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Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis

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FC: Romeo & Juliet Character Analysis

1: Every character has a two word description next to their name. This will be a combination of Round/ Flat and Dynamic/ Static. Round- This means that there is an in-depth understanding about this character, and two or more sides of this character's personality is seen. Flat- This means that only one side of this character is seen. Usually not much is known about such characters. Dynamic- These characters will have changed and matured throughout the play. Static- The characters' personalities have stayed the same throughout the play. For the main characters a quote has been provided that would either be good advice or be an example of the character.

2: Romeo- Round and Dynamic | He is a Montague, who is around 16 years old. He is very handsome, intelligent, romantic and impulsive. His only interest in life is love. He was in love with Rosaline, but then goes into depression when she does not agree to his wishes. This is when he sees Juliet and falls in love at first sight. He claims that his love has no boundaries. His feelings always seem to be at extremes. He is very rushed and arranges for their marriage the very next day after they meet. He tries to avoid violence as well, but if he wants revenge he will get it. He kills Tybalt after Tybalt killed Mercutio. He's very good friends with Mercutio, and Benvolio is his cousin. When he hears of Juliet's fake death, he goes to Juliet's grave. There he meets Paris, and kills Paris before he commits suicide by drinking poison. | "If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." Benjamin Franklin

3: Juliet- Round and Dynamic | She is a Capulet who is not yet 14. She is very naive at the beginning of the play, but matures into adulthood. Until she met Romeo she did not care for marriage or love. But, she falls in love at first sight with Romeo at the party she was supposed to get to be knowing Paris (her fiance). Her closest relationship is with the nurse, since her mother is just a character of authority,but when the nurse recommends to get married to Paris she looses all trust in the nurse. She is always longing for Romeo. She also gets several thoughts that indicate future events. She is a cousin to Tybalt and can't decide what side to take when Tybalt dies and Romeo is the murderer. She listens to Friar Lawrence and (fake) dies”in order to reunite with Romeo later on, but when this plan goes astray she is heartbroken. She sees Romeo dead beside her with a poison bottle in his hand and decides to kills herself by a dagger. | "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." Lao Tzu

4: Friar Lawrence- Round and Static | He is the cleric that helps the star- crossed lovers throughout the play. He conducts the marriage of Romeo and Juliet in hopes to reunite the two families. He is also a “mentor” to Romeo and advices Romeo when he first declares his love for Juliet. He has a mystic knowledge of herbs that he utilizes to help concoct the scheme to reunite the lovers. After the lovers' death he reveals the incidents, and explains what happened. He can also partially be thought of as the reason for both Juliet's and Romeo's death, since it was his plan that went astray. | “Hate grows and victors where love is afraid to share its bloom.” Don Williams Jr.

5: Nurse- Flat and Static | She acts as a mother to Juliet and often helps her in difficult situations. She is used as the messenger between Romeo and Juliet. She also likes to make crude jokes and tease Juliet before giving her information. She plays a crucial part in the marriage arrangements of Romeo and Juliet. She suggests that Juliet should marry Paris in Act IV and this causes Juliet to lose trust in the nurse. | "A mother understands what a child does not say. " Yiddish Proverb

6: Mercutio- Dynamic and Static | Mercutio is related to the Prince and is one of the two family members lost by the Prince through the course of the play. He is a very colorful character with a quick tongue. Mercutio is always making jokes, but at the same time is very practical and does not believe in love at first sight. He is always poking fun at Romeo. He also goes to extremes in mood and can change from joking to serious in one line. He is the character that acts as the foil to Romeo and gives the reader the other side of the coin. His extreme anger causes him to get in a quarrel with Tybalt, and in the process he is killed. He can be thought of as partially responsible for Romeo's exile by enlarging the existing conflict. | "Good reasoning... is the foundation of the practical side of logic." Charles Sanders Peirce

7: Benvolio- Flat and Static | He is Romeo's cousin (and a Montague), who is a close friend as well. He really tries to stop any fighting in public, but is said to have a nasty temper. He is very calm and rational. He tries to get Romeo's mind off of Rosaline and accompanied him to the Capulet party. He always defends Romeo and is a very loyal friend. Lady Capulet claims Benvolio was lenient toward the Montagues and the reality was different, but Benvolio is very neutral in his comments. He comes across as a trustworthy, unbiased character.

8: Lord Montague- Flat and Static | He is Romeo's father and the head of the Montague family. He has a bitter feud with the Capulet's. At the beginning of the play he is very concerned about Romeo's mental health, but otherwise not much is known about him.

9: Lord Capulet- Dynamic and Static | He is the father of Juliet and is very strong in his will. He wishes to marry Juliet off to Paris. He does love Juliet and tries to do the best for her, but he doesn't understand her thoughts. He dislikes the Montagues, but at the same time he does show that he respects those that respect him. When Romeo shows up at the party he restrains Tybalt, his nephew, from causing a fight, since he has only heard good things about Romeo and wants to keep his respect. He expects respect and obedience and when he does not get them he gets very furious.

10: Lady Montague- Flat and Static | She is Romeo's mother and not much about her is known. She dies of grief after Romeo is exiled. This adds to the misery of Act V and gives the Montagues one more reason to mourn.

11: Lady Capulet- Flat and Static | She is Juliet's mother, but is not very close to Juliet. She had Juliet at 14 yrs. old and thinks Juliet should be married to Paris as well. She relies on the nurse to know most things about Juliet. She is a very ineffective mother and an aloof character to Juliet.

12: Prince- Flat and Static | He is the Prince of Verona and is related to both Mercutio and Paris. He is always seen at the end of fight scenes and tries to maintain peace in Verona. His verdict of exiling Romeo was slightly more lenient than expected because his relative Mercutio was killed, and he probably wanted revenge too. The Prince has the final say in the play. | "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.." Mahatma Gandhi

13: Paris- Round and Static | He is related to the Prince and wishes to marry Juliet and starts acting like he is already her husband as soon as talk of marriage talk comes around. Capulet had promised him Juliet's hand, and he is heart broken when Juliet dies. Though he would be considered flat, because of the emotions he displayed at Juliet's tomb in Act V he would have to be considered a round character. He seems like a antagonist, but in truth he is not necessarily evil. He just really loved Juliet, and wanted her to be his wife. He was killed in Act V by Romeo, when he met Romeo at Juliet's tomb and challenged him.

14: Tybalt- Round and Static | He is Juliet's cousin on her mother's side and has a very big temper. He is very fashionable and knows what courtesy is but does not abide by it. He is very aggressive and violent, and this causes him to kill Mercutio. He is killed by Romeo after Mercutio's murder. He also despises the Montagues and wanted to challenge Romeo to a duel for coming to the Capulet party. Though Tybalt is not very liked, he is very loyal to his family.

15: Apothecary- Flat and Static | He is a very poor man in Mantua. Romeo goes to him to buy poison. At first he refuses to sell the poison because he would be severely punished if anyone found out, but after being offered a lot of gold he agrees. If he had more money, he might have been able to hold to his morals. This character is only seen in one scene, but in a way he also paves the way to Romeo's suicide.

16: Peter- Flat and Static | He is a Capulet servant who gives invitations to Capulet's party. He is illiterate and his illiteracy is one more event that bought together Romeo and Juliet. He asked Romeo to read him the list of people to invite, and this is what alerted Romeo about the feast. He also escorts the nurse to meet Romeo. In Act IV scene 5 we come to know that Peter can be very demanding around people of his class, and enjoys joking around. He is also said to be a really bad singer.

17: Balthasar- Flat and Static | He is Romeo's dedicated servant. He delivers the news of Juliet's (fake) death, and helps Romeo get back to Verona. He is very obedient and immediately left when Romeo told him to at Juliet's grave. In the last scene he helps confirm the account of Romeo's journey.

18: Sampson- Flat and Static | A servant of the Capulet house and is seen in the first scene of Romeo and Juliet. He also hates the Montagues and starts a fight at the very beginning of the play. This shows that the feud between the houses exists even with the servants and not just the family. Act I, scene I is the only place he is seen.

19: Abraham- Flat and Static | A servant of the Montague house, and dislikes the Capulets greatly. He fights with Sampson and Gregory at the very beginning of the play. He is not seen after that. He displays the bitter enmity between the two families.

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