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Rock Project

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S: We Will Rock You!

FC: We Will Rock You! | by: Mrs. Garcia's 1st Grade Students

1: We Will Rock You! by: Mrs. Garcia's 1st Grade Students | Dedicated to Our Families who inspire us to believe in ourselves!

2: Hawaii By: Maddison One sunny day, my pet rock and I went to Hawaii. We danced and we also put on sunscreen. We also bought bikinis. Serayna had blue and I had pink. Rock and I saw Maddison the rock. Maddison, the rock, saw Serayna and me dance the hula. Then we drank coconuts. Mmmmmm, that was good. We all had fun.

3: Going to the Ocean By: Isac One awesome night, my rock and I went swimming. My rock was bored. Then the weird part was that he was happy. We were at the ocean. He jumped out of the car. Then he jumped in the pool, but there was a shark. The shark tried to bite his leg off but the rock was too hard. The shark teeth fell off. We both escaped and went home. It was the best day ever.

4: Beach By: Melissa One awesome day, my pet rock went to the beach. She played on the sand. She wanted a friend. She waited until a girl came. My pet rock went swimming. Pet rock liked that day.

5: Volcano By: James My pet rock and I went into the volcano. When we went inside of it we were sneaking around. We got our light sabers when we saw Darth Vader. We battled him. Pet rock got hurt. I helped him. Darth Vader got hurt. We escaped. We got out just in time. It was one cool day.

6: Hawaii by: Serayna One summer day, Maddison and I went to Hawaii. We swam at Hawaii. We put on sunblock. We rested after we went swimming. We took a drink and ate food too. We danced the Hookela. My rock got married! We played tag at Hawaii. Also, we played spooky night at night time. We drank coconut juice. We had a very good day.

7: Forest by: Johnny My one cool day, my pet rock went to the forest. Pet rock looked for lizards. He cooked them and ate them. Next, he looked for water. He drank it. Then pet rock went home.

8: My Awesome Day by: Stephanie My pet rock was at the mountains with me. We sorted rocks and played with rocks too. My pet rock was happy. Then we painted rocks. We were so happy to paint them. Then we had to go home but we took the rocks home to paint them; so it could be all finished. Then we finished them. It was so beautiful. It was fun.

9: Desert by: Josiah Hi, my name is Josiah. My rock is going to the desert. He was so hot! He almost died. Then a camel came so he got on it but there was a problem. He was on it backwards! Then he noticed he was backwards. Then the Rock said, “Hey Camel! Where is your head? It’s so FLUFFY!” Then Rock was like, “You don’t have a head! Aaahhh!” Then Rock said, “I don’t have time!” Rock was screaming for his camel. “Oh wait, you’re alive,” Rock said to camel. Then Rock hugged him. Then it was a mirage. Then Rock was so sad. Rock was calling for camel but he didn’t hear him. So he spent the night. The next morning he found camel. He was so happy. Then they were together forever.

10: Playground by: Joyce One awesome day, my rock went to the playground. My rock went on the swings and my rock went on the slide. My rock played on the monkey bars. I played with my pet rock. My pet rock likes to slide a lot. My pet rock is making me crazy, but I still like her. I am so super happy!

11: Amusement Park by: Ryley One fabulous day, I noticed my rock was gone! I said, “Where’s my pet rock?” I looked everywhere in my room. The time I lost my rock was 1:30 in the afternoon. I looked in the amusement park. He was not there but there was one more place to look. At that one, it was there! I joined him on the Ferris wheel. I played with him. We got very hungry; so we went and bought a funnel cake and cotton candy. Then we went on the BIG roller coaster. The fun part was the fun zone. There were go carts and a band. We listened to the band but the funnest part was the blow up castle! We jumped and jumped all day until we got super tired. We took a break and then we went back on. Then we went home. I said, “I had fun with you!”

12: Ocean by: Dakayla One fantastic day, my pet rock went to the ocean. My pet rock played with sand. We went swimming. Then she played with other rocks. Pet rock was happy.

13: Mexico by: Justin One cool day, my pet rock and I went to Mexico. He can speak Spanish to me. We went to buy shoes. Then we went to buy toys. We even got to say the pledge in Spanish! Then we went to buy blankets. Pet rock bought us balloons. Then we went to the store. Next, we listened to Mexican music. Then we played tag. Then we went to bed at 9:00 o’clock. We had to wear Mexican hats to sleep. We were so happy.

14: Beach Party by: Carmen One awesome, fantastic day, my rock and I went to a beach party. We drove there. We got party stuff. We got water stuff. When we got there we put on sunscreen and went in the water. We splashed and laughed and went under the water. We talked to each other under the water. Then we surfed and tanned. Then the party began. We had music. It was funny music. My pet rock and I danced so hard. Then it was time to eat. First, we ate healthy stuff and then we ate desert. Yum! After that, we went and dried off. Then we packed up our food and then our desert that we brought. So then we went back home. Then we got to go to bed. I felt happy.

15: Mexico by: Oscar One Mexico day, my pet rock saw a lot of people smoking. He spoke Spanish and he wore special clothes. He had friends to play with. He was rich and he liked new friends. He played soccer with his friends. It was fun to play with his friends. He had lots of family to play with too. Everybody was happy.

16: Hawaii by: Danna One hot day, my pet rock was going to Hawaii. She drank coconut juice with an umbrella in it. Then she swam in the water. She saw lots of fish. She met a new friend. Her name was Maddison. They played together with a beach ball. I called her because it was time to go. Maddison said, “ Can I come too?” I said, “Yes! But bring your mom.” Then Maddison brought her mom. That was a great day.

17: Desert by: Bronzon One hot day, my pet rock went to the desert. It was deserted. My rock saw a mummy and gold. My rock went in the tower. It was dark. We were in darkness.

18: My Pet Rock Goes to the Ocean by: Alexus One hot sunny day I wanted to go to the ocean. I wanted to show my pet rock the giant rock in the middle of the ocean. When my rock saw the giant rock it ran away. I found my pet rock at my house waiting at the door. He ran in the house and played with my puppy. They played chase. The rock fell down the stairs. He was happy when he fell down. My dad told my rock, “Don’t do that anymore.”

19: Pet Rock Story by: Isidro One crazy day, my pet rock went to Hawaii. He went swimming. He fished in the ocean. Pet rock had fun. He felt happy. He drank coconut water. I did too. The coconut water was good. We felt happy.

20: Ocean by: Cassandra One hot day my rock was really hot. It got hotter so it went to the ocean. The ocean was pretty. There was a rainbow. It had red, yellow, green and blue colors. My rock’s favorite colors were yellow and green. Then my rock went to the ocean because it got hotter. So she swam. It was cool in the water. It was really cold. She didn’t care when it was really dark. She dried off and went home to get a blanket. She went back because it got colder; so she just watched the sun set. She had fun. It was midnight, so she went home and went to sleep. Pet rock felt very happy. She had a very, very happy day.

21: One Fantastic Day by: Isabella One fantastic day, my pet rock and I went to Walmart Super Center. She bought food and candy. Then we bought shoes. We felt happy.

22: Going to the Park by: Annastasia One sunny hot day, Fluffy and Alis went to the park. They saw each other. They went in the sandbox. They made sandcastles. They looked and looked until Alis found some sticks. Fluffy said, “I will go look for some paper. I will get some crayons and markers.” Alis said, “I will look for some red and yellow glitter for the flag.” Fluffy said, “I’ll get star stickers.” They worked until it was done. The next day, they went back. The rocks went on the merry-go-round and slides. They were happy. The rocks were best friends.

23: The Ocean by: Destiny One cool day, my rock saw a rainbow. My rock said, “Wow, Wow and WOW!” I laughed so hard I fell in the water. I got wet. My rock jumped in the water. We played. It was fun. It was getting dark. We found a cave. I said, “We will sleep here tonight.” The next morning my rock and I saw a much prettier rainbow. I said, “Wow, wow!” I just wanted to jump on the rainbow but I couldn’t. I counted down so I started counting down by ten. I dove in the ocean. That was an awesome day!

24: Louisiana by: Shyanne One sunny day, pet rock and I went to Louisiana. We had fun. There were snakes in Louisiana. Pet rock saw a snake and she felt scared. Then she saw an alligator and she told me to move her. Finally, she jumped in the lake to cool down. We had to stay the night in Louisiana. We asked my Grandpa Paul if we could. He let us stay the night at his house. It was fun and we felt happy.

25: First graders wrote fictional narrative stories after a long genre study. They were asked to use the following things in their story: 1. Title 2. Lead 3. Beginning, middle and end 4. Details in the middle 5. Feelings 6. Make believe or imagination 7. Use dialogue if interested We think we did a pretty awesome job for our first time!

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