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Robertson 2011

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Robertson 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Mike, Jenn, Charlie & Henry Robertson 2011 Edition

BC: In your fourth year... | Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.

FC: 2011 | The Robertsons

1: 2011 | was a year full of adventure and new experiences. On the very first day of the new year, Mom and Dad flew from our home town of five years, Beaumont, to Fairfax, Virginia to find a new house. We had lived in Northern Virginia before moving to Texas but still, we all worried about our move to the DC area. We worried that life would be too different from the one we'd loved in Texas. We worried about missing all of our dear friends and the warm weather. We worried there'd be tons of traffic and long commutes. We worried that the happiness we had found in sunny Texas wouldn't follow to the east coast. But, it turned out that being back in Virginia wasn't all that bad! In fact, it was great!! We were lucky to find a beautiful home in the neighborhood of South Riding which was the same as our best family friends, The Allens. Charlie started school at Little River Elementary, just a short walk down the street. And after a few months of getting our house together, we settled in to enjoy all the things that a big city like DC had to offer! We got busy being busy with lots of travel in 2011! We often drove to Maryland to visit cousins Em and Carson. We took our first trip to Disneyworld with our whole family! We flew to Boston to visit cousin Olly. And we drove to Charlotte , the Outer Banks, to Buffalo and to Michigan. And in the days when all was calm and we had no plans, we just enjoyed being together. Whether we are in Texas, Virginia, or on an adventure to someplace new, when we are all together, thats when we're home. | My dearest Charlie, it makes me so proud to watch you grow into this amazing young man and at the same time, it breaks my heart. This year you lost SIX teeth - SIX!! It has changed the way you look -- from a boy into a real kid. I see no more baby in your face at all. These are all good things, my sweet child. It's just hard for mommy to see because the bigger you get, the closer that day is that you will be a man and not need me as much. With those changing teeth, I've also seen how you've grown into a really amazing person. This year you were challenged with all these changes and you've handled them with strength and character. You are thoughtful. You are respectful and always strive to be kind to others. You are beyond smart, kiddo. I love to watch you develop an interest in the things you see in the world around you. You're always thinking. Always asking questions. The way you always want to learn and know more about the world impresses and inspires everyone who knows you. | Henry, my little love, you are hilarious! You have so much personality packed into that little body already! It constantly cracks this family up how much you know exactly what you want -- and you're only a baby (ok, you're a toddler, but still... you came into the world with that independent, driven and strong-willed soul!)! You love to do everything your big brother does. You are quite the observer in that way. Anything Charlie does, you try to do too. Sometimes you get frustrated because you are too small, but you don't give up easily. You also have strong opinions on what you DON"T like. We have a family saying that "Henry hates everything" because if it's not for you, you let us know! You are such a good boy, though. Strangers constantly compliment me on how GOOD you are. You are laid-back and sweet. And above all, you're a lover. You love warm snuggles, soft blankets and big hugs. It is such an honor to have you as part of this family. | This book is a memento of love dedicated to all my men... | Love, Mom

2: Good Times. Good Friends. | Our Sunflower Going-Away Party | JANUARY 2011

3: Charlie says Goodbye to First Grade at Regina Howell | We spent much of January and February getting ready to move to Virginia and saying our good-byes to friends in Texas. We had a special party at a karate studio with bounce houses for Charlie and all of his friends. Charlie's last day at school was also the Valentine's Day party. Ms. McBride planned a special surprise going-away party for him, too. All the kids made cards and some even brought presents! It was especially hard to leave Ms. McBride because she really loved Charlie and thought the world of him!

4: All Packed Up | Three days, two packers and one big, orange truck... and we were ready to go on a new adventure!

5: Homeless in Charlotte | In between our Texas home and our Virginia home, we spent a week in Charlotte meeting our newest family member, Oliver. Olly was just two months old - so tiny and sweet! Unky Bunky and Aunt Sarsie were very tired as new parents are, but did a great job! Great Grandma Paul loved seeing all of her great-grandchildren together. We also introduced Olly to our tradition of having breakfast at Cracker Barrel!! | February 2011

6: 26117 | Rachel Hill Dr. | Chantilly, VA | 20152

7: And then we painted... | and painted... | and painted.... | MARCH 2011 | We needed to do a lot of work to get our house ready and make it our home. The entire house needed painting. Every. Single. Room. Luckily, we have such a wonderful family who offered to help us. Blah came right away to help us unpack. Then, Grandpa | Dave came and painted for a whole weekend. And then Papa and Blah came back to help us paint some more! Whenever we had free time, we painted. Until one day, we were done! It took a lot of work, but it was worth the effort! We love our new home!

8: f u n t i m e s a t t h e | playground | After moving to Virginia, Grammy, Aunt Carol, Uncle Chris and Emily came out to visit us in the new house! We took you all to the neighborhood playground on a nice early Spring day. The boys had a wonderful time then and enjoyed it all summer long, too! Henry LOVES the swings and Charlie loves it all -- so much so that I couldn't get many pictures because he never stopped running!

9: MARCH 2011

10: washington d.c.

11: In April, we spent a day in DC with the Allens to take pictures of Flat Stanley for a friend back in Beaumont. We took pictures at the Capitol, the Washington Monument and walked the mall. We had lunch in the cafeteria in the Art Museum. Charlie had so much fun being with Emma and Cooper again. The weather was beautiful and we finally remembered what it was like to live in such a great city with so many interesting things to see and do! | April 2011

12: EASTER | One of our favorite Easter traditions - dyeing eggs! Henry was very excited to be able to help this year! | a p r i l 2 0 1 1 | an "egg-ceptional"

13: South Riding had a neighborhood egg hunt! We showed up literally ONE minute late and all the eggs had been found! Charlie was so disappointed!! | On Easter morning, you boys found all the eggs and two AWESOME baskets full of goodies! Later that day, the Allens came over for dinner! | Some very full baskets! The Easter bunny is so generous!

14: may 2 0 1 1 | World | We decided to go to Disneyworld for the first time to celebrate Charlie's 7th birthday! It was a big surprise and we told Charlie about it on his birthday - the night before we left. The whole family came - Papa and Blah, Grammy, Auntie Carol, Uncle Chris and Emily. It was a blast! We went to the Magic Kingdom twice, the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios! Henry didn't like it - AT ALL! In fact, Henry HATED Disney. But Charlie was in heaven with all the rides, all the family, all the treats and all the magic! It was a very happy birthday!

15: magic kingdom | mickey ears hats electrical parade pirates of the caribbean it's a small world haunted mansion

16: continued | World | Pirate Pool | at the Lake Buena Vista Resort

17: animal kingdom | kilimanjaro safari train ride ice cream wild animals triceratop spin tree of life

18: may the force be with you

19: May the force be with you | One thing about Charlie is that when he likes something, he goes ALL in! Upon our arrival to VA, Charlie picked up a new interest -- Star Wars. So, we watched all the movies, we built the Lego sets, we bought the tee-shirts, and we had lots of lightsaber fights!! It was especially important when we went to Disney World on C's 7th birthday that we go to Hollywood Studios and see their Star Wars section of the park. Even though the Star Tours ride was closed, we saw a real AT-AT Walker and the real Darth Vader and Storm Troopers. Charlie, this was absolute heaven for you! And it was a joy for Mommy & Daddy to see you so happy and so excited! The force is strong with, son!

20: jw tumbles | When we moved to Virginia, we were so excited that there were so many things to do with toddlers! Henry and Mommy joined JW Tumbles as a place to go during the days while Charlie was at school. Henry, you LOVED it! There were so many fun games and toys to play with and lots of room to run around! And your favorite, balls!! | may 2011

22: Mom goes to with the girls | The Met Tribeca SoHo Shopping Wicked Broadway Central Park

23: may 2011

24: NASCAR | WEEKEND in Charlotte | Gentlemen, start your engines!!! | memorial day 2011

25: Shuffleboard | Slip n' Slide | We went to Charlotte for Memorial Day weekend for Papa to take Charlie to his FIRST Nascar race. Charlie loved it! And we had a blast doing all the other fun things we do with Papa and Blah -- shuffleboard, slip n' slide, sidewalk chalk around the entire driveway, playing the wii, dinner out and visiting Great Grandma Paul! We always make wonderful memories together!

26: Washington Nationals | Washington Nationals | In the Spring, Charlie played baseball for Loudoun South Little League and was placed on the Rookie team for the Washington Nationals! The team got special tickets for everyone to go to a real Nationals game on a Sunday afternoon in downtown DC. We had seats way up in the nosebleeds, but we liked the amazing view of the whole field and DC skyline! Charlie indulged himself with ice cream in a mini baseball hat! We even got a foam finger! Henry didn't like it, though. Not one bit. But mommy got snuggles the whole game, so she didn't mind! After the game was over, all the kids got to run the bases! What a great day!

27: Susan G. Komen 5k | We were so excited for the race to support our Grammy but we almost didn't make it! As we were waiting for the Metro to come, and only seconds after the picture of us was taken, Henry threw up all over himself. Since we didn't have a change of clothes, we thought we should turn around and go home. But we figured we'd just try our best to get through it. It turned out that Henry felt better (even though he smelled!) and we enjoyed a great walk through the city! After the race, we got to see mom's cousin, Lauren, who was running too! | Race for the Cure | JUNE 2011

28: Oliver's | Baptism | Mommy, Charlie & Henry traveled to Boston for Olly's baptism ceremony in June. We had so much fun spending time with Unky Bunky, Auntie Sarsie and Olly - as always! We, of course, went to our favorite - Rainforest Cafe - for dinner as is our tradition when visiting! Bunky, Charlie and Blah got a giant VOLCANO for dessert!! We enjoyed some time at the Arlington Street Fair where Charlie had some time in the bounce house and got to contribute to a giant collection of kids art. But our favorite thing of all was to go down to a nearby park and play! They had swings and a great zipline! It was beautifully located on a lake so we dipped in our toes and watched a couple throw a stick for their dog to swim in and fetch! And how proud Mommy was to be named Olly's godmother! A special trip, for sure!

29: june 2011

30: Our week in Charlotte for... | For the last two years, we have been spending most of June in Charlotte with Papa and Blah so Charlie could go to Camp Thunderbird on Lake Wylie just minutes from their house. Blah, Mom and Henry have a tradition while Charlie is in camp... after we drop him off, we go to Starbucks or Jumpin' Java to enjoy special time together over coffee and eggs! We usually end up talking about how cool we think it is that Charlie has such a great time at camp and can't wait to hear about it at the end of the day!

31: C | A | M | P | T | H | U | N | D | E | R | D | B | I | R | Although it's normally a day camp, this year, Charlie, you spent the last day of camp on a sleepover. Mom and Dad picked you up the next morning and you were so happy! You said you stayed up later than anyone else! You loved it! | JUNE 2011

32: @4th of July in Charlotte, NC with Papa & Blah

33: We spent the week before the 4th in Charlotte with Papa & Blah while Charlie went to Camp Thunderbird. Daddy flew down that weekend to spend the holiday with us! We went to the Pops in the Park on Sunday and saw the fireworks display with Mommy's friend, Mandie. We saw Great Grandma Paul on the 4th for a BBQ -- even though it was pouring rain on Papa while he grilled! Charlie did sparklers in the porch while Henry and Gigi kept GGP company.

34: Air & Space Museum | Smithsonian Institution Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Dulles International Airport

35: We love to go to the Air & Space Museum and are so lucky that it is just a five minute drive from our house! The planes in the building are amazing -- Charlie favors the Concorde Supersonic Jet and the Boeing 707. But our most favorite thing to do is go up in the tower and watch the planes take off and land from Dulles Airport. Someday we want to be in the tower on time to see our favorite airplane - the Airbus A380 - arrive!

36: boys love to be outside | boys love to be outside | (and you two are no exception)

38: Aunt Carol's Baby Shower | JULY 2011

39: Annapolis | The day after Aunt Carol's baby shower, we decided to go to Annapolis instead of driving right home. We had a craving for crabs by the water! We had lunch and ice cream, then walked the docks and looked at the boats. We went by the U.S. Naval Academy. Charlie really wanted to see an old historic house and we found one that we could go inside to explore!

40: The Outer Banks | with the Allens

41: JULY 2011

42: Fun at the Pool | a summer of wet and wonderful fun ...

43: We lived for four years in the Texas heat WITHOUT a swimming pool to go to! This summer was extra wonderful with our neighborhood pool just a short walk down the street! Whenever the day was too hot or we ran out of things to do, we hit the pool! Charlie turned into a fish this year - jumping in and swimming on his own. At first, Henry was not interested in the pool at all, but by the end of the summer, Mom would have to chase after him because he would walk right into the deep water trying to do everything his big brother could do!

44: carson blake underwood | August 19, 2011 | 7:45am 8lbs. 6 oz.

46: First Day of School | Charlie, it seems impossible that you started second grade at Little River Elementary this fall. Where has the time gone? It was only yesterday that you were Henry's size. But with every day, you get a little bit bigger. Your teacher this year is Mrs. Maynard, who is young and very sweet. We like her alot. And Mom is the Room Parent for your class! | Henry, you started a Mother's Day Out class for "Under 2's" at Pender Hill School on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. At first, you hated it and would cry over leaving mommy. But after a little bit of getting used to the drop off, you really warmed up to it! At school, you play with all the other toddler boys (only 1 girl in your class!) and your teachers, Mrs. Patch and Ms. Jamie, adore you!

47: S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1

48: 2011: | Oh, Charlie! How you LOVE your Legos! You've had Lego sets before this year, but you finally REALLY took to them. You have so many sets because no one can resist spoiling you with them since you are so excited and enthusiastic for them! More than anything, you love to invent creations all on your own! And you are so creative! You love to build cities with shops and businesses and cars and houses! You're definitely Daddy's boy with that big engineering brain of yours always thinking of how to make something new! And your baby brother loves anything that you love, so of course, he's a big fan of Legos too. But sometimes that really gets on your nerves because he breaks your stuff. But you're such a great big brother and try your hardest to share! | Brought to You in Part By

50: unky bunky & aunt sarsie (and your cousin, Olly, too) L O V E Y O U | crazy

51: Moving back to the east coast made it really easy to see Unky Bunky, Auntie Sarsie and new cousin Olly. They visited us for Labor Day weekend, Henry's birthday party and again at Christmas! Spending time with your aunt and uncle is one of your favorite treats because they are always playing with the both of you and being so silly. There are many special games you share - like Olly pushing Charlie and pretending to fall, or Unky Bunky telling Henry to "kick, kick, kick!" and him going limp. It's one of Mommy's favorite things to hear Unky Bunky belly laugh -- and the two of you really get him going!

52: go blue!

53: Michigan Football | It was an extra special Michigan football season with a visit to Ann Arbor for Mom and Dad and being able to watch the games with the Allens again!

54: Niagara Falls | When Mom was a little girl visiting Grandma and Grandpa Paul in Buffalo, NY, they always took me and Unky Bunky to see Niagara Falls, just a short drive from their house. So, after a very hard day attending Great Grandma Paul's funeral, we decided to take a family trip to the falls to show it to you boys and to remember our own times spent there as children.

55: September 2011

56: cox farms

57: We first brought Charlie to Cox Farms when he was one and a half and we lived in Burke. We loved it! Moving into South Riding this year, we found ourselves just minutes down the road from the farm. My goodness, has it grown! We went twice this season. Once on a Sunday with Daddy and once after school with the Allens. Pumpkins, a hay ride, a corn maize, kettle corn, and slides - oh, my! | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1

58: O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1

59: halloween happenings | Back in Beaumont, we always had a pumpkin-carving party in the garage with our neighbors. Even though this year we were in Virginia, we couldn't let the tradition end! We invited over the Allens and the Davises for pizza, cupcakes and lots and lots of pumpkin goo! It's too cold in Virginia to carve outside in October though!!

60: trick or treat | HALLOWEEN 2011 | Charlie was Luke Skywalker and Henry was Mickey Mouse (Charlie's super adorable hand-me-down costume from when he was two!). Henry was at first very timid of the trick-or-treating but once he figured out he was going to receive candy, he quickly learned to say "dank ooo" at every house! Trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood is a blast with TONS of houses and huge crowds on the sidewalks. Charlie, the master Jedi, was using the force to help him receive his candy. He got so much that we had to stop at home halfway through to drop off his very heavy and full bag!

62: day of planes | Gravelly Point Park Arlington, VA November 8, 2011

63: This family loves airplanes. Being in DC has really helped fuel our interest in aviation with living so near Dulles airport. We like to spot the planes that take off and land each day, guess their size and try to correctly label them as Boeing or Airbus. And there is no better place in DC to watch planes than from Gravelly Park where they fly right over your head into National airport! We had a day off from school in early November and made our way to have a picnic at this extra special spot! | We had SUCH a wonderful time together on this day. The weather couldn't have been better and Charlie was in heaven to see the planes fly right over him. We even spotted Air Force One on its decent to Andrews Air Force Base and three Marine One helicopters flying the President back to the White House. | To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. To fly... | ...is everything.

64: The Destroyers | Coach: Mike Robertson also answers to Dad, Daddy and Dada

65: Even though this was Charlie's fourth season playing soccer, this was his first year playing in Virginia with Loudoun Soccer. He played better than ever before under the coaching of his dad! It wasn't the most winning season but the boys played hard, learned how to better play the game and had a great time - and that's what's most important to Coach Mike!

66: Henry Turns Two | We had a big Curious George party for Henry's second birthday! The entire family came in town for it - Papa and Blah, Unky Bunky, Auntie Sarsie, & Olly. Grammy, Aunt Carol, Uncle Chris, Emily and baby Carson, too! We even had some very special guests - Matt, Karen, Anna, Ryan and baby Ben Bordas - visiting from Beaumont!

67: No matter HOW many people were here who loved him, Henry did NOT like it when we brought out his cake! But with all things Henry, a bit of cuddles from Mom did the trick . Once all the chaos settled, he happily went after his cupcake. | Because there's one thing Henry loves more than anything else, and that's... SUGAR!

68: It's just not fall in Michigan without donuts and cider from the | Franklin Cider Mill | November 2011

69: Thanksgiving at Grammy's

70: Christmas | 2011

71: g | We love getting ready for Christmas and start getting ready the day after Thanksgiving! This was our first year celebrating Christmas in our new house in Virginia. Whether we are getting out the decorations, putting up the tree, visiting Santa, going to parties, making a gingerbread house, shopping for presents, baking cookies, or having family visit, we all share in the joy that the season brings! | e | t | t | i | n | g | r | e | a | d | y | ...

72: ICE! | At the Gaylord National

73: DECEMBER 2011

74: 'Twas the night before Christmas

75: On Christmas Eve, the whole family arrived!! Grammy drove over from Auntie Carol's. Unky Bunky, Auntie Sarsie and Olly arrived from Boston. And Papa and Blah had driven from Charlotte a few days before. We had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Fairfax to keep with Mikey and Sarah's tradition of eating there on Christmas Eve. We had such a fun time eating and being silly with each other. Henry loved the cake case! All those "koo-kas"! After dinner, we came home and wrote a letter to Santa and put out cookies. Then everyone had a bath and we sat down to read, "Twas The Night Before Christmas", The babies got a little antsy before we finished the story, but the chaos of having everyone together is part of the fun!!

76: christmas day | Charlie woke us all up very early to see if Santa had come - and he had!!! In addition to the many, many gifts we bought each other, Santa was very generous too! We must've all been very nice this year! We spent the day opening lots and lots of wonderful presents, laughing, eating and enjoying each other's company. After all the gifts, we had the Allens and the Parnells over and fried a turkey for our Christmas feast! And even opened MORE presents!

78: Kitty Cow | Oh, Kitty Cow. We love you so.

80: Brothers | Five and a half years apart, you two are. But you love each other like there's never been a day you weren't together.

82: Papa & Blah

83: It is such a special relationship that you boys have with your Papa & Blah. You have had them wrapped around your fingers since the days you were born. They love to spend time with you and hardly miss a month without a visit -- sometimes we're lucky enough to see them more often than that! Papa loves to share in Charlie's love of airplanes and always has a new balsa wood plane to fly! And "Bah" loves to teach Henry new tricks while he's still hers before the inevitable switch to all Papa, all the time, takes over! :)

84: Grammy | We love our Grammy so much!!! Grammy is always there for us when we need her and whenever there is a special occasion in the family! In January, she stayed with the boys for five whole days while Mom & Dad house-hunted in VA. It has been so wonderful now being in Virginia because we have been able to see her much more often since she is occasionally in the area for work. And with Auntie Carol relatively close in MD, Grammy can visit us both or we all get together! In addition to all her love, Grammy always brings treats for the boys and gives such help to Mom & Dad. We are so lucky to have such a special Grammy!

85: Grandpa | Grandpa came to Virginia twice this year to visit and we saw him when we traveled to Michigan for Thanksgiving! Grandpa tirelessly helped paint the new house when we first moved to VA and came back in October just to have fun and watch the Tigers playoff games with the boys! In November, we went to a special dinner in Plymouth at a restaurant that sat right on railroad tracks! The boys were so excited to watch the trains pass right by our table! We are so lucky to have such a special Grandpa!

86: A few of Henry's | aunt jenny | Oh, Henry, how you love your Aunt Jenny! While in TX, we always called her Miss Jenny, but once we all moved to VA, it just felt right to call her "aunt". You think of her as your second mom and go to her as casually and lovingly as you do your own family. You love to snuggle her and never mind when mommy needs a break if your Aunt Jenny watches you! | sleeping with feet out | For some reason, you don't like your feet to be inside the crib. We always find them sticking out! Many times you've woken up crying because you've gotten a foot stuck, but it has never stopped you from your favorite sleeping position. Feet out. Or bust. | mom's iphone | frannie | When I found out you were going to be a boy, I bought you the same blue blanket that your big brother loved so much. Since we're not original, we named her Frannie, just like Charlie's. Your bro and you are different people, but you love frannie the same. | The iphone is yours... according to you. "Mine!!", you say. You love to watch the Elmo movies and Blue's Clues shows I loaded for you. And of course, you like to play any game your big brother is currently into. You've learned how to navigate the whole thing, my little Apple prodigy, and can easily switch from movies to music to games... and you've totally mastered how to run away with it when the text message chime goes off! | balls | "De-gah!" is what you've always said to mean ball. You are ALL boy in your love for the simple game of tossing around a ball. You will throw a ball at the wall and go chase it -- and man, kid, you've got an excellent arm! You can throw with such force and amazing direction! You watch C play sports and I know you are just counting down til you're big enough!

87: Favorite Things... | milk | "kook-kas" | bubble guppies | "na-nas" | You love milk! And of course you gave it your own word, "Zzzzzzzaa!" You wake up and want milk. Before bed, you want milk. If mommy didn't make you eat real food, you'd be perfectly content to survive off the white gold. We let you drink out of a bottle until your second birthday. It took a few days to get used to drinking out of a sippy cup but as long as you get your milk, you're a happy lil guy! | Sugar. Addict. You have sugar on your mind from sun up to sun down! All things sugar-related are called, "koo-kas" (which originated from "cookie") -- cupcakes, candy, cake, chocolate chips -- are all koo-kas. You love to grab a small bowl and beg me to fill it with koo-kas. And it's so cute how you ask that you usually wind up getting what you want! | You are my little TV junkie. When you wake up each morning, you go first to the refrigerator for milk, then immediately to the couch for the remote. Bubble Guppies is one of your favorite shows and we wake up with watching it almost every day! | Among your other addictions is your complete and total love for your na-nas. You like to have more than one at a time and switch them out. When the dishes are clean | pantry-raiding | You love to raid the pantry! You figured out how to open the door yourself so often Mommy finds you with snacks that you've pulled out all on your own! If you're hungry or craving a sugar fix, you know right where to go! | you like to sneak out as many of the clean ones as possible and hoard them. We are trying to restrict them to just bedtime but thats hard because they make you so happy!!

88: A few of Charlie's | airplanes | You have always, always been a mini-engineer. From the time you were a baby, anything that moved fascinated you. So it's no surprise that you marvel at airplanes! You love to watch them fly. You study the different models. You design your own airlines. And you love to learn as much as possible about them. Luckily, we live right by Dulles and Reagan airport! | wii bowling | No one can beat you at Wii Bowling! Papa and Blah try... but they are not nearly as good as you!! The funny thing is how much smack you talk about how good you are! We laugh and laugh at how you can talk the talk and walk the walk! | ice cream truck | Cooper & Emma | The Allens are a big part of our family and Emma and Cooper are very close to being your own siblings. Sometimes you fight. Sometimes you love Cooper more. Sometimes you prefer Em, But life is just better with them in it! | I've never known a kid to like the ice cream truck as much as you do. We really never had an ice cream truck until moving to VA and you thought having ice cream delivered right to your driveway was amazing! You could hear the music coming even when down in the basement! You started saving money just to be able to buy yourself a daily frozen treat! | your scooter | Wow! You are a scooter expert! You are so fast on that scooter! And in the warm weather, you are on it constantly! All summer long, you scooted along side Mom down to the pool. When Papa saw how big you were getting on your old scooter, he bought you a new one -- that sparked!! And all the kids in the neighborhood wanted to use yours! So cool!

89: Favorite Things... | sweetfrog | ipod touch | sidewalk chalk | mommy | We hadn't even heard of SweetFrog until we went to the OBX with the Allens and Jenny told us about it. But since then, we have been addicted to the place! It's a frozen yogurt bar where you can choose your own flavor of ice cream and then top it with whatever treat you want! Your favorite is vanilla, coconut and tart ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles, gummy worms and coconut! | You are definitely a kid in the 21st century with your very own ipod touch! Portable entertainment! You love to download and play game apps like angry birds, annoying orange kitchen carnage, jelly car and much, much more! | Charlie, you are truly an artist. You've been drawing since you were small and one of your favorites to create art is outside on the driveway! You're not limited to so many inches of paper and can make your imagination as big as the concrete! You love to draw whole towns or tell huge stories in chalk! | You are a Mama's Boy. And since this is your Mama writing this, I say this as one of the best things about you!!! I love you and you love me. We love to snuggle in the mornings or giggle over something silly. You love to tell me about who you are and what you love and I love hearing about anything you think. I will be your biggest fan for your whole life and I'm pretty sure you know it! | legos... duh | Even though these guys got their very own page in the book, they deserve to be mentioned one more time here as well because they, above all other things, are your favorites.

90: Mama's | F A V O R I T E P H O T O S

92: More | F A V O R I T E P H O T O S

94: iPhone | F A V O R I T E S | (because there are moments when you're not camera ready)

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