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River Valley Civilizations

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FC: River Valley Civilizations

1: Pg.2-3 Mesopotamia | Pg.4-5 Egypt | Pg.6-7 China | Pg.8-9 Indus | Table Of Contents

2: Mesopotamia is known for it's two major rivers, which are the Tigres and Euphrates rivers. The Fertile crescent is the land in between the rivers and is know for its rich soil. Mesopotamia was is polytheistic civilization meaning the belief of many gods. Their religion was their since of power and authority.

3: Mesopotamia harnessed slavery to help them grow. Most of the times city states were at war with each other. Mesopotamia went by a law called Hammurabi's code.It basically said "an eye for an eye".So a punishment for stealing is cutting the thief's hand off. | Mesopotamia dates back as the oldest civilization known to man. They were technologically advanced for the time they lived in, using irrigation systems, making plows,wheels,and creating cuneiform. However their civilization had limited resources.

5: Egypt is known for their world famous Nile River being one of the biggest rivers in the world. However a weird thing about the river is that it flows south to north while few rivers do that. However Egypt being surrounded by deserts makes the climate very hot/dry.However during the night the desert is freezing cold. Egypt was ruled or "governed" by pharaohs who ruled as kings but were seen as gods. Egypt was a Polytheistic civilization believing in more than one god at a time.One of their most sacred and important gods was the sun god. The civilization was also broken up into upper and lower kingdoms until 3,000B.C. Egyptians used slaves as a work force consisting of mostly Jews. Egyptians prided themselves for being technologically advanced.They invented things such as papyrus/paper, hieroglyphics/writing, pyramids, and even are modern day calendar.

7: China is known for their cold winters and mild summers. Many tourists also flock their to see the great wall of China which is one of the wonders of the world. China has two major rivers which are the Huang He(yellow river) and the Yangtze river. After the river floods it leaves behind a yellow soil hence the nickname Yellow River. China is a very fortified and surrounded country.The reason being is it has the great wall blocking one side the Himalayas blocking a different side and the Gobi desert blocking people out too! In China they have emperors who are kinda the same as our presidents. Men in Chinese families are the head of the house. Families turn toward praying to their ancestors to bring good luck and fortune. China use to use feudalism meaning the emperor gives nobles land and in return they offer him their military service and loyalty. China's technology consisted of them harnessing irrigation and making wood building whilst also being in a time a bronze and iron working.

9: India has a warm climate year round which makes it very nice. The two major rivers that are apart of India are the Indus and Ganges rivers. India is known as a subcontinent meaning a large landmass forming a distinct part of a continent. The Himalayas are located to the north of India. India has something called monsoons which are seasonal rains the bring either rain or dry air. India is built on a grid system.The major buildings are located in the center. India has a very strong central government. The beginning of the Hindu culture began in India.Hindu is a polytheistic culture meaning they believe in more than just one god.They had the first plumbing and sewage system.

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