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Roman Marriage Project

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S: Roman Marriage Project

BC: Thank you for attending our wedding! Sp. Coruncanius Celsus & Mucia Plancina | To the 10 witnesses that showed up :

FC: THE WEDDING OF | Mucia Plancina | Sp. Coruncanius Celsus | & | 6/25/2012 | . . . . . . . . . . . .

1: Our journey begins... | Carolyn Dunlap Jeffrey Pflueger Cannon 2nd Period

2: We invite you to attend the wedding of Mucia Plancina and Sp. Coruncanius Celsus. Festivities will take place at the house of Mucia's father.

3: annoatated pic of where wedding is | The bride is entering the groom's gens by joining hands in front of the emperor and 10 witnesses in the Dextarum Iuncto | Yellow Shoes | Fire colored flammeum | White Tunica Recta (knot of Hercules) | Hair fashioned in 6 locks on head | Our wedding is on June 25 because Romans wanted to avoid the Ides, Nones, and Kalends of every month, Religious holidays (meaning all of May and February), plus the harvest season (thought it be a good omen) with towards the end of June. | Toga | Wreath of Flowers (also flowers on the bride that she picked herself) | Emperor serving as Pontifex Maximus | Witness

4: @Mucia Plancina wrote: @Sp. Coruncanius Celsus #MyConfarreatio EEEP! I can't believe I'm getting married today! I'm so glad Coruncanius liked the handmade gift I made for him at the engagement XD | @Sp. Coruncanius Celsus #MyConfarreatio I just overheard Conruncanius and my pater talking for the engagement and our wedding is to be cum manu, so I will have to cease being a part of my pater's family and I won't be able to own land or divorce my husband (although he can divorce me):S At least I'm getting some perks w/ this marraige (Emp. Augustus passed a law giving special privileges to married couples who have 3+ kids and I'll be the mistress of the household o.O) Not to mention I get my own Mother's Day! (Matronalia)

5: #MyConfarreatio I'm a little nervous, seeing as even if I was against this marriage I'd still have to go through with it (can't go against the paterfamilias). Plus I'm only 14!! And he's like 20!! But it's OK, at least the Pontifex Maximus said there were good omens! Euge!! :DDDD | #MyConfarreatio This cake is sooo good!! And I'm eating it with my groom :) LOL he just squirted wine from his nose after laughing at one of Pater's lame jokes XD | #MyConfarreatio YAY!! I'm being taken to my new home with my husband He just made a forceful show of taking me from Mater <333 That's supposed to be a symbol of the rape of the Sabines though TT.TT

6: @Sp. Coruncanius Celsus wrote: @Mucia Plancina #MyConfarreatio OMG getting married today to this beautiful woman! :D #MyConfarreatio Before this, I discussed with Mucia's pater about the type of marriage. We decided on a cum manu. We were considering sine manu (where Mucia could divorce me if necessary and own her own land and retain her status in her father's family), bc it was has been the "in thing" w/ the turn of the 1st century, and all we would have to do is declare that we are living together BUT both Mucia's parents and my parents have gone through with confarreatio weddings, making us eligble for a confarreatio, and who would want to pass that up?

7: #MyConfarreatio The Pontifex just sacrificed a pig. Nothing but good omens! :D | #MyConfarreatio Mmmm. Cake Great food at the Wedding feast. Mucia’s dad told a joke so funny that wine came out of my nose! LOL | #MyConfarreatio Just took my bride away from her mother. Gonna slip away from the parade to get ready at my house! | @Mucia Plancina #MyConfarreatio Had an awesome day with my bride! :D

8: Groom’s and Father in Law’s Preparations: The groom generally prepared for the marriage by attending the engagement party where the Betrothal was given between the bride and groom where they promised to wed each other. The consent of the bride was generally given by the head of her household, her pater familias, or by her tutor. The groom usually gave the bride an iron ring and maybe something for personal use like a toilet. The groom also received a dowry. All of the property brought by the bride also became property of the groom. He also had to go through a joining of the hands with his Bride witnessed by 10 people. The groom was dressed in a toga and had a wreath off flowers on his head for the ceremony. His relatives, friends, and clients accompanied him to the home of the bride. The different wedding options the groom had were dependent on his social standing. If he was a high class citizen, and his parents had been married confarreatio, and the bride’s parents were married confarreatio, they could be married confarreatio. If they were lower class they had two other options: coemptio and usus. Coemptio consisted of a “purchase” of the bride by the groom. He brought one coin, representing his wealth to the ceremony and placed it on a scale. Usus was the legal marriage of two people who had been living together for a year.

9: Brides Preparations: The Bride attended the engagement party where her consent was given to the groom. The betrothal was called sponsalia and was a preliminary to marriage, though not legally required. The bride was then on called sponsa. The person who made the promise had the right to cancel the betrothal, generally through a nuntius. The bride gave a present to her betrothed. On the night before the wedding, the bride gave her bulla and toga praetexta to the Lares of her father’s house. She then put on the tunica recta. The next day the bride was dressed by her mother. She was dressed in the tunica recta which was fastened at the waist with a band of wool tied in the nodus Herculaneus, or knot of Hercules. The husband was the only one permitted to untie it. The bridal veil, flammeum, was worn by the bride. The hair was divided into six locks. These locks were kept in position by ribbons. The bride had a wreath of flowers gathered by herself. .

10: Customs | Conferreatio

11: The Dextrarum Iunctio: Participants join hands in the presence of witnesses Bride says “quando tu Gaius, ego Gaia” or “When you are Gaius, I am Gaia,”

12: The Sacrifice: Pontifex Maximus sacrifices a pig to Jupiter The pig is inspected for Omens. This is all done before sunrise.

13: The Cake: The wedding cake Farreum (for which the ceremony is named) is eaten by the Bride and Groom Cato wrote the recipe for the cake “Sprinkle a peck of flour with must. Add anise, cumin, bay leaves, two pounds of lard and a pound of cheese. Knead well and bake on bay Leaves.”

14: The Feast: Given at the house of the bride’s Father Concluded with Distribution of the Wedding cake amongst the guests

15: Bridal Parade: Called deductio Groom forcefully tears the Bride from her mother. Reminiscent of the rape of the Sabines. The Groom carries the bride over the threshold Only the invited guests entered with the newly married pair | @Mucia Plancina wrote: As part of the ceremony, I have to anoint the door in oils and fats with wool before I can enter the house.

16: TALASSIO!! | The ancient marriage cry, shouted out by the guests during the parade (origins unknown)

17: The bride would also have 3 coins. The first she dropped to offer to the gods at the crossroads. The second was given to the groom as an emblem for her dos (dowry). | The third she offered to the Lares of her husband's house (the guardian deities).

18: Engagement Party: At the engagement party, the betrothed presents the sponsa with a ring, usually made of iron, which is placed on the third finger on her left hand. This is done because the belief is that there is a nerve that connects that finger directly to the heart. It is also customary for the sponsa to present her betrothed with a homemade present as well along with a dowry, which could be provided either by the sponsa herself or by her relatives. | Mucia Plancina wrote: @Coruncancius Celsus #MyConfarreatio Ahh!! SO EMBARRASSING!! >.< just held hands with Coruncanius in public!!

19: The point of the engagement was to ensure the consent of both parties and to hand over the sponsa to the husband's family.The agreement, known as the sponsalia, was written on a tablet and signed by both parties. Also as part of the engagement, the couples normally showed their engagement to the public by holding hands. Engagements were not always apparent, if the couple was poor, they may not have had an engagement first. | Sp. Coruncancius Celsus wrote: @Mucia #MyConfarreatio Just gave my wife a beautiful iron ring! Plus her dowry is pretty sweet with some slaves, furniture, and jewels!! This marriage is AWESOME!

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