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S: Ruffle-Puff A Story-poem for Children Merle Still

BC: This book was compiled not just to honor the amazing woman who wrote what is between these pages, but to thank her sincerely for being the wonderful woman that she is. | Merle Still (Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma, etc.) continues to be an inspiration and example for all who love her so very much. She is our hero, and we want her to know that she is a most positive and loving influence on us all. She has a sense of humor, she is smart, talented, beautiful inside and out, and she is OURS!!!

7: About the author..... Merle Still is a much loved Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma to a growing number of crazy, sometimes difficult, yet forever lovable children. | Her adorable story will be enjoyed by generations of children. Merle lives in Raymond, Alberta, Canada


9: This one is a Favorite of the Family and when "Grandma" came to visit it was exciting to have her Draw this "Old Fashioned" Lady! | Drawn by Merle in 2003, this one was put on T-shirts in 2010 for "The Girls" to wear to Honor their Mom & Grandma

10: What greater gift than to hold a new infant in your arms and feel his soft breath upon your cheek; to touch the warm velvet skin and smell the soft, clean sweetness of his neck. To feel his tiny heartbeat against your own and have his hand reach, then touch, then hold your finger. To have his total trust, his unfeigned love, and know that he is yours forever. Authors note: This memo refers to "he" but applies also to all the lovely "she's" in my life.

11: There are many things in this big world that set us in a whirl - But one of the nicest things, I think, Is a brand new baby girl!!! | A happy smile, a warm embrace A kiss from a moist, sweet, soft face. A trusting tiny little hand Big warm loving brown eyes- A Grandson! Just the right size.

12: These rambling thoughts I put to quill Before boredom puts me over the hill | June moon, Lover's croon, Bring ring! Bell knell Swell! Trees - Breeze Sky - Blue Me - You Sunshine - Fine

13: Dark and dreary Sad and weary Days too long When you're gone Night - flight stars bright Silence, lonely Me only No more roam Home

14: Memories of Campground Job at Lake Louise, Alberta (1972 - 1974) ODE TO A SUMMER JOB Goodbye you little kiosk, you've been like a home to me. Your four white? walls and welcome door have finally set me free. I've met each wasp and horsefly with trembling heart and fear And remember when a certain wasp bit me on the --------- back! I've learned to smile at tourists, but love them? I cannot. Why, the very thought of them tempts me to smoke booze and drink pot! You may think this epic poem is just a bit severe So if you don't believe me Next summer YOU work here!

15: These were written when Merle lived in Lake Louise. The locals used to call the Tourists "Gorbies" (who knows why). Some of them were quite "interesting" folks ...... | AUTHORS NOTE: Of course it wasn't as bad as all this sounds. It was wonderful fun. Sometimes we just got really tired of a lot of the stuff that went on and we vented our feelings in a pitiful, humorous way. | If I sit here much longer I'll be quite a fluent poet Although the way my rhyming goes You really wouldn't know it. I've talked about the sunshine I've mourned about the rain And I'd like to tell the Tourists That they give me such a pain. However, I keep smiling Though my face would like to crack And tell them very sweetly That I hope they all come back. In six more weeks the Doctor's come To carry me away Then I can stick pins in "Gorbie" dolls All the live-long day.

16: TO THE KIOSK CREW Peter, I'll miss your dark brown curls And your newly cleaned smile And for all the times you put up with me. It must have been a trial. Clay, your boundless energy And full vitality Gives to me good memories Of a neat personality. Val, it sure was nice to know A person such as you I'll miss your sense of humor. Come see me - or I'll sue! Virginia, I'm glad we talked a lot. It was great to get to know you. And when you come back to work next year, Try not to let it throw you. And Lyle, and Bill and Beth and Beth And Larry, Mark and John, It's been really good after all And the whole summer --- right on! (This is how we felt when summer was over) The men in white coats are coming to get Each and everyone of us. I hope when we get to the Funny Farm No one there will make fun of us!

17: ON LEAVING LAKE LOUISE Brilliant blue Distant mist Purple hue Trees sun-kissed Mountains too -- Sadly missed. | Our time in Lake Louise was so special. We lived there for 2 wonderful years. Our family learned to ski (some of us just sort of), we played in great depths of snow. We always had lots of company. Some of us wrecked our backs or broke our legs or got scared by bears or got snowed in a lot or had deadly encounters with moose or lost our specs in the river, but it was all great. We laughed a lot, ate a lot, played a lot, met wonderful people, loved our Branch in Banff, worked hard at summer jobs and met tourists from everywhere (an often strange brood, those tourists). Lake Louise is truly a jewel in the Rocky Mountains. Happy to have been there.

18: SKI TRIP (a true story) The sky was blue, the sun shone down on pine and snow and hill The lift had brought me to the top, and everything was still. My teacher said, "Now just go slow and keep your ski tips pointed." So I toed in my skis and pushed with my poles so I wouldn't become disjointed. Back and forth across the face of Sunnyside I glided. I was doing well - I knew I'd make it if I didn't get excited. Over dips and over rises, bouncing over knolls -- One hard jolt and then another, and then I lost my poles!! Straight down I went, out of control, my skis straight out before me. Coming up fast was the ski patrol hut and I thought, "Oh, poor me!" I was headed straight for the unsuspecting shack and I hit the door with a crunch! It burst open wide and I slid right inside and said, "Hi! What's for Lunch?" I just stood with a bright red face, I couldn't turn around if I tried. The people inside helped me get out and the only thing hurt was my pride.. Experienced and written in 1972 while living in Lake Louise.

19: Owed to Spring O fickle Spring, what are you doing? Is that a winter storm you're brewing? Chase those clouds out of the sky- Let that sunshine show on high. Let the warm breeze softly blow And melt those fresh new flakes of snow. Be Firm! Be Strong! And please remember Winter isn't due again 'til next December! More Spring Complaints O fickle spring, what are you doing? Is that a winter storm you're brewing? How can you let those snowflakes fall? I don't think you're Spring at all. But wait!! The sun is peeking through. All that snow has turned to dew. Listen!! The birds begin to sing- Yes I suppose after all, you're Spring.

20: Prairie Sunrise Transforming the gray of morning Into a golden hue, Glorious against a background Of silent, moon-kissed blue. Sending shafts of gold Streaming across the sky - Spreading a mist of purple - The sunrise is drawing nigh. O're sleeping, sweeping prairie Softly beams the light Casting a golden glow On the disappearing night. And on the far horizon A rim of fire beams. The sun, in all it's majesty, Casts it's golden beams! Merle (Judd) Still 1948

21: Merle won 2nd Place in the Alberta Poetry Contest for "Prairie Sunrise" and had her photo in "The Province" newspaper which was being published at the time. She was just 15 years old!! | We think that these family photo's were taken at approximately the same time frame as the Poetry Contest...

22: Perfect Mate She built him up, she praised his name, She told him he was great. She told him that she thought he'd be a very perfect mate. He fed on this great ego food His self-worth made secure Then after all was said and done He felt too good for her!! RS Limerick There was a Relief Society Leader Who tried to be a good deeder She made casseroles And wore out her soles And ended up being a needer Morning ----frost, cold----me, bold---- Go to work----never shirk----jerk! ramblings

23: Son Light I like to follow the light of the sun,to a beautiful sunset -- To wait for the stars to come, and feel the peace and quiet. The numberless stars in the peaceful night In their vast eternal round - the glowing moon giving silver light Are all wondrous and profound. I gaze in wonderment at the sight in all its majesty. It feels so good, so right, knowing God has time for me. So as I follow the light of the sun That makes each day so bright, And count my blessings, every one I'll follow the Son to the Light! This day is warm, peaceful, full of promise. This day is warm, peaceful. This day is warm. This day IS! The fears of the night Are scattered with the dawn, And the day brings joy.

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