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Sage Nicole Fenton

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Sage Nicole Fenton - Page Text Content

S: Sage Nicole 1-2 years old

FC: Sage Nicole

1: Where's Sage? Playing in your Dora Tent!

2: Our days are filled with fun

4: March 28- Sage is a little stinker! Our nap routine has been thrown out the window! Or I should say over the side of her crib along with her blankets, bottles and anything else she can get a hold of to throw overboard. This morning she did just that for over an hour and a half. She played, laughed and squealed for well over an hour. We had lunch with a friend today and she sure was ready for an afternoon nap. She would have slept well past 5 pm if I let her. I got her up at 4 with the intent of putting her to bed a little earlier. With the time change we have been putting her to bed at 7 instead of 6, which means she sleeps in later too. I thought maybe putting her back to her 6 pm-6 am would help her get back into a routine. Luckily she was ready for bed at 6 pm. However she played, cried, squealed, laughed and called out "dadadadada" over and over again for almost an hour and a half. Finally we gave in and peeked in her room. As soon as we opened the door she started laughing and giggling. She had both her blankets, bottle and her pants thrown over the side of her crib. That's right... her pants. She took off her jammie bottoms and threw them overboard with everything else. After she was done laughing she just whined and kept signing for milk. We gave her a little bit of milk and we knew when she finished it because all we could hear was her banging her bottle against the side of her crib. She is such a funny little stinker.

5: April 4- Sage is so funny! She is silly and has lots of personality. She is independent. She insists on feeding herself with a spoon, including lots of finger foods. So funny to watch her try and pick up a piece of toast with a spoon. Lots of times I have to put the food on the spoon for her and then she will put it in her mouth. She is also very helpful. This morning as I was putting clothes into the dryer she pulled them out faster than I could even get them in. She is also very curious. She has learned how to slide the closet doors open. She scared me to death the other day because she had opened the sliding door and was outside on our balcony; Our balcony's railings are way too wide. She can fit right through them without any effort- so scary. Luckily she was distracted by a can of spray paint I had sitting out there... scary too, but at least she was safe. A few more things I want to remember about this girl: is eating a lot better. Some of her favorites include: strawberries, pears, bananas, ritz crackers, chicken, toast with butter and yogurt. likes to walk on her knees screams at the top of her lungs to get peoples attention and then will smile and wave likes to brush her teeth signs: bath, brush teeth, all done, eat, milk, I hear something, dog if we ask her for our phone or keys she will get them for us the other day I read her the book Five Green and Speckled Frogs and when I was singing it a while later she remembered and went and got the book she likes to pull the pillows down off the couch and lay down on them gets so excited if we put a show on for her, but doesn't watch more then a minute has been sleeping through the night most nights, but fights us often at nap time- we are trying to find a good routine. LOVES her milk gives good hugs

6: _____________ | April 6- This little girl insisted on taking a bath at 6:30 this morning. She followed me into the bathroom and kept signing bath. When I brought her back to the front room with me she just kept waving her arms up and down for bath and helped herself back to the bathroom. I really just wanted to lay on the carpet cuddled up with a blanket as she played, but as you can see I gave in. She asks to take baths quite often throughout the day and I usually tell her "later" or distract her. She sure is a girl who know what she wants and when she wants it!

7: Learned how to drink from your sippy cup. It is the cutest thing to watch you tilt your head way back to get your drink. You are becoming more and more independent every day.

10: April 26th- Last night after putting Sage to bed we found an old cell phone that we gave Sage to play with in the toilet along with a whole bunch of toilet paper. I do not have any idea when she did that. Now that she is walking around she walks all over the house. She disappears for a a minute of two and then comes walking back out to the living room and waves to me and walks back away. She's a little stinker. This is how I found her the other day though. She isn't always up to mischief (just most of the time).

11: April 26th- | April 26- loves to pull down the dishtowels that hang down from the oven and uses them as blankets for her baby dolls, she can usually be found under the table, usually with her baby doll, she tries to feed her babies and stuffed animals her bottles and sippy cups (she learned that one on her own), she tries to look under the door when you're in the bathroom, laughs after she sneezes, likes making funny sounds with her mouth,loves to scream, just because she can and loves walking.

12: We watched your friend Cole for a few days while his parents were away. Cole is only about 6 weeks younger than you and is also walking. You had so much fun together. You did get a little jealous if mommy and daddy fed him a bottle or if you thought we were playing with him when it was time for naps or bed.

13: Pictures taken from mommy's phone uploaded May 2. Pictures include you swinging at your Uncle Tony's house, pictures of you and mommy and the three of us before church, you just being you, bath time and what your room constantly looks like because you insist on pulling all your clothes our of your dresser.

14: OUR LITTLE PRINCESS | May 9, 2012- We used to go all the time, but haven't gone for a while since the weather has been nice, but we went to the library for the Gotta Move class today. Sage did a little bit of dancing and clapping, but mostly people watching, finding other babies to hug and kiss (and other mommies too), running around and trying to steal other children's toys.

15: May 11, 2012- Sage and I spent a morning at the aquarium and went out to lunch together the other day. She is my best little buddy during the day while Taylor is at work. We have so much fun together. After her nap we went by and surprised Taylor and he decided he could use a break and joined us at Sugarhouse Park for a nice little walk and fun at the playground. Sage loves the swings. We love her sweet little laugh. She is unsure about walking in the grass, but boy can she run on the sidewalk. The weather has been so nice and it was a perfect afternoon to be outside and play together all three of us.

16: May 11, 2012- Things I want to remember about my chocolate chip muffin faced girl... The other day I asked her to bring me her "Five Green and Speckled Frogs" book and she did. I asked her to bring me her "Kiss, Kiss" book and she did. I asked me to bring me her book about Jesus and she did- she brought me her Book of Mormon. She signs for "help" all the time. She asks for help for things she does not need help with. Her baby doll was out of reach and so she signed for help. I tried to tell her to walk around and then she could reach her, but she just kept signing help so I took her hand and walked her around the table so she could reach and she signed help and got mad and threw her baby doll. She reaches her arms out to complete strangers standing in line or walking by for them to hold her. She loves to play with my measuring cups and measuring spoons. Taylor and I were making the chocolate chip, maple pancake muffins (which she clearly enjoyed) after putting her to bed and we had to search the entire house, bath tub and toy bins to find the measuring cups/spoons we needed. She loves to get the tupperware and measuring spoons and stir. She waves her hand over face when something is stinky or if we tell her she is a stinker. gives real kisses now and not just a kissy sound into the air. laughs when Taylor hugs me and then gets jealous and tries to get between us.

17: Love her wrinkled swimming feet that she crosses at the ankles.

19: May 13, 2012- Mother's Day- I brought Sage home early from church. She was being a terror even as Taylor and I took turns walking the halls with her. She is napping now and so I wanted to take a minute and write some thoughts I have about being a mother. I love being a mother. I am not a perfect mom. Sometimes I lose my patients and count down the minutes until the clock strikes 6 pm. Sometimes I forget to brush her teeth or forget to give her her medicine. Sometimes I tell her "no no" a little too much. But every day is a new day and every day I try to love her a little more than the day before. I am so grateful for the trust Heavenly Father has in me to be a mother to our sweet Sage girl. One of the talks today at church a woman was sharing some thoughts about her own mother who just turned 100 years old and said how her mother has always been her best friend. I want to live to at least 100 years old and hope that at that age Sage could say the same about me. Being a mother has taught me a type of love that I never knew existed. It has opened up my heart in a way that I didn't know was possible. Being a mother gives me just a little glimpse of the love our Heavenly Father must feel for us. I have also decided that Mother's Day cannot pass by without mentioning and expressing how grateful I am for my other best friend, Taylor. I know he has his day next month, but really I could not be the mother I am without him by my side. He helps me remember what is most important on days that I try and do too much or days that I try and do anything at all and cannot get a single thing done because I have a little munchgin reaching her arms up to me and whining while I am trying to do things of no eternal importance. He reminds me that the other things can wait and lets me know how unimportant it is to him if the house is in perfect order and dinner is made, but that my number one job is to take care of and just love our girl. That job can be overwhelming at times, but I sure do love it and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

20: May 14, 2012- The other day when we had our Mother's Day Brunch Taylor and Sage were banned from the house. Papa had driven down from Paradise to bring Grandma so the the three of them went to City Creek and to Temple Square. Here are a few pictures Papa snapped while they were downtown.

21: Mountview Park (Cottonwood Heights, UT)

22: May 21, 2012- We have my phone set up so all the pictures I take automatically sync to the computer, but Taylor's phone doesn't. He finally uploaded the pictures from his phone onto the computer and we found some pictures that have been forgotten, but that are treasures. Love these pictures and these memories.

23: May 21, 2012- Sage gets into everything. I was losing my patients the other day when Taylor called me. I guess he could tell by the tone of my voice that something was wrong. I told him I was just frustrated and when he asked me why and I proceeded to tell him how Sage has taken everything out of every drawer she can get her little hands on, he asked me what the problem was and reminded me that that is her job- her full time job. I immediately realized he was right and it was a good reminder. But sometimes her full time job makes my full time job a little more difficult! There are so many moments of imperfection, but I must remember that I have my dream job! I am a mother. I can't get enough of our little bug. She brightens my day with her spunky personality. She constantly makes me smile and laugh. I wish I could bottle up her little laugh and sweet hugs and kisses. I want to never forget her new squinty scowl she gives or the curious & nosy expression she gives when she is discovering something new. I wish I could freeze time or bottle up these memories. I mostly don't ever want to forget. I want to remember every detail. The other roll of my dream job is being a wife. How did I get so lucky to find and marry my best friend? I am so grateful for our little family of three. I love being a wife and a mother. I scored my dream job. May 22, 2012- The other day I called Sage my "little monkey" and she ran over to the entertainment center and tried to open it up, kept pointing and making monkey sounds... she wanted to watch Curious George. She doesn't watch much television. In fact, she watches close to no television at all, but every once in a while I will put a show on for her. (which she will sit for about a minute and watch) The last several times I have attempted to have her watch a show to buy myself a little time, it has been Curious George. She usually just sits through the opening song and then is over it, but that little monkey sure has left an impression on her.

24: This is what our Friday morning looked like: 7 a.m wake up strawberry waffles and blackberries with whipped creme 2.5 hour nap playing in the tub of beans dancing to kids bop music. The song, "I like to move it move it" gets her moving. She has a new bend the knees and bounce dance that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. being a princess craft- collage (the feathers were a favorite) snack of pirate booty which ended up thrown on the floor turkey wraps for lunch while watching Thomas the Train bubble bath with lots of splashing lots of lotion and blow drying the hair followed by brushing the teeth a warm bottle of milk maybe a nap? She's in there talking away!

25: May 29, 2012- A Moment to Remember- Let me preface this by saying Sage will never lay and cuddle with us. She is always on the move. She had a hard time going to sleep our first night up in Paradise. I think it's because we hadn't been up for a while and she doesn't like sleeping in the pack n play. She laid down on me and I rubbed and patted her back. She rubbed and patted my arm. I kissed her forehead and she turned and kissed me back. She fell asleep on me. I didn't want to move. Not because I was afraid she would wake up, but because I loved her loving me and her sweet face resting on me. I loved her warm little breath and feeling her little heart beat beating against mine. I love that little girl of mine. The Best Part of My Day- Taylor is on his way home from work. He worked a little later tonight so I put Sage down for bed by myself, which is fine, but we usually do it together. In her dark, quite (with the exception of the humming of the fan) room I leaned against her crib with her in my arms to say a little prayer. As I prayed I peeked my eyes open and Sage had her arms folded and was staring right at me. I closed my eyes and continued my prayer as I heard little kissy sounds and felt little kisses on my face. She is such a sweet girl. Best part of my day.

27: May 30, 2012- Playdate with Cole

28: June 6, 2012- Sagey Girl loves to ride on our backs- especially Taylor's. That is their game. Although yesterday every time I tried to sit and play with her she would climb on mine. loves to look at books. She will go to her bookshelf in her room or her basket of books in our front room and pick a book and find a seat on our laps to read to her. she is becoming a good helper. She throws her diapers away and also puts her dirty clothes in the hamper. It takes a long time and a lot of direction, but she also will pick up her toys. She likes to get her goldfish or graham cracker from the box by herself. If she sees you take it out and hand it to her she won't take and it points to the box and whines. She is learning a lot more signs Her favorite toy is a bowl and a spoon. She likes to stir and mix things up. She likes to eat strawberries whole and not cut up. She loves playing with the wood chips at the park. Forget the playground and splash pad! She still makes her cute squinty face. likes to jump. She gets some air! Can point to her nose when you ask her and poke out her eyes when you ask her where her eyes are.

29: June 8, 2012- Whenever I ask Sage if she wants to go bye bye she runs to the front door and starts banging on it. She loves to be outside and I love getting out of the house. We had a play date at the park with Caleb the other day and then went to lunch. I had a nice time visiting with Mary, Michael and Karlee and Sage was only interested in the wood chips at the park. We also went to the Hogle Zoo with our friends Jessica and Grace. Grace and Sage will be good friends as soon as Grace can run around with her. As we were walking around side by side with our strollers those two cuties decided to hold hands. Sage really liked the zoo this time around and actually enjoyed looking at the animals. We have had a fun week.

30: May 8, 2012- My baby is growing up a little too fast for my liking. I always feel like she is older and bigger than she is until I look back at pictures and realize she was little. Even now at 15 months I have to remind myself how little she really is. Although she is my baby she feels like a little girl to me. She'll pick out a book and find a seat on my lap for me to read to her. After nap she tells me she wants a snack by signing and then proceeds to race me into the kitchen where I find her reaching up to the cabinet for her cheddar bunnies and pirates booty. Yesterday she sat in front of our closed entertainment center, pointed and started making monkey sounds for Curious George. She sure knows what she wants. She had had a runny nose the past week and she tries to wipe it with the tissue by herself. She even brought me her box of wipes so I can get her one so she could wipe her nose. She is my little friend that sometimes makes my days long and exhausting, but most the times she spoils me with hugs and kisses and teaches me to slow down and to enjoy the little things.

31: June 2012

32: June 12, 2012- Today I didn't feel like doing anything or going anywhere. After Sage's nap, snack and playing with her baby doll for a bit she decided she wanted to go outside. How did I know? She pounded on the front door and then went and got her shoes and tried to put them on and then pounded on the front door some more while shouting who know what! How could I resist? We went for a walk and then to the park. When we got home I asked if she wanted milk. She knows that means it is time for nap. Often times she will go and hide behind the curtains when she sees me getting her bottle ready. Today she stood in the kitchen with me looking up to the microwave. As soon as the time went off that was her que. She waddled into her room and went to her fan as if to tell me to turn it on. Then she walked straight over to her crib and reached her little arms up. She went straight to sleep and has been sleeping over an hour and a half. I'm ready to play now. Hopefully she wakes up soon... | June 19, 2012- Today Sage climbed up the stairs on the playground- the big stairs that lead to the big, blue curly slide. She climbed up the stairs that led to the bridge and ran across and went through the tunnel. She ran back and forth as I tried to keep up with her down below in case she got too close to the edge. She threw a tantrum when it was time to go. In the store I put a few items up in front with Sage because she likes to hold them. I made the mistake of putting the grapes up with her and she helped herself. I looked over and she had a mouthful. She threw another tantrum when I tried to take them away. I was on the phone with my grandma and telling her about Sage's new potty and how we are not really potty training yet, but got the potty for her to just sit on and get used to. Sage came over and signed for help. I followed her and she lead me to the bathroom where she wanted me to open the door. She must have heard me talking about her potty and she wanted to sit on it.

34: July 4, 2011 vs July 4, 2012- What a difference a year makes!

35: July 9 2012- I stopped doing "monthly" posts after Sage's first year... I figured they had to stop sometime, but I have tried to keep a record of her growing personality and interests. She is 16 months now and still steals the show in our home. She has us wrapped around her little fingers. She is always busy and keeps us on our toes. Sage: talks in 2 volumes- loud and louder runs almost every where she goes signs- hot, cold, help, stinky, more, all done, hurt, hat, swimming, eat, drink, bath, elephant, duck, fish, dog, cat, bird, frog, milk, thank you, brush teeth says- mama, dada, wow, woah and a whole lot of gibberish is really good at: shaking her head no and yes and pointing still loves books. She has sat and listened to the same book 6+ times in a row. Her favorites are The Nose Book, Kiss Kiss, I'll Love You Forever. loves Lucky Charms. Who do you think introduced her to those? Of course dad! That's why dads are the best! Today she pointed in the pantry for them and signed eat. I gave her a handful in a bowl to eat dry. She dumped them out on the coffee table and picked out all the marshmallows and then brought the empty bowl to me and asked for more. favorite foods (besides Lucky Charms!): goldfish, graham crackers, beans and cheese, black beans, peas, peaches, toast with grandmas strawberry jam loves to be sung to. favorite songs: 5 Little Ducks (she likes to make the mama duck sound), 5 Little Monkeys Teasing Mr. Alligator (she likes to clap her hands and make the alligator's snap), and loves to make animal sounds, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes loves to swim likes to get a spoon and pretend feed her baby dolls

39: July 2012- Fenton Family Gathering in Paradise

40: top to bottom, left to right: 1-3. Love watching Sage sleep. 4. free slurpees at 7-11 for July 11th 5. Kaylee and Sage picking out all the marshmallows from Lucky Charms, 6. Watching the rain, 7. Such a silly girl, 8. loves tortellini and ravioli, 9. at the Splash Pad with cousins (Lacie), 10. wearing her necklaces, 11. bath time with new bubble bath that is supposed to be tear free (it wasn't), 12. just because I love this face

41: July 26- We have another peanut butter lover in our home!

42: July 27, 2012- This morning at breakfast I asked Sage to smile for me and this is the face I got. After I took the picture she signed "more, meaning she wanted me to take another and another. How could I resist this cute face? I happily obliged. To be honest, this cute face has been a little stinker the past several weeks. Maybe it's just because I am pregnant and my patience is thin, but she throws tantrum after tantrum all.day.long. If she doesn't get what she wants and when she wants it, or if she has to do something she doesn't want to do, there is screaming, hitting and her latest trick is to bang her head onto the floor or wall or even against us. She has been driving me a little crazy. I know part of it is that she is probably so sick of sitting at home with me and wants to go outside, but it is so hot and I just haven't felt like it. Some days I make myself and she loves it. Yesterday, I took her to the aquarium and she was so excited to see the fish, mesmerized watching the river otters hunt for fish and when I pointed out the alligators she made the association to the 5 Little Monkeys Teasing Mr. Alligator song and did a cute little "snap" clapping her hands together. She was thrilled. So, although she makes me want to pull my hair out some times a lot lately, she is still my little buddy and I still just adore her. She is such a sweet girl and will always be our little bug.

43: August 16, 2012- Sage is a lover of Sonic Strawberry Slushes, drinking bath water and reading the same book over and over again. Sage's favorite song these days, is Popcorn Popping. She knows all the hand movements to it and everything. However, every time it gets to the part about "a popcorn ball that would smell so sweet" she always bring her little foot up to her face and smells her foot. I think she is confusing the word sweet and feet! "A popcorn ball that would smell so feet!" So, she smells her feet! She is too funny. I need to film her. She also loves to wash her hands. She does not like to eat her go-gurt from the tube any more but always wants to be put in her highchair and for me to put in a bowl for her to eat with a spoon. What she really loves is the colorful sprinkles I add to it and dipping a graham cracker in it. She is all about the dip. She had a grilled cheese sandwich today for lunch and had to have ketchup to dip it in. Her tantrums are becoming fewer and far between. We know there are a lot more down the road, but for a while our days were non stop crying and tantrum throwing. She knows close to 40 signs now, a good number of those are animal signs. She loves animals, especially farm animals. It is so fun that she can tell us what she wants and tell us about what she sees. The other day she was looking at a picture of herself, which she was wearing a knitted beanie with a flower on it. She signed "hat" and then signed "flower". At the doctor last week she weighed in at 20 lbs 10 oz. I hate that she has a runny nose but it is so cute to watch her get a wipe and dab her little nose. She keeps things fun and happy around here! We love our little bug.

45: A Girl Who Knows What She Wants August 23 2012- We have all been sick around here. It started with Sage's virus. A couple days later she caught a bad cold and now the three of us have been fighting it for over a week now. We do not get sick very often and it is a good thing because it is pretty awful. I was up at 3:30 in the morning and couldn't stop coughing and then got a really bad headache. So, when Sage woke up at 5:45 this morning Taylor got up with her and let me sleep. I got up about 7:30 when Sage heard me sneezing and came to our door yelling, "mama mama" over and over again. Shortly after I dragged myself up she pointed to the TV, patted the couch (which means she wants to sit down) and did the sign for elephant. She loves animals. We have been putting Animal Atlas on for her from Netflix and she goes crazy over all the animals. When I told her we were going to play and watch it later she threw a fit. She then tried every trick she knew to try and get me to understand what she wanted. She made her train noise which is for Thomas the Train and made her monkey sounds for Curious George and then went back to elephant. She swung her little arm back and forth for an elephant trunk like I've never seen. I finally gave in, but insisted I got a big squeeze and a kiss first. She ran over and gave me a huge hug and lots of kisses. I then sent her to give her daddy loves too and she gladly obliged. I put her show on and when I came back she was on the couch with a bowl of Annie's Bunnies and a bottle of orange juice. Of course she had to have a snack too. She usually only has a bottle at bedtime, but Taylor couldn't find her sippy. She was in heaven. I think she would suck her bottle all day if we let her, which is why we limit it to naps and bed. ( And for those of you who think it is awful to give a bottle at bed, don't worry- we are trying to wean her off of it. We are slowly diluting her milk. We are about half milk half water now) And if you are wondering about her outfit... I put the blue leggings on her because her jammie bottoms were wet and then she brought me the shorts and tried putting them on herself. I asked if she wanted them on and she said, "ya!", which seems to be her new favorite word besides "mama" which she says over and over again all day long.

47: September 15, 2012- We are living up in Paradise with grandma and papa while we look for a new place in Salt Lake. It has been fun up here. Taylor has been able to help his parents and grandpa out a lot and I have been working on projects with grandma. I was so worried about how Sage would handle the change, but she has embraced it and is loving every minute of being spoiled by grandparents and being a little country girl. She absolutely loves being outside. First thing she wants to do when she wakes up is go see the dog Scruffy and then wants to go outside and look for the bunnies, squirrels and deer, which she has seen a lot of the last couple weeks. In the car on the way in to town she makes cow and horse noises and signs "more" over and over again as we pass them. She loves riding the quads and going for rides on the John Deere tractor with papa. She loves throwing rocks in the river and sitting on the swing that sits between the trees. She loves going back and forth and visiting with both sets of grandparents. She loves to feed the chickens and jump on the trampoline. She loves going on wagon rides, runnning through the grass and picking flowers. Our camera is packed away, but we have taken tons of pictures on the phone.

48: September 19, 2012- loves to be outdoors. loves soup. loves to read nursery rhymes. reminds us to pray before every meal and insists on praying before her snacks too. she is trying really hard to talk. Every once in a while she will surprise us and herself with a word, but then of course will not repeat it. She talks a lot of gibberish. always wants to snack. we are trying to get her into a routine that she has one snack between meals and not snacking all day long. does a cute push her hair out of her face thing that is adorable. wearing mostly 12-18 month clothing. All of her fall clothes that I had got her are 18 months and are falling off her. fights brushing her teeth now. We have to make it into a game and sing songs. we are still working on getting her off the bottle. We are now diluting it 4 oz water and 2 oz milk. We're slowly getting there... is a monster in the car. We outgrew that stage long ago, but it looks like it is back! She insists on having a snack every time she gets in her carseat and constantly says, "mama mama mama" over and over and over again for no apparent reason, but to give us a headache. loves peanut butter. She will lick it off her crackers, apples and bananas and ask for more before eating the actual snack. "ice-cream" is her newest sign and it is the cutest thing to see. She asked for ice-cream for breakfast the other morning... likes to wash her hands, but does not like her sleeves pushed up and wants them immediately pushed back down afterwards. is getting her bottom canines. When she got her top ones and now the bottom ones is the only time she has been fussy with teething. is transitioning to one nap. we tried to transition to one nap months ago, but she still really needed two. can be very stubborn. is loving testing the boundaries. For example, she tries to climb on the coffee table. She will put one foot up and look at us and smile. gives the best squeezes (hugs), but only on her own time.

52: September 26, 2012- Sage has always been spoiled, but these last few weeks with both sets of grandparents around she has been beyond spoiled. That's what grandparents are for though! As we drive the three minutes to grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Tony's house Sage starts making chicken sounds and flapping her little wings and then starts bouncing up and down, which means she wants to jump. After dinner I took her outside for a few minutes and as soon as we went back in the house she wanted to go back out again. Of course grandma took her out and jumped on the trampoline with her and then took her to see the chickens and then Sage talked her into taking her to see the horse next door. Jeanne even climbed through the fence to take her right up to the horse and feed it some grass. Sage was in heaven. Grandpa Tony spoils her with treats. She loves cookies. She pretends to be scared but secretly loves when he does this monster thing with her. Grandma Jackie takes he outside to walk around and see the deer, squirrels and bunnies. She lets her play in the tent and throw rocks in the river. Papa spins her around in his office chair and lets her sit on his lap and he shows her pictures of herself on the computer. We are grateful for family that love this little girl as much as we do! | October 1, 2012- This girl has so much personality. She sure does keep me busy. She is always on the move and has to be doing something. She is independent and sassy. She doesn't like help with anything. She pushed my hand away today at lunch when I tried to help her. She says "hi" to everyone in the stores and if they don't say hi back she repeats it over and over again or yells it down the aisle. She is a jibber jabberer these days with always something to say. We finally got a video monitor and it is fascinating to watch this girl sleep. She is a mover in her sleep too. Every time we look at the screen she is in a completely different position. It is fun to watch her dose off. She often rubs her ear or plays with her hair for a little while before turning over to her tummy and sticking her little bum in the air. She has also discovered her earrings and has been pulling them out. Afterwards she always says, "uh oh!" She also makes this new pouty face, squints her eyes, wrinkles her forehead and pretends to be sad and then laughs and thinks it is funny. She loves her daddy and misses him when he is working. She folds her arms to pray every time she eats, even snacks. We often pray for "daddy" and if I don't she reminds me and repeats "dada dada" over and over until I do. She then smiles and says "yeah" when we do pray for him. She loves ice-cream and cookies thanks to grandparents who spoil her! She has had more treats in the last month than she has had in her life. When I wouldn't give her a cookie this morning she threw all her toys off the table onto the ground. She sure knows what she wants and knows how to throw fits if she doesn't get her way. She is a handful and such a joy. We are so in love with our little bug and grateful to be her parents. She is absolutely wonderful.

58: Yesterday Sage and I met up with our friends Caitlin and Cole for a playdate at Wheeler Farm for their Pumpkin Days and Hay Maze. The kids would have been content chasing the ducks and geese around all afternoon, but we took them through the maze, on a hay ride and picked out a pumpkin. It was a lot of fun and nice to get outside before the weather gets too cold. Afterwards, Cole came over to play for a little while. They have so much together. It is so fun to see them interact as they get older. Each time we get together they are both doing new things and interact just a little more than the last. We have been arranging their marriage since before they were born. Cole is about 6 weeks younger than Sage. When we ask Sage if she is going to marry Cole she says, "yeah." We sure hope so! Either way we have a feeling that those two are going to be good friends!

59: Wheeler Farm Pumpkin Days and Hay Maze

61: October 18, 2012- This afternoon we met all the cousins at Gardner Village to take a look at the witches. Sage and I went with our friends last week and will probably go once more with dad before the month is over. It is just that much fun. It's fun to look at all the witch displays and Sage likes to point out the spiders, cats and pumpkins. She had a fun time with her cousins. Afterwards, Jeanne had a yummy dinner for everyone. It's always fun to get together.

62: October 25, 2012- Sage is a little party elephant. A party elephant who does not want to sit still for a picture! Yesterday we attended a Halloween Party with the mom's group. Sage loved running around with the kids and playing games. Today, we went to the library for their halloween program and sang halloween songs, listened to halloween stories and went trick or treating around the library with the bags they decorated with halloween stickers. She had lots of fun and it apparently wiped her out because she is taking an extra long nap this afternoon. We love halloween. | Sage is an elephant this year for halloween and she is the cutest elephant we ever did see! We sent these happy halloween cards out to her cousins and a few of Sage's friends. We are pretty excited about halloween around here. Taylor and I even have our costumes ready. We have been to a corn maze, made several batches of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, had friends over to carve pumpkins, been to see the witches at Gardner Village a couple of times and to Wheeler Farm's Pumpkin Days and have played in pumpkin goop. There are a few other halloween activities we are looking forward to. Sage loves the pumpkins, kitty cats and witch hats.

63: I purchased a groupon for Sage to ride the pony and go to the petting zoo at Gardner Village. We intended to go as a family, but realized it was only good during the week and they are closed when Taylor gets off work, so Sage and I went this morning. This was our third time going to Gardner Village and she was still excited to see all the pumpkins and witches. She also was excited to see the animals. However, she is hesitant to get too close. She is too apprehensive to pet them and loves to feed them, but from a distance. When it came time for her pony ride we had a little melt down. We almost were going to forgo the ride, but as soon as that pony named Blueberry started walking she was a happy girl. I wish I would have got some pictures of her riding, but she held my hand so tight the entire ride; the guy guided her around the shops to see the witches. Forget about trying to get her to look at me while I took a picture, she kept her eyes glued on the animals. She even got to sit on the alpaca named Carlota and even pet the 7 week baby named Bailey! She fed the ducks, geese, goats and sheep. It was a great morning.

64: Oct. 31- We can't believe October is over... Halloween has come and gone! We had so much fun this season with lots of festive events. The following pictures show what Halloween looked like for us... In the morning Sage and I painted pumpkins and then enjoyed Halloween oreos to cheer us up since we were a little sad we couldn't eat the paint... We also baked some yummy pumpkin spice sandwich cookies with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Sage loves to help in the kitchen mostly because she loves to lick the beater after we mix. After nap we went and joined some of the cousins at Uncle McKay's work to do some trick-or -treating around the office. Sage wanted to eat every treat before it even went in her bucket. She finally got the hang of it! We picked Taylor up from work and then went to meet all the cousins for dinner and some more trick-or-treating. We just did a few houses and called it a night. We got Sage ready for bed and thought for sure she would fall asleep on the way home, but she got a second wind, so we stopped by the Karren's to check out Allen's spooky creation and did a few houses with them too. It was such a fun night!

71: Nov.2- To say Sage loves her baby dolls is an understatement. Wherever Sage is so are her babes. They come with us just about everywhere and do just about everything with us. Obviously a toy doll is different than the real deal, but we have no doubts that Sage is going to be the best big sister and best friend to Harper. We are sure Harper is going to rock her world and we are sure will have some rough days of adjustment, but we are so excited to watch Sage step into her new role. She is such a love bug and is sure to love her sister, probably a little too much at times!

76: Nov 12.- Sage loves to play with her teacups and spoons in the bathtub and of course her bath baby too. The other day I had just finished cleaning the bath/shower and started filling it for Sage's bath. I went to the kitchen and was talking to Taylor as he was finishing cleaning up, when I realized Sage was quiet. In a panic I headed down the hall with Taylor right behind me and heard a sweet little voice calling mama. As we walked into the bathroom there was Sage with her jeans, diaper, sweatshirt and all sitting in the tub. We didn't even know she could climb right in. We never ever leave her in the tub alone, not even for a second. We never even turn our backs. Drowning is one of my worst nightmares and I have heard too many stories of how it happens in just a blink of an eye and even in the shallowest of water... I don't know what I was thinking filling it up and walking away. It was a reminder to me of just how careful we have to be. Thankfully she was just fine and we couldn't help but smile a little as we took off her soaking wet clothes and heard her little "yeah yeah" that she was ready for a bath...

77: Nov. 15- Sage's favorite song use to be "Popcorn popping", but these days it is a close tie between, "Oh Mr. Sun" and "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops." She dances around with arms in the air for the sun and loves the "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh" part in "If all the raindrops..." Likes to walk backwards and and then have us say, "ready, set, go!" and she runs forward and then walks backwards down the hall again to get in position for her sprint forward... again and again. Constantly is saying, "cheese" sounds more like "eeeese" to have her picture taken. Is slowly adding words to her vocabulary. She still signs most of the time and if you ask her to say something she will do the sign instead. She knows about a dozen or so words. (For our own record: mama, dada, hi, bye, no, yeah, okay, amen, cookie, more, papa, poo poo, come on (sounds more like "mon", happy, uh oh, cheese, up, dip. She tries to say some other words here and there with a lot of coaching, but those are the words she uses most often) She no longer says "amen" after a prayer, but says "okay." favorite food: pasta Still loves her bottle. She only gets it at nap and bedtime and we have been putting only water most of the time. Sometimes she gets mad and we add a splash of milk. Somehow if it is white, even if it is just a splash in 4 ounces of water it makes all the difference... Always calls our for "mama" when she gets up from nap/bedtime. She calls "mama mama" over and over again and louder and louder until we get her out. Loves to look at her books and for us to quiz her where certain things are in the book so she can find them and point them out.

82: Christmas Activities Decorating our Tree- We had our Christmas music playing and pine candle going. It felt and smelt like Christmas. Sage of course is still a little young to put the ornaments on the tree but she was a good little helper handing each ornament to us as we put them up. She enjoyed playing with her nativity set as we decorated. City Creek Macy's Candy Window Displays- We bundled up and walked around City Creek. The candy displays in Macy's windows are pretty neat. We also went and said hi to Santa. Sage did not like him, but afterwards kept saying "ho ho." We ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Gardner Village Elf Displays- Our good friends the Averyts joined us. The Elves are kind scary looking. Sage enjoyed looking at them anyways. We got a peppermint frozen hot chocolate which Sage just loved. Mmmmm mmmm. She also got to sit on the horses. The Averyts came over for dinner and we watched the game. Live Nativity- We bundled up and went to the Draper Live Nativity on Tuesday night. It was cold and there was a huge line. We didn't make it all the way through, but it sure was neat. It was a nice way to start the Christmas season. Heber Valley Railroad Santa Train- We went on a 45 minute train ride, which played Christmas music and Santa came through. Once again Sage was scared. We are hoping by the time we want her sit with him she will have warmed up to him... We saw deer on our ride, which Sage of course loved! Christmas Party- Sage's grandma and grandpa Fenton have a party for all the kids at the beginning of the month. We eat yummy food, visit and Jeanne always plans fun games for the kids. They also give the kids a couple early presents- Christmas jammies, a Christmas book and this year they got the Three Wise Men and the shepherds to add to their nativity set that they got last year. They also got adorable hooded towels. Sage got the cutest elephant and Harper got a cute little frog. Christmas Advent Calendar- We have started our advent calendar. Each day has a little activity to do together. They are simple things like sing Christmas songs by the Christmas Tree or make hot chocolate. We watched a few bible stories of Christ's birth and acted them out with Sage's nativity, gone to the library to check out some Christmas books, stirred hot chocolate with candy canes and also checked out the window displays at the Grand America.

91: Dec. 18- This past weekend we went to Paradise to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Papa since they will be in California for Christmas and we will be with Taylor's family. They made it special for Sage. When we arrived they had a Santa hat on and reindeer antlers and even though they are going to be gone a couple weeks Papa threw up a few lights outside just for our girl. We had a nice day and all got to open our Christmas presents. The highlight was watching Sage open her gifts and watching her get to excited. Grandma and Papa got her the Shirley Temple collection DVDs and also went to great lengths to get her some tap shoes, which they do not make in her size... They got little leather shoes and had taps put on them. Of course she only likes the parts of the movie where Shirley is dancing and singing.... thank goodness for scene selection. She says, "more, more" every time an stomps her little feet and tries to copy Shirley dance. It is the cutest thing. Grandma made a yummy dinner as she always does. We are happy we were able to spend some time with them before they left town and the new year.

93: Dec. 2012- Sage had a snowman party with just a few of her friends- Kaylee, Cole & Grace. She was so excited. She kept looking at their pictures from all their Christmas cards and running to the front door and knocking saying, "mon" (come on). We cut out snowflake cookies, played with peppermint sparkle play dough, colored snowmen pictures, and did snowman/snowflake stickers, played, had lunch and decorated our sugar cookies. It was lots of fun. Sage loves her friends.

97: We took our Sage girl to see Santa today at Trolley Square. We love Santa from a distance and love to say "ho ho ho", but are not a fan of the jolly man up close. We didn't have the heart to hand her off and snap pictures while she sat in terror screaming, so this is the best we got! Santa did get a "bye, bye" and a kiss blown to him as we walked away with a candy cane in hand. Maybe next year... | Our Christmas Joy!

100: We have had such a fun Christmas season and have made lots of fun memories and traditions. Christmas Eve was spent at Tony & Lexi's home. We have had so much fun the last couple days that I have not even stopped to think about taking pictures. So, we only have a few of our girl opening a few of her presents. Christmas Eve we enjoyed a nice turkey dinner and had the most delicious chocolate fondu for dessert. Christmas Day we woke up and had our own little Christmas and Sage opened some of the gifts that she had not already opened with her early christmas celebrations with both sets of grandparents. She got to open her pots and pans and kitchen utensils, along with some felt food, a puzzle and a new baby doll. Christmas morning she opened her dollhouse, race track, a book, another puzzle, princess little people and magnetic animals. Children make christmas so magical. It was so much fun to watch how excited Sage was and watch her neatly open each gift. We had told her Santa was coming and in the morning when we told her Santa came and left presents she was so excited and kept saying "ho ho ho". After our own little Christmas we got ready and headed down to Jodie & McKay's home where we spent the day. We had breakfast, lunch, dinner and lots of treats. We had fun playing games and visiting. Taylor and the other guys snuck away for a little bit and played some basketball. And Sage loved running around with her cousins all day. It was such a fun day.

101: Sage at 21 months Every time I wear my jammie bottoms that have snowflakes on them she wants to change into her sleeper that has snowflakes too knows how to work out iphones and the ipad. She unlocks it and knows how to find the pictures and how to scroll through them. Also, knows how to find the Netflix app on the ipad and put Elmo on to watch. If she can't sleep she always calls out "mama." When we go in to check on her she is always standing in her crib leaning up against the railing and folds her arms and wants to say another prayer. Always yells, "bye" when we put her to bed before the door closes behind us Says, "mon" (come on) a lot and wants you to sit and play with her Likes and asks to sit on her potty. She hasn't actually gone on it yet, but it's a start! If you tell her we are going to the library she starts dancing and assumes we are going to a class, which always has some dancing and singing. Still loves her baby dolls knows how to throw a fit and tries to pinch and dig her nails into you when she is upset (we're working on this one...) sure is a sweetheart though. Gives the best kisses and hugs. Of course, only when she wants to though. If you ask her and she is not in the mood, she will give you a snooty "nooo" loves to be chased and run up and down the hall. She tries to say one, two, three and then comes charging down the hall with her arms open wide for you to catch her Hugs and kisses the phone when we are facetiming with grandparents Will pretend to take food out from a book (the picture) and eat it loves her routine and will let you know if you forget something. The other night we forgot to put her fan on and she kept calling for us and when we went in she pointed to her fan and said, "yeah. okay. bye" and laid back down. loves reading about Jesus. She knows where her scriptures are and when we tell her it's time to read about Jesus she goes and get Book of Mormon and sits down where we read every night. Still signs a lot, but is learning a lot more words. "mam", "dada", "more", "mon", "cheese", "apple", "poo poo", "pee pee", "tree", "baby", "okay", "no", "yeah", "ba ba", "juice", "ball" are among the ones we hear the most though out the day; although she knows quite a few more. Her newest word is: "please" and "boy" is very particular to what music she likes. If a song changes on the radio and she doesn't like it she is sure to let you know by yelling no over and over again until you put a song she likes. Who knew a not even 2 year old could have such a strong opinion. We have a CD with random songs on it and her favorite is Will Smith's Getting Jiggy With It. It's the only one she likes and she crys and throws a fit until that song is on... and then says "yayayayayaya" for the "nanananana" part.

106: Jan. 10, 2013-I need to write an update on this sweet girl before Harper joins us. Sage is 22 months and is sweet, sassy and so much fun! We love her more than words can say. Her vocabulary has increased quite a bit the past month as she seems to learn a new word every day. She still signs quite a bit, but always has a huge smile with the accomplishment of saying a new word. A few random fun things she says is "beep beep" when someone or something is in her way. I say "beep beep excuse me" to her all the time and the other week in nursery I heard her tell another little girl, "beep beep" and she now says it all the time. Ooops! She also says, "go, go, go" when we are stopped at stoplights. She likes to have "juice" on her toast, which is what she calls jam. She calls Jesus "gee gee" and for some reason loves the story of him healing the blind man. We had shared the story with her several weeks ago and when we read the scriptures she often wants to see the picture and hear about "gee gee. boy. eyes. happy." We simply explained that the boy's eyes were hurt and Jesus helped him and he was happy. She calls our friend Ashley "Ashes" and associates her name with "Ring Around the Rosies"... "ashes ashes we all fall down." Her new favorite character from Sesame Street is Abby Cadabby. Abby may have stolen her heart more than Elmo. She calls all fruit "apples" and calls pizza "pie." She loves to "tap tap" (tap dance). She loves playing in her kitchen, but still very much loves her babies. Her favorite number is 2. If you ask her how old she is 2 is the answer. If you ask her to say the number 1, 2 is what she says. When she counts it is usually "2, 2, 2, 2". We love when she giggles and covers her mouth. She has a great laugh. She still loves her "ba ba". Although she hasn't actually gone, she loves sitting on her potty. She loves to run away and hide when we are in a hurry and trying to get her coat and shoes on to go out. She is going to be a great big sister. We are so grateful to have her as our daughter and know she will be a huge blessing in Harper's life as well.

107: Jan. 11, 2013- What can I say? She was not a fan of sledding. We thought she would love it, but between probably feeling like a giant marshmallow and having snow fly into her face, this is the reaction we received. It took us 3 times the amount of time to get ready then our actual sledding experience lasted...

109: January 20, 2013- Tonight after dinner Sage and I both had a vanilla pudding cup with chocolate whipped cream on top and sprinkles of course. And we of course sat at the little kid play table that Tony and Jeanne brought down from Paradise for her to use; she wouldn't have it any other way... and she always reminds us who brought it for her by saying "Papa" over and over as we sit there. As I sat down with her she signaled she wanted to say another prayer... I reminded her we said a prayer at dinner and didn't need to say one for our pudding. Next thing I knew she was up and walking over to the couch, folded her little arms, mumbled something and then I heard a big "AMEN" and she came back over and devoured her pudding.

110: Jan.22, 2013- I haven't been very good at blogging lately. My never ending to do list and last days of only having one child that I am trying to soak up are numbered and keeping me from sitting in front of the computer to blog. However, I do want to have some record of this time. I am growing more uncomfortable, which of course is to be expected. I have started going to the doctor every week. At my last appointment I was dilated to about a 2 and 60% effaced. Dr. Froerer scheduled me to be induced on February 8th if I don't go into labor before then. 16 days. If it wasn't for Taylor being sick with a bad cold and Sage's unexpected surgery, which is scheduled for next week, I would be walking the mall and trying every trick in the book like I did with Sage in hopes of going into labor today! Sage is scheduled to get her tonsils out on the 30th. I'm hoping for at least a few days with her before Harper makes her big debut. At Sage's 18 month check up her physician mentioned her tonsils were really large and asked if she snored, which she didn't. We didn't think too much of it until the last couple months her breathing at night and even during the day is really heavy. We chalked it up to her large tonsils and again didn't think twice about it. A couple week ago I noticed she had a lump on her neck so we took her in to the dr to get it checked out. It luckily was just a swollen lymph node, but the on call doctor we saw also mentioned her large tonsils. He asked if she has had frequent ear infections/colds which she really hasn't. We mentioned her heavy breathing and asked if there was anything to be concerned about with large tonsils and he said not unless she has frequent infections or sleep apnea. The last month or so we were thinking she was having night terrors because she wakes up so often throughout the night and is an extremely restless sleeper. We went home and researched sleep apnea and it sounded like we had found the answer we didn't know we were looking for. We contacted her primary physician who sent us to the ENT, who we visited this past week, who was not surprised that she would have sleep apnea with the size of her tonsils/adenoids which when her body is relaxed when sleeping block her airway. We have heard her heavy breathing, but never heard an apnea episode until a few nights ago when we paid closer attention knowing what we were listening for. Several times she went 15-20 seconds without breathing and then would take a big gasp of air. It really is scary. Although, it is not the best timing and there probably would never be a good time for this, we are grateful to know what is going on with her and are grateful we are able to get her the help she needs. We went to a pre-surgery prep class at the hospital tonight and Sage loved it. They gave her a little stuffed doll wearing a hospital gown and she got to play with some of the doctors equipment and walk around Primary Children's. I also got the chance to ask any questions and learn more about what to expect. It was really helpful. We find out the evening before what time she is scheduled for, but most likely will be first thing in the morning and she will be released the following morning. Our Harper will come when she is ready and it will work out whenever that'll be and we are thrilled to meet her. Hopefully we can all be healthy for her arrival though.

112: Jan.31, 2013- We survived yesterday. Sage had her scheduled tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday and did really well. She is a champ! Her Grandpa Tony and Taylor gave her a blessing that morning. We were not scheduled to be there until 10:00 am and her surgery wasn't until noon, so it was a difficult morning not being able to give her anything to eat. She was quite hysterical for her milk. Once we were there she did pretty well and was distracted with all the toys. We had taken a surgery prep class last week so she was familiar with where we were and with what to expect. She however, was really upset about the hospital bracelet and did not like the jammies she had to change into at first. She kept saying, "I go". Luckily after that huge meltdown the pre-surgery waiting room had the cars she was so excited about from our prep class the week before and we got the first and maybe only smile of the day. They gave her a sedative 20 minutes before taking her back, which she fought like it was the end of the world. We didn't think she had got any significant amount in because she was not as sedated as she should have been. However, when we walked down what seemed like a forever hall and the anesthesiologist took her from us, she just looked at him and you could tell she was loopy. Thankfully there were no tears. Well, at least no tears from her... I on the other hand was a mess. About 30 minutes later Dr. Hill came out and informed us that everything went really well and that if her oxygen levels remained good for the day and she was taking her pain meds and drinking that she could go ahead and go home that evening instead of staying the night. He later changed his mind as he started thinking about how small her airway was and wanted her to have a couple more doses of some steroid in her IV for the swelling. Better safe than sorry forsure. I was able to go back to the recovery room where I found her sound asleep on one of the nurses. When she awoke from the anesthesia the nurse said she cried for a second and then reached her little arms out and wanted to be held. They all said she was an angel. When the nurse gave her to me she laid her head back down and then looked around and called for her dada and then went right back to sleep. She was groggy for several hours and most of the day. Her oxygen levels were really good and she didn't need to be hooked up to any oxygen for very long. She had swallowed a little blood so threw up a couple times. The most difficult thing for her was the IV in her hand and the thing to measure her oxygen that was strapped to her toe. We had to keep her covered so she couldn't see it otherwise she would freak out. She drank some fruit punch slushy, ice, a little milk and even had some mac and cheese. She couldn't have done better. She is on loritab/ibprofin and amoxicillan for the next 10 days. She is doing really well today. They say the pain doesn't peak for a few days though until it starts to scab. We are just trying to stay on top of the pain and keep her hydrated. Taking her medicine is going to be the greatest challenge. I do have to note how awful our night nurse was... he was the nicest guy, but he had no common sense and was obnoxious. He was loud and would make a big production of taking her vitals. He would swing open the curtain with the bright light shining in and talked really loud and try to tell her stories about his puppy when she was sleeping; this was at 2:30 in the morning. He also was really rough holding her down to give her her medicine and would put all the medicine in at once so she would choke on it. Sage would just scream every time he came in and would yell, "go, go, go...." over and over until he left and then it would take us a little bit to get her calmed down again. It was a really long night. We both ended up staying the night and would switch off laying with her in the bed and laying on the fold out couch. We all survived and were all ready to go home this morning. The three of us curled up and took a nap when we got home. Sage woke up a couple hours later saying, "up" and signing that she wanted to eat. She had some sherbet and chocolate pudding for breakfast and requested more mac and cheese for lunch. She has also been walking around with a bottle of apple juice and a bottle of "bunny milk" (milk with the chocolate nesquick syrup- it has a bunny on the bottle). She is napping now. I will be induced a week from tomorrow. Thank you Harper for hanging in there this long and hopefully she will at least give us a few more days to give our Sage girl the extra attention, love and cuddles she is needing. We love our Sage!

116: Feb. 5, 2013- It has been just about a week since Sage's surgery and it has been exhausting! We knew the recovery would be difficult, but I don't think we were prepared for as difficult as it has been. Sage has taken medicine on a regular basis for acid reflux and has never really put up a fight, however, this past week of having to give her Lortab/ibprofin/amoxicillan has been one of the most challenging and heartbreaking parts of her recovery. As soon as she sees us open the cabinet with her medicine in it or if she even hears the word medicine she immediately starts crying and screaming, "no" and "way"(away-as in put it away). We physically have to hold her arms and legs down and hold her head and force her mouth open and hold her down until she swallows. She always gets so sad afterwards and just wants her blanket and to cuddle. To make it even worse, we are having to give her some medicine every 3 hours, even through the night. We have alarms set for midnight, 3 am and 6 am. It is so sad to wake her, but it is even more sad if we skip a dose of pain meds and she wakes up in pain. We know when she is hurting because she whimpers and holds her mouth closed tight and has drool running out of her mouth like a waterfall because she doesn't want to swallow. All the medicine upsets her stomach so she doesn't want to eat. Obviously if she didn't take her medicine on an empty stomach it would not upset her tummy as badly, but how do you explain that to an almost 2 year old? We have had to stretch our imaginations and creativity to try and come up with ways to get her to drink and eat. We got her a new Elmo/Abby Cadabby cup and at any given time you will find that cup along with a bottle of milk, bottle of water, bottle of juice, bottle of chocolate milk, her strawberry straw cup, her regular sippy cup, mommy's cup with the turquoise straw out for her to drink... We have been stocked up on pudding, applesauce, yogurt, ice-cream, sorbet, popsicles, mac and cheese, soup... we have got Sonic ice and icees for her. It is exhausting! Her schedule is so thrown off and she is just as exhausted. The timing of this has not been ideal, but we have loved and are soaking up all the extra hugs and snuggles.

119: Meeting Harper We have been so excited for Sage to become a big sister. We knew it would be an adjustment, but with her surgery scheduled just 9 days before Harper's arrival and the difficult recovery she was experiencing we knew her world was going to be turned upside down. She has done pretty well, but has definitely been acting out with lots of tantrums. She has also been waking in the night hysterical. She screams so hard she makes herself throw up. One night we changed her jammies and bedding 3 times. We have been up several hours a night with her. The past couple nights haven't be great but have been significantly better. Jeanne came to stay with Sage and brought her to the hospital to meet her sister. Their meeting did not go as expected. Sage was still in a lot of pain and was due for another dose of Lortab, so when she got there and saw me hooked up to the IV and with the hospital gown on, she wanted nothing to do with me. After getting some medicine and sitting with her daddy, she came around a little. We had a present for her to open from Harper, which included a Best Big Sister book, Big Sister jammies and a new baby doll. We also planned for Jeanne to pick up a cupcake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy. We had practiced singing happy birthday to Harper for weeks. Jeanne also took her to pick up a few balloons. The nurse bathed her in the room so Sage could help. By the end of her visit Harper got her fair share of kisses and has since been smothered with kisses every chance Sage gets.

121: Valentine's Day

123: Our girl is almost 2! We can't believe it! We love you more and more every day. We love everything about you. You are sweet and sassy. You are helpful and funny. You have the best imagination. You are caring and sensitive. You will always be our little bug. We can't imagine life without you.

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