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River Valley Civilizations

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FC: River Valley Civilizations Project By: Bailey Bullock

1: Table of Contents | Mesopotamia 2-5 Egypt 6-9 Indus River Valley 10-13 China 14-17

2: Mesopotamia | The word Mesopotamia, in Greek, means "land between the rivers." | Mesopotamia is located between two rivers named the Tigris and the Euphrates.

3: At the top level of Sumerian society were the kings, landholders, and some priests. | Sumerians that lived in Mesopotamia lived in city-states where each city-state developed their own government and each had their own rulers. | Sumerians in Mesopotamia lived by Hammurabi's Code

4: Sumer's people created the sixty-second unit for time that we use today. | The Sumerians in Mesopotamia were polytheistic. | MESOP | Sumerians built ziggurats and offer up sacrifices to please the gods.

5: In Mesopotamia, the government was controlled by religion. | OTAMIA | Sumerian's written language was in cuneiform.

6: Egypt | Egypt has a Hot/Dry climate because a desert surrounds it.

7: The settlements in Egypt were along the Nile River because of the rich soil the river produced. | The people in Egypt were polytheistic. | Pharaohs in Egypt were seen as gods and were thought to be almost as worthy as the heavenly gods.

8: Egypt | Egyptians were responsible for building pyramids that were used as tombs for important people. | The Egyptians used papyrus reeds to make paper to write on. | Egypt's government was called a theocracy because the rule was based on religious authority.

9: Important and royal Egyptians' bodies were mummified to preserve their bodies in their tombs. | Egypt was divided into Upper and Lower Egypt until eventually uniting in 3000 B.C | The Nile River, that Egypt is based around, flows from South to North.

10: Indus River Valley

11: Indus is a subcontinent because it is separated from the Asian continent by barriers. | The barriers that separate Indus form the Asian continent act as a protection from intruders or an invasion. | Major buildings in Indus were built in the center of cities. | Indus is credited for developing the plumbing and sewage system.

12: Monsoons were seasonal winds that made up Indus' climate. | Indus River Valley | Cities were planned using a grid system. | The Indus system of writing is hard to decipher and historians are still trying to figure out what the writing means.

13: The Indus River was a main source of transportation for goods. | The Indus River Valley had a strong central government. | The religions in Indus were polytheistic.

14: China

15: China is located between the Huang He and Yangtze Rivers. | The Huang He river is also known as the Yellow River because it produces a yellow-ish colored silt. | China was ruled by and emperor.

16: China | Only about 10 percent of China's land was able to be farmed on. | In Chinese writing, one picture stands for one syllable or piece of language. | A ruler of China had the divine approval which was called the Mandate of Heaven.

17: A girl in the Chinese family had an arranged marriage. | The Chinese prayed to their ancestors for guidance and believed that their ancestors either brought them good fortune or bad fortune. | The Chinese introduced coined money which improved trade.

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