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Shannon Hill's life

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BC: She was a great sister, daughter, mother and grandmother. She died with no regrets by her husband of 75 years during the night. She lead a healthy life. She kept a strong with relationship with her family, her friends and her god. She set a great example for younger generations and had a passion for healing and helping others throughout her life.

FC: Shannon Hill Hour 4

1: BIRTH AND FAMILY I have a mother and a father that have been married for a little over 25 years. I have one brother. His name is Josh and he is a junior at Iowa State University, studying to be an accountant and occasionally comes home to visit. When we are not at home in Kansas we are visiting extended family in Iowa and Minnesota. I have a very close relationship with my extended family and see them annually. My parents really wanted a little girl and my mom had struggled in the past with her pregnancies. I was born into a loving family who wanted me very badly and had planned for me for a while.

2: GENDER I was exposed to very normal gender roles growing up. My dad has a great job that he worked very hard at and my mom also has a great job, but also did most of the cooking and cleaning around the house. I was constantly getting tougher when I was growing up because I have an older brother that enjoyed picking on me. I loved to wrestle with him and run around in the yard, but I also enjoyed playing dress up and wearing tutus to dance class. My grandfather is my role model. He retired the year I was born so he and my grandmother could watch me when my parents went to work. He is the toughest, most hard working man I know. I do almost everything in his honor and hope to please him. He gives the greatest advice and I am very thankful to have someone as honest and giving as him to look up to.

3: My dad was, and still is today, the rule maker and enforcer. My mom takes her children's side over my dad's. She is normally the mediator. She is the gentler version of my dad. My dad believes that it is either his way or the highway. DAD - If I am one minute late for curfew I am yelled at by my dad. If I have a bad grade in a class my dad will have me study all night or talk to the teacher about improving. MOM - If my dad and I disagree, mom will always interrupt and explain why I am right. My mom expects me to do my best in life and school, but understands that no one can constantly give perfection and when I mess up she is the loving, supportive one of my parents. | PARENTING STYLES

4: Most of my younger years, up to late elementary school, I had a very easy temperament. As I grew older I became more slow to warm up because I realized not all strangers had good intentions. Throughout my younger years of childhood I loved hugging mascots and chatting with just about every person who glanced at me. As I grew up, I slowly learned that not everyone wanted to be talked to and not everyone should know whats going on in your life. I built a wall up when my best friend Alexa moved away to Texas in 7th grade and since then I have become a slow-to-warm-up temperament because I am more concerned with the quality of people I have in my life and not the quantity. ATTACHMENT STYLES

5: BIRTH TO 1 I was born into a very stable, loving, Christian household. I was well loved and nurtured. I have a brother that is three years older than me that enjoyed pestering me. I found my comfort and love for animals throughout my new born years because my family had a black lad named Sheba who I called FeFe (or fluffy) that I constantly wanted to pet and be around. When I was not receiving attention from my parents, I was snuggling with my pet.

6: 1 to 3 When I was two years old my family moved from Olathe to Overland Park. My brother and I were at the age where we bickered a lot, but I was always the nice one that ended the fights. I was always giving things to my brother and trying to keep him happy. I was a girl of favorites and regularity. I enjoyed wearing things over and over again and I wanted to get dressed on my own and was opinionated on style at a young age. I was working on being independent and having control over the choice in my life.

7: 3 to 6 I was a girl of favorites and regularity. I enjoyed wearing things over and over again and I wanted to get dressed on my own and was opinionated on style at a young age. According to Piaget's stages I was going through egocentrism because I wanted everything as I asked. \I was a healthy eater and had a very large range of things I enjoyed to eat. I was a happy, content child who loved being watched by my grandparents everyday during the day. I loved playing with dolls and stuffed animals and creating settings to play in. When i played I was in my own world.

8: 6 to 12 I became more involved with pop culture and the world around me. My older brother was going to school, so of course I wanted to be like the big kids. I loved being with friends constantly. Whether it was dance, soccer, basketball, softball or volleyball, I wanted to be involved. At this stage in my life I was following Erickson's development process, all I wanted was to fit in. I was thankful enough to have a great group of friends who supported me in everything I did and were always by my side.

9: 12 to 19 In my early teenage years I started strongly liking boys. I got more serious with volleyball and basketball, joining competitive teams for both sports. I enjoyed spending time in Minnesota at my lake house with my mom's side of the family. I was with many of my young nieces and nephews and I slowly became one of their role models. As I got into high school I was confident that I knew right from wrong and that I was well rounded. I was always looking on the bright side of things and encouraging people to be happy. I have been called an old soul and have been told I was wise beyond my years. I graduated early from high school and I believe that was a mature and life-changing decision for me.

10: 19 to 25 During this period in my life I plan on attending Kansas State University for four years studying Kinesiology. After four years of undergraduate studies I will attend Physician Assistant School at a local Kansas college and get my certification to practice as a PA. By my senior year of college I hope to be married or engaged. By 24 or 25 I plan on having my first child and having a steady job. At this point in my life I hope to have a very happy marriage and slowly add children to my already amazing family. I have always been a girl of stability and I hope that my life is stable and routine.

11: 25-40 Once I have reached the age of thirty I hope I will have another child as a sibling to my first. I hope my husband has a great job that he enjoys and can support my family with. I will continue to work throughout my children's younger years, but still keep up the house and cook my family dinner every night. By my forties I would love to have three growing children that enjoy being active and playing together. My husband and I will go to the gym and lead an active lifestyle so we can stay around long enough to retire and watch our grandchildren grow. I plan on having a few dogs and encouraging my family to be pet lovers as much as I am. At this point in my life it may be hectic, but all the changes in my life are positive and keep me extremely content with my life.

12: 40 to 65 At this age period I will most likely be sending my children off to college and starting to plan my retirement. I plan on having a great time learning how to be an empty-nester with my husband and staying close with my children as they are off at college starting their own life.

13: 65 to 90 I will be an exciting grandmother to my young grandchildren. I will have stayed happy and healthy with the help and encouragement of my husband and family. I will continue to keep a close relationship with my extended family and see them over the summer and holidays. I hope to keep my lake home in Minnesota and

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