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segway gang

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FC: The Segway Gang | by; Caden Turner

1: five guys who were friends through high school had a great idea, to buy a condo a segways and live together. Caden was the shortest and a soccer player. Quentin was tall Hispanic. Cameron is average size and Caucasian who played basketball. Tim was a tall North Korean who was our style consultant. and Gio was a Hispanic who was our tank. They all bought segways and cruised around. Caden had a lambo segway and everyone else had boring ones.

2: the five guys know as the segway gang were all ways getting into trouble. They were to fast to catch, so cops hated them and chased the guys away. The girls would all ways ask "can we have a ride on your segway" and others would just throw the deuces. Then they would roll through the local fast food place and go home.

3: The guys had it figured out, they purchased a small 3 room 2 bath condo with a basement and lived there. the rent was real cheap considering that five people were paying for the rent. They had part time jobs and all ways had Saturday and Sunday off. They turned the basement into a man cave. for those who don't know what a man cave is it's a room made for men to enjoy themselves. A man cave is supposed to be a secret so what they had is unknown, but we can only guess it was awesome.

4: Gio one day saw an add online for a team segway relay race. He said "hey guys look a segway race" then Camo said "thats really cool" and Quentin said "thats dumb" so Gio said "we should compete" then Caden said is there a prize" so Gio said "ya its 10 million dollars" That was enough to make the five guys use all of there free time to dedicate to training. They were very confident untill one day in the news that brought some really bad news.

5: The bad news had finally came that faze was entering the race. Camo wanted to quit and Qunetin had lost hope. Gio on the other hand was not about to let faze stand in his way, "Come on guys so what there the best, I think were the best and were only going to win if we believe that" Then Quentin said "they probably be relaxing so if we o hard enough we may catch them off guard." the five guys pledged to practice in their free time.

6: Every day the guys who didn't work would practice, and those who worked were working to upgrade their segway. They would wake up at nine am and turn on "Rocky music" and start by stretching very carefully. The guys knew what to expect from the race, and didn't want to pull anything. after the stretching they would do the simple segway warm-ups such as rolling on one wheel and doing three sixties. The simple warm-ups honed the drivers skill to balance and be less dazed after spinning out

7: The attention they were getting became serious. The news was so slow one day the questioned what the five guys were doing. Caden responded "Well the National Segway Race is ariving and we're looking to win the cash prize." You could tell the reporter couldn't really care, but other people got interested. By the end of the month fifty four other teams entered the race and made everything a little more frustrating. The number of entrees forced the NSR to make the race a relay race, so that it would go by faster.

8: The race was within a month and the five guys were starting to fall apart. Tim said " why are we wasting our time on this" So Caden rebuttled with "The money, fame, and women" Unfortunately the joke didn't make things better. If it weren't for a email from faze the guys would have quit. Camo asked "what does it say Tim" Tim replied with "there threatening us, and they want us to quit or be humiliated" Gio said "see look, this is why we're racing. these ignorent pieces of stoopid guys think there all that. You know what i think... I think we can put them in there place, and show them others out there are good at similar things." The group all looked at each other and nodded, they gracefully put there hands together and shouted "to put them in their place" several times.

9: The day had come and the Segway Gang looked ready and were getting ready. They played many other teams but none stood a chance. They floated all the way to the top four groups. The four teams consisted of Faze, Modern Segwayiers, and Johnsons. Segway Gang beat the Johnsons by just point one seven seconds. this proved that there last race against Faze could be alot harder than they thought. They approached the race start in what seamed to be slow motion. They referee started a countdown, so the show cued commercial. (of course)

10: Caden started first, he gave his opponet a deathly snarl and revved his segway. The countdown came and went, and Caden got a good start with faze on his tail. he stretched to handoff the stick. the Camo took off shifting gears to go a little faster and next thing you know Gio had the stick, but fumbled the stick . All hope was lost, but Gio speeded up faster than a little boy seeing a free candy sign. He threw the stick to Quentin who took off and caught up with the faze contestant. Quentin had a suprise, and he revealed a green button. He hammered the button and nitrous was blasting out of his segway. The two contestants gracefully finished to close to tell. Minutes later the judge spook clearly " The last race was the closest in segway history. By just point zero two seconds Segway Gang won the race"

11: Gio said "I told you guys we could do it, and we won alot of money" then Quentin said "as much as I hate to admit it you were correct. A reporter walked up to ask "Yes hello, tell the world, what will do next?" The five guys said all at the same time " we're going to go home and take a bath" The crowds expression dropped like a cynderblock. The tale of the Segway Gang became national and a movie was released with Snoop Dawg playing the main role called "The Segway Pimp"

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