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Shane and Cryssy's Love Story

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Shane and Cryssy's Love Story - Page Text Content

S: Shane & Cryssy's Love Story

1: Once Upon a Time...

2: A long time ago... in a far away land called Montana... | Boy | & | Girl | As children, they went to school together for a few years, then she moved far away. They did not see each other for a very long time. After more than 10 years had gone by, they met again... and this time... | Met. | They fell in love.

3: This is their love story...

4: Camping... Floating the river... dancing at Mixers..."Do you need a brighter light?"... Movies & LaParilla... Hiking...Walks with Molly...Skiing..."Put a fork in 'em they're toast"... Cooking...Chess...Christmas Tree Hunting... Boating & tubing..."Your hands smell like Christmas"...Holidays spent with family... "Pedro" the rocking giraffe... chicken stuffed with cheese & BBQ sauce... Dressing up for Halloween... "This ski lift makes my eyeballs shake."... First Superbowl...our star constellation..."Let's turn a candle on."

5: And they fell evenmore in love...

6: with each passing day.

7: They played and worked in the land they loved, all the while enjoying the adventure of dating one another!

8: Two and a half years later, he proposed... | she didn't even need to consider it... she already knew the answer was... | YES! | And there was to be the most beautiful, the most amazing & the most FUN wedding in all the land!

9: But first came the engagement photos ...

11: And then came lots and lots and lots of planning... | Love is so Sweet

12: Most awesome wedding invitations ever! (That's what we think anyway...)

13: Finally the wedding day had arrived and all of the preparations were being put in place...

14: The beautiful Bride | Cryssy deemed Amy the "Keeper of the Curls", because of her talent & magic touch with curls!

15: Nancy made it in time! Two canceled flights later... she was finally here! Surprising the bride while Cryssy was getting ready, Cryssy held back tears for the um-teenth time that day...

17: Mother of the Bride

18: The handsome groom

20: Jesse 6 1/2 years old Remi 4 years old ~............................. These two beauties were the most adorable flower girls on earth, as well as the bride's littlest best friends"

21: The Bride, the MOB, and the flower girls hand made these one-of-a-kind wreaths.

22: Kaiden (7 1/2 rs. old) ...being the groom's nephew pushed his 2 mos. old baby brother, Shire down the aisle in an old fashioned baby buggy. Shire, "held" the ring pillow.

23: Shire: "This is a big job for me to carry the rings down the aisle, Aunt Mimi & Uncle Shane... are you sure I can handle it? I'm only 2 months old!"

24: Yay! We get gifts?

25: Along with gifts of bright mango~orange Chinese parasols, Cryssy made custom fabric covered journals for her 7 maids of honour, each written with an opening page of memories & antidotes pertaining to their individual friendships. | For the kids ~ gift certificates to the toy store!

26: Before the ceremony, there was a secret meeting between the two love birds in the glen...

39: Whadya doin' man? | Naawww... we're actually really happy for ya!

42: Seven maids of honour, seven best men, two flower girls, one flower dog, two ring bearers... ...and a partridge in a pear tree.

45: David, Jodi, Jesse & Remi... we love you!

47: After almost three years of dating, one fabulous ring, a romantic proposal, 5 months of planning, a bachelor party, a bachelorette party, and a rehearsal dinner... it was finally time to walk down the aisle! | " Baba Yetu" Our Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili Baba yetu, yetu uliye Mbinguni yetu, yetu, amina Baba yetu, yetu, uliye Jina lako litukuzwe | Ceremony

48: Here comes the bride... | Thank you, Jenine for your amazing coordination! You were an absolute angel for us!

49: "What a great location for Shane and Cryssy to begin their union – on this hillside surrounded by stunning mountains in the four directions. This valley defined by the Gallatin River is rich in history, teams with natural life, and is full of the promise of freedom and of living lives rooted in purpose and individual vision and creativity. How green was the valley of people before us who made their lives here and how green is our valley now. Cryssy and Shane grew up here, met here, courted here, and now marry here. They will chart their future together from this valley." | "Shane describes Cryssy as beautiful, honest, and caring. Cryssy describes Shane as kind, sweet, and honest. She calls him “Sugar” because he’s so sweet. Shane notes that Cryssy’s endearing qualities include that she is optimistic, positive, and smiles all of the time. Cryssy admires the same qualities in Shane and adds his dimple as another endearing characteristic! Shane says of Cryssy, “She’s my best friend.” He talks about the freedom he feels to love Cryssy and to be his own person. Cryssy sees the love they share as unconditional and without expectation. They are free to be who they are – and they love doing that together."

50: The precious children encircled the couple and sang: "For the "Beauty of the Earth" | For the Beauty of the Earth, For the Glory of the Skies, For the love which from our birth, Over and around us lies; Lord of all, to Thee we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise. | For the joy of human love, Brother, sister, parent, child; Friends on earth and friends above; Genuine love that's free and wild; Lord of all to thee we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise. For Thyself, best give divine, To our world so freely giv'n, For that great, great love of Thine, Peace on earth, and joy in heav'n Lord of all, to Thee we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise. | For the Beauty of the Earth, For the Glory of the Skies, For the love which from our birth, Over and around us lies; Lord of all, to Thee we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise.

51: "Shane says of his father, Steve: 'He is a constant source of inspiration. He is the reason I’m the person I am.' " | Cryssy's Vows to Shane: Shane my handsome sugar, I love you so incredibly much! You are sincerely my best friend. I am so thrilled to be your wife, raise our family and grow old with you. Its gonna be legend- wait for it dary! Legendary!! God has blessed us so much- it’s unbelievable. No matter what God has planned for us whether joy or sorrow I will stand by your side, encouraging you, laughing with you, challenging you, giving you the freedom you deserve to be the man that you are, and the man that you will become. I respect you and admire you so much baby! | Shane, I will love you forever, and forever will you be the love of my life. | I love how truly kind and genuine you are, I love your dimples, I love that you declared a constellation in the milky way “our Constellation”, I love how you love your family and friends- you are such a caring man. I love that I can trust you and I promise you can find the same trust in me. I promise you that I will always forgive, and learn the valuable life lessons in that forgiving process Just as Jesus taught us through serving others that true love is selfless love, I promise I’ll serve you and put your needs first. I promise to be self-less, and thus truly and wholly love you. I deeply cherish our love. This love between us is amazing! | "...A chord of three strands is not easily broken" Ecclesiastes 4:12 ... "True forgiveness is real love for your spouse... this is what will make a Godly marriage." "...I love you both very much."

52: Shane's Vows to Cryssy: Cryssy, my love my darling and my best friend (No offense guys). I can’t believe the day is finally here. I’m so blessed to be the guy who gets to spend his whole life with you. You’ve made me happier than I ever thought possible. There are so many qualities that first attracted me to you - I can’t describe all of them, but a few of them are our strong faith in our Lord, your continual optimism, your honesty and patience, your smile and your laugh –all these things make me so thankful that you chose to spend the rest of your life with me. I promise that for the rest of our lives I will be there for you. I promise to love you always. I promise to laugh and cry with you. I promise to talk with you and especially to listen to you. I promise that whatever God has planned for us – and I know that it’s going to be amazing – that we’ll face it together. Today I bind myself to you; now and forever. I can’t express how much I look forward to enjoying our life and everything it has to offer us. I love you so much, Cryssy. | "Before our loving God, families, and friends, I give you this ring, as a pledge of my faith and love, and as a symbol of our unity.” | “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. "

53: "I take pleasure in announcing that from this moment, you are husband and wife. Crystal Saoirse DeBoer and Shane Mark DeBoer, may your lives together on earth and in heaven be full of love, joy, peace, elation and fulfillment. Now, in front of all of these people, please do kiss! Cryssy and Shane, take a look around; take this all in and forever imprint this moment in your memories. All of us gathered here support your marriage with all of our love."

57: And then, as Cryssy said when she was young... "Let's celebrate!" | "Come one and all to witness the GREATEST MARRIAGE ON EARTH!" | "Announcing... Mr. & Mrs. DeBoer!"

60: Ahem... Dinner is served... *Corn on the cob *Fresh green salad with artichoke-parmesan vinaigrette *Steve's famous roasted potatoes *roasted veggies *Roasted & seasoned chicken *Trip Tip Steak | "To the most extraordinary man that I know he is generous, he is wise, he knows how to truly love, he is truly kind – his nickname is “Sugar”, he is as genuine as the sky is blue, he is my very best friend to my incredibly handsome husband who is my absolute one and only love of my life. To Shane!"

61: SPEECHES & TOASTS | Steve: "I couldn't be happier today... I am so thankful to Jesus that you both love Jesus... I couldn't be more ecstatic to have two wonderful awesome daughters.. thank you Shane for picking such an awesome lady. I love you both!" | Vicki: " I am so thrilled for Shane and how happy he is... part of being a mom is you just want to see that fulfillment in your kids. A memory of Shane growing up ... the first two words out of his mouth was: 'watch mom!' I didn't hear: 'watch, Mom - I have this wonderful new girl'... but that's what he should have said... would have fit right in. .. hahaha! ...Cryssy's Gonna bring some awesome genes to be added to some already awesome genes... so that's what I'm countin' on... hahaha a toast to Shane & Cryssy!"

62: Rachelle: "With our friends, Cryssy has earned the nickname: 'Skilz'. I'm so happy that now she has used those skills to steer herself in a wonderful new direction and that direction is right into Shane's arms and into his heart as his beautiful new bride. ...Cryssy and Shane, may your marriage have the sweetness of Jane and Bingley, may it have the passion of Darcy & Elizabeth, and may it have the wisdom and lasting love of Queenie & Twister." | Britt: "I want to start off by saying congratulations - it's been an awesome wedding and you two look so great together. Some words of advice to Cryssy... keep a first aid kid on hand! It's been so much fun to see you guys grow together the last couple years, I think it's just the beginning of what's gonna be a wonderful time together, and I'd like to give a toast to all the good years coming up and all the memories we're about to make . I love you guys a lot."

63: Joy: "Oh you two... you bring so much emotion to me... I love you both so much. How can I follow all these wonderful stories? All I can say is thank you all so much for loving my daughter and my wonderful new son... what mom could ask for more!?! | Shane: "To my beautiful bride who above all else, she chose me and praise God for that... thank you, sweetie!"

64: Sentimental EmbarrasingTouching Hilarious Perfect | Mario: "Everyday give 110% no matter haw much effort you think the other person is giving... if you do this, you'll always both fell loved and appreciated. And lastly... I hope they have a long, happy marriage full of love and uh... may your first child be a masculine child."

65: Stephanie: "I'm so excited that you're my sister... finally! ... Only sister you two will ever have... so don't forget that! There are a lot of stories of Shane growing up - most about destruction, and then we get to today's story... today's story is great because Shane had a lot of forethought and picked a great woman to start his life3 with.... your new story is starting - can't wait to see the next chapter where there's babies... heeheehee " | Stacy: " My heart is bursting with the emotion of love for you two today.... you guys are the true meaning of love."

66: What a beautiful and delicious cake that Rachelle made!

67: Thank you Vicki and Aunt Helen for all the delectable, gorgeous pies!

71: First Dance... "You are the Best Thing" Followed by parent/child dance... "Time After Time"

75: The unbelievably fabulous celebration ended with a fabulous fire poi show by the 'Rocky Mountain FireFlyz'.

76: Special Thank You's: We love you all! | Mom, Joy: Thank you so incredibly much for your countless notes of wisdom, tireless help, endless support, and self-less love! Without you, loving mother, half of the amazement would have been missed. You are an amazing, beautiful woman, whom we deeply admire, respect and love very much! | Papa Steve, and Mom, Vicki: Your amazing love, generosity, faith and grace has meant so much to us. Your amazing energy and support for our wedding was a huge blessing to us. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all the ways you have supported and loved us. We love you very much!

77: Thank you, Stacy for all your amazingly, abundant help with our wedding! You were an amazing support, an incredible blessing, and a magnificent friend, as well as my gorgeous cousin! | Thank you, Nancy, my partner in crime, for somehow arriving in time after 2 flight cancellation! It was a blessing to have my beautiful friend with us on that day! | Danelle, thank you for your awesome help! You really are a "best friend" with all the ways you supported, loved, encouraged, and gave of your yourself to love on us! I'm so proud to call you one of my dearest friends! | Amy, thank you for your rewarding friendship that is full of grace, support and love! Your help and friendship was so appreciated that day, and always! | Rachelle, my long-time friend, thank you for the perfectly,gorgeous cake that you made! Your beautiful talent, friendship and love is so precious to me! | Thank you, Katie for the totally awesome hand-made quilt you made for us! And of course, thank you for your beautiful smile, and encouraging love and wonderful friendship!

78: Thank you, David for your gift of marrying us! We truly appreciate the positive energy, time, and loving support you gave us! Jodi, your beaming smile and continuous love has been a blessing! Thank you both for your dear friendships! | Seth, the giant bottle of champagne was an exciting surprise! We appreciate your ushering, abundant help, your awesomeness and love! | Thank you to all you guys for your general awesomeness and your meaningful friendships! Mario and Britt - your hilarious and touching speeches were terrific! | Our dear brother and sister, your energy, support, and love have been deeply appreciated by us. Ian, your speech at the rehearsal dinner was incredible. We love you both so much and are excited for all the memories we will make together as a family in the road ahead!

79: Thank to you all - our fantastic family and fabulous friends (who are also our chosen family) for sharing in our blissful celebration! Today we begin a breathtaking new chapter of family, freedom, love & thrilling adventures in both our lives! " Love & Blessings to all, Shane DeBoer & Cryssy Saoirse DeBoer | "We thank our amazing God & Heavenly Father who gives us blessings of love, forgiveness, freedom, peace and the wonder of living in Montana; playing and working in the place we love. We send our parents an enormous thank you for their love, wisdom, prayers, and encouragement! We wouldn't be the solid people we are today without their abundant love & beautiful character...

81: nd thus ends the 'beginning' of the story... a story of a beautiful friendship, an endearing love, and a blessed marriage. This was a love as strong and true as there ever was; growing in the strength of hardship, cherishing the tenderness of a first kiss, the companionship of the best of friends, the pure freedom of a true love, the peace of a dove, and the joy of a radiant smile. Of all the happiness that Shane and Cryssy's friends and family shared with them, the princess and her hero of a prince were the most gratefully blissful of all, to know deep inside their heart of hearts, that all their dreams had come true... and they lived... | A

82: THE END (Of the beginning of the story.)

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