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Senior Chapbook

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Senior Chapbook - Page Text Content

FC: Alexandria Nicole Abrams Class of 2011

1: 2. Mom 3. Pictures of Mom 4. Daddy 5. Pictures of Dad 6. Anna 7. Pictures of Anna 8. Caleb 9. Pictures of Caleb 10. Haley 11. Chelsea 12. Kooey 13. Maggie 14. Marisa 15. Taylor 16. Buster 17. Luke and Casey 18. Justin and Clifford 19. Max and Grayson 20. Emily and Shellady 21. Melissa and Kirstin 22. Friends 23. Friends 24. Comet Games 25. Homecoming 26. Florida with the Family | 27. Florida with Caleb 28. YNIA Chicago 29. YNIA St. Louis 30. Carrico's 31. Granddaddy's Farm 32. Abrams' 33. Caleb's Family 34. Gary and Eileen Thoe 35. Betty Manion 36. Christmas 37. Christmas 38. Puppies and Starbucks 39. Disney 40. Top Ten Favorite... 41. Top Ten Favorite... 42. Musicals 43. Singing 44. Prom 45. Prom Pictures 46. Cuddling and Sleeping 47. The Chain O' Lakes 48. Winter and Summer 49. My Life in Pictures 50. UW Milwaukee 51. My Chapbook | Table Of Contents

2: My Mom is my hero.She has been so caring and loving throughout my whole life and I have no idea where I would be today without her. She is always the one to help me through troubles and teach me how to handle difficult situations. I don't always listen to her, but I figure out later on that she is always right. Her love for our family is unconditional, and she puts us before herself in every situation. I find myself reminding her to do something for herself! I look up to my mom more than anyone else and I'm happy that I will grow to be like her, she is my mom after all!

4: Glennery, everyone's favorite person! We share many traits in common including our sense of humor (which no one else thinks is funny,) and our stunning good looks! (haha!) My dad seems to think he is the best looking guy in the world, and I find it hilarious. I have always been a daddy's girl, and I go to him whenever I want something because he always gives in! When I was younger I couldn't wait for Daddy to return from work smelling like Chester Fried Chicken and lingering smoke. It doesn't sound like the greatest aroma, but it was always comforting to my sister and me. Even when my dad was in the hospital battling an illness that even stumped the doctors, he was still his happy, hilarious self. I love my dad and cherish every moment we share together.

6: Anna, my favorite sister! She has changed a lot throughout her 15 years of life. Anna and I share much in common, but at the same time we are complete opposites. When we were younger, Anna and I were always busy making up games and occupying ourselves, along with bugging our dad to play Pretty Pretty Princess with us (the clip on earrings looked beautiful on him!) As we grew older, we grew apart and fought constantly, and now we are growing closer together again. My sister is a beautiful person, and I have always been jealous of her natural beauty. She is much more laid back then I am, but when it comes to stating her beliefs and opinions, she definitely lets them be known! My sister and I have a weird relationship due to the fact that we share almost everything. Even when we were little, on Halloween we would dump out our candy on my bedroom floor, separate it by type, and split it evenly between the two of us. Now it is mainly clothes that we share, along with secrets and stupid jokes. I will miss her extremely when I leave for college! | Anner-Bananer!

8: Caleb is the funniest, most loving person I have ever met. we first started talking during a difficult period of time for me, and he stuck with me and comforted me when no one else would. Caleb and I first started talking at our friend Max's house, and after that night I had a HUGE crush on Caleb. We started hanging out as friends, but we both knew it was definitely the start of a relationship. Caleb and I have been dating since May 17th 2009, and I have had so much fun being with him. He is my best friend and I care for him more and more everyday. Caleb and I share the same values and always enjoy each other's company whether we are watching a movie, going on walks, hanging out with our families, being with a group of friends, laughing at each other, or going out on various dates. I cant wait to see where our relationship goes, and I thank God everyday that Caleb is a part of my life. | C A L E B | B L O O M

10: Haley | Hale-Bale, gotta love her! Haley is a beautiful person inside and out. Haley has been an awesome friend of mine since the third grade. We both are people who don't necessarily have "best friends" but a few really good friends. This past year is when we became the closest. I can confide in Hale in every aspect of my life, and I know she will never judge me. We have the same beliefs and morals, which bring us closer. Hale is a person who loves life and tries to make everyone happy. I will always remember jammin' to "Bedrock" and "California Girls" in the car and having deep conversations for hours on end. I cant imagine being without Haley next year, but I'm sure we will be visiting each other often.

11: Chelsea Bruchs was my best friend before school. She lived on the same street as my family and we met each other because of that. My earliest memory of Chelsea was during the summers we would ride our little pink tricycles down the street coming from different directions screaming each other's names until we reached each other and embraced in a big hug. Chelsea and her sister also taught me many life lessons, like how to make "mint shakes" which were made of water and tooth paste. Disgusting, I know, but it entertained us! I also learned that I was allowed to paint each fingernail a different color for a rainbow effect. Chelsea moved to Ohio before Kindergarten and would come visit during the summers. The summer before second grade, my family, the Edlebecks, and Chelsea's family were on our way to the corn roast, and stopped to see an old neighbor of hers. She was hit by a car, and is extremely lucky to be alive. Chelsea is an awesome person and I love being able to see her because it's like she never left! | Chelsea

12: Kathleeny, Koo, Kath, Kaloogee, she answers to basically anything I decide to call her. Koo is like the mom of our friends, and always knows how to handle situations. We have been friends since kindergarten, where Kooey, Maggie and I were labeled the "Three Musketeers." Koo is known for her beautiful red locks and laid back personality. We have had so many great memories together and I will always remember sleep overs in her new room, movie and hot chocolate days, our "Americas Next Top Model" photo shoot with Maggie, relaxing in my pool until she had to go to work, various shopping experiences, and disrupting our elementary school classes with our giggles. Kooey has been an amazing friend throughout the years, and I cant imagine what my last 17 years would have been like without her. | Kooey!

13: Mag | Oh Margaret, how do I begin to explain this girl. She is one of a kind, thats for sure! Mag and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. We have had some crazy memories, and I laugh just thinking of them. Maggie is the craziest person anyone will meet, and always gets a laugh out of me. I will never forget skipping down our street and wiping out on a sheet of ice, random trivia questions, late night talks about the universe when we were way too tired, laying in the pool while swatting the occasional wasp, and annoying her with all of my stupid | comments. Maggie has an unforgettable personality and I know she has an extremely bright future ahead of her. Maggie is forever my neighbor friend and I know I can always go to her for a fun filled time!

14: Mar tar, my love! Marisa and I always have a fun time together. She is one of the sweetest friends I have, and I think it is impossible for her to make someone mad. I can't explain how many calories we have burnt together by laughing our heads off! For some reason, every story Mar tells me makes me laugh. Our freshman math teacher probably thought we were crazy, because we found something to laugh about EVERY day, and I mean laugh for the whole hour and then look like idiots after class because we were still laughing to ourselves down the hallway. Marisa is a beautiful person and her beauty shows through all of her smiles and all of the people she makes smile. | Mar

15: My Friend Taylor. She has been the girl to lean on when I need to vent. Her personality is one of a kind, and everyone knows when she enters the room! Taylor is an amazing, trustworthy person that knows what to say at all the right times. She has been such a good friend to me throughout the years, and I will never forget late night gossiping, prank calling, and screaming the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs in her basement after one of our friends had a breakup! We definitely enjoyed the weekend where my next door neighbors asked me to cat sit over a weekend and Taylor, Marisa and I basically lived in their hot tub the whole time, gossiping and laughing the days away until the Thompson's returned home! Taylor has such an outgoing personality and I am so thankful for her support she has given me throughout the years. | Taylor

16: Buster Boy! | I love my puppy dog so much. He is my cuddle buddy, my little whooshie buster boy! He makes me happy and is always excited to see me. Buster is the most spoiled, lazy dog in the world, but I wouldn't trade him for any other doggie!

17: Lukey poo! We have been friends since we were born. Our parents always thought we were going to get married because it would be a fun wedding, but sorry Mom, that probably won't happen! I'll always remember catching a million fire flies in our backyards, smashing cake in Anna's and Emmy's faces, playing Wishy Washy, Scaring Casey with just about everything, various basketball games in his driveway, ding dong ditching, and TPing the neighbors houses. Luke always knows how to have a good time and can always makes me happy! | Casey Casey Casey, what a funny guy! "OOH Alex! you got the new Cosmo!" he exclaimed one day after entering my house. he is such an outrageous person, and can never sit still. He is constantly finding something fun to do. Casey is the guy to go to for the truth about something, and he always knows the latest gossip. Casey is hilarious and I don't know what I'll do without his humor next year. | C A S E Y | L U K E

18: Justin Bastian Justin is a boyfriend stealer. He loves to act like Caleb likes him more, and I'm starting to agree! He is a crazy kid, and always knows how to have fun. He brings our friends together with his super fun "Bon Fires." Poor Justin is always being asked to have people over because he has the best place for it. Justin is an awesome guy, and I'm sure I'll be seeing him after high school. | Clifford Golke Oh Red, where do I start! Cliff is an amazing person to say the least. His random "Meows!" always let me know he's around somewhere! Cliff is a genius at fixing cars, creeping around, and making people smile! He is always available when someone needs help, and if you need a ride, Cliff will be there in 5 minutes. He gets along with everyone and I will never forget my visits from Cliff during the lonely work hours in Moo's at The Harbor! | Cliffy | Justin

19: Max | Grayson | Max, Spencer, Maxi-pad. What a great guy. Spence is always laughing, no matter where I see him. He was a wonderful neighbor when he lived down the street, and we had a great time making fun of Maggie on the way to school early in the morning! Max can always one up me on anything involving school, and I know he will be a millionaire one day! | Grayson is a person that everyone likes, and the guy every girl had a crush on in middle school at one point! I'll never forget when our friends got "down and dirty" at Gray's 5th grade birthday party at South Park, which turned into a mud sliding competition! I ruined my favorite swimsuit, but it was definitely worth it! He's a cool dude with a caring, laid back personality, and never fails to put a smile on everyone's face.

20: Emily is the biggest airhead, but she never fails to make me happy when we're together! She always has a smile across her face, and is always there whenever someone needs a friend. She is a great person and I love her to death! | Shell and I didn't get along with each other for a long time, and we are FINALLY friends now! Shell has a carefree attitude and does what she wants, which is why I love her! She has confidence that exceeds anyone else's and I know she will go far in life after high school. | Emily | Shell

21: Melissa | Kirstin | Well, Mel is the most outrageous, funniest person I know. She always gets a good laugh out me, as our pictures show! I don't think there is anyone quite like Mel. She always knows how to have a good time and make the most out of life, and I will miss her so much after this year. | Alaskian Giggle Girls! Wow we were dumb in elementary and middle school, But at least we had fun! Kirstin and I were best friends when we were younger. Kirstin is a person that could care less what anyone thinks of her, and she loves to have fun and be totally crazy. I will always remember her and all the fun times we had together.

24: Football games were always a sign that the school week was finally over, and it was a time where everyone could have fun and show our school spirit! My senior year, my friends decided to go all out and tailgate before every game. I didn't make it every time, but it definitely was an awesome time when I was able to make tailgating and the game! | Comet Games!

25: Homecoming | 2010 | Queen

26: My family took our first real vacation (not visiting family) during spring break and went to Orlando, Florida. We had a great time, and definitely became closer by spending so much time together. Ellen Degeneres was airing her spring break show at the hotel where we stayed, and my parents made it on the show! Our wonderful week was filled with delicious food, Universal Studios everyday, and lots of sun! | Florida | 2008 | Quote of the week! Random Guy: "God Bless you all." Anna: "Who sneezed?"

27: Spring Break of my Junior year, Caleb, his sister, his cousin and I all flew to visit his Aunt Lisa in Venice, Florida. We had a blast! We were basically on our own for the week and spent our days on the beach, a day at Busch Gardens, and walking along downtown Venice. Our nights were spent at Sharky's Pier, hanging out with Caleb's beautiful aunt, and ending our night with one of Lisa's boyfriend Chuck's scary movies. I had so much fun and I can't wait to visit again! | Florida | 2010

28: The summer after my freshman year of high school I went on a mission trip with my church to Chicago, where I worked at an elder abuse home. We basically hung out with the elderly all day and set up activities for them to do. I also met tons of new friends during this trip which was also an amazing experience. This trip really opened my eyes to how fortunate I am and how much I took for granted before going on this trip. I had no idea what I was getting myself into since it was my first time doing anything like this, and I am so thankful that I went. By the time I returned home, I couldn't wait for my next trip! | YNIA - Chicago

29: One of my fondest memories is my trip to St. Louis with my church. This was my second YNIA trip, and I cannot even begin to explain my week there. I worked at a bible camp in the projects of East St. Louis and met the most amazing kids in the world. The kids at the bible camp were such an inspiration to me. They had absolutely nothing compared to what I have had all my life and they were so happy. These children were so desperate for attention that it broke my heart. I became closest to a little girl named Anye who didn't even attend the camp, but was a little girl who lived in the projects and was always walking around alone and playing in the glass infested playground. When my group drove back to the church we were staying at, I went straight up to our room to sleep each day. I was devastated when the week was over, and still plan on going back one day. | YNIA - St. Louis

30: My mom's side of the family lives in Kentucky and I absolutely love visiting them. I always have a fun time catching up with my nineteen cousins and ten aunts and uncles. Its always hectic and always a blast! My Grandma and Granddaddy were the equivalent of "The Notebook" couple, and are a true inspiration for my future marriage. When we arrive at my grandparents farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, I always get a feeling of happiness and almost always take a walk around the huge farm, visiting the two barns, two ponds, outdoor spring house, and various creeks and hills. Whenever my family travels to Kentucky there doesn't seem like there was a moment of lost time, and the love that radiates through this family is undeniable, thanks to my amazing grandparents. | Carrico's

32: My Dad's side of the family is a bit harder to visit since they live all over the country. They are located in Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Wyoming, and California. I'm closest to my Uncle Jeff and Uncle Mark, who live in Chicago and Three Oaks, Michigan. Its always a ton of fun visiting them at their weekend home and meeting all of their crazy friends. I also am fortunate enough to see my Aunt Terry every once and a while. I have yet to spend a weekend on Michigan Ave. shopping with her, but I'm still looking forward to it! My Grandparents live in Henderson, Nevada. I don't see them often, but when I do I love visiting with them. I have yet to be with this whole family at the same time, but when it happens I'm sure it will be a blast!

33: Caleb's family is one of a kind. They are extremely close knit, and it is always a good time, no matter who is around. Everyone in this family loves to have fun, and its hilarious when they are all together. The last two summers I camped out at Echo Lake with the entire extended family. The days consisted of relaxing in the private lake, taking naps on the hammock, picking blackberries, and family beer pong games where his Grandpa dominated! This trip has been the highlight of my past two summers and gave me a chance to get to know everyone. I am so happy to have met this family because they are truly amazing. | Blooms and Harris'

34: Gary and Eileen Thoe | Gary and Eileen are like my Grandparents of Waupaca. They were friends with my parents when Mom and Dad first moved to town and they have been in my life ever since I was born. Whenever I see them I know that I will be greeted by two loving hugs (The Eileen bear hug). These two never fail to send me a birthday card and treat me like one of their own grandkids.

35: Betty Manion is one of my hero's. I don't think she has any idea how much she has influenced me during my teen years, She is such a funny person and loves what she does. I know her through St. Mary Magdelene church where she was the CCD teacher. She was our Chaperone on my YNIA St. Louis trip and thats where I really got to know her. Betty has assisted me in becoming the person I am today and helping me to find my true self. I hope to be like Betty when I grow up and be as much of an inspiration to someone as she has been to me. | Betty Manion

36: Christmas

37: Christmas is my favorite time of year! Most everyone is always happy and always in the Christmas spirit. When I was younger, Christmas was about presents, Santa Claus and delicious food. As we got a bit older, we learned the true meaning of Christmas and my sister and I asked my parents to make a birthday cake for Baby Jesus, which probably made them very proud! Now at the age of 15 and 17, my sister and I are more excited about visiting our extended family and spending time with the family rather then presents, although that's always a plus! I love the feeling that resides inside of me during the holiday season. The Christmas music is always my favorite, along with the beautiful decorations. I am already looking forward to next Christmas!

38: Puppies! | There is not an animal I love more than puppies. I might possibly become one of those people who hoards dogs because I love them so much. Puppies are one of my biggest weaknesses. I don't care what breed it is, they are all so cute and I can't get enough of them! | Starbucks | Starbucks is my favorite treat. Since there isn't one in Waupaca, it's a must when I'm out of town. The drink I usually buy is Caramel Apple Spice in the winter time and an Iced Caramel Macciato during the summer.

39: Disney | I grew up watching Disney movies when I was younger, and I have always enjoyed watching them even to this day. The Little Mermaid is by far my favorite, I even collected all of The Little Mermaid collector cards. I will never give up watching my Disney movies because they make me happy. :)

40: Top Ten | Movies | Food | 1. The Little Mermaid 2. The Notebook 3. Big Daddy 4. Finding Nemo 5. The Hangover 6. Step Brothers 7. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 8. Pay It Forward 9. Billy Madison 10. Greece | 1. Steak 2. Pretzels 3. Quiche 4. Honey Crisp Apples 5. Chocolate 6. Twice baked Potatoes 7. Nachos 8. Tortellini 9. Anything Chicken 10. Cheese

41: Books | Singers & Bands | 1. The Shack 2. Pictures of Hollis Woods 3. The Five People You Meet In Heaven 4. Whuthering Heights 5. The Notebook 6. Dear John 7. My Sister's Keeper 8. Where the Red Fern Grows 9. A Walk to Remember 10. Of Mice and Men | 1. Jack Johnson 2. Billy Joel 3. Adele 4. Backstreet Boys 5. Colbie Calliat 6. Elton John 7. Keith Urban 8. Carrie Underwood 9. Jason Mraz 10. Dave Matthews | Favorites...

42: Sound of Music The Pajama Game | Musicals have taken up eight months of my four high school years. I love performing and singing on the stage. Although practices were very tedious, the performances were so much fun. I have never really acted until the Sound Of Music, where I played the role of Elsa, the captain's fiance. My senior year, I was Poopsie, the ditzy blond in The Pajama Game. I have had so much fun being in concert choir and I am so happy I tried out for a lead both years. I will always remember the good times I have had during the musicals.

43: Singing has always been a hobby of mine and it has turned into a passion. Ever since I was little, I have been singing. I remember asking my mom if I sounded like Ariel from The Little Mermaid since "Part of Your World" was the only song I had memorized. Sometimes I will find myself singing or humming and have no idea when I started or how long I was singing for. It's a habit for me now! I Love singing in choirs and solos, and I know I will never stop. | Singing

44: Prom, the dance all girls dream about! Its the one time a girl can dress up like Cinderella and have Prince Charming escort her to the dance. I had my hair done by Val Hinz, my hair stylist and then went to Studio 212 so Nicole (a waitress I worked with at Simpson's) could do my makeup. I felt like a celebrity! After I was ready, Prom court took maybe a gazillion pictures, and from there more pictures were taken with the rest of my friends. We rented a huge party bus and drove to Appleton to eat at the Red Ox, which was absolutely delicious! The dance itself went by way too quickly, and then it was post prom, where I won a giant box of shaving cream! Prom was definitely a night I will never forget! | Prom

46: Sleeping and Snuggling! | I love to snuggle! I was definitely a cuddler when I was little, and it hasn't changed a bit! It has always been a comfort for me and it normally turns into sleeping, which I also enjoy. I could probably fall asleep almost anywhere, especially when I have time to relax. I'm very happy that I have people around me who like to snuggle because I don't know what I would do with out snuggle buddies!

47: Chain O' Lakes | Without the Chain, Waupaca would be nothing but a little town with nothing for anyone to do. The Chain has been the center of my summers, along with work and relaxing. The summer after my Junior year, I worked at The Harbor located on The Chain, and I loved it! I was constantly on or by the water, which automatically made work more fun to go to. Everyone always looks forward to summer, but The Lakes make it ten times better!

48: Winter and Summer | I always feel comforted by the first snow. Normally I complain about the cold of Wisconsin winters, but it isn't all bad! It's an excuse to buy warm, comfy sweaters, and drink way too much hot cocoa! | Summer is my favorite season. the warmth and no school are the two best parts, and it is a time to have fun and just relax. Waupaca is the best place to be during summer and I'm so happy to have such a nice place to be!

49: My life in pictures

50: After my Senior year ends, I will be attending UW Milwaukee where I was accepted into the School of Architecture. I will once again be a Panther, like I was in Middle School, but I'm definitely okay with that! I cannot wait to see how my life will pan out after this year!

51: This Chapbook was a project given by Mr. Phair, my English 101 teacher. I have been looking forward to making this book for a long time and have enjoyed every second of it. This is, by far, the best English assignment I have ever had to do. It will be a keepsake of my high school years and I know I will look back on this later on in life.

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