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Ron's Mixbook GOOD AND EVIL

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1: Ar Art | Arty | Artwork by Ron Pasko Masks | "God allows it as a test of men's souls. Yield to its temptations, go to Hell; resist its temptations, and be invited into heaven. However, god restricted the Devil's direct influence over people because of his earlier corruption of Adam and Eve." - Philip Zimbardo

2: "Now I know that the person with whom you've shared food, or with whom you've slept, even he can kill you with no trouble. The closest neighbor can kill you with his teeth:" - Philip Zimbardo

3: "Instead of considering whether you are capable pf evil, I want you to consider whether you are capable of becoming a hero. My final argument introduces the concept of the "banality of heroism."I believe any one of us is a potential hero." - Philip Zimbardo

4: Anyone who has ever looked up at the front of a church must have given at least a moment's thought to the unspeakable agony of being nailed to a cross. -Page 41 The better angels of our nature | "I could see beauty in a moral code that emphasized self-control, resistance to temptation, cultivation of one's higher, nobler self, and negation of the self desires. I could see the dark side of this ethic too: once you allow visceral feeling of disgust to guide your conception of what God wants, then minorities who trigger even a hint of disgust in the majority (such as homosexuals or obese people) can be ostracized and treated cruelly. " - Jonathan Haidt

5: "Our remarkable creative genius leads to great literature, drama, music, science, and inventions like the computer and the internet. Yet the same creativity can be perverted into inventing torture chambers and torture tactics" - Philip Zimbardo

6: "Typically, people are also unaware of an even stronger force playing on the strings of their behavioral repertoire: the need for social approval. The need to be accepted, liked, and respected--to seem normal and appropriate, to fit in." --Philip Zimbardo

7: "Emotions can be contagious. When you're laughing, the whole world laughs with you" - Steven Pinker

8: "People do, however, often feel distress at witnessing the suffering of another person. This is the reaction that inhibits people from injuring others in a fight." -- Steven Pinker Note: The guns are fake.

9: "Dominance is the urge for authority, prestige, glory and power, whether it takes the form of macho posturing among individuals or contests for supremacy among racial, ethnic, religious, or national groups." -- Steven Pinker Photo from my New York trip.

10: "What fascinates us about Satan is the way he expresses qualities that go beyond what we ordinarily recognize as human. Satan evokes more than the greed, envy, lust, and anger we identify with our own worst impulses, and more what we call brutality, which imputes to human being a resemblance to animals ('brutes")" -- Philip Zimbardo Painting: - The endless battle of good and evil

11: "No, the execution of Jesus is the Good News, a necessary step in the most wonderful episode in history. In allowing the crucifixion to take place, God did the world an incalculable favor. Though infinitely powerful, compassionate, and wise, he could think of no other way to reprieve humanity from punishment for its sins" - Steven Pinker Image: Crucifixion by Albrecht Altdorfer, circa 1514–1516, with tiny donor couple among the feet of the main figures

12: "Testosterone may be the knob that turns men into dads or cads. The rise and fall of testosterone over the life span correlates, more or less, with the rise and fall of male pugnacity. Incidentally, the first law of violence--it's something that young men do--is easier to document than to explain." -- Steven Pinker

14: "Doing something that helps oneself in the short term but hurts oneself in the longterm. Examples abound. Food today, fat tomorrow. Nicotine today, cancer tomorrow. Dance today, pay the piper tomorrow. Sex today, pregnancy, disease or Jealousy tomorrow. Lash out today, live with the damage tomorrow." -- Steven Pinker

15: "Many peaceable countries today are in process of redefining the nation-state by purging it of tribalist psychology. The government no longer defines itself as crystallization of the yearning of the soul of a particular ethnic group, but as a compact that embraces all the people and groups that happen to find themselves on a contiguous plot of land." -- Steven Pinker | This is a photo from Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. It was from a cultural festival so i thought it relates well to the quote

16: I am a liberal, and liberalism is he politics of kindness. Liberals stand for tolerance, magnanimity, community spirit, the defense of the weak against the powerful, love of learning, freedom of belief, art and poetry, city life" -- Jonathan Haidt | Moral communities are fragile things, hard to build and easy to destroy. When we think about very large communities such as nations, the challenge is extraordinary and the threat of moral entropy is intense. -- Jonathan Haidht

17: "Reason can also be a force againts violence" -- Steven Pinker I used a photo of the student protests in montreal.

18: "If homosexuality is innate, according to the common understanding, then people don't choose to be gay and hence can't be criticized for their lifestyle; nor could they convert their children in their classrooms or boy scout troops if they wanted." -- Steven Pinker

19: "Our personal identities are socially situated. We are where we live, eat, work, and make love. It is possible to predict a wide range of your attitudes and behavior from knowing any combination of "status" factors-your ethnicity, social class, education, and religion and where you live--more accurately than by knowing your personal traits." -- Philip Zimbardo.

20: Humans are not innately good (Just as they are not innately evil,) but they come equipped with motives that can orient them away from violence and toward cooperation and altruism. Steven Pinker

21: Mixbook by Ron Pasko John Abbott College GOOD & EVIL 2012

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