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Rock Creek United Methodist Church 175th Homecoming

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S: Rock Creek United Methodist Church - 175th Homecoming

BC: To reflect the Light, Love, Joy and Grace of Jesus and Pass It On! Rock Creek United Methodist Church www.RockCreekUMC.org

FC: Rock Creek United Methodist Church 7315 Mt. Hermon Rock Creek Rd., Snow Camp NC 1836 - 2011 175 Years of Memories

1: Rock Creek United Methodist Church 7315 Mount Hermon Rock Creek Rd., Snow Camp, NC 27349 www.RockCreekUMC.org

2: The History of Rock Creek United Methodist Church Nearly 175 years ago, a small group of men, chopped trees, planed lumber and gathered rocks for the purpose of building their own church in Rock Creek community off what is now Hwy. 49 in Alamance County. "I'd say they threw it up in the summer," says F.D. Hornaday Jr.,great-grandson of Balaam Hornaday, who donated three acres of land for Rock Creek Methodist Protestant Church - now Rock Creek United Methodist Church - in about 1841. "all of them were carpenters back in those days." Though additions have been made, the original sanctuary still stands, and it's one of the oldest churches in the area. According to Hornaday, Cane Creek Friends Meeting House was the only church in the area when several members decided to start a new church. "Rock Creek Methodist Protestant Church, was started by four or five families. The original trustees were Sammie Coble, John McPherson, Alfred Hornaday and John Stout." Drawing from the land's natural resources, the men collected rocks and lumber and started building the church. "I would say they did 90 percent of it," Hornaday says.

3: "There was very little they'd have to buy, because they could just go out in the woods and cut what they needed. The studding and everything, the sills were oak. The underpinning is just rock." "The builders whitewashed the finished wooded walls of the church made pews and began holding services for the small congregation. "They were few to begin with, but the church has never been large - around 130 at most," Hornaday says. There was no electricity, so all services were conducted in the daytime. The only source of heat in the winter was a pot belly stove in the middle of the sanctuary, and to combat summer heat, the congregation moved outside to an open air arbor. But nevertheless, the members had their own church and were ready to worship. "When it first started, they had a pastor once a month, the fourth Sunday in the month," Hornaday says. Of course, they had Sunday school the other Sundays. Church was held together by Sunday school and the Sunday school superintendent was the main person." It wasn't until 1940, that the church hired a full-time minister and only a few changes have been made in the building since those early days. The arbor was torn down in 1915, electricity was added in 1939, and later, heating and air conditioning unit were put in. The church's name changed to Rock Creek Methodist Church in 1939, when the Methodist Protestant and Methodist Episcopal merged in the south.

4: In 1968, it became Rock Creek United Methodist Church, when The Methodist Church, merged with the Evangelical United Brethren Church. In the 1960's, Mrs. Patton McPherson gave the church approximately an acre of land adjacent to the church where the parsonage stands today. Every Sunday at Rock Creek UMC, a very active congregation still worships in the 175 year old building and everyone is sent out into the world to reflect the light, love, joy and grace of Jesus and pass it on. | History adapted from an October 19, 1986 "The Daily Times News" article .

5: Improvements Through The Years: 1940 - 1941: New floor was put up and the platform at the front of sanctuary was added. 1945 - 1946: The educational annex was built along with the new basement and heating system. 1947: New pews were purchased. 1950: Water was connected and bathrooms added. 1953: Present porch, front steps and steeple were added. 1957: Mr. G. Talmage Swing bequeathed a trust to the church for the maintenance and upkeep of the | 1990: Vinyl siding was added. 1992: Newly refurbished church parlor was dedicated and named in memory of Japp Watson. 1993: Fellowship Hall was refurbished. 1999: New carpet was added in the back hallway in memory of Laurence Faulkner. New chimes were installed in memory of F. D. Hornaday Jr. 2001: Ladies bathroom was refurbished. Youth Sunday School was repainted. New carpet and hand painted mural of Christ was donated by the Youth Group. 2002: New light fixtures in the narthex and sanctuary were added. | church building and grounds. Carpet was put in. New piano was given by L. M. Robbins. 1959: Hammond organ given by Leroy Pickard. 1960: Parsonage was built on the property donated by Mrs. Patton McPherson. 1964: Seeding of the grounds was completed. 1965: Parking area was re-paved along with the parsonage driveways and and road around the cemetery. 1965-89: Re-working of the church basement and utility building for grounds equipment erected at the rear of the parsonage. Pew cushions, carpeting in the hall and steps of the educational annex were added. | Men's bathroom was refurbished. 2002-03: Parsonage was refurbished. 2003: Replaced vertical blinds and curtains in the Fellowship Hall. 2004: New heating system was donated. 2005: Dedicated the installation of a handicap elevator system. A new sound system was added. 2006: Repainted the interior of the sanctuary. Pews and floors were refinished. New tables for the Fellow- ship Hall were purchased. 2008: New ceiling in Fellowship Hall. 2010: New pew cushions New steps on right side of church (right side entrance).

7: John McPherson March 25, 1890-October 14, 1891 | Edwin Ingold May 21, 1830-Jan. 16, 1887 | Balaam Hornaday May 5, 1820-Jan. 30, 1887 | Milton Coble Aug. 8, 1820-Aug. 11, 1896 | T | h | e | F | o | u | n | d | e | r | s | No Photo Available | No Photo Available

8: Prior to 1843: Rev. Alexander Albright Rev. Alson Gray Rev. John Hinshaw Rev. A.W. Lineberry Rev. John martin Rev. C.F. Harris Rev. Thomas L. Carter Rev. H.T. Weatherly Rev. Robert R. Prather Rev. Daniel W. Thomas Rev. William J. Ogburn Rev. John C. Forbes Rev. James Gibbs Stockard Rev. T.H Pegram 1843-45: Rev. William W. Amick 1876-77: Rev. W.C. Kennett 1878-79: Rev. William W. Amick 1880-82: Rev. Cicero F. Harris 1883-84: Rev. John Henry Totten | 1884-85: Rev George Washington Bowman 1885-86: Rev. John N. Garrett 1887-90: Rev. William W. Amick 1891-92: Rev. John N. Garrett 1893-94: Rev. D.A. Highfill 1895-96: Rev. William F. Ashburn 1896-99: Rev. William F. McDowell 1900-01: Rev. T.F. McCulloch 1902-03: Rev. J.A. Moton 1903-04: Rev. W. Lat Harris 1904-05: Rev. O.P. Routh 1905-07: Rev. W.C. Lassiter 1908-12: Rev. William M. Pike 1913-16: Rev. J.A. Ledbetter 1917-24: Rev. George W. Holmes 1925-33: Rev. John A. Burgess 1934-37: Rev. Hurbert L. Isley | Our Preachers

9: 1938-39: Rev. George R. Brown 1939-40: Rev. George T. Reynolds 1941-42: Rev. Henry B. Lewis 1943-44: Rev. Ernie Phifer 1944-45: Rev. Ray Rowland 1945-48: Rev. Donald Durham 3/48-10/48: Rev. William A.C. Seawell 1948-51: Rev. John D. Cranford 1952.53: Rev. Buel E. Bingham 1954-55: Rev. Marshall Burnett 6/55-6/57: Rev. W.E. Tisdale 6/57-6/61: Rev. George W. Johnson 6/61-6/62: Rev. J.L.Bryan 6/62-6/63: Rev. Don D. Lewis 6/63-6/67: Rev. P.F. Newton 6/67-6/68: Rev. E.H. Houser 6/68-6/72: Rev. Lloyd C. McClelland 6/72-6/73: Rev. Michael Deal | 6/73-6/77: Rev. William M. Presnell 6/77-6/78: Rev. Delmer L. Chilton 6/78-6/82: Rev. Alvin M. Horne 6/82-6/86: Rev. R. Michael Sykes 6/86-6/90: Rev. Walter Graves 6/90-6/91: Rev. Donald Johnson 6/91-6/96: Rev. David McHale 6/96-6/97: Rev. Steven Taylor 6/97-6/01: Rev. Nancy Sturvidant Rev. Lyle Miller Rev. Donal Gum Rev. Bill Wolfe Rev. Bill Jeffries 6/02-6/03: Rev. James Bryan 6/03-6/04: Rev. Carson O. Wiggins 6/05-6/11 : Rev. Jim Folks 7/11- : Rev. Richard Booker | Our Preachers

10: Rev. George Johnson & Mrs. Nadine Johnson | Rev. David McHale & Mrs. Jenny McHale | Rev. & Mrs. Walter Graves | Rev. Erwin Houser | ~ Our Preachers ~

11: Rev. Lloyd McClelland, Mrs. Joyce McClelland & Family | Rev. Mike Sykes & Mrs. Pat Sykes | Rev. Nancy Sturdivant | Rev. Mike Deal, Russell, Becky & Tracey McPherson

12: Rev. Donald Johnson | Rev. Carson O. Wiggins & Family | Rev. William Presnell | Rev. Steve Taylor

13: Rev. Jim Folks & Mrs. Rose Folks | Rev. Richard Booker

14: remember when..... | Front: Mabel Graves, Flora B. Culberson, Ruby Lee Moon, Eloise W. McPherson, Nadine Johnson Back: Grace Daniels Cheek, Brenda Moon, Ruth Rich, Emily H. wright, Blanche Holt Guthrie | Front: F. C. McPherson, Howard Graves, Bob McPherson, Earl Wright, Bill Hinshaw, Lawrence Faulkner, R. C. Hornaday Middle: Robert Hill, Stanford Rich, Bill McPherson, Clay McPherson, Back: Joe McPherson, Paul Moon, John Smith | Sally Spoon, Emma McPherson, Sarah McPherson, Lessie Cooper Holt, Essie McPherson, Ola Hornaday

15: Rita Rich, Ann Tingen Curtis, Sylvia McPherson, Carolyn Tingen Shoe, Phyllis, McPherson Fogleman, Martha Jean Moon Nicholson, Roger Sharpe, Kermit Culberson | Front: O.C. Guthrie, Junior Smith, Howard Graves, Bob McPherson, D.E. Holt 2nd: Stanford Rich, Allen Culberson, Unknown, David Smith | Front: Ann Tingen Curtis, Carolyn Tingen Shoe, Martha Hill, Rita Rich Back: Earl Wright, Ora Lou Culberson, Martha Jean Moon Nicholson, Roger Sharpe | Lois McPherson, Henry McPherson, Pam Holt, Flora Belle Culberson, Unknown, Unknown, Jimmy Daniels | Unknown, Sallie Dee Hill Wallace, Unknown, Flora Belle Culberson, Unknown, Pam Holt, Jimmy Daniels | Ellen Guthrie Thomas, Clinton McPherson, Marilee McPherson Kivett, Emily Wright, Janet Carol Hornaday, Foy McPherson Johnson

16: Left side: Jim Spoon Right side: Fleet Green, Mabel Green, Jewel Rich | L-R: Earle Wright, Cleve Smith, Unknown, George Johnson, F.C McPherson | Rev. George Johnson | Teresa Culberson Schrader, Randel Greeson, Hilda Sipes, Becky Hornaday, William McPherson, D.E. Holt Jr., Sandra Sipes, Mabel Graves (teacher) | Ellen Guthrie Thomas, Clinton McPherson, Marilee McPherson, Emily Wright, Janet Carol Hornaday, Foy McPherson Johnson | Emily Hornaday Wright, Foy McPherson Johnson, Marilee McPherson Kivett, Ellen Guthrie Thomas, Janet Carol Hornaday

17: Myra Graves, Ruth Wright Patterson, Frankie McPherson Brown, Lucy Hill, Julie Ann Hornaday, Helen Russel, Blanche Guthrie, Kenneth Culberson, F.D. Hornaday III, Tony Greeson | Myra Graves | Mrs. Graves & Ora Lou Culberson | Phyllis McPherson Fogleman, Cathy McPherson Curtis, Alice Blue Hornaday, Pat Sharpe, Ruby Fogleman, | Franklin & Vandelia McPherson Family | Oliver Holt & Mary Ellen's Family

18: Royzelle Hornaday, Wayne Hornaday, Oliver Newton Hornaday, Flavius Durant Hornaday, June Hornaday | Nellie Hornaday

19: Top right: Flavius Durant Hornaday Top left: Alice Blue Hornaday Bottom: Flavius Durant Hornaday III, Rebecca Blue Hornaday, Julia Ann Hornaday, Janet Carol Hornaday, David Samuel Hornaday

20: Beecher Lee Ingold | Fred & Emma McPherson | Hattie McPherson, Phyllis Fogleman, Dale Fogleman Lois Ingold Lucas | Daisy Smith & Eloise McPherson | Doris Graves Scott, Laura McPherson Smith, Rachel McPherson Brindle | Waldean Taylor

21: Jack, Hattie & Josie McPherson | Josie McPherson | James B. Ingold | Lois Ingold Lucas | John & Anna Laura Smith | Helen Smith & Grayson Smith

22: Top Photo: Joe McPherson, Bob McPherson, Cathy Curtis & JB Taylor Second Row L: Raymond H, McPherson, Elvada Ingold McPherson | Ralph Coble & Ashlea Ingold Mays | Second Row-Middle: Tracy McPherson Brindle, Josie McPherson, Elvada McPherson, Rhona Branson, Tracy Owens Right: William & Gertrude McPherson

23: Elvada Ingold McPherson, Charlie Grady Ingold, Ella Ruth Ingold, Nallie D. Ingold Capps, Lewis L. Ingold | Josie McPherson, Rachel M. Brindle, Anna Laura Smith, Bob McPherson, | Sylvia, Elvada & Gray McPherson | Blanche Guthrie | Johnny & Frances Ingold Jill Ingold Edwards & Ashlea Ingold Mays | Ellen Guthrie Thomas & Jim Folks

25: Dress Up days....

26: Womanless Wedding

39: Celebrating 175 Years of Memories Our special thanks to everyone who contributed their time, talent, and photos in the making of this photo book.

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