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Sally Moore's Monomythe Project

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FC: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and the Monomyth | By: Sally Moore

1: Stage One: Departure

2: Christopher John Francis Boone, an aspiring astronaut, is taken to the police station one night. He hit a police officer after being accused of stabbing a poodle with a garden fork. "I didn't kill the dog," Christopher told a police officer at the station (Haddon 17). | Being a special needs child, Christopher is released by the police with a caution or warning. His arrived and drove him home. On the ride home, Christopher voices his interest to find the real murderer. His father tells him not to | investigate and to "leave it" (Haddon 20). The two argue in the car and Christopher replies, at one point, "Yes, I was listening to what you were saying, but when someone gets murdered you have to find out who did it so that they can be punished" (Haddon 20). | THE CALL

3: REFUSAL of the CALL | Christopher's increasing curiosity leads him around the neighborhood asking neighbors questions about the murder. This is a big step for him because Christopher does not enjoy talking with strangers much. Once again, Christopher's father intervenes with his case making him promise to "give up [the] ridiculous game..." (Haddon 50).

4: SUPERNATURAL AID | By this statement, Mrs. Alexander means that Christopher's mother cheated on his father with Mr. Shears. She explains this so Christopher can understand why "[his] father thinks Mr. Shears is an evil man" (Haddon 60). | During one of Mrs. Alexander's talks with Christopher, she tells him that "[his] mother, before she died, was very good friends with Mr. Shears" (Haddon 60). | Throughout the book, Mrs. Alexander acts as a supernatural aid for Christopher. She continually feeds Christopher's hunger to know who killed Wellington.

5: Christopher's father becomes extremely angry about Christopher's investigation. He takes away the book Christopher is writing about the murder and hides it. While Christopher is searching for his book one day, he comes across | "an envelope addressed to [him] that was lying under [his] book in [a] shirt box with some other envelopes (Haddon 94). These envelopes contained many letters that his mother had written him. This proved that she had not died in the hospital like Christopher's father had said. At first,Christopher did not understand this. He had to read some of the other letters before he came to this shocking realization. | CROSSING the THRESHOLD

6: The day that Christopher realizes his mother is still alive, his father finds him in physical and mental shock. After cleaning Christopher up, his father tells him the truth. | Christopher's father tells him that he killed Wellington because his close friend, Mrs. Shears, "cared more for that bloody dog more than [him], for [them]" (Haddon 121). | Christopher becomes terrified of his own father since he murdered a dog. Christopher believes that "[his father] could murder [him], because [he] couldn't trust him...because he had told a lie about a big thing" (Haddon 122). | BELLY of the WHALE

7: ROAD of TRIALS | Christopher becomes so afraid that his father will kill him that he decides to go find his mother in London. He encounters many obstacles during his journey including finding the train station, having to buy a ticket, dealing with "lots of people on the train," running away from a police officer, hiding behind luggage, feeling over crowded and not being able to get on the next train, losing Toby, almost being hit by a train, buying a map, and finding his mother's home (Haddon 158). Once at his mother's house Christopher takes a bath and admits that he is "very tired" (Haddon 193). It's incredible that Christopher made it to his mothers house all the way in London. Before this trip, he had only been as far as the store in his neighborhood.

8: MEETING with the GODDESS | Christopher's teacher Siobhan acts as the goddess in this book because she is always there for him. | She mentors him at school and her words follow Christopher on his journey to London. | While he was anxious on his adventure, Christopher used Siobhan's words and "pictured in [his] head a big red line across the floor at [his] feet...because sometimes when [he] is frightened or angry it helps...which is something Siobhan taught [him]" (Haddon 154). | This is just one of the many instances where Siobhan contributes to the betterment of Christopher.

9: TEMPTATION | from the | TRUE PATH | Mrs. Shears constantly pulls Christopher down during the course of the book. She believes Christopher killed Wellington and "doesn't want to see him" (Haddon 30). "If you don't go now I will call the police again," Mrs. Shears tells Christopher while he worked on his case (Haddon 31). Her negativity sticks with Christopher throughout the book as a voice in the back of his head.

10: ATONEMENT | with | the | FATHER | This stage occurs when Christopher's father presents Christopher "a project [they] have to do together" (Haddon 219). This project includes Christopher spending more time with his father, and Christopher's father proving that he is trustworthy. Christopher's father then brings out a "sandy-colored dog" for Christopher to keep (Haddon 219). This shows a sense of closure between the two men.

11: APOTHEOSIS | During the last few pages of the book Christopher reveals that he "got the results of [his] maths A level and [he] got an A grade" (Haddon 220). This achievement has been expressed all through the novel as a goal of Christopher's. After all the trauma he endured on his adventure to London, Christopher still managed to do wonderfully on his huge exam. Christopher also indicated his happy feelings toward this accomplishment. All of this gave Christopher a sense of confidence and pride that he has not quite felt before.

12: REFUSAL to RETURN | Since he ran away, Christopher is asked "[if] [he] want[s] to go back to Swidon to [his] father or [if] [he] want[s] to stay [here]" by the officer (Haddon 195). Christopher "want[s] to stay [here]" at his mother's (Haddon 195). This is the refusal to return because it hinders Christopher in the progress he is making to realize his true potential. | The first night Christopher stays at his mother's apartment, a police officer comes to talk to Christopher.

13: MASTER of TWO WORLDS | Christopher finds his confidence at the end of the book. He plans to go to a college and then "get a First Class Honors degree...and become a scientist" (Haddon 221). His confidence flourishes because he knows he is great. | "[He] know[s] [he] can do this because [he] went to London on [his] own, and because [he] solved the mystery of Who Killed Wellington? and [he] found [his] mother and [he] was brave and [he] wrote a book and that means [he] can do anything" (Haddon 221)).

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