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Rex Green, a retrospective

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BC: REX GREEN, a retrospective First Edition 2011 Monograph Edition of a Modern Masterworks Gallery collection Commissioned by the 7 Arts Foundation Father Ambrose Press http://fatherambrosepress.weebly.com $17.98, plus applicable S/H

FC: Rex Green, a retrospective | a Father Ambrose Press Monograph by Dr. Marshall Thomas | Underwritten by the 7 Arts Foundation & Colossal Concepts Management | a Modern Masterworks Gallery presentation of the artist

1: FORWARD This book is one of a series devoted to the work of various North American artists and is published by the Modern Masterworks Gallery. The purpose of these books, like that of the nonprofit gallery which sponsors them, is to promote a wider knowledge and appreciation of the best in MidSouth American art. This Page: Three Untitled [All H. 18 inches W. 13 inches] Pen and ink series (1985-1989) | For assistance in preparing this volume for publication, we wish gratefully to acknowledge our indebtedness to the 7 Arts Foundation and Colossal Concepts Management for underwriting the series, to Rex Green Productions for the loan of files and photographs, to the corporate and private collections whose paintings and drawings, reproduced in this book, add so notably to the value of the illustrations. Dr. Marshall Thomas | SPECIAL THANKS William B. Harrell The Amanda Ruth Green Collection The family - Charles (Chili) and Ruth M. Green Father Ambrose Press Mix Book - printing, techne Martin Patterson, photography All artwork illustrations are copyright 2011 by Rex Green. All rights reserved. All editorial content is copyright 2011 by 7 Arts Foundation. All rights reserved.

2: REX GREEN Biographical Note Rex Green was born mid-20C in Texarkana, TX, to an American father, Charles (Chili) Green and German mother, Ruth M. Green (nee Mocklin). His boyhood was spent in East Texas in the vicinity of his first real training ground - his father's two-man sign company. It was there he began to connect all his senses to his designs. and began a love affair with color and a variety of approaches to reveal his vision. In the 1970s he commenced his study of art at Texarkana Junior College. Later, he became an art major at the University of Texas, in Austin; he then continued his studies at the University of North Texas, in Denton. Additional training included a stint in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rex Green has exhibited sculptural works at the Texarkana Regional Art Show, where he has won first place honors numerous times and Best of Show - an honor he refused, because to have accepted it would have meant having to give up the sculpture to the awarding institution. This Page: Two Untitled Train renderings: [H. 18 inches W. 12 inches] Pen and ink (1985-1989) | See pages 34, 35. | REX GREEN Most of his paintings were variously completed in Texas, Utah and Asheville, NC. Of note, the paintings in this monograph began life as photographic studies or as loosely combined forms of elemental images, e.g., clouds captured in the Grand Tetons layered with Ponderosa pines from New Mexico blended with one or another grouping of invented foreground images, including sunflowers - almost always bathed in what Mr. Green calls 'frozen light.' His subject matter conforms to a wide array of special interests, experiences and enjoyable adventures. He has never confined his palette or view to one medium or style. Today, his pen and ink work is largely produced in Texarkana, TX, where he lives in quiet recuperative rhythms. Rex Green is represented in private and corporate collections and worldwide in the new wing of Modern Masterworks Gallery - www.modernmasterworks.net. Some of the watercolors in this monograph were painted in 1990, part of the aftermath following a raw corporate takeover experience of his firm. The flower compositions were painted in 2003. A subsequent move to Utah yielded many watercolors, many sketches and hours of cross-country skiing. Loyal collectors of his prints are legion in corporate settings.

3: And so, as it will become abundantly clear as this monograph unfolds, it is for the quality of vividness and intensity of feeling wrapped in his 'frozen light' gaze captured in heightened treatments of intimate views of natural settings that Rex Green stands out among his contemporaries on the American scene. Such expression as his is necessarily individual, and not the expression of an epoch or a community or a school. Fortunately, it is no longer a sealed book to the public; there are many who feel the emotion captured in Green's drawings and paintings, and increasing numbers will rejoice in his art. Above: Untitled [H. 13 inches W. 19 inches] Pen and ink drawing | Depicting a supply wagon with cowboy driving and another cowboy on horseback in the Rockies. (1985-1989)

4: Untitled [H. 13 inches W. 18 inches] Pen and ink drawing, one of a series reminiscent of sketches made in New York City during the American Bicentennial celebration of tall ships.

5: ILLUSTRATIONS Details and Full Reproductions Image: Entitled "Indian Warrior" [H. 16.75 inches W. 11.5 inches] Acid etching, 1973. Print edition limited to 5.

6: This Page: Untitled [H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor depicting Florida rainbow harbor scene. (1990) Note: c.f., Front Cover artwork. | Opposite Page: Entitled "NotWorkin" {H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor depicting a 3-story log house overlooking a bay in a jagged rock and flower setting. (1990)

8: This Page: Entitled, "Lobster Maine" [H. 18 inches, W. 15 inches] Depicting lobster traps, boats, New England village harbor (1990) | Opposite Page: Untitled [H. 15 inches W. 18 inches] Depicting a New England lighthouse and coastline (1990)

10: Opposite Page: Entitled "The Adams Girls" [H. 7.5 inches W. 9 inches] Depicting three orange clown fish, representing Rex Green's sister and two daughters. (1990) | This Page: Entitled "Back From Fishin" [H. 15 inches,W. 18 inches] Watercolor Depicting a New England harbor - fishing village. (1990)

12: This Page: Entitled "Three Dead Leaves" [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor (1990) Opposite Page: Entitled "Healing" [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor Depicting a Smoky Mountains mill scene (1990)

15: This Page: Entitled "World Leave Me Be" [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor Depicting fly fishing in autumn (1990) Opposite Page: Entitled "No Phones" [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor (1990)

16: This Page & Opposite Page: Both Renderings Untitled [ H. 17 inches W. 12 inches] Pen and ink drawing s Depicting an English Manor. Never in the Corporate Print Edition Collection (1985-1089)

18: Untitled [ H. 12 inches W. 9 inches] Watercolor Depicting arrangement of sunflowers, red rose... (2003)

19: Untitled [ H. 12 inches W. 9 inches } Watercolor (2003)

20: Entitled " If Only A Bee" [ H. 23.5 inches W. 18 inches ] Watercolor (2003)

21: Entitled "What Could I See" { H. 23.5 inches W. 18 inches ] Watercolor (2003)

22: Rex Green made no art from 1992 to 2002. He then went on a painting and sketching frenzy. He alone knew his health was failing; he was convinced he would soon be dead. In an effort to leave something of lasting value for his daughter, he started painting a discarded flower arrangement, an action that blossomed into a portfolio. The painting frenzy ended in 2003. His notes include a reference to a favorite image: "Any paintings with a ladybug are symbols for my daughter as a tribute to her."

23: Untitled [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches ] Watercolor Composition built around sunflowers and lady bug (2003)

24: This Page: Untitled [ H. 12 inches W. 9 inches] Watercolor Depicting flowers, worker bee and lady bug at sunset. (1990) Opposite Page: Entitled "Lovin Big Ben" [ H. 28 inches W. 24 inches] Watercolor Depicting cactus in bloom, exploding rock formations (1990)

26: This Page: Entitled "Lookin for Strays" [ H. 18 inches W. 12 inches] Watercolor Depicting a lone cowboy on horseback in a West Texas landscape emerging from a field of blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes (1990) Opposite Page: Entitled "Movin the Herd" [ H. 18 inches W. 24 inches] Watercolor (1990)

28: Entitled "Glad to be Home" [ H. 18 inches W. 14 inches } Watercolor (1990)

29: Entitled "Bringin the Herd Down" [ H. 24 inches W. 18 inches } Watercolor (1990)

30: Entitled "Butch & Sundance Were Here" [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor Depicting the abandoned town of Graftin, Utah, and (see foreground of the composition) the cabin where Sundance and his girlfriend, a school teacher, lived; further, the site of several movie scenes. The cabin burned to the ground the next year; it was not re-built or restored. (1990)

31: REX GREEN, a retrospective A brief reflection on color and structure 2011 EXHIBITION GUIDE | MODERN MASTERWORKS GALLERY The brilliance of color I can achieve in the watercolor medium, and the spirit of reckless abandonment after I apply color to water to paper is extremely exciting... For years, I was concerned with composition, structure and the technical aspects of color schemes. My concern was due, in part, to being a university-educated artist. One day it dawned on me my priorities needed to change. Since embracing that epiphany, I now paint any and all colors, whether they fit into technically correct color strategies or not. I no longer put much emphasis on the elements of academic composition. My newfound awareness enables me to work in ways that allow me to creatively compose with the spontaneity nearly every artist desires. And, when executing a realistic or representational subject, I now push colors to the edge... to explore and reveal as much energized beauty as I can. Finally, I'm considered by some to be a kind of polymath because I've been a teacher, a coach, a ranch manager, a counselor, a horse stable manager, a farrier, an agent, a business regional director, a sales director, a marketing vice president, a business partner, an entrepreneur, an abstractor and broker. Really, I've been an artist all along, and that's made making a living from time to time a tolerable influence on my art.

32: Untitled [ H. 12 inches W. 18 inches] Pen & ink Depicting mill and lake, perhaps in Virginia (1985-1989)

33: Untitled [H. 13 inches W. 19 inches] Pen & ink Depicting old barn and shed in East Texas (1985-1989)

34: Untitled [ H. 18 inches W. 12 inches } Pen and ink (1985-1989)

35: Untitled [ H. 18 inches W. 12 inches } Pen and ink (1985-1989)

36: Entitled "Supper" [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches } Watercolor (1990)

37: Entitled "Beats the Hell Out of Corporate Life" [ H. 15 inches, W. 18 inches } Watercolor Depicting Little Redfish Lake, Sawtooth Mountains, Sawtooth National Forest (1990)

39: This Page: Entitled "Yosemite & Me" [ H. 18 inches W. 15 inches] Watercolor Depicting the Mercedes River in distinctive brush strokes (1990) Opposite Page: Entitled "The Place" [ H. 15 inches W. 18 inches] Watercolor (1990)

40: Entitled "Cry Point" [ H. 12 inches W. 9 inches] Watercolor Depicting a cyprus swamp sunset. | Notebook entry from Rex Green: "A Crypoint is a place where if you're lost deep in the swamps at night, you might as well sit down and cry 'cause you'll be et by mornin." CONCLUSION TO THE ILLUSTRATIONS OF WORKS BY REX GREEN

41: Dedication of works (from notes to a Rex Green collection) To my treasure and inspiration, my daughter, Amanda Ruth. | Author's note: A couple of the illustrations of both paintings and pen and ink sketches in this book are details of larger works. Web illustrations are available at www.modernmasterworks.net and in special linked presentations from Rex Green's worldwide representatives, Colossal Concepts Management: http//colossalconcepts.weebly.com. For additional information and special presentations, please contact CCM at 773.234.1880 in Chicago or the New York City gallery at 646. 389.7431.

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