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Romania - Page Text Content

S: ROMANIA 2011 April 25th through May 3rd

BC: Time to go HOME! | Timisoara Airport at Sunrise

FC: Romania | Psalm 23 "The Lord is my Shepherd." | Romania 2011

1: The team left John and Darlene Yoder's house at 11am on April 25th, 2011. Many family members came to see us off. Our flight was to leave Harrisburg airport at 2pm to fly to Washington Dulles. The team included John & Darlene Yoder, Pastor Doug & Alicia Bozung, Larry & Sally Martin, Carol Lehman, Karen Zeiset, Sharon Umble, Brenda Bowman, Leon Hurst, Mike Martin, Gladys Martin, Marnita Hartline, & Zaundra Stoltzfus. | April 25th through May 3rd

2: Above Larry & Carol go through the search process. Right: Awaiting our flight out of Munich to Timisoara. Below: Boarding our plane in Munich - Brenda & Leon, Mike, Sally & Larry

3: Flew across the Atlantic via Lufthansa, arriving at 2:55am, 9:55 am local time. Good flight from Munich to Timisoara. Pictures from the plane, flying into Timisoara. Beautiful countryside.

5: Price of gas 5.78 Lei per Liter (2.65 Lei per dollar) | Many streams flowed through the country | Haystacks were visible in the fields | Beautiful countryside along the travels to Hateg.

6: Pastor Mircea and Elena's home which was our base during our time in Hateg. We stayed here our first three nights and our last two nights in Romania. We laughed and talked alot when we should have been sleeping!

7: Sites of Hateg - center of town, a small park | Hateg Hospital | Home in Hateg | HATEG (pronounced "hot sick")

9: Most of the children came when they were toddlers and now they are 18 -25 years old. The man who felt the need to start this orphanage was named Boo | Below is a picture of two of the workers, Anna Maria with her head down and Karen. Anna Maria came when she was 5 and had many problems | "Swedish Compound" House of Love A home for handicapped children that have been orphaned. It was started 15-20 years ago | They have a nice bright open activity room where the young adults do puzzles and play games. Boo is pictured on the left page.

10: Elijah and Maria, ages 86 & 83, live in Balomir. Elijah loves to sing. He wrote many songs while in prison for praying, during Ceauescu's reign

11: These were two handicapped women who live in some very difficult conditions. Top right is their outhouse. To the right is their well. Greeting them with a holy kiss allowed us to take their scent with us.

12: Balomir is the town where Elena grew up. Below is John with Elena's father. Man to the left was watching the Americans, while we were there.

13: We stopped by a school that was in session; we certainly interrupted their day, but they didn't mind. We handed out candy and little gifts. | The music team posed with these kindergartners and shared some candy and small gifts with them. They sang a song for us in Romanian.

14: H O U S E O F J O Y | Nelli is the cook. 11 kids live here. Two sets of twins. Janae has been here since Jan 2011 and will stay through Oct 2011

15: New construction of a home for the older boys that are part of the house of joy. It's spacious and will allow them to grow up, away from the younger kids. It hopefully will be done sometime this summer. | H O U S E O F J O Y

16: Village was named "Between Waters" | Delicious meal at this retreat center. Grilled pork chops, brown butter potatoes, delicious bread, salad, and crepes filled with cheese and wild cherries for dessert

17: Balanu This village was very poor. They were very appreciative of the bags full of food that we gave them. They all came out to the church service while we were there.

18: The church was filled with people, singing their hearts out! The children sang for us as well. | Pastor Doug, John, and several others spoke and shared testimonies.

20: Larry & Sally at the meal after the service | Sharon & Carol intent on the speaker or the interpreter | Cabbage rolls stuffed with beef and rice - delicious!! | Larry & Sally speaking during the service, which lasted from 8 - 10:15pm

22: Visitng at Mircea's sister's house, learning to make cabbage rolls. They were making over 2000 of them for the meal after the service that night.

23: The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23: 1-4

24: S H E E P

25: S H E A R I N G

26: We were just passing by this village when we saw this man shearing sheep. The sheep laid very still and made no sound while they were being sheared. | Pastor Mircea knew the family and they did not mind us watching them work. This woman was 92 years old. The family gave us fresh cow's milk, sheep cheese, and some fresh bread; also let us use their bathroom.

27: Music team photos at the "Natural Washing Machine"

28: This was a man made natural washing machine. Lifting the board allowed the water to flow towards the barrel to wash the clothes. Really a clever idea!

30: Sheep Farm | Shepherd

31: Sights of the shepherd and the sheep fold

32: We sang at this church dedication after a recent remodeling project. Our head scarves certainly gave us a different look. After this service we went to the Bethel church and shared music there. This was the night of the stuck bathroom door and the laughter we shared trying to get out!!

33: This man was given a new house (seen to the left) by some Swedish donors. His old house is seen in the upper left. The picture to the far left is a look at the ceiling, which was made of mud, in his old house.

34: This was a very poor gypsy village. We held an impromptu service and the church was filled. We prayed for a woman who needed a home. Most homes were maybe 10'x10' and she was praying for the same. Not much room for a family with many children.

36: Old church - we held a service here, once again standing room only. Happy crowd!

37: New church building for this village, much larger than the old one. The bricks in the bottom right corner picture were very light in weight, but they were used to build the new church. Middle left is the church's water well. Bottom left is the bathroom - a 3 sided "hut" which has a hole in the ground with slat boards as a floor. Only the truly daring ones were willing to try it!!

38: Picnic with the friends from the Gruia church. Delicious chicken, corn meal, fruit, soup all cooked on an open fire. Larry & Sally pose for a picture. Wagon rides. Then the weather got windy and cool, so we had to rush it a bit. | G R U I A | P I C N I C

40: Church at Gruia These little girls came up to Karen & I during the service and sat on our laps. Both ended up falling asleep on Karen's lap. | This young 15 year old was pregnant and "married" to her promised husband.

41: This church had 120 children and was very lively in worship and excitement. What a delight to worship with these folks. | The children sang for us very loud and excited.

42: H U N G A R Y | S E R B I A | R O M A N I A | D A N U B E | R I V E R

43: Stayed in this chalet (top left) on Friday night. Our new friends from Gruia came to join us for breakfast in the morning. The back of the chalet overlooked the Danube River and had a beautiful view of Serbia beyond the river. Up the river we could see land that was Hungary.

45: This is the concrete block machine purchased through our benefit concert.

46: This was the home of the children's pastor from the church at Gruia. He had a total of 8 children of his own. This little girl was one of our little friends last night.

47: D R I L L I N G A W E L L T H E | O L D F A S H I O N E D W A Y

48: Church at VRATA Putting on an addition which is twice as large as the existing church. Pastor Mircea & Darlene try their hand at concreting on the walls. | Woman on the bottom right helping to clear the land using a hoe. Took time out of their busy schedule to worship the Lord in a quick church service.

49: While we were in the church service, this woman made us fresh donuts. | They were soooo very good!

50: The Music Team (left to right) Sharon Umble, Carol Lehman, Brenda Bowman, Marnita Hartline, Karen Zeiset

51: Used to be a restaurant; expanding to add a medical clinic and after school program. | CHURCH AT RECEA WHICH MEANS COLD

52: PICNIC WITH FRIENDS FROM GHADICI (pronounced Ga' deech) Lamb on spit upper right, Tasting boiled lamb with grilled tomato garlic sauce | It was a beautiful day for a picnic. Again delicious food and great fellowship. | This area where the picnic was held, was flooded just a few months ago, leaving a large lake with trees scattered throughout.

53: STORK ON TOP OF A TELEPHONE POLE | OPEN FIRE COOKING CORN MEAL | KAREN & MARNITA SHARING A MEAL | CAROL PLAYING A GAME WITH GROOMSMEN | Carol was playing foot volleyball with some guys. They created the court by using a hatchet, strung a piece of wire at about 3 feet high and started playing the game. Each side served 5 times, then switched. | Storks make their nests on the top of poles. We saw many of them going to this picnic.

54: These are the greenhouses Aurel is using to support his family and build a business. The money raised at the benefit concert, helped Aurel build the greenhouses.

55: Saturday evening we had a service in the church in Ghadici. Aurel played the accordian. These are his parents to the right. | Sergil translated for John & Darlene as they shared their testimonies. MIha translated for Alicia & Doug Bozung as they shared from their hearts. Larry & Sally shared as well.

57: The bridge and groom had a rainy day for their wedding. They will move to Italy to find jobs. The bride is Aurel's daughter.

58: These pictures were taken at the wedding reception in another local church, Church at Smirna. The family was in another building | preparing the food for serving the guests. The food was very good. We were the first to eat because we had to be on our way, returning home.

59: These were the two hotels the team stayed in on Saturday night. The music team of 5 slept in the soon to be remodeled building in the lower picture. The rest of the team stayed in the Hotel Centrate. The two rooms we stayed in were fairly nice. The unique part of this hotel was the shower in that the water ran right onto the floor and there was a drain in the middle of the floor. Different, yet functional! | It just made trying to dry your feet a bit of a challenge, as well as normal activities of the bathroom, while getting wet feet. Not the smartest plan in our minds.

60: We stopped at this vacant lot that the church has purchased to build a new church sometime in the near future. It has a small house, a corn crib, and is over run by weeds at this time. After praying for the future of this church and singing To God Be the Glory, we headed off to the established church nearby.

61: Greeting people outside, where we handed out many gift packs & clothing. | Church with standing room only | Singers from Church in Gruia | Looking from the front of the church to the back door.

62: We ate breakfast at this outdoor pavilion at this family's home in Hateg. The food was very good and we enjoyed our last morning in Romania

63: The family owns a construction company. Below left is the view of Hateg from their home.

64: Clockwise - Sharon & Karen, John with the vision for Romania, Larry & Sally, Sharon & Carol, Janae & Zaundra (sisters)

65: Miha's daughter was amazing at origami | Left is Miha's apartment house. Right is Miha's daughter, husband, and Miha. | Miha told us the story of how when she was 19 she met her husband. She told us a friend called her one day and said his cousin would like to know her. He asked if his cousin could call her and she said yes. They went on their first date a few days later. On their second date he asked her to marry him. Their third date was when they went to fill out the request to get married. That was when she found out he was 25 and what his last name was. We all were rather amazed at this story.

66: Above, is Miha's Floral shop near the Market in Hateg. Her shop is very small. She sells her daughter's origami, plant seeds, fertilizer, plant food, plants, fresh flowers.

67: Faune was our chauffeur throughout our trip when we went to the south. This is his feed store above and his family in the pictures below. His daughter 2nd from the right is very ill which they found out just before we arrived.

68: Upper right is the Mayor of Bara, Daniel and his wife, Lilliana. He is a believer and invited us to his office for a meeting to discuss the House of Love. He gave us coffee, pretzels, snacks, & coke. Then he took us to visit the House of Love, an orphanage (bottom right )

69: It's all about the kids at the House of Joy. Mayor Dan shows some love to this little one. The kids are so excited about sharing this cake with us. John & Darlene pose with this brother and sister. | House of Joy

70: Carol trying a hot pepper | Pastor Mircea & Elena sharing an encouraged moment! | Janae with Pastor Mircea & Elena | Sharonwith Miriam an orphan | Our table, before the meal.

71: Lunch at the House of Joy! Another special cake just for us. Delicious!! | John & Darlene share an encouraged moment | The kids at the orphanage just loved when people came and spent time with them. Many hugs were given.

72: Friends | Yummy cake | Lovin the kids

73: Bethel Pentecostal Church in Hateg. Pastor Mircea's home church. | Above Asst Pastor Mircea Merashon, Faune, Pastor Mircea. Romanian singers - they were very good! | The music team singing on our last night in Romania | This was FUN!! What a great time in worship!

74: On the right, all of us singing together, USA music team with the Romanian music team. Lower left - Miha & Carol - we love Miha! Lower right - Pastor Merashon and his family. | Carol, Sharon, Miha, Sally, Brenda, Karen Pizza party after the service

75: Pictures around Romania | Above - the van we rode around in for 8 days. Below - leaving our last church service. | Above left -enjoying pizza. Center - CNN announces Osama Bin Laden is dead! Left - Sharon holds a chunk of salt.

76: These were our accommodations while at Pastor Mircea & Elena's | Left - Brenda & I slept here | The team was getting a little silly after lack of sleep and heading home.

77: We are headed home! What an amazing 8 days we have had in Romania. It was very fast paced, with early rising and late to bed. We've made some new friends, met some of our brothers and sisters in Christ, we've had a great time worshiping with those new friends. Our team was very cohesive and all got along well. We learned to enjoy each other's differences and LAUGH, oh my did we laugh, a lot! All of us shared a testimony sometime throughout the week. It was really neat to hear how the Lord was using our time in Romania to teach us different things. For me, Psalm 23 just came to life! What an amazing God I serve and I am so very thankful that He cares for me and keeps me in His care! We truly were amazed at God's hand in our trip - safety, people we met, his beautiful creation that we were able to see. What a mighty God we serve! | Our morning wait in Timisoara airport. Got there plenty early so we didn't miss our flight.

78: Our flight left Timisoara at 6:25 am Romania time headed to Munich, Germany | Flight 1663

79: Larry & Sally Pastor Doug & Alicia | Sharon catching up on some sleep in Munich awaiting our flight. | Sharon & Carol on our Lufthansa flight, leaving Munich, heading to Washington Dulles Airport | Brenda is ready to get home to her family. All smiles!

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