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River Valley Civilizations Chandler Kay

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FC: Chandler Kay Ancient River Valley Civilizations

1: Table of Contents Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt Indus RVC Ancient China | pg. 1-2 pg. 3-4 pg 5-6 pg7-8

2: Mesopotamia was located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Their government was very religiously based. In their government priests and rulers would share power. The rulers would always pass their power to their sons. The Mesopotamian people were very talented inventors. They crated a form of writing called cuneiform. This is a wedge shaped writing style. They also created the wheel and the sixty second unit. We use almost all of their inventions today.

3: The Mesopotamian religion was polytheistic. THey worshipped in places called ziggurats. The people of Mesopotamia were fairly advanced. They had cities, which started because of food surpluses. | One of the most famous rulers in Mesopotamia was Hammurabi. He created a code of laws. This is the first code of laws to be historically known. Although Hammurabi ruled in Mesopotamia, he really only ruled in Babylon, which is a section of Mesopotamia.

4: Ancient Egypt was located from the highlands of East Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, along the Nile River. In Ancient Egypt, the people believed in many gods. The people of Egypt also believed that their pharaoh was a god. This is called a theocracy. The most important gods in Egypt's religion were Re, god of the sun, and Osiris, god of death. Ancient Egypt had many social classes. The order they went in was the king, queen, and royal family, then the upper class, then the aritsans, which are followed by the lower class.

5: Even though there were many different social classes, they all had ways to entertain themselves. One popular game was called senet. One of the most obvious things that the Egyptians were known for was mummification. This was the first exploration into the medical field. The Egyptians are also well known for hieroglyphics, their written language. One mroe thing that they are known for are their pyramids. This was the first use of geometry. They were also some of the first users of cosmetics.

6: The Indus River Valley Civilization was the most isolated out of the four. It was between the Indus and the Ganges rivers. It was also surrounded by mountains. | There isn't a whole lot known about this civilization. There are theories that their government was a theocracy but it is not known for sure. | These were the first people to invent one of the most important things ever, a sewage system. This is the only language that has not been able to be diciphered.

7: The social classes in Ancient India were not great.Clues suggest that the religions from back then might be similar to modern Hinduism. After a while the civilization was destroyed because of people not taking care of it. The people of India traded a lot and fought very little bcause they were protected from invasion by the natural landmarks that surrounded them.

8: The ancient Chinese civilization was located between the Yellow and Yangtze rivers. They had many dynasties for their government. | This civilization may have been so successful just because they used irrigation.This helped keep their crops from dying out because they are not close to water.

9: Their was a great difference between the social classes. There were the noblemen, and then there were the farmers. There was a pretty steep drop off between the two.This civilization believed that your fate was decided by your ancestors. They were also polytheistic. The Chinese language is pretty much pictures that translate into words. These people consulted their gods through the use of oracle bones. China is the only river valley civilization that still exists. They created the philosophy of taoism. There buildings were made mostly of wood.

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