resources necessary to be successful. I looked forward to our phone call each week as a chance to talk with both a mentor and a friend. Your contributions to PB are legendary and will be long remembered. I wish the very best in the future and much continued success. I hope our paths continue to cross. Mike Rigsby | Tony, Thank you for being so supportive whenever I needed help in Toronto over the last two years. Your advice and wisdom have always impressed me and your hardworking attitude is contagious. You have demonstrated how good personal characteristics are reflected in professional conduct. Thanks again for everything. Wish you all the best. Silas | To My Friend Tony From Via Lancellotti Roma, Italy I see you Tony, Papal Cardinals as ancestors, as a friend who listens, as a person who puts people and professional decisions before being politically correct. You are very successful in many task and, as you mentioned about solving challenging problems, you need and you do. "Aggressive Management and Consummate Engineering", but the best talent shows when you line-up expert peers review for opinions and activities. Thanks Tony! THANKS TONY! We will meet one day in Via Lancellotti in Roma for a cappuccino and continue talking about slurry walls, jet grouting, and EPB TBM Auguri, Regards and God Bless You! Giovanni Aurilio 10+2 = 12 Years Working with You!

9: Tony – Thanks for everything. Like always – you know how to find me. - Big Dig Big Wig | Hey Tony, I was sad to hear you are leaving the company. While we haven't worked together too much, myself and my collelegues have always thought highly of you. You respected the work that the M&E group (Tunnel Ventilation) had previously performed for the TTC and recongized how it contributed to winning more at the TTC. During my contract negotiations, I respected your fairness and how you handled the issues in a very straight forward, no-nonesense, and no BS fashion. I wish you the best in your future projects. Thank you for helping the M&E group and giving me a shot at the position here in Transit City. I'm enjoying the position and it is having a beneifical impact to my personal and PB career. Sincerely, Justin Edenbaum | “Tony, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. It has been a pleasure working for you. Rick Tolson” | (To refresh your memory, from left to right: MAZ, "Big Dig Bigwig", JAG, Jim Tony, Working with you and for you has been an adventure. You will be missed! Best Regards, The M&E Group

11: Tony, My most frequent memories of working for you went along the lines of “you want what by when..”, “how am I supposed to find an engineering lead to move to (fill in location) by next month..”, “oh sure, we’ll be able to meet those goals.”. The second part of those memories always included a moment of satisfaction when we actually pulled it off. You have the distinct and rare ability to know where the outer limits of business performance are and the capability to motivate staff to reach for them. You instilled trust by being truthful, promoted hard work by working hard, and earned loyalty by being loyal. We missed working as part of your group this last year and PB will feel the tremendous loss going ahead. That said – enjoy your time off, stay in touch, and we do offer lighting consulting services for home renovations. Paul Lutkevich

12: Tony Lancellotti lead a contingent of PB Senior Managers to the PB lead JV (Regional Transit Partners-RTP) office in Atlanta in 2007, a year before the termination of our GEC contract for MARTA. His charge was to assist in transfer and placement of employees who expressed interest in available PB vacant positions. He took on this charge as a project with a plan and dedicated follow on actions on a weekly basis. His sensitivity, sense of urgency and empathy towards the RTP staff was contagious. It was very obvious to me that he cared for the employees, appreciated their long years of dedicated service to the project and company. This was an important factor in convincing folks like all the RTP division managers, some senior managers and me to transfer to PB. Thank you , Tony. Nine months ago, Tony called me to interview for the PM position on one of PB contracts with Toronto Transit Commission, I was accepted by the client and it has been interesting and challenging ride so far. Tony has been very responsive and supportive of the program needs and he has made my job easier. He has the ultimate respect of our client and staff. Tony had played a significant role in PB’s expansion into Canada. We shall miss him. Tony, I thank you very much for your support and I wish you all the best in your new endeavours. I pray that God continues to “order your steps”. Soji Tinubu.

13: Tony Lancellotti – for many years he was just the man I had to walk all the way to 185 Kneeland Street to have him sign my Artery invoices. I didn’t know him personally – what I knew about him was from the viewpoint of Annie Mekkaoui (scary thought!). Then one day Morris told me that Tony Lancellotti was leaving the Artery project and coming to our office. I asked Morris who would provide Tony with administrative support and his response, with a smile, was “you”. And thus our working relationship began. Since then the progression was gradual, but I hope I’m not being presumptuous in saying that we ended up as a good “team”. Initially you needed much less support than Morris (you had your own computer!) and you sat at the other end of our hallway, so our interaction was minimal. Eventually Morris retired and you became my neighbor. A couple of months later, we were awarded our first contracts with TTC and the fun really began. What a unique opportunity was provided for me to be a part of the beginning of a new company, Parsons Brinckerhoff Canada, both as the Project Administrator and as your assistant. Though I often referred to PB Canada as “the monster”, I know it has been a great opportunity for me and certainly a growth experience. I appreciate everyone’s vote of confidence in me to take on the challenge. As my boss, you have always treated me as an equal and for that I say a big “thank you”. I knew I always had your support. And you always understood that my family comes first – a position you modeled as well. The only fault I could find with you was that you were a Yankees fan, but I decided to accept that as part of your New York upbringing. I’m going to miss you. You know that if there is anything you need, you can always call. Thank you so much for being so easy to work for. I wish you all the best. Please be sure to let me know where you “land”. Brenda

14: Tony, A big thank you for your support, leadership and friendship over the past five years. Thank you for taking a chance! Susannah Kerr Adler (and the rest of the A&B TEC gang) | Dear Tony, I am sorry to hear that you decided to retire from PB. Working with you in the last few years as Americas TEC member and Technical Director for Bridges under your supervision, I learned your strong leadership. I would like to thank you for your guidance and all you have done to Americas TEC and continuously promoting Technical Excellent. You will be missed by our Americas TEC Members. I wish you and your family the best. Best regards, Teddy Theryo, P.E.

15: Tony, Best wishes to you and your family in the future. Good luck in whatever endeavors you decide to embark upon. I will be forever grateful to you and Mike Bertoulin for giving me the opportunity to be the project engineer on the CA/T I-90 Fort Point Channel Crossing (D009B). In six short years I was exposed to a lifetime’s worth of exciting and state-of-the-art engineering – ITTs over the Red Line tunnel, a casting basin, tunnel finishes, a vent building, Red Line instrumentation, etc. All that without having to leave the country, let alone New England! Not bad. Thank you and good luck again! John Bartoletti

18: My close interaction with Tony began with the reorganization that began in 2006. I worked with Tony as the Manager of the Design Build Group. Tony was very receptive to suggestions, provided the freedom to be creative/ innovative while constantly reminding me of the mission at hand (build a practice but do not lose focus on billability). He was very supportive while holding tight to the purse strings! Over the years, I have come to appreciate him as an Engineer but more importantly as a good person. He is honest, straight forward, does not sugar coat anything and will give credit where credit is due. It was a pleasure working for him, will surely miss him and wish him the very best (hope our paths cross again) Sincerely, Guna | Dear Tony, just a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you over the years. I have always admired your work ethics, knowledge and successful management style. You have been a mentor to many including me. Wish you the very best. Marianna Paradisi | “Tony, Enjoy the time with the family and best wishes for success in your future endeavors. Best, Jeremy” Thanks, Jeremy Hung

19: Dear Tony, Although we have not worked very long together, I have highly respected and appreciated your willingness to lend me your time when I needed help with something. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You will be missed! Much Happiness and Good health to you and your family. Warmest wishes, Linda Scoppe | While we have both been at PB for a long time together, I only started to get to know Tony when were both ended up on the Americas Leadership Team after the “big re-org.” A couple re-organization later, I ended up reporting to Tony and we were charged with the Career Development Committee and the technical excellence initiative. We got to know each other much better and found that we shared many of the same approaches and styles to making things happen. I have really valued the opportunity to be a part of the Technical Excellence Centers group and to work with Tony. I think the highlight was the Technical Exchange Seminar we put together in Fall 2009. The format we proposed was very different from any other meetings we had been part of at PB and Tony wasn’t quite sure about it at first – given that we were going out pretty far on limb with his first big meeting as chair of the CDC. The TES was a big success in large part to Tony’s commitment and engagement. Tony took the meetings casual dress code to heart and took off his tie and unbuttoned the collar of white dress shirt. Tony: thank you for all you have done for PB and for me personally. Best wishes to you and your family. Good luck finishing up the house. I am on year 18 on mine and almost done -- and only lost the tip of one finger. Warmest wishes, Greg B.

20: Tony - I first met you over 20 years ago at the Central Artery when I was working as a graphics and production manager for the SEIS up on the 5th floor at One South Station. Morris called me and asked for me to come down to see you on the 4th floor to help you with your William Barclay Fellowship Award submission. You were sitting in a cubicle then on the Project Management floor. That was a long time ago. Helping put together this book I have been admiring the tributes (most deserved!) and agreeing with the observations that you made a difference both professionally and personally to those who worked with you. Helping you here with the dozens (maybe hundreds) of powerpoints and the TEC submissions I was pleased with your patience and ideas to make these efforts a success. I admired your ideals as a professional and as a father, me being the father of boys a I saw the balance you found with your job and home. I am saving this last as a die hard Red Sox Nation member. The Sox have it all this year and the Yanks will struggle for third in the East ( I hope, we will see) Stephen VandeWater

21: Tony, I appreciate the freedom you gave me in performing all of my assignments under your leadership. You knew how to challenge, delegate to, inspire and trust your key staff so that they would perform to a level exceeding client expectations. I’ll always remember the 15 years of working for you on the Big Dig as a great adrenalin filled ride, where we as a team accomplished great things never done before. The Big Dig was a great project, run well regardless of what Boston Globe’s skewed prism would lead you to believe and in spite of the politicians. We did great things and I’ll always be proud to have worked under your leadership on the project. The best to you and your family in the future. Mike Bertoulin | Tony & Nancy overlooking the January 18, 2003 Opening of I-90 | Tony taking in a Big Dig briefing for yet again another Project Director.

22: Tony, Just a few lines to thank you for all of the assistance, guidance, leadership, inspiration and most of all friendship you’ve provided to me in my near 25 years with PB. Throughout my tenure you’ve been the only boss I’ve had at PB and more than that you’ve been involved with every project I’ve worked on from the Big Dig, to the infamous DCAM non-contract (which is still active!!!???), to the Port of Miami, to Toronto and I must say that I’ve always been challenged and I’ve always had fun which says a lot about the person heading these endeavors. To me, you’ve always embodied what PB is about. Not only in the way you approach your work, but the way in which you bring others along and allow them to grow as well. I appreciate all of the opportunities you’ve afforded me over the years and only hope that I’ve lived up to your expectations along the way. You’ve always been there when I needed to bounce something off you, professional or personal, and over the years I have valued our discussions and being able to talk to you about just about anything and get sound advice without judgment and I will miss that. As I said in the beginning, I thank you for all you’ve done, but mostly for being a friend as well as a boss. That is a situation most people don’t experience and I feel it is a primary factor in what I’ve been able to accomplish. You will be sorely missed here at PB by the many whose lives you’ve touched. I will miss you and the relationship that we had. I wish you all the best in the future and if there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know as I owe you a lot. Peter Donahue

23: Tony, You will be sorely missed leaving a definite void. I truly regret that I never really sat down and had an indepth discussion with you because to me you are a very interesting man. Most of all, your character, integrity, straight forwardness, honesty and fairness should be modeled by many. While working on this book, it has been amazing to see how much you have accomplished and how instrumental you have been in helping others succeed. I wish you God's speed and grace in whatever you choose to undertake in the future. May you and your family be blessed. Stephney Tucker

24: Tony, During the 20 years that I’ve had the privilege of working you, I have appreciated very much your leadership, dedication, honesty, and personal interest. The importance that you’ve always placed on the project controls function is unmatched amongst the engineering managers that I’ve “encountered” in my own 30 years in this trade. For that, I am very grateful. But most of all, I am indebted to you for your sponsorship of my transfer to PB 5 years ago, which was totally seamless and essential to the well-being of my family. Thanks for everything! Glenn Helmich | Tony, When I was asked to bring you and Jeff Brunetti up to date about the Big Dig project in 1986, little did we know what a big impact you would have on that project and the Boston office. You accomplished a lot in bringing that massive project to fruition and in keeping the Boston office successful. Thank you for your efforts. My best wishes to you and Nancy for whatever lies ahead. Allan Hodges

25: Tony Lancellotti Thoughts: I first started working directly with Tony when I was the Water TEC Manager. Tony was a good manager and helped the Water TEC to be more efficient. I moved on to the Market Leader Group and David MacIntyre reported to Tony as the manager of the Water TEC. The most rewarding time I had working with Tony was at a Delta Conveyance pursuit management meeting in September 2010 in Sacramento. Tony was one of three “major project/program managers” we invited to the two day meeting. We wanted the managers to provide lessons learned on their major project. Tony did an outstanding job reporting on his Big Dig experience, and then took the lead on preparing a draft organization chart, program schedule and a list of key lessons learned. Tony steered the meeting to a very successful completion. Brian Van Weele

26: You are responsible for making the past few years the best in my career. Thank you for that and for setting a fine example for all those who followed you. My very best wishes for the future to you and your family. Warm Regards, Jake Keller | Tony, I’ve enjoyed working with you. I wish you continued success. Thanks for all the chocolate bars. Anita | Tony, Sorry to see you go. You were an inspiration in the Central Artery years. Thanks and best wishes in your future endeavors. Owen MacDonald

27: Tony, I haven’t had much contact with you directly in my few years here at PB but the experience has been a good job in a very bad economy. I’ve especially enjoyed the work in Toronto and am excited about PB’s expansion there and to the rest of Canada. Best of luck Jeff Berg | I tried to find a more recent photo, but couldn't. Several times in negotiations, you said this to the client...... Jim Anderson

28: Tony, You made a significant contribution to the development of the Canadian Operations. You will be long remembered as the founder of Canada PB. Your unrelenting energy and patience when overcoming the resistance to change required the patience of Job, permitted me to continue under an almost impossible task with a skelton staff and a demanding client. If it was easy, anyone could do it. You are a real trooper, an outstanding executive, fearless of all challenges. Never give up! Iligitimi non carborrundum! Bernie Martin | Tony, I only had the pleasure of working with you for a couple of years, but I just want to thank you for your unfailing support and encouragement. So - thank you! Sincerely, Donna Fager

29: Tony, I’d really rather not write this email because I’d really rather you didn’t leave! I do take some solace though, in the fact that you made the decision.and that process is always sound! I started with PB(CS) in late October of 1982 in the McLean office, and I remember Tom Quaranta sending me up the Ft. McHenry Tunnel project office so I could see how a field office ran. Walter Grantz hosted me for the day and while I don’t remember shaking your hand, I do remember your name being spoken. Move the clock forward about 15 years to 1996 as I was approaching the Artery, and the name Lancellotti rang a familiar bell for me. No one, other than those who lived it, will ever know the excruciating pressures associated the Artery. For engineers, trained in the technical and logical, to function effectively in the world of the subjective, drew from personal reserves that many of us didn’t know existed. From my perspective, I could retreat to the world of one particular project as an RE. From your perspective, you never got that respite or luxury. You really amazed me, Tony. God has blessed you with intellect, discernment, resolve, and technical acumen. I can’t think of anyone I’ve encountered in my career that could even shine your shoes in the role that you played. Without exception, the people I know and respect in this industry all share precisely the same view of you that I hold. You’ve created an enviable reputation for yourself based on hard work, straight talk, follow through, and consistency. You have my highest respect. I’m not sure where our paths will cross next, but I look forward to it. All the best to you, Nancy and your fine family. Dino

30: Tony, I wanted you to know that I am sorry to see you leave the PB Family but certainly wish you the very best wherever life takes you. It has been fun working with you in Canada and in Miami. We will surely cross paths again and I shall look forward to renewing our relationship on projects wherever and whatever they may be worldwide. Sincerely, Jim Monsees | Tony, Wish you the best in your next venture. Hope you’ll have to opportunity to travel to Rome and find your street! Janice Balzarini | Tony, Wishing you all the best with your future endeavors. You will be greatly missed at PB. Katie Moulton

31: Tony, There are times in this world for the fortunate, of which I am blessed to be among, to cross paths with someone whose un-negotiable integrity, sincerity, and unwavering loyalty to his teammates sets an example for those whose lives they touch to not only admire, but strive for. I must admit though this story started out with a very different prologue. When I initially heard who would be arriving from the Artery to take the lead of the New England operation I was among those who initially thought the end was near or at least on the schedule. I so clearly recall how worried we were. I also recall though the words from someone who you refer to Uncle Morris reassuring me you were unquestionably the right person to fill the incredible void he was leaving. As usual he was right. Looking past the darkness that continues to dampen my spirit with your pending departure from PB it is the source of a remarkable connection that I believe has fueled and continues to fuel our relationship that brings the sunshine back. You and I have mutual friend that has impacted our respective lives at a level few others will ever understand or appreciate. To you he is Uncle Morris to me he is like a father and when we hear that cough we know at least for the moment he is on board and all is well. He told me this week everything would be OK and I believe him. I will so miss you Tony, but I am a better person because of your leadership, your guidance, your patience and your friendship. Fare winds and following seas my friend..I intend to remain aboard and fight to keep this damn ship afloat. Bob Mulvaney

32: Tony, PB is losing a “good soldier” and a great leader. Best of luck and many thanks for your support over the years! George Munfakh | Tony, You have been an excellent champion for our ESTEC and a pleasure with whom to work. You have provided a steady leadership with high ethics and strong communications. I’ll miss you as a leader and friend. Thank you, Lisa Nungesser

33: I first met Tony in 1989 when I was as a Principal at the BSC Group and we were selected to do the permitting for the Big Dig. I was BSC’s Permitting Supervisor for the Project. We first developed permit strategy and eventually took over responsibility for preparing and obtaining over 500 permits for the project. One of the very first elements of the project we gained federal, state and local permits for was the Third Harbor Tunnel crossing later to become the Ted Williams Tunnel. The Project Engineer for the Tunnel was Tony Lancellotti. So we worked closely with Tony and the Tunnel designer (Sverdrup) to keep off the critical path for several years. I was impressed early on in our working relationship with Tony’s ability to get things done and he became an ally when we would run into obstacles with the designer or other departments on the Project. He never lost focus of the importance of getting things done correctly and on time. In 1991 I transitioned from BSC to PB in the same role as Permit Supervisor. Shortly thereafter Tony became the Design Lead for the Project continuing to exhibit his focus and then his leadership with all design contracts. At this point we were often in meetings together as I was dealing with permits projectwide and he was responsible for all design contracts. In my 8+ years on the Project we did many out of the box things to maintain schedule. I consistently found Tony at the center of providing solutions and support to the people keeping the Project on course. After I came to PB’s Boston office in 1998 Tony became my mentor. Not long thereafter Tony transitioned from the Big Dig to eventually become the New England District Manager, then TEC Manager and led our Port of Miami Tunnel efforts. Over the years I also got to know his wife Nancy while we worked together on Environmental documents at the Big Dig and consider them both friends as well as colleagues. I know that while at PB that Tony was a difference maker. I am very sorry to see him leave PB as he has always been a strong ambassador for the company. Jeff Paul

34: Tony, It is truly regrettable that our time working together has been so short. The last 5+ years have flown by, driven by the professional approach and support that you have provided. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and I am always available if there is anything I can do for you. Regards, Bruce Pohlot | Hi Tony – well I am not sure where to begin in this little note remembering our time together on the CAT project and beyond. I went to my “scrap book” of mementos and found lots of newspaper clippings, articles, PB notes and other junk that I kept to remember all the fun we had. I can’t believe it was 1986 when we met back at 99 High Street and started out trying to figure out which tunnel cross section, alignment and profile to use for the Third Harbor Tunnel ? And now it is 2011 – can you believe it? So many great lessons and experiences we shared along the way. It was awesome to work with you and for you and I wish you good luck in your future endeavors – I am sure they will be great as is everything you do. Sincerely Sabine PS – please also accept best wishes from Tim!!

35: Tony, you are a GIANT! Thanks for your steady hand and leadership. If there is one personal regret, it is the short time we worked together in building PB Canada. Your tireless energy and dedication to PB, its clients, and employees are an inspiration to all. You will sincerely be missed! Although we have never met, I hope our paths one day cross. Best wishes to you and your family. George Steidle

36: Attached is a picture from one of the strangest sagas that we, and Tony as PB’s Project Manager, had to deal with at the Big Dig back in 2000. The picture shows special vibration isolator springs mounted under a resident’s bedposts in the North End of Boston. The story went “viral” for its day, resulting in articles in all the local papers, criticism by Senator John McCain, then-Chairman of the US Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, coverage by | Tom Brokaw on NBC’s “The Fleecing of America”, and mention by the BBC in England. But it all worked out well in the end. With these isolator springs, and by smoothing the rough surface on the old elevated I-93 Artery, we were able to reduce the vibrations that were causing such community outrage. The local papers even did follow up stories congratulating the Project for being so responsive. Tony hired me in 1996, was my supervisor and career advisor, and became the face of PB management that I and many others came to trust. He exemplified PB’s corporate values through his knowledge, coolness under pressure, reliability and good judgment. He will be missed but I am sure our professional paths will cross again. Thank you Tony! Erich Thalheimer

37: I am surprised that Tony is leaving PB. I have known him since he joined us, worked with him when he went to Sverdrup on the Fort McHenry Tunnel, then worked with him when he came back, on the CAT Ted Williams Tunnel and later when he managed our Service Centers. I remember when he was the right hand man for Rich Hiebenstreit on the Fort McHenry Tunnel project.He was like a dynamo : responsive, always available, dependable, competent, articulate, and the list goes on. I was delighted when he re-joined PB.His terrific work on the Big Dig and on every assignment that he undertook are typical of his outstanding technical talents. His departure is a big loss to PB. I am sure we will hear about his future success stories wherever he decides to continue his outstanding engineering career. I wish him all the best. Vahan Tanal

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