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Sara's Retirement

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Sara's Retirement - Page Text Content

S: Sara Culhane, Fostering Healthy Futures Research Director, 2000-2012

BC: We will dearly miss you

FC: 2000-2012

1: Where it all began...

2: That fateful day. What were you thinking?

3: And here our work was born...... | Which way is north?

4: And here it flourished

8: We had a model

9: Some federal funding

10: And a knockout team

11: Year after year

17: Amazing that several of us never aged!

18: Your favorite - training the RAs

19: We had many successes

20: None of which would have been

21: possible without you

22: Publication Party!!

24: Things you'll miss

25: Things you won't miss

26: You actually can't retire yet, because we owe you so much comp time

27: And because they haven't finished the walkway

28: But alas, we know it's time for you to have some new adventures...

29: Here's our way of sending you off with a big hug

30: Dear Sara, Congratulations on your approaching retirement! What a career! You should be so proud of the impact you have had on children, families, and students during your time at FHF. What a meaningful and wonderful career you have had that your work has made such a significant impact in the lives of others. I am so grateful for the training and mentorship you provided while I was a research assistant at FHF. You demonstrated passion & conviction in your work, and balance in your life. I appreciate that you demonstrated the ability to have meaningful work and take time for your personal passions and family. I frequently reference the experiences I had while doing home-visits and the insight I gained about how one’s environment contributes to mental health issues. It was an eye-opening experience to be present in homes that were chaotic or uncleanly and increased my empathy for and appreciation of the barriers people have to overcome. Some of my favorite memories at FHF, outside of the actual work, were swapping stories with you about travels and recreational activities. I loved hearing about your tennis tournaments and sharing my last snowboarding adventure. Watching Guthry brings back good memories as well. I loved taking her for walks and getting kisses from her She was such a sweet dog and probably prepared me for helping to raise my boyfriend’s puppy when I moved to Washington. I hope that you will have many more adventures in the coming years! I know your adventurous spirit will keep you occupied! I’ll be starting a 1-year postdoc fellowship in Home-Based Primary Care/Geropsychology in September at the San Diego VA. Please stay in touch! It has been such a pleasure to know you! Jill Gjerde

31: Sara: Best wishes for your retirement! I am very fortunate that our professional paths crossed. I appreciate having had the chance to work with you, even if only for a year! After leaving FHF, I went to graduate school at Drexel University and am currently completing my internship at the University of California, San Diego-San Diego VA consortium. Next year, I'll be starting a postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, working with individuals with PTSD and other anxiety disorders. My professional roots began at the Kempe Center, and you were an instrumental part of that. I'm grateful for the valuable lessons I learned and experiences I gained while working with you and the FHF team. I hope your retirement is as fulfilling as your career surely was! Sincerely, Elizabeth Goetter

32: Working for FHF and with Sara still proves to be the most interesting, intense, and rewarding job I've ever had. I worked three summers on the project where I learned from Sara how to be both compassionate and smart when examining even the toughest cases. I appreciated her insight and drive. Many blessings to Sara as she moves into retirement and to FHF as they look for a new person to try to match Sara's contributions. (P.S. I've attached a picture of myself with my new baby, Severin Jude. He's four months old. We live in Oregon now, close to my family. But we miss Colorado!)

33: Sara, Congratulations on your retirement! How exciting for you, but tough for FHF to lose you! It was wonderful working with you and getting to know you back in 2006-2007. Thanks for being a wonderful example of how to work hard but also play hard. In your retirement, I know that you will continue to live life to the fullest! I’m wishing you all the best as you open this new chapter. Congratulations, Susan (Whittle) Duncombe

34: Congratulations, Sara! You've had an incredible career and have done some amazing work to help kids in need. Your work with these vulnerable kids is truly admirable and remarkable; thank you for your service. You were always so kind and patient towards me, even when I messed up the data entry. :) It was a pleasure working with you, even if it was brief. I'm currently living in Ft. Worth, TX and continue to work at the VA hospital (6 years now) in mental health. My husband, Joe, and I moved to Ft. Worth about a year and a half ago, from Denver, so that he could attend the University of North Texas film program. Joe is getting his MFA in Documentary film. He has one year left and we're hoping to move back to Colorado once he graduates. Wishing you a wonderful retirement filled with travel, relaxation and leisure. You've worked so hard, now it's your turn to sit back and relax. Enjoy writing this next chapter in your life. Best wishes for a happy retirement, Marisa Duran

35: Sara, Congratulations on your retirement. It was pleasure working for you at Kempe. Your wonderful work has made a huge difference to FHF, the children and myself. You are a great mentor, supervisor and friend to me. I will always remember your enormous love for your grandchildren and other children. Also I miss chatting with you about our lovely dogs. Enjoy more tennis! Love, Dongmei

36: Dear Sara- Congratulations on your retirement! Currently, I am working half-time as a Victim Services Officer for the State of Colorado Probation Department, and half-time in private practice. I look back fondly on my time with FHF. I truly appreciated the opportunity to affiliate with The Kempe Center, as the experience opened many professional doors for me. I will always be grateful. Best wishes to you, Shawna Henry-Lange

37: Hi Sara! Thank you for being such a great mentor when I was working on the FHF project – people like you gave me the best experiences and memories during grad school. I hope I can do the same now as I work with students at DU. Best of luck with your next set of adventures! Best, Ann

38: Hi Sara! Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! You will surely be missed at the Fostering Healthy Futures program. I have such fond memories of working with you during the summer of 2005 when I was a research assistant. The work of the program is absolutely amazing and I was honored to be a very small part it. You led the team with such grace and intelligence. Since that time, I graduated from DU's Graduate School of Social Work, earned my LCSW and have been working as the Program Director for Byrne Urban Scholars. It's been very rewarding to continue my work with underserved youth in this position. On a personal note, I got married to a wonderful man named Silas last July and we are now expecting our first baby in October. Needless to say, it's been an extremely exciting and life-changing year. Thank you for all of the amazing work you have done over the years. I wish you all the best in your well-deserved retirement! Sincerely, Amanda (Brown) Campbell

39: Dear Sara, Wishing you a happy and fulfilling retirement, with much well deserved time for anything that brings you joy and satisfaction. Thank you for the meaningful role you played in my life during my postdoctoral fellowship at Kempe, both professionally and personally. Although you had no formal commitment towards me, you reached out and helped me in a very meaningful way, first with my DPRG proposal and then with my dog Benji. In addition to my appreciation of your knowledge and wisdom, I will always be grateful to you for taking Benji into your home during Edden's hospitalization, and giving him the care and shelter during our time of crisis. This act of kindness was an essential part of the strive to bring our dog back home. Benji is still with us and continues to be a wonderful, joyous and loving companion to our family. Since our return to Israel I am working at the Israeli Center for Treatment of Psychotrauma in Jerusalem, directing the medical resilience unit that runs programs for patients and their caregivers (e.g. Telephone counseling for parents of children who complete oncological treatments, resilience workshops for cancer survivors and medical caregivers, and studying the impact of living under constant threat of missile attacks on the physical health of children in southern Israel). Edden is about to successfully complete another year of chemotherapy, his third battle with the brain tumor, that recurred twice since his diagnosis and surgery. Although this hasn't been easy, we have much to celebrate, and are blessed with excellent care and much support. He is now 16, a young man with a strong spirit, despite his limitations. If you are planning to travel, please know that we would love to have you visit and stay with us! All the best and much love, Neta Bargai

41: Sara - I wish you the best of luck and health as you embark on this new chapter. The reach of your work is beyond our imaginations - congratulations on a meaningful and generous career. Best, Denise Onofrey

42: Dear Sara, I remember working for you on the FHF project quite a few years ago. The PRA position was my first 'real' job after college and I learned so much from you that year. Your poise and professionalism were striking to me, even from the first day I met you. I had so much respect for you and wanted to make sure to stay up on all my work so that when we had meetings (and I was so excited to be involved in 'meetings' in my first real job!!!) I had everything prepared. I remember the second training I was involved in for the interviewers, it was with a large group of new students and we were going through how to correctly consent the caregivers. You called on me out of the whole group to act out how I consent caregivers, and then complimented me on my delivery. It was a small thing, and totally in passing, but it stuck with me and I was so proud of my consent! I don't know if I ever told you how much of a role-model you were to me during my time with FHF, and now is a great opportunity to let you know. Thank you for setting a good example for me right out of the gate and giving me inspiration to keep working towards my goals. Right now I am living in Florida. I have just completed my second year of medical school (I'm taking my boards in a month, yikes!). I decided to attend an Osteopathic Medical School where I am learning to use tactile skills to help my patients. In a year I'll be moving to New York to complete my rotations and apply for residency. I recently got married almost a year ago to an amazing man, Brett, who is currently getting a PhD in pharmacoeconomics. He is also from Colorado and we both hope to move back someday when we're ready to start our careers! Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for being one of my earliest professional role models. I wish you all the best! -Julie Bemski

43: Dear Sara, Congratulations on your retirement! I truly enjoyed my time at FHF, particularly the time I was able to spend with you parsing out coding questions and improving the surveys. Even after all of these years (I can't believe how long it has been!), I am still impressed by how kind, patient, and caring you were towards me. I have the highest respect for you both as a professional, and as a person. Thank you for being a such wonderful teacher and friend. My warmest wishes and most sincere gratitude, Laura

44: l | Dear Sara, Congratulations on your retirement, I hope you have some exciting adventures planned! My favorite memory of you from my time at FHF is probably how calm and collected you always were, no matter what the circumstances, but what a cantankerous little kid you could be when it came time to test our WIAT administration skills. After working as a family advocate and then a clinic social worker with pregnant and parenting teens at Children's, I am now finishing up my first year as the social worker for a charter school. I work with middle school and high school students, and often wonder if I have any FHF kiddos among them. One day, I did see the letter requesting school records on our secretary's desk and I told her, "That used to be my job, so make sure you get that done, 'cause it's really important!". My time at FHF will always rank high as one of my most rewarding and interesting jobs ever, and the knowledge and skills I gained there have served me well throughout my career. Best wishes, Michelle Brunner (now Wheeler)

45: Sara, It is safe to say that in my seasons with FHF, I learned so much from you. Your guidance and teaching inspired me to continue to work with at risk youth. I have no doubt that you, and the work to which you dedicated yourself, have touched thousands. You deserve to relax! Enjoy retirement! Best wishes, Kelsey McNeillSara, It is safe to say that in my seasons with FHF, I learned so much from you. Your guidance and teaching inspired me to continue to work with at risk youth. I have no doubt that you, and the work to which you dedicated yourself, have touched thousands. You deserve to relax! Enjoy retirement! Best wishes, Kelsey McNeillSara, It is safe to say that in my seasons with FHF, I learned so much from you. Your guidance and teaching inspired me to continue to work with at risk youth. I have no doubt that you, and the work to which you dedicated yourself, have touched thousands. You deserve to relax! Enjoy retirement! Best wishes, Kelsey McNeill

46: Sara, I was so saddened to hear that you will be leaving FHF! You most definitely deserve the gift of retirement but your name has become synonymous with FHF for me! I know that you will be a missed and are most definitely an irreplaceable part of the team and project. Every time I came into the office I looked forward to seeing you and learning something from you. You stick in my mind as one of the most intelligent women I have met in my life and I appreciated all of your mentoring on my thesis and while working on the FHF project with you. I wish you all the relaxation, adventure and happiness in your retirement that you can hold (and that includes pockets :) My experience at FHF came at such an important time in my life. I had worked in residential treatment for several years and really needed a positive experience, one that revived my hope and energy for my future work with at risk youth...FHF gave me that and so much more. Today I am working as an intensive in-home therapist for Denver Children's Home. I use my knowledge, experience and hope that I gained from FHF everyday when working with youth and their families. Thank you Sara for sharing your inspiration and wisdom, I am so very thankful to have been able to work with you in my much too short time at FHF. All my best to you and your family! Edyta Biegunajtys

47: Sara, Thank you for your guidance into the research and clinical world! I learned a great deal from working with you, and I am very appreciative of my time spent with FHF. Wishing you the best as you begin your next adventure! Best, Rachel

48: Sara, Thank you for believing in and valuing me when I did not believe in or value myself. My time at Kempe was a roller-coaster, but I walked away with very valuable life lessons and seeds of growth. Really thanks to your support and kindness. I am currently working on my master in Marriage and Family Therapy, working on specializing in trauma/abuse cases. I love every minute of it, well most minutes, and am planning to pursue the PH.D level next fall. I hope that one day I can make an impact on the world, just as Kempe pioneered long ago. This passion was further ingrained at my time at Kempe. I am so grateful to have had the experience I did and the unknown support I had at Kempe. Thank you for being part of my motivation and support. Gratefully, Tabitha N. Webster

49: Dear Sara, How could I forget our weekly coding meetings and countless hours spent de-stickying all the interviews! You taught me so much about being very purposeful when coding and the importance of adhering to the research protocol to avoid drift as much as possible. All the work we did using the MCS also inspired me to continue exploring this measure for use with my own research. I am just about to finish the third year of my program, and recently completed my qualifying exams so now I'm ABD! I am planning to write my dissertation on the relationship between parental substance abuse and child neglect. I am also working as a therapist at a local child maltreatment center doing both center-based and in home work. All the experience going into our family's homes and tracking them certainly prepared me for the work I'm doing now! I also have been fortunate to be reunified with my younger half-sister after searching for my birthmother. She is also adopted and lives in Fort Collins. In a very short period of time we have become incredibly close! I have included a picture of us together. It's amazing to finally share a family resemblance with someone, and the experience has been utterly life changing! I will be eternally grateful for all the work I did with you and the FHF team because it inspired me to pursue a career researching child maltreatment and helping families heal. I wish you all the best in your retirement and am so excited for you! I'm sure you are looking forward to spending more time with your family during all your free time! Best, Jenn

50: Dear Sara, Congratulations on your retirement! I’m so excited for you! Although your retirement will clearly be a great loss to the FHF program, your support and dedication have left an incredible impact. I want to personally thank you for the impact that you have had on my career and personal growth over the last two years. I distinctly remember meeting you during orientation and struggling through interview scenarios with a rather “difficult participant” who was, of course, portrayed by yourself. Whether it was a question regarding data or interview technique, you always had the answer and were willing to take the time to impart your knowledge to us. Your support and encouragement also left a significant mark. Throughout my time with FHF I sought your advice on several occasions, especially regarding potential career paths and you were always willing to lend an ear as well as thoughtful advice. Thank you for taking the time not only to teach me, but also to support and encourage me to find a career path that inspired me. Your dedication and passion for your work always amazed me and I hope that when I find my career I will be as engaged and happy as you were. I am starting grad school in the fall at DU’s Graduate School of Social Work and look forward to hopefully becoming a middle school social worker in a few years. Good luck with your retirement! Enjoy your free time, travel, and don’t forget to relax! I have no doubt that the future still has many adventures in store for you. Thank you again for your thoughtful teaching, patient encouragement, and inspiring attitude. Sincerely, Laurel Story

51: Dear Sara, It has been a pleasure to get to know you while working on the Fostering Healthy Futures project. Your knowledge and expertise has benefitted the project as well as the individuals involved. I feel especially lucky to have had the chance to work with you as I pursue my own research interests and contemplate my future goals. Under your guidance, I have completed my master’s thesis and transformed that work into a publishable manuscript. This experience has been one of the most meaningful of my life to date, and has helped me to discover my strengths and passions. As you know, I have decided to pursue further graduate study in psychology. I hope one day to make a positive difference in the lives of at-risk children through providing therapeutic services and contributing to research. It is largely because of your mentorship that I have been able to realize what is most important to me. I am so grateful to have had the chance to learn from you as I prepare for the future. Your work has given hope to maltreated children and their families and inspired the next generation of researchers and service providers. Best wishes, Sarah Perzow

52: Sara, I have enjoyed getting to know you and have great admiration for the work that you do. I have particularly fond memories of your role plays as a "difficult" youth interviewee during training. You certainly presented us with some challenges and entertainment! Take care and I wish you the best in your next adventure! Katie Lange

53: Dear Sara, It has been so wonderful and such a great learning experience to be a part of Fostering Healthy Futures. Thank you for everything you have contributed to my own participation in this project and to all of the many kiddos that have been helped along the way. I wish you rest, relaxation and enjoyment in your upcoming life adventure. Leah Chelist

54: Sara, Wow, it will be hard to think about FHF without thinking of you and all that you've done for the program. You and Heather make such a great team and I know for some time after you retire they will be feeling your loss. I don't really know which memory to pick as my favorite Sara moment. I will always smile when I think about my training and how much you seemed to enjoy your role as the difficult youth “Johnny” or Suzy”. I will also say that almost all of the pretend scenarios did happen while being an RA so I know you didn't do it just to make us squirm I think what I value the most from working with you is the invaluable advice and support you've given me in regards to my future. It's not really a surprise that you and Heather designed a mentoring program when you both are such great mentors. I remember after I failed to get into graduate school feeling like an absolute failure and in just a 15 minute conversation with you I felt amazingly better. You were both realistic and encouraging in your advice to me. I was all wound up and you were able to calm me down and motivate me to start looking at next steps with renewed energy. I hope that although you are retiring that I can still contact you once in awhile for that amazing advice as well as just to chat. So I will not say farewell in this note but rather Congratulations on an amazing career at Kempe. I hope you take some well deserved time to celebrate and relax. Leigh | P.S. I wanted to include a picture of Ben, Maddie and I but sadly Maddie is still pretty camera shy, so here is us a little bit ago trying to fit her in the picture (she is gripping the bed in fear). As a dog owner, I thought you would appreciate this.

55: Dear Sara, Although I have not had a lot of opportunities to work with you directly, I feel honored to be part of such an amazing project that you helped create. One great memory I do have is of you role-playing “Johnny”, the interviewee, in training. We all thought you were pretty funny , but also very helpful! A quick update on where I am at in life: Still working as an RA for FHF (as you know), and I hope to continue working on and contributing to the project as long as I can! I have the last class of my Masters program this summer, and in the fall will begin seeing clients in practicum on campus (UC Denver). I am a little nervous, but I do feel like my experiences with “challenging” kids and caregivers (especially through the interview process) will prove to be very beneficial in the counseling room! As far as the future, I have goals to work in a variety of settings as a therapist for children and families (particularly those that have been traumatized through maltreatment), and eventually I would like to go back to school to pursue a doctorate. I'd love to get some advice from you sometime on what type of program would fit me best! I wish you joy, intense relaxation, and peace of mind and pride in knowing that you have made significant contributions in working toward improving the lives of maltreated children. Thank you for sharing your experience, wisdom, and stories! Allison Bratsch

56: Dear Sara, I am almost glad that I no longer work at FHF so that I don't have to bear witness to your departure! I can't imagine the project or the team without you. You and Heather work together like a well-oiled machine, and your calm, supportive, and caring presence has anchored the whole team. And of course, who will take over the dreaded IRB applications?? I'm guessing those may have driven you to an early retirement!) In addition to the unbelievable research mentorship you provided to me during my time at FHF, I will always take with me a more tangible reminder of you. You may not remember, but in the days leading up to Niev’s birth, Paul and I had already decided on her name but were still unsure of how to spell it (Niv? Neve? Neev?) As we were sitting around the table waiting for an FHF meeting to start, you suggested spelling it like Liev Schreiber—and so it is! I wish you lots of adventures, relaxation, and quality time with Jim ahead as you revisit old hobbies and establish some new ones. I hope I’ll get to hear about some of them! Fondly, Tali

57: Dear Sara, Congratulations on your retirement! Even though I have known about it for a year now, I still am having trouble imaging FHF without you. I really cherish the time I had at FHF and feel you were a big part of making it such a great experience. I definitely learned a lot from working with you and feel my work is better as a result. Although I love where I am at now, I miss the positive atmosphere that you and Heather have created. Being a part of a team that really cares about the work but also finds ways to laugh and enjoy each others' company is special. I also very much enjoyed the spirited clinical and research discussions we had at FHF :-). I hope to keep in touch and I wish you all the best!! Christie

58: Sara, I am extremely grateful for the guidance and wisdom you have imparted on me over the past 6 years. Thank you so much for being so generous with your time - I have learned so much from you. More than being a wonderful colleague, you have been a good friend and I'll especially miss our conversations about movies and tennis. While it's a sad day for your friends on FHF, I hope it is the beginning of a wonderful chapter in your life. I wish you much peace, happiness, and rest and relaxation in retirement! Edward

59: Sara – You have been such a pillar of strength for FHF and all the kids it has enrolled and served! While I have said it in meetings before, the ways in which you and Heather established a truly collaborative and synergistic approach to this work is as impressive as it is unique. A testament to both of you, your strengths and your relationship. I will greatly miss your empathic yet clear and logical approach to organizing what are so often very messy clinical situations. Thank you so much for all you have done to help me feel a part of this team. I do so hope you embrace your retirement with the same passion and zeal as you've shown here at FHF. I'd say goodbye but I think you'll be back to help us in many ways great and small, so instead.. with warmest well wishes, John

60: Dear Sara, Congratulations on your retirement! I hope that you find this time relaxing and enjoyable. It was such an honor to have worked with you. I’ve learned so much from you and am so very thankful for all of your support and guidance. You are a very special person to me in many ways and I will miss seeing you. I hope that you will keep in touch and that I will see you from time to time. Jenny

61: Dear Sara, When I first started working with the Fostering Healthy Futures program, I was consistently in awe of the amazing program that you and Heather had created. I always felt so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful intervention and team. I was also always impressed with the intelligence and thoughtfulness that you brought to all of the discussions regarding the program from both a research and clinical perspective. I truly was so lucky to be working in the company of such greatness. I learned so much from working with you and feel that my skills and knowledge were broadened and grew because I had the privilege to learn from you on a regular basis. I also loved coming to work every day! We did difficult work with the Fostering Healthy Futures program, but working with you helped me to keep advocating for the children. You were a supportive and caring colleague and a good friend. I wish you the all the best in your retirement. The field will not be the same without you! Thank you. Becky

62: Super colleague Admirably ethical and insightful Rigorous researcher extraordinaire Always expanded the ideas at the table Curious intellectual Uber calm and reliable Leaves a legacy at FHF Hoping retirement brings you joy All those papers published Now on to new adventures Everyone will miss you here! Wishing you all the best, Orah

63: Sara Congratulations on your retirement! You deserve it! It has been a pleasure and honor working with you. I have learned so much from you and have appreciated your willingness to slow down and explain things to me. Not only are you a fabulous researcher but you also have had shared such valuable sound clinical perspectives as well. You are an invaluable part of FHF and you will be greatly missed! As we say to the kids on graduation night (I adapted it a little) - Congratulations on all of your accomplishments over your career. I will miss you. Here 's to a happy and and healthy future. Enjoy it!!!! Warmest wishes, Robyn

64: Sara, Congratulations on retirement! I have learned a tremendous amount from you in the last three and a half years that we've worked together. I have a great deal of respect for your knowledge, wisdom, and good research and clinical judgment. We all will experience a great loss with your retirement. I wish enjoyment, happiness, and relaxation for you in the years to come. Warmly, Melody Combs

65: My friend Neil Sorokin had always talked about Sara, and how much he liked her, and so it was a great pleasure to get to know Sara directly. I remember Sara's calm, sensible, and sensitive demeanor as we developed and executed FHF's program. You can always count on a thoughtful, reasoned, and tempered response from Sara, to help you clarify whatever problem you are trying to solve. In addition to our work together, I always loved talking with Sara about tennis, Bob Dylan, and our families. She is a great friend; I feel terrible we've lost touch, but life gets so full. I hope we can find ways to connect in the coming years, Sara! Congratulations on retiring; you've helped develop a fantastic program! Daniel Hettleman

66: Once in a while, but not very often, a person comes along who has so many gifts that it is almost hard to believe. Unfortunately, sometimes people with numerous gifts do not possess one of the most important ones.that of humility. When I first meet you Sara, I was struck by the many gifts that you have. You are brilliant, you are physically beautiful, you have a great sense of humor, you believe in the dignity of all and you interact with people in a way that always makes them feel like they are most important person in the room at that moment. Not to mention that you LOVE dogs which actually should have been number one on this listand you can even play tennis! When I think about my time at FHF I treasure those early days when it was you, Daniel, Heather and me. You three had already figured out a lot about the program by the time I joined you but I felt honored to be able to contribute as time went on. I remember those days as ones that were amazing in so many ways, and on top of it, a hoot. We did have some laughs didn’t we? I couldn’t believe my good fortunate in landing on such a well-functioning team of really smart, really fine and really fun people. So much of what I do in my current job is based on what I learned from all of you at FHF. What a treat it is to see how the program has grown and the success that you have had. I don’t know what you are planning next for yourself but whatever it is I have no doubt that it will be something amazing for you and for those around you. Given how humble you are of course you are already disagreeing with that but that’s okay. The world knows how incredible you are—simple fact! I’m not sure that Heather thinks she will survive without you at FHF but we all know that your wisdom will continue to be part of any future program and I know that she is excited for you (don’t we teach FHF children that it is possible to hold two conflicting feelings in your heart at the same time)? Those of us who have had the gift of getting to know you along the way will always carry part of you with us wherever we go. I’m not sure that you will ever know how much I learned from you and how much I have always admired how you use your gifts---all with a graceful humility. With great admiration, Ann (and Ben who always thought you were “awesome”)

68: - Considered the legal ramifications of many zany ideas; - Learned that “risk behaviors” could be written as “risk behavior;” - Been able to write a budget justification, measurement section, analysis plan, or create consistent headings (please note the semicolon after every item in the list!) | - Gotten COMIRB approval; - Known how to write a memo; - Fallen in love with baked chips; - Known what a ladder was in tennis; - Known that Thursdays were Gyro days; - Understood points in Weight Watchers; - Survived the tumultuous years at Kempe; - Known the difference between iPad, iPods and iTouches; -Struggled with how many spaces go after a period; | Sara, if not for you, I would never have.... | I will dearly miss all these discussions, debates, and even the debacles.

69: Sara, You have been the most amazing co-worker, confidant, and friend. I really don’t know what I will do without you, but I find a small bit of solace in knowing that you’ll still be down the street when not off on your worldly adventures. I am refusing to say goodbye, because I know our friendship will withstand your loss from FHF. Instead, I will leave you with a quote from Wicked (what else would you expect?). | I've heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most to grow If we let them And we help them in return Well, I don't know if I believe that's true But I know I'm who I am today Because I knew you... | So let me say before we part So much of me Is made from what I learned from you You'll be with me Like a handprint on my heart.... | Love, Heather

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