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Savanna 6th Period

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Savanna 6th Period - Page Text Content

FC: Savanna Grassland | By: Jordan Guyton, Jordan Hoffman, David Cazares, and Jackson Kelly

1: Table of Contents | 2-5 - Geographer 6-9- Botanist 10-12- Environmentalist 13-16- Zoologist

2: David | Climate In the savanna th highs are 93 F Average and Lows are 61 f Average | Description The Savanna is a grassland with spread out trees and lots of grass. | Rainfall From 23.5 to 100 cm average.

3: Geographer | Seasons There are 2 seasons the Dry Season and the Wet Season. | Elevation 250 to 350 ft. from sea level.

4: David | The Future If global warming continues the savanna will loose areas of grass and all animals will be endangered. There is also chances that they will be turned into forests. | Acts of Help Common recycling can help stop global warming.

5: David

6: Jordan G | Bermuda Grass | A common grass in the Savanna. | Candelabra Tree | A tree that looks like it is brushed it upwards. | Elephant Grass | Eucalyptus | A tree that's leaves are used for many resources.

7: Jordan G. | Jarrah Tree | A tall tree that is pointed strait up. | River Buswillow | A plant that has spiky things on it. | Whistling Thorn | This plant has thorns sticking from it.

8: Jordan G. | Elephant Grass | A very tall grass. | Jackalberry Tree | A tall tree that many animals live in. | Kangaroo Paw | A beautiful flower.

9: Jordan G. | Manketti Tree | This tree is one that looks like it's always dead. | All grasses are the dominant plants in the Savanna.

10: Jackson | This is a population density map of Asia | Population | The Savanna is Spread all over the world | The light blue represents the Savanna

11: Jackson | Environmental Concerns | Wildfires are a big concern in the savanna, especially during the dry season when there is little to no rain | There are many animals in Asia. Many of their skins are valuable. Therefore, they are illegally killed and their skin is sold

12: Jackson | Human Involvement | Humans clearing land in the savanna is a huge involvement. They take animals homes and clear them for farming | Homeless Animals

13: Left: lion Right top: leopard Bottom right: Cheetah | All of the animals on this page are carnivores. They eat meat and and are types of cats. | Carnivores | Jordan H | leopards are also found in Asia

14: All the animals on this page are herbivores - eat plants. | These animals graze on the grasses of the savannas. the elephant and the giraffe eat leaves and bark of trees that are scattered across the savannas. | Left: Elephant Top Right: Zebra Bottom Right: Giraffe | Herbivores | Jordan H. | The elephant is also found in Asia

15: The tiger is a carnivore: eats animals. Also found in Asia | The hyena is a omnivore: it eats both plants and animals. | Jordan H.

16: This is a Warthog. It is an omnivore. It eats small mammals, roots, fungi and eggs. | The hippo is herbivore. it eats the water grasses and hay. | Jordan H.

17: 1. | The elephant and giraffe are large animals and have no worry about being hunted. the zebras on the other hand, is fast and has a powerful kick | The hippo is considered the 3rd most dangerous animal. It is a monstrous animal with large teeth. The warthog has large tusks for self defense. | The Cats of the savanna are mammals and have huge claws and canine teeth. They can run fast and hide in the grass. | The elephant does many things for the animals in the savanna, they dig holes in the ground for when it rains it fills with water and becomes a drinking hole. | Relationships and Adaptations

18: 1. Name a tree from the savanna. 2. What is a major destroyer of the savanna? | 3. What are the three animals that are herbivores in this presentation? | 4. List two animals that are also from Asia. | 5. Which country on the map is most densely populated? | QUESTIONS

19: 6. What is one of the main environmental concerns in the Savanna? | 7. What is the main involvement of humans in the Savanna? | 8. What is the dominant plant in the Savanna? | 9. What trees leaves are used for many resources? | 10. Name two plants that have animal's names in it.

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