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roommates - new and improved

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FC: Brigham Young University | the first three years at Brigham Young University 2008-2011 | enter to learn

1: Katy and Tiffany met each other in Joy School. I met them our first semester at BYU when I heard them jamming on their guitars in their dorm room and then ran and got mine. Then I met Lianna as she was wrapping the burkha around my head when we came back from winter break. Since then we have become one crazy fun loving team. It was almost surreal when our freshmen year came to an end. We had made so many new friends but then said goodbye and went home respectively to California and Wyoming. Only memories remained,for instance, when we did the puppet song at the ward talent show - and Lianna steamrolled and got stuck on top. Or Katy wrestling in the middle of ward prayer. And waking up to see the sunrise up Provo Canyon - which should be noted is actually impossible. These are the memories that never end. | Freshmen Year | 2008-2009 | "Dude. That's my roommate. I made it in her bio!" -Tiffany

2: KATY ANDREWS Birthday: December 4, 1989 Nicknames: KDA, KT, alotaspeed Favorite Food: bread & legumes Katy is on the BYU cross country team and runs the steeplechase. She makes life beautiful and defines spontaneous adventures. | LIANNA JEAN ROSE MANIBOG Birthday: February 19, 1990 Nicknames: Li, Minibugs, Libug Favorite Food: canned foodstuffs Lianna does everything. Inbetween, she is also a mermaid and can outswim the boys. She is full of life...and prank ideas. | "I'm not good at being in the apartment by myself..." -Lianna | "Are you married? Dating anyone?" -Katy | - INTRODUCING -

3: TIFFANY NICOLE ROWLEY Birthday: July 12, 1990 Nicknames:T Kitty, tiffers, Tiff Favorite Food: tiffany tortillas Tiffany is a Math Tutor for BYU Independent Study. She can do anything on rollerblades and hula hoop walking up stairs. | MARY TEICHERT Birthday: August 1, 1990 Nicknames: Mer, Maria, Meichert Favorite Food: carrots & bananas Mary volunteered for BYUSA. She is not technically a Indian, but she is usually found wearing mocassins and feathers. | "Leverage makes the world go round!" -Mary | "I think we just need to have a structured jam." -Tiffany | - TIKALIMA -

4: "So Katy, do you always take handcuffs when you go home?" -Lianna | "I think I'm sassy in dreams." -Tiffany | "Jujitsu. Karate. Kick in the face!" -Katy | "Great. We're gonna get mugged." -Lianna | Our Adventures at BYU

5: And Next to the Ocean | "Hey! The broccoli is mine!" -Mary (echoed by all) | "Do you ever feel like a poodle someimtes?" -Tiffany | "You squished it right out of me!" -Mary | "I love cheesy lilly pads!" -Katy

6: Alaskan Moose: Rick LeCheminant, Dave Gray, John Jensen | Katy Andrews, Michael Andryzsyck, Tiffany Rowley, Matthew Tyler, Mary Teichert | When three pretty girls (aka Katy, Tiffany & Mary) serenade you to the song You Are My Fire who could say no to a preference date? Not Andrew & Matthew Tyler or Jamison Peterson.

7: Winter fun and Rock Canyon Park are synonyms, especially the first week back from winter break when theoretically there is less homework. On those runs guided by only the lampposts, it can also turn into the hidden Narnia. Warning: when you're sledding watch out for the ditch at the bottom. | Winter Fun | BYU 15th Ward

8: "I love balancing equations!" -Tiffany | "They're trying to cook us!" -Tiffany

9: "Li, are you familiar with euphamisms" -Katy | "Can you watch my dirt while I go to the bathroom?" -Mary | katy's favorite birthday dinner | our chin puppets

10: Year 2: sophomores. | 2009-2010

11: We moved into our own real apartment. Then the adventures really began. Like grocery shopping when the collective transportantion amounts to two bikes, a pair of rollerblades and a long board. Between Tiff's spaghetti sandwiches and Katy's do-rag ... meals are an adventure. We became expert builders of forts and fishers of ice fish. We went to the Salt Flats and played in the True Blue Foam. And the little known fact: at least 3 people can fit under the sink.

12: A Best Feelings Day | Mary & Manasseh | Katy & Comet Tiff & Ginger | Singing songs coming back from class | And having just owned a test! | when you laugh so hard, you just can't stop. | "I work up to sunshine... Knew this day would be so fine. All the clouds had gone away. It's gonna be a Best Feelings Day!" | Cruisin' with the windows down | Music blasting all around | Lianna & Reuben

13: We kept a list in our apartment of all the best feelings, most of which are based on actual events ... and then we wrote the song that never fails to make me happy. | You're the Peanut to my Butter | Like feeling sublime at Christmas Time | Or Dancing in a Fountain! | It's insane running in the rain. | Galloping on a horse | and cuddling of course. | Standing on the peak of a mountain

14: University Villa #63 | One evening, after midnight, when the boys were gone and the homework... done - I lay on the floor exhausted. Tiff, Katy and Li were on the couch where the plea was raised, "Mary! Take a picture of us. We are so so cute!" How could I resist? The opportunity was just too candid.

15: Hmm. Tiffany is dressed in Lianna's Women's Choir dress and speedy swim gear. Katy is rockin' Tiffs rollerblades, favorite sweats and Ducky. Lianna is trying to fit into my cowboy hat and mumu. And I'm sporting KT's camoflouge footy pajamas and sunglasses. Only one thing left to say, "With the right attiude - you can rock anything!" | "That's pretty poetic..." -Mary (while sleeping)

16: JUNIOR YEAR | 2010-2011 | the rock on the y trail switchback

17: ADVENTURE | Lianna challenged me "Do Something That Scares You. Everyday. And Life will always be an Adventure." | IS OUT THERE | Adventure: Hike to the TOP of Y Mountain. The best part is when you go around the edge of the mountain and the city disappears. The next best moment is when you crest the north ridge and Mt. Timpanogas is displayed at a bird's eye view.

18: september 2010 | Reunited once again, but this time in University Villa #50. Naturally, Lianna was the last one to arrive before the start of fall semester. The special exhibitions of protein and wild animals are for her. | Too cool for schoolers = the 12 crazies who ran through the night in the Red Rock Relay for 186 miles from brianhead to zions - across the mountains and desert of southern utah. My favorite leg was the one at 2:00 am. The stars were out in full force, you could smell the juniper and I ran to the sound of chicadees and pocahontas music blaring from the car.

19: festival of colors | Katy had never been before, so we decided to join in the fun. And it was great fun- until Jenny Gibbons got a concussion. | before... | after...

20: Livin' Life | Lianna has an amazing ability to fall asleep -anywhere. She insisted that she wasn't asleep... she was just resting her eyes. But we have proof. Notice the various positions of sleep. Justice came when Katy fell asleep.

21: Wyoming Style | Previously, Tiff had been bucked off of Meeko and when Lianna climbed on Arebi , he almost sat down. So this time we put them on Tad and things went much better. Katy just wanted to gallop. I think my favorite moment was watching them open the gate...

22: Caroling? At Midnight?! | PS. Wear your Footy PJs | When Katy opened the birthday package from her mom to reveal 4 pairs of matching footy pajamas- we almost died of laughter. Little did I know how much they would be used. That very night we went caroling. By the time we returned - I was so tired that I fell asleep on the counch and woke up there the next morning. Katy tucked me in.

23: ACCOUSTIC EXPLOSION | Making it into Accoustic Explosion had been on the roommate bucket list for 2 years - including one failed audition before we made it. We began with a cover of Love Bug by the Jonas Brothers, then a medley of Love Songs we'd written and wrapped it up with Best Feelings Day. I still have the CD we recorded at one in the morning.

24: I don't even remember what started it. Possibly the purple milk and green ranch dressing. Or it could have been the front door packed with snow. Next came an apartment covered in cardboxes and windows layered with gummy bears. Christmas trees in the bath tub, flyers advertising a dance party and double dates. It took creativity to a new level and a lot of Sunday "truce" dinners. | Prank Wars | the culprit and the victim : apartment 57. scott porter, austin taylor, aaron thomas, josh sykes. | apt 50 + avery barrett

25: How do you describe snowshoeing? You almost walk like a duck... but its worth it because it takes you to the snow filled meadow at the top of Big Springs. And of course its more of a massive snowball fight than a hike. | Snowshoeing

26: California Roadtrip | The original game plan had been to surprise Lianna in California for her birthday Presidents Weekend. That idea was killed when a snowstorm trapped her family in Fresno while we were in San Francisco. So we (Jenny, Katy, Tiff and me) decided to do all the free things we could. Buddhist temple, Planetarium, Hollywood hike ... and the beach, naturally.

27: 10 hour car ride theme song : cowboy take me away | while we were in the streets of LA, I turned around and suddenly a big man in a green suit was standing behind me. realizing I could have been mugged, I decided I should stay in the country.

28: The last week of school is the best time to hike the Y. My recommendation is to lie down upside down. Or it is also the prime time to do something crazy with your FHE group or dress up and Fire, Ice & Water. One last recorded jam session is also crucial. | Finals Week... | "Careful. Don't touch my hair too much otherwise it will..." "Bite me?" -Tiffany & Lianna

29: ... or The End | Ever since I was a freshmen, I had wanted to take a picture by the Enter to Learn - Go Forth to Serve. I know everyone does it, but to me that statement defines BYU. It was the last thing we did before leaving Provo.

30: Lianna ventured off to be the top saleswoman in Texas. Katy flew to Peru to work in an orphanage. Tiffany started all the parties in Provo and I went home to work on the ranch before leaving on my mission to Rome, Italy. I was so excited when Tiffany, Jenny and Emily came to Cokeville for the 24th of July Celebration. The long anticipated day is packed. 5K run, parade, program, barbeque, rodeo. This year, Elder Snow come with Elder Perry and encouraged us to be pioneers and to "be the giants so that others can stand on your shoulders." To me - Tiffany, Katy and Lianna are giants. I will never forget the influence they've had on me. They showed me through their actions how to be great. These pictures only begin to share the memories and tell the stories. Thank you for everything. | Summer Days

31: - Good luck in 2011 - Love life. Eat whole grains. Dance in the snow. Smile & laugh. Collect leaves. Floss. Give. Be silly. Say hi to strangers. Go ding dong ditching. Make goals. Keep promises. Try tofu. Skip. Be quiet. Make some noise. Try things that scare you. Sing at the top of your lungs. Don't take yourself too seriously. Be spontaneous. Use a seatbealt. Dream BIG. -TIKALIMA -

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