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Robert's Monomyth Project

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FC: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

1: Call to adventure | The call to adventure in the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is when Christopher sees Mrs. Shears dog dead in her lawn. He wanders into her yard to check on the dog where he is later accused on the murder of Mrs. Shears dog, Wellington. On page 1, it says that Chris went through Mrs. Shears gate closing it behind him. He was then sent to the police station where they issued him a caution or a warning (Haddon 18).

2: Supernatural Aid | Siobhan is Christopher's supernatural aid. She is Chris' teacher and she helps him throughout the novel. She teaches him many lessons about life and the way people act. One example is when she describes different facial expressions and when they are used in real life (Haddon 2-3).

3: Refusal of the Call | Chris refuses the call whenever he initially listens to his father and does not investigate the murder. On page 20, when Chris' dad says, "just stay out of trouble Chris" (Haddon 20). Chris' father doesn't want his son to get involved because it may result in another encounter with the police.

4: Crossing the Threshold | Christopher crosses the threshold when he goes out of his comfort zone. This is the part of the novel where Christopher begins his investigation and starts to gather information from other people. He is nervous at first but is determined to find an answer to his mystery. He begins by asking his neighbors about peculiar sightings during the night of the crime (Haddon 36). He is unsuccessful at first but begins conversation with a lady named Mrs. Alexander (Haddon 41). It is at this point that he crosses the threshold out of his "comfort zone".

5: Belly of the Whale | The belly of the whale is when Christopher comes to the conclusion that his father is the killer of Wellington. This is the low point of no return in the novel. It is a point of darkness. It starts out with Christopher discovering old letters from his mother (Haddon 97). His father eventually finds out that he has read the letters and says, "I'm sorry Christopher." He also mentions, "It was an accident" referring to the lies he has told his son (Haddon 114). Chris is disappointed in his father and responds by being very solitary and refusing to speak to him. His father then decides to be openly honest with his son and tells him the whole story about Chris' investigation. "I killed Wellington Christopher" his father admits to him (Haddon 120). Christopher now has fear for his father and decides to run away. On page 129, Christopher comes to the conclusion that he can't return home. It is at this point he can't turn back.

6: The Road of Trials | Christopher is now on his own. He has fled his home and has decided to go to London in search of his mother. Christopher comes across many challenges on his way to London. On page 137, he sees his fathers van and manages to overcome his sick feeling by counting 50 breaths and concentrating very hard on numbers. He is sick because he doesn't want his father to find him and take him back home. He goes to a train station and overcomes many obstacles. On page 148 to 150, a policeman helps him buy a ticket to London. He even manages to avoid going back home when the police start searching for him on the train.

7: Meeting with the Goddess | Christopher finally meets his mother for the first time in the book. I believe she is the goddess because she is his mother and he has come a long way to see her. He finally reunites with her on page 190. He finds her house and knocks on her door (Haddon 190). She is living with Mr. Shears, who doesn't really seem to want him in the house. Later in the night, Chris' father comes into the house and there is a huge fight (Haddon 196). Christopher is still traumatized by his fathers' actions. Christopher's father tries very hard to earn his sons' trust back, but is unsuccessful for a long time.

8: Temptation From the True Path | I believe that Chris' father is his temptation. He gave him false information about his mother and lied to him about Wellington's murder. Until page 120, Christopher had no idea who the murderer was. He is shocked to find out that his father is the murderer and loses respect for him.

9: Atonement with the Father | Eventually Chris accepts his father and forgives him. In an attempt for Christopher's trust, his father says, "Christopher, I'm sorry. About everything. About Wellington. About the letters. About making you run away. I promise I will never do anything like that again." (Haddon 197). Christopher stays mad at his father for a long time. His father finally sits down and has a talk with him. He says, "You must spend more time with me. I have to show you that you can trust me." (Haddon 218-219). Christopher starts to forgive his father on page 219 when he gives him a golden retriever as a gift.

10: Apotheosis | Christopher asks his mother if he can go back to his hometown. He has been longing to take a math exam and the administrators for his school finally let him. On the day of the test, he is very tired and doubts he did well on it. His father even said to him, "I wanted to ask you how the exam went." Christopher replies by saying, "I don't know if I got all the questions right because I was really tired and I hadn't eaten any food so I couldn't think properly." (Haddon 215.) Chris ended up getting an A on his test (Haddon 220).

11: Refusal of the Return | Christopher refuses to go back to stay with his father. When he is staying at his mother's house in London, a policeman knocks on her door and asks Christopher, "Do you want to go back to your father or do you want to stay here?" (Haddon 195). Christopher replies by saying, "I want to stay here."

12: Master of Two Worlds | Christopher ends up forgiving his father and living with him. He gets to see both his parents. His mother and father never get back together but they may be trying to work something out for Chris' sake. His mother ended up getting a job and living in a brick house (Haddon 216). Christopher is the master of two worlds in the sense that he can see his mother and father again.

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