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SERF RUNS AWAY ZACH KOCIBAN CODY GROSS corey rielgle pd 5 - Page Text Content

BC: The End By, Zach Kociban Cody Gross Corey Riegel

FC: The Three Troublesome Serfs By: Zach Kociban Cody Gross Corey Riegel

1: The Three Troublesome Serfs ''When the serfs run everything goes amuck.'' This book is dedicated to Robin Hood and the Merry Men and whale wars and albino farm and matt brusko and we also dedicate it to squidbillies. The other people we dedicate this book to is matt bisko and Johnathon heberlein. The book is also dedicated to dukethakilla and sturgis.

2: The three serfs, Zachariah the Woodcutter, Kodlak the Hog Washer, and Corinth the Lesser. These serfs lived in a horrible village. They were not fed, they worked all day and only got four hours of sleep. The Lord of the manor was a tyrant and executed multiple people a day.

3: Corinth stole corn from the fields to feed his wife Granto the Dirt Roller. The Knights found out and Corinth and Granto are set to be executed in three days. Corinth alerts his pals about the bad news. While talking to them Corinth's older brother Andrew Roche heard about his plans to escape the manor. Andrew did not like the manor either so he was also interested in escaping, he hated all of the work he had to do for very little pay.

4: "We need a distraction, and I think that means one of our own will have to stay behind to form this distraction. Corinth I trust you to lead your brethren from this retched place.'' said Andrew. '' Go to the fields and take corn. There are horses set up at the stables they are trained well and should be a great form of escape.'' said Andrew. The gang did what Andrew said. They stole corn and set the remaining corn ablaze. Andrew saw the signal and began to throw rocks at the guards. The foursome stole two horses and one donkey. Corinth shared the donkey with mate Granto.

5: While they were riding out they caught a glimpse of Andy. He was waving goodbye knowing it was the last time he will ever see his brother. As his arm was in the air a knight came over and sliced his arm off and stomped his face until his entire skull cracked and his brains flew everywhere. Corinth with tears in his eyes bravely guided his trusty steed from the manor in distress. The knights were already trailing them with their much higher quality warhorses smashing through the branches in the forest.

6: One of the knights fired an arrow that hit Granto in the back. As she was falling of the Donkey Corinth grabbed her and pulled her up to safety. He then quickly regained his composure and dashed off in the woods. Up ahead Kodlak and Zachariah were in a brutal battle. Neither of them had very good weapons they were dull and flimsy. They were on horseback with knights on their horses right next to them. One overconfident knight got too close to Kodlak. Kodlak slashed the knight's horses head off and the knight tumbled off landing awkwardly on his neck and a loud crack echoed through the forest as his neck broke.

7: Another knight jumped off his horse and landed on the back of Zachariah's horse.Zachariah pushed him off and tripped up all of the other horses. After that Kodlak and Zachariah broke free from the knights. And found a boat in the English Channel. Kodlak and Zachariah just noticed Corinth was not there. They couldn't wait any longer so they hopped on a longship and sailed off.

8: Corinth was holding Grantos bleeding body praying for the best. She was losing blood fast. Soon she would die. Then Corinth heard the knights speaking in the distance, getting closer by the second. The donkey had already run off. Corinth put Granto on his back and began to run. An arrow hit Corinth in the leg and the lights faded away.

9: Kodlak and Zachariah's ship was out of view from land. They got to relax and sharpen their weapons. ''What do you think happened to Corinth and his retched lover Granto.'' Said Kodlak. ''Hopefully Granto suffered a slow painful horrible death.'' Said Zachariah. 'What do you think happened to Corinth?''Said Kodlak. ''I don't know hopefully he is in England, there are plenty of dungeons there and conveniently we are heading that way.'' Said Zachariah

10: '' Charles Martel sir there has been a break out from a manor in France and the escaped criminals have killed thirteen respected knights and left many more wounded, we have two of the criminals one of them is dieing of an infection from an arrow in her back. The other one a pathetic weak horrible worthless man has just woken up and we will torture him until he gives us as much information as possible.'' Said the Kings royal servant. ''We'll send forty-five of our best troops and let Sir Harold lead the pack. Put a 2500 coin bounty on their heads. For the man we have in captivity these will be the last hours of his life.''

11: Corinth woke up in a dark cold room, next to Granto. The arrow was no longer in her back but she was still bleeding badly. ''Granto please wake up you are the only thing in this world that I would die for besides my honor." Granto was barely breathing. Corinth gave Granto a mouth to mouth to try and wake her up. As he was sucking blood came from the back of her throat and rushed into his mouth. Corinth wasn't expecting it so he accidentally swallowed her blood. It was thick and slimy as it made its way down his throat. Then Corinth started puking and crying. "Please gods take ME instead of Granto I beg you." A few hours later Granto stopped breathing.

12: Kodlak woke early from his ship cabin and went up on the deck to enjoy the view of the water. He was about to go back downstairs when a cannon blast ripped through the silence. Kodlak fell over from the force of the hit. That woke Zachariah up. He grabbed his sword just in case. As he reached the deck he saw men boarding the ship from ladders on their ship. Kodlak was in the middle of a sword fight with four men. They did not notice Zachariah coming . He went behind the four soldiers and sliced them all in half. Zachariah did not notice an arrow coming straight for his head. Kodlak reached behind Zachariah and caught the arrow. He stabbed the man coming from behind him. Then cut the mans head off to end him. They didn't notice a man sneak pass them and run down into the hull. He poured gas everywhere and dropped a match that instantly exploded the whole ship. Kodlak and Zachariah both flew into the air. The drop was very high and they both noticed soldiers in front of them. Zachariah grabbed one and kicked another to Kodlak. It all happened in a matter of seconds. They used the men to take the damage from the fall.

13: When Kodlak and Zachariah got to the surface of the water they heard men on the other ship celebrating because they thought we were dead. They swam to the ship and grabbed on the back. Slowly they climbed up, nobody noticed. Quietly they made their way to the captain of the ship. Kodlak covered his mouth and Zachariah stabbed him in the chest fifty-six times, then licked his knife and spit it in the captains face. None of the sailors were alarmed so they took control of the ship. After a while of sailing they finally saw land. The sailors were screaming LAND HO! Little did they know their captains body was lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood.

14: When they hit land they quietly crept off without the sailors noticing. They did not know that forty of the kings men were roaming the shore looking for the pair. While they were creeping off they heard screams from the boat and they knew the body was found.

15: Corinth has not eaten for days he was given small amounts of water and thats it. He was nearly starved to death so he looked at Granto and knew it was the only thing he could do. Corinth realized all of his honor was lost. He went over to Granto and pulled her finger off. It took some struggling but her frail bones have been dead for days so they were easy to pull off. He began to eat the small amount of meat clinging to the bone.He tore her stomach open and lived on her insides for a few days.

16: Kodlak and Zachariah found a map and it showed the castle Corinth was being held at. ''We are about 100 miles north of the castle,and expect that the king has trusted soldiers after us.'' Right after Kodlak said that forty men on horseback were charging at them. The two suspected this was the end of their journey. Then Kodlak and Zachariah's heroic instinct took hold of them. The first two horses that charged them were not expecting what was about to happen.

17: They both leaped off the ground onto the first two charging horses and in mid air kicked each of the horsemen off their horses. Each of the heroes recovered spears from the men and charged into the middle of the small army of horsemen. With the spears in front they easily got through. They killed three or four men as well. Kodlak and Zachariah knew they had to finish this fight, for if they ran they would be chased for miles and their horses would eventually tire. Both unsheathed their swords and the men charged. Kodlak and Zachariah each took down about four horsemen in one on one combat but they eventually found themselves surrounded. Sir Horold stepped out from the pack and took out a shortsword with a silver dragon weaving around the hilt. '' You two sure have caused this kingdom a lot of trouble and their is a large price on your head, i will soon be carrying your heads to the king myself. said sir Harold. I thought we would split it sir. said another knight. and a fight broke out among the men about who would bring who's head to the king.

18: During the fighting the two heroes slipped out and climbed atop a large boulder. They both drew long bows and figured they would clear the remaining men. They quickly prepared a small fire and dipped their arrows in oil they found a while back at the manor. They put the oil covered arrows in the fire and began to shoot them at the men arguing below. One by one arrows pelted the men ,who in panic ran around each other and started a great fire. Most of the men were torched except for one, Sir Harold. Harold charged at them which the heroes found quite silly as they made short work of him. Still in disgust of how he wanted to decapitate them the heroes chopped of Harold's own head and stuck it into a spear which they then stabbed into the ground. They dumped the rest of his body in the smoky pile of charred bodies. They left the battlesite quickly after,for they could not bear the smell. The heroes then began back on their trip riding their horses in hope of finding Corinth.

19: Corinth was sad and lonely in his small cell but that proved to be an advantage. to find something to do he took a large bone from Granto's arm and began sharpening it an making it into a sword it took 2 days before his creation was finished. Corinth knew he was never leaving this cell unless if he broke out. He figured his two friends were dead and he also believed he was a much better fighter than the other two. One night a guard got two close to Corinths cage. Corinth then wrapped his forearm around the mans neck and was about to stab the man. He drew back his weapon and thrusted it foreword. He thought it was very easy for the sword to go through the mans back, he figured he made a perfect clean cut. Corinth looked down and to his horror the sword had completely missed! The guard then opened corinths cage and rose his sword and struck Corinth several times. The guard severd both of Corinths arms and the guard was sure Corinth would die, that guard was very wrong.

20: After two days of riding the two heroes came across a castle and that was the castle Corinth was being held. It was a dark night but the castle was heavily guarded. Quietly Kodlak and Zachariah climbed over the wall and assassinated the two guards patrolling. This was not the royal palace were the king of this castle lived they could tell this castle served more as a jail. They crept down some stairs and came across a metal gate inside the castle. The gate was battered so they slipped through it. In the new room they entered they saw many cells. None of them held Corinth. There were stairs leading into a cave. At the end of the cave they saw a lone cell with a guard stomping on what appeared to be a human body. Zachariah snuck up behind the guard and broke that guards neck. The body was Corinth's body shaking in horror. The body had no arms and they knew CORINTH WOULD DIE SOON. The bleeding had stopped but the risk of infection, if he had not already had one was great. The only way Corinth would be saved was by magic, and they knew magic did not exist.

21: Kodlak picked up Corinth and they began to make their way out. After they left the cave it appeared the two bodies were found. There had to be at least 200 guards in front of them. Zachariah was blindsided by a barrage of arrows and he fell down with few breaths left in him seconds from death. Corinth then took a fatal blow to the heart he was killed instantly. Kodlak was then stuck in the throat from a dagger and he lied down dead.

22: Zachariah the last breathing member of the trio looked up. He thought this would be the last sight he would see in his life, a black dark wall with soldiers around him cheering. The men walked away to get a carving knife. They would carve horrible faces over the threes own. It was lonely, but not for long. Zachariah saw a bright light from behind himself. The sight that amazing him was Andrew Roche standing over him with a metal staff in hiss hand. He had white gleaming robes and a white hood. He stabbed Zachariah with the staff and Zachariah got up. Before his eyes every cut on his body, every arrowhead disappeared from his body. Without speaking Andrew rushed outside, Zachariah followed. With his staff Andrew sent a white beam of light so powerful that when it touched the army of guards huddled around a table cutting into Corinth it destroyed them all including Corinth's dead body. The beam seemed to be a flame. All that was left of the guards was dismembered bones.

23: Andrew then focused on the pile and an individual set of bones rose from it. The bones then began to grow organs, Muscle, blood vessels, and finally skin. Corinth was made. Corinth still no longer had arms which Andrew quickly fixed. Corinth sprouted two arms about half the size of a normal human arm. Corinth then took his first breath and ran to hug his brother. Before Andrew could explain he ran to Kodlak and did the same to him. Kodlak bowed to Andrew as did Zachariah. '' While my skull was being pounded in I watched you all leave. I wanted to join you so bad I had such a strong will to live but I didn't. The gods realized this and said they would send me only once if you were all in grave danger. That is why I am here for I am now Andrew the Wizard. Now my time is short so do not interrupt. There is a great man by the name of Robert Hode but prefers the name Robin Hood.He is a criminal, but for the right reasons. He hates the king and would do anything to see the king dead. If you want to live more than a week after this you need to meet him. By this I mean there is probably already an army after you and killing the king would put a stop to this. You would also be able to free many serfs. He is your best chance at stopping the king. He used to be a member of the merry men but they were killed in battle or executed. He needs an army and you should help. Andrew was getting ready to leave when Corinth said. ''Why didn't you revive Granto''. Andrew just winked and vanished.

24: Kodlak, Zachariah, and Corinth traveled for what seemed like weeks to get to Robin Hood. Robin Hood was residing in a forest called Sherwood forest. When the three got to the forest there was smoke rising from the trees. They ran in and saw a raging battle. They saw about 50 men and women in rugged clothes and swords that were chipped and dull. There was also an army of around 300 in shining steel-plate armor with long swords and shields and some riding war horses. Some of these knights had seals on their shields showing lions and bears, or other heroic animals. There were many dead bodies nearly all of them were the rugged fighters. Just as the battle looked as if it was about to end a small group of people came from the trees with longbows. One of these men was Robin Hood. They could tell he was Robin Hood because of his green linen clothes. They fired there longbows and were killing many of the knights. Robin Hoods archers would not last much longer. Zachariah and Kodlak charged the knights from the side and slashed through. With every cut came a spray of blood. They were unstoppable. A knight attempted to stab Zachariah but he grabbed the knights sword took it from his hand and beat him to death with the hilt. At this point the rugged fighters joined in and the knights were quickly overwhelmed in bloody close quarters combat.

25: During the fighting Corinth was standing back defending the horses. The three heroes walked up to Robin Hood and talked to him why they were there and he was glad to hear they would help defeat the king.'' As you can see my swordmen can not handle the kinghts very well. They are inexperienced, lack morale, and are not heavily armored in armor nor weaponry. Most of them are also ill from living together in the forest for so long. After my friends, the Merry men were all killed so I started gathering serfs and peasants to start an army. We have lost about 1,500 troops including around 200 from this battle alone. All of our military defeats have led in many serfs not wanting to help me. I believe if you three can sneak into the local manors and persuade people to join we will be able to start a raid on the royal armory by the end of the week. If you could gather up at least 300 people that would be great and we will be armored up in no time.'' said Robin Hood

26: The trio snuck into several manors and convinced many serfs to join their cause. In no time they had a fighting force to take down the royal armory. The night of the attack the men marched for miles until a large fortress was in their view. Then instead of formally ordering the men to attack in a complicated formation everybody just charged. They crashed down the door and the imperial soldiers were very surprised. There was a quick slash of swords and then the imperial soldiers realized they were easily outnumbered. They laid down their arms. That night every soldier was hung at the gallows. When Zachariah and Kodlak walked outside after barely any fighting and admired the newly armed men. Their armor gleaming under the moon.

27: After a few days of training the army was ready to attack. A large invading force of 5,000. All they were was a bunch of serfs and peasants, but that just motivated them more. It was not a long march from the armory. They were expected but made short work of the castle walls, the men were so happy to bring down the great walls of Charles Martel's castle. They had learned stories about these walls when they were children. They knew they were ending the tyranny of Charles Martel. The trio and Robin were able to carefully sneak into the castle with out being noticed. They were taking out all of the members of the castle one by one. They made it to Charles Martel's room, but it was empty. They thought he was already got killed. Moments later Robin Hood takes a striking blow to the back. It was Charles and he was furious. Kodlak and Zachariah got in a sword battle with Charles while Corinth was caring for Robin.

28: Charles Martel was a skilled swordsman and they found that out fast. They had an advantage because they had two, but this still wasn't easy. Kodlak received a hard slash to the arm and couldn't fight anymore. It was just Zachariah. They were in an intense duel when Kodlak saw an opportunity. He grabbed and pulled Charles ankle bringing him to the floor. Zachariah said this is the end of your reign and stabbed Charles in the Heart and Killed him.

29: The word of this battle spread through the world fast and everybody was afraid of this trio. The trio decided to make their own city with no serfs because they know how bad they get treated. They restored the castle over time and it was better then it was before. They gave all of the men who fought with them a very good spot in the city. They repaired the walls and made shops. Zachariah was the king of this uprising group. Kodlak got to be the King's Noble, and Corinth became the Head of the Knights. In Honor of Andrew the Greater they named their city "The Fate of Andrew."

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