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Shape Shifters (Copy)

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S: Shape Shifters v.1 2nd Edition

BC: No matter where your finish line is...you can't reach it until YOU START!

FC: Shape Shifters Amazing Before and After Transformations of Ordinary People Who Made Fitness Into a Way of Life By 24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer Maggie Chen, B.A, CPT, CES, INBCNC

1: Transformations of Shape Shifters... It's hard to believe that we can make true transformations in our lives, be it spiritual, financial, relational, emotional or physical and really take on new a new shape. I have had the wonderful opportunity to see client after client make miraculous changes to the point of becoming someone new. While these photos are inspiring, and focus on the outer image of each individual..the greater blessing for me was to see each person's journey through the transformations that occurred on the inside. It's a most awesome gift to be the keeper of a delicate cocoon that one day brings forth a new being! -Maggie Chen, BA, CPT, CES, IBCNC Master Trainer/24 Hour Fitness Glendale SuperSport

2: Maggie Chen, BA., CPT, CES, IBCNC Master Trainer/24 Hour Fitness Glendale Super-sport 626-665-3900 Maggie4Fitness@gmail.com Find me on http://Facebook.com/maggie4fitness http://maggie4fitness.blogspot.com | Photography by: Haidar Photography Bella's Classic Photography Christopher Revon Photography KeithTsuji Photography Flash and Burn Photography Edited by: Caleb Chen

3: Dedicated to my teachers and mentors. You taught me well but even more... you confirmed my calling, still even more... you transformed me so I could transform another. | The photos you will see on these pages are actual clients, not stock images of models. While what they have accomplished is not average at all, they are the everyday Jane(s) and Joe(s) who's hard work made them into stars. They are the ones who dared to dream and followed through and are living the lifestyle of fitness today and everyday. They are not Photo Shopped images. The skin on some individuals with dramatic weight loss may have had some stretch marks, and these are diffused in the photography but EVERY transformation represented is true, verifiable, documented and unaltered. It is my aim to show what can be REALISTICALLY achieved...what YOU can REALISTICALLY achieve. Copyrights Reserved MC2 Sport Publishing 2011

4: ~The average American will lose approx 1/2 pound a muscle per year from age 25-50 without a structured exercise and nutrition program, until approximately 15 pounds of muscle will have been lost by 50 years age. ~The average American will gain approximately 45 pounds of fat between the age of 25-50. This makes the average American 30 lbs heavier at age 50 then at age 25 if s/he chooses not to do anything about a healthier lifestyle. | ~"...Although restriction of diet often results in initial weight loss, more than 80 percent of obese dieters fail to maintain their reduced weight. Obese people may regain weight after dieting due to hormonal changes, a new study has shown..." ScienceDaily (Oct. 28, 2011) "...studies have shown that even a 5 percent reduction in weight can lead to improved health," says lead author Jacinda M. Nicklas, MD, MPH, MA, a clinical research fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. ""...additionally we found a correlation between joining weight loss programs and greater reported weight loss, which may speak to the importance of structure in a weight loss regimen...self-reported use of popular diets, liquid diets, nonprescription weight loss pills and diet foods/products were not associated with weight loss." American Journal of Preventive Medicine(April 10, 2010). "..Two of three U.S. adults are either overweight or obese compared with fewer then one in four in the early 1960's. Obesity accounts for more than 280,000 deaths annually in the U.S." Steven Pratt, MD of Super Foods RX "...Men whose waists measured more then 36.8 inches had a significantly elevated risk for myocardial infarction, or heart attack, in which an area of the heart muscle dies or is permanently damaged by a lack of blood flow." Physicians Health Studies 1982 | All the studies point to not only a difficult path but a seemingly improbable one with weight-loss. Yet all the studies point to a path you can not afford not to take... | ...though none of the people on the following pages had it easy, the path of least resistance can not produce the strength that you will see.

5: Crystal | Before 168 Lbs. | Midway 150 lbs.

6: After! 130 Lbs! | 35 Lbs. DOWN!! Still going Strong! CRYSTALdecided what her weight would be... NOT her genetics, NOT her Past. | "...weight was always an issue for me. I was not blessed with an outrageously active metabolism..."-Crystal

7: "I grew up with a large extended family in the Southeast, so food has always been a big part of my life. An essential staple in my culture, a part of who I was. With that being said, weight was always an issue for me. I was not blessed with an outrageously active metabolism like my brother, but I ate just like him and although I was not obese, I was overweight. When I stepped on the scale at age 22 and saw the number 175 staring back at me, I panicked. I was 25 lbs away from a number I couldn’t bring myself to say, and I decided to make a change. I started working out and on my own I lost 10 lbs, but it stopped there. I could not figure out how to get anymore off. At this point I had been attending TKB on Wednesday nights for about 2 months. Maggie would always talk about nutrition, short term/long term goals and the success of her clients. I knew from the start that I wanted to train with Maggie because she herself was her first success story. Her passion stemmed from her own experience and that experience is what solidifies her deep commitment to her clients. To me the weight loss was important not only for my health but for my career aspirations. As a performer, your appearance is important. You do not have to be stick thin, but you need to be fit. My goal was to be healthy and fit. Today I feel more confident in my body, my clothes and my appearance. I feel like a casting director would look at me and cast me because I look healthy. I actually enjoy trying on clothes. I am so glad I swallowed my fear and talked to Maggie and began to train with her. I would do it again. But I don’t think I will need to because Maggie’s training will stick with me forever! Thanks Maggie"-Crystal | "...I am so glad I swallowed my fear and talked to Maggie and began to train with her."

8: Emily Some Say... "Maybe she's born with it.." "Maybe she's had lipo..." "No one in their late 40's could possibly make such a huge change after 2 kids..."

9: People often think Emily was born to be a size 2... ...and is much younger than late 40's. ...or has had help from a surgeon! Emily Before... ...NEARLY 3 SIZES LARGER with arms, legs, glutes and SIX PACK still missing! | "When I joined the gym, I thought it would be nice to more fit and it might be interesting to see what a personal trainer has to offer. After all, wouldn’t it simply be just to exercise more and eat less? At my first training session, Maggie asked me about nutrition. I was somewhat skeptical and thought - what does nutrition has to do with being more toned? I am a foodie and eating is the joy of my life so I can’t give it up! It took me a while to finally get on-board. Maggie is extremely knowledgeable with nutrition and eventually her coaching started to sink in. The scary looking meal plans got easier and easier once I started, and later it became my lifestyle. Before I knew it, my skirt was falling off me and I had lost two dress sizes from six down to a two. Not only did I loose the weight, I also got more fit through Maggie’s vigorous fitness training. Maggie is the master who sculptured my body through the personalized nutritional plans and training sessions. I watched my body transformation and I love this amazing result, particularly when it was unintended initially. Not only can I see my abs and my muscle definition, [but] I am fittest ever in my lifetime at late forties. Now I finally understand what it means to be more fit and toned, thanks to Maggie. Without her, this result would be mission impossible."

10: Emily-AFTER!!! "Mom with the Best Six-Pack!" She earned every cut, and worked to change every habit | It was so awesome the day she said to me, "Wow! I've never seen my Abs before in my entire life, not even before the kids! I just thought I had none!!" Emily, you not only have them but you got some of the best I've seen! Teaching Emily to eat in a way that stabilized blood sugar ensured that her love for food wouldn't de-rail her. The key was healthy substitutions.

11: Stop Being Afraid to be Who You Were Meant to Be! Doug... Believed Every Day That He Could Master the Things That Stopped Him From What He Wanted To Be.

12: "...This year's been an incredible year of growth with my trainer Maggie Chen. Along with nutrition counseling, we've done several 6 week cycles of intense and enjoyable body composition training. I am building the body I need to enjoy life-I love the way I look when I review my physique in the mirror! Each cycle Maggie shares is challenging but fun with a given goal such as muscle gain. It is amazing the difference I feel: strength, vitality and an obvious difference in the way I am perceived by all those around me. Now I feel comforted that a lifestyle that includes daily activity and proper nutrition has prepared me for the much tougher daily challenges!" -Doug T. | Doug only needed to know that someone cared and believed in his success. He already had nearly everything. The confidence we borrow from our trainer until we have it inside, will bring forth the result that would have just stayed dormant.

13: Believing One Day at a Time | 90 Lbs Down!!

14: "Maggie made it clear during our first session that a McDonald’s chocolate dipped cone was NOT the after workout meal necessary for lean muscle development. While I’d known what I ‘should’ do for years, I was never able to put the pieces of the puzzle together on my own. With Maggie’s support, expertise, and enthusiasm I was finally able to make it happen. Just this morning someone told me, 'You are a shadow of your former self,' and the other week a girlfriend said she wanted my arms for her 30th year high school reunion. I never expected those words to be coming my way. While I’ve always been active and have been running marathons for years, the strength and confidence gained from the weight training, core routines, and nutrition check-ins with Maggie have been invaluable. I feel like this is my prime time. Thanks Maggie!" -Ann W. | Ann W.-Marathoner | Ann was already such an awesome athlete. Having completed 13 marathons, some placing in the top 5 in her age class, it could be hard to believe she wasn't achieving her fitness goals with so much activity. However, her talent and hard work wasn't directed in the right area. A marathon runner works extremely hard, but this work teaches the body to conserve energy to finish a 26.2 mile run without killing itself. Great news if you want to do marathons, but not so great news if you wish to burn as many calories with less work to cause as much fat loss as possible. Ann just needed to have her training restructured so that her body would expend fat calories when we called for it and conserved it when it was time. Her appetite was also corrected so cravings did not plague her any longer. Only then can a nutrition plan become a lifestyle not a struggle. Only then can the training truly take on a goal effectively. Truly, it was a great finish line to reach that body composition while increasing her ability to run better and faster!

15: *Correct Nutrition Timing *Appetite Correction *Smart Periodization of Effective Training *Complementary Recovery Supplementation | "...While I’ve always been active and have been running marathons for years the strength and confidence gained from the weight training, core routines, and nutrition check-ins with Maggie have been invaluable!"-Ann W.

16: Vahik P. Movie and Television Actor "As an actor, I always look for challenging rolls to play and when I got the most interesting opportunity to play a 71-year old Uncle Rafael and his son Hamo in the movie, My Uncle Rafael, I jumped on it. In Hollywood it is easy to add a few pounds on with the help of costume and makeup but when your director is asking you to lose more than 60 pounds in order to be able to play both parts, that’s when you need an expert to help you. I was introduced to Maggie Chen through a friend Learning about Maggie as a master trainer and also a nutrition coach was one thing but working with her was a different experience. She is a professional trainer who takes her job very . seriously. She helped me not only to lose more than 60 pounds but she also spiritually prepared me to keep it off. She knew exactly how to start the training, step by step from physical training to the counts of every calorie I ate. I have become more educated about food than ever before; learned how to change my lifestyle and be healthy. During training, week after week, I saw results. It felt so good that I did not want to miss any day of training. I must thank Maggie Chen to have had belief in me and for helping me to achieve my goal. I truly appreciate her knowledge, dedication and most important the passion she has for what she does." -Vahic P. | Teaching Vahic to utilize particular groups of carbohydrates on certain days optimized his hormone response to the fat loss plan. He dropped an amazing 16 lbs in the 1st 4 weeks in order to be ready for a movie part. He never hit a plateau. We slowed him down to 2-3 lbs loss/week to better teach him lifestyle changes he could maintain while giving him the initial speed loss he need to make the date the studios wished him to be ready for the role. | Before 240 Lbs.

17: Realizing his dreams at 175 Lbs. in the principle role "Jimmy" on the #1 Hit Television Show "Immigrants" and the principle role of the movie "My Uncle Rafael" released in 2011 | AFTER!! Down 65 Lbs!

18: Mary Ann | "Two years ago, I took my first management desk job...I found myself stressed, miserable and quickly becoming overweight. I knew I needed someone to really push me. So I signed up for the training program with Maggie Chen. I can not overstate the impact of motivation... Instead of suffering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with being overweight and fatigued, I'd rather just suffer 5 hours a week at the gym... My trainer was fabulous and the program was fantastic. It was a very systematic, scientific, and non-judgmental approach. Her love for fitness is infectious. A few months later I'm more energetic, looking better than I have ever thought possible!"-Mary Ann | Mary Ann was great at food tracking which was 50% of all the success she enjoys today. It was miraculous to see that beautiful smile get brighter and brighter with every training session! What a beautiful spirit she had just waiting to get out to the world!

19: Before-32% Body Fat After-18% Body Fat "Every day I feel like I am driving a Porsche instead of a Station Wagon." -Mary Ann

20: Alex S Before | Alex had no weight issues to begin with, but being a performer already meant that she had to be a "normal" weight. However, she wanted to be better then "normal". She felt she'd be more competitive in the entertainment industry if she was "ripped" instead of only petite. So we worked to create a look that was a substantial change without any weight loss. This entailed careful planning and implementation as she was already so low in weight that the loss of muscle would prevent the desired look. After her hard work, here she is on stag: Ripped and Shredded!

21: AFTER! Ripped & Shredded!! | Creating the look required that Alex be in a nutrition program of slight deficit during the day and after working out, a surplus. Delivering nutrition right when she was in the window to gain muscle was what was needed to keep her weight stable while she lost fat but not muscle.

22: Jason | Before | Midway | "After I graduated from my college, my weight jumped from 130 lbs up to 173lbs. of body fat. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I made the decision that it was time for the change... I got my membership at 24 Hour Fitness and started to workout. Turbo Kick became my favorite class. I was so inspired that I became a Turbo Kick instructor and a fitness pro. During that time, I dropped a lot of weight at first, but after 8 months I hit a plateau. I stopped losing weight. I struggled... It was a blessing that I met Maggie. She told me at this point right now, my body is in the 'survival mode.' My body was producing certain hormones to hold that last bit of fat. It is not only about the exercise but also the nutrition. So Maggie gave her nutrition plan to me and also a certain way of training to induce the loss of that 'last few lbs of fat,' and I continued doing Turbo Kick in her classes. In two weeks, my body fat percentage dropped from 11% to 8% without losing muscle. The cuts on my abdominal section became deeper, and my 8-pack showed up fully! I became more toned with new veins I never saw before and had more muscle definition. I cannot believe it! Great results in such a short period of time! It was amazing! I become more fit and gained even more confidence! I will keep coming to her Turbo Kick class, train in the styles she showed me and apply the nutritional programming! Thank you, Maggie! You are a real trainer and coach! You are the best!" -Jason

23: NOW!! | Before 173 Lbs. Midway 11% Body Fat After 8% Body Fat

25: John | Before 250 Lbs. | Midway 210 Lbs

26: NOW!! 190 LBS.!! | TURBO KING 2010...YOU SURE HAVE COME A LONG WAY!! | Watching John transform was amazing! I've never seen a more open heart toward change. John didn't let any of his initial ideas of exercise, nutrition and what would bring about healthy results hinder his progress. Learning to TURBO KICK was not initially natural for him but very soon, he out did every old timer in class and he used the format, combined with nutrition planning with me to jump start his weight loss into a 4-5lb loss per week for 50 lbs straight before his body started to slow down. He was nominated and crowned Turbo King 2010. And now, we are all about gaining muscle weight ...just look at those arms!!

27: "...It's for my daughter, Isabel, who one day can look back and see pictures of me and see what I have achieved and be proud to have a father like me..."-John During the time my father was in a hospital fighting for his life, the stress took a toll and I let myself go. I didn’t know how bad it was until I saw some pictures of myself at a birthday party my wife had for me. I was at the heaviest point ever-265lbs! My doctor told me he needed to put me on medications ASAP for blood pressure. My wife, being a Pharmacist, exclaimed, “There should be no reason why you need these medications without trying other means; you are too young!" That’s when it hit me that I needed to change my life fast. My wife asked me again to give TKB Class one more chance. I had tried this class a year ago, and as soon as the warm up had started I ran out of room. I consoled myself saying “this is not a workout for me, I’m a man’s man” LOL. This time around I went in with an open mind telling myself it’s not for me anymore it’s for my daughter and that was the key! Once we got done with the TKB workout I was out of breath and couldn’t believe the sweat I had on my body. Right then and there I signed up at 24 Hour Fitness and asked my wife when the next class was taught by Maggie Chen. My wife told me that her classes are different and she believes she is also personal trainer at Glendale SS. I emailed Maggie initially to get sessions for my wife for Mothers Day. She asked me if I thought about personal training for me. Then, I thought about this woman, who loves to yell jab, cross, uppercut is going to train me? I’m a man’s man! Then I remembered that I went into this journey with an open mind. [I] tried TKB and now I’m addicted to it, and most importantly, it’s not for me, it’s for my daughter. She sat me down and gave me a nutrition plan on what to eat and how much to eat. I remember looking at her and telling myself “She wants me to eat this much, these foods, 5-6 times a day and lose weight?” I always taught you would lose weight by starving not eating 5-6 times a day! I started her plan and training with her and the weight started coming off. I couldn’t believe it. Then we started lifting, which I thought I could never get back into after my injury. She worked around the injury and made me fall in love with lifting again. Now, I have lost over 60lbs and still going. I look back at my journey and I see 3 women that played a key into this man’s weight loss success: Maggie Chen, my trainer. Training with her has been a privilege, and most importantly fun and addictive. My wife, Nayiri. She has helped me so much in making sure I’m always on track with my nutrition and making time for me to get my workouts in. My love of life, my inspiration, my daughter, Isabel, who one day can look back and see pictures of me and see what I have achieved and be proud to have a father like me."-John

28: kAREN-BEFORE 26% BODYFAT ...AND A REGULAR 9-5 JANE | "A couple of years ago I decided I was tired of my poochy stomach; although I have always been slim, I didn't feel very fit. Maggie has made a huge difference in how confident I feel about my body! I never fear a trip to the beach or a pool party. Thanks to Maggie I am the most fit amongst my friends! As I age, I notice my friends getting floppy arms and growing big behinds that spread out across their office chairs... I get many compliments on my toned arms, and I still can't believe it when I look in the mirror and see a fit tummy instead of a flabby one. Thank you Maggie for keeping me fit instead of floppy!"

29: Feeling GREAT in Your Own Skin isn't Just for Super models Anymore! How 'bout having this kind of confidence? | Karen- Actual Client Her results are NOT Atypical

30: Karen- After!! 16 % Body Fat Just ask Karen how she did it, since she is NOT a super model! | To optimize Karen's genetics, a lifting program was the focus to build up muscular structure and tighten her look. Combined with nutrition that reduced her cravings but increased her metabolism, fat just rolled off and she tightened up perfectly!

31: Gregg C. By the time I started working with Maggie I had already lost a considerable amount of weight. I knew though, that some of my hardest work lied ahead. I also knew there was only one trainer I trusted to get me there, Maggie Chen. Maggie's focus, attention to detail and knowledge of her profession is second to none. If you bring the desire, commitment and willingness to work hard, she can lead you to reaching your goals. By continuing to make positive change in myself, it has given me more self esteem, confidence, and changed the way I think about my self. It has also changed the way others see me and the way others treat me, for the better. Life has changed drastically for the better since I started my journey. I am healthy now, I look better than I've ever looked and I'm feeling great! | Original Weight: 300+ LBs. Starting Training weight: 200 LBs.

32: Everyday there's a chance... | to become a better YOU! | NOW 180 LBS!!

33: Kathy Winner of Glendale Super-sport's Biggest Winner 30-Day Contest | Before At Training Training Start Look what 30 days can do!

34: At Contest Start | What a winning attitude Kathy had from the start! Though she was the lightest of all the contestants and was at a disadvantage due to a previous health condition, she still wanted to take on the challenge. Following the things I asked of her was demanding on her busy schedule as a mom of two and with a full time job. I knew she could only take a lead in the contest if we used strategy with hormone planning to induce weight loss. Starving would induce a halt to the weight loss so high deficits was not the way to go. The strategy to optimize every hormone in her body for fat loss coupled with the right deficits during the body's most receptive windows to those deficits and placing lifting into the right time frames to keep her body continuing as a fat incinerator was our plan. Optimization of metabolism and fat loss hormones=efficient results! | "Approximately 5 years ago I had my first child and about one year ago I had my second child. I decided that I wanted to get back in shape and get back to my pre-children weight. I knew that I was overweight after I had my first and had tried over the years to lose weight, but was only able to lose about 10 pounds on my own, and honestly, I had grown comfortable with my body. After I had my second child, I was de-termined to get help in order to get back to pre-children weight. I tried over and over to do it on my own, but I was not getting any results. "I got tired of being overweight and not being able to fit into cute clothes and felt like I was stuck in a rut and constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Thankfully, I did not encounter any health problems, but thought that eventually I would. Besides getting back into shape, I want to set a good example for my children and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating nutritious foods. I had been taking Maggie Chen’s TKB class over the years, and decided that I would talk to her about training with me. I had seen the transformations that she has done and I knew that if there was anyone that could help, it had to be her. Knowing Maggie’s educational background and training, I was adamant about having her as my personal trainer. "Thanks to Maggie, I learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She designed the appropriate workouts for me. I have implemented these changes to my life and I no longer say that I’m on a diet. This is the way I eat and this is what my body is now accustomed to. Today I feel great and still cannot believe that I have reached a weight that I thought I would never see again. I really enjoy my workouts and love eating healthy because it makes me feel wonderful." -Kathy

35: 30 Day transformation contest! Total loss: 21 3/4 lbs in 30 days! And still going strong! | "...I no longer say that I’m on a diet. This is the way I eat and this is what my body is now accustomed to. Today I feel great..." Kathy | Down 55 lbs. total from the Start!!

36: "I've always been pretty active when I was younger because of sports/running and never worried much about my health or gaining weight, that is until I began working my first full time job, which regularly demanded 65+ hr/ weeks. Stressed and overworked, I'd let myself gain close to 20lbs over the next few years, because of poor eating and lack of physical activity. I took a SET class with Maggie that totally killed me, and she mentioned she was a trainer offering a free body fat and personal training consultation. I felt the decision to have personal training was my last stitch effort to really try to be in control of the things I could control in my life: my health and body. Admittedly, I had low expectations going into training, not because I doubted Maggie's ability, but I had let myself get to the point where I didn't think I could do anything to change. I decided I'd give this my best shot and it was the single best decision I've made and it was the catalyst I didn't realized I needed. Not only did I lose all the weight and get down to a size I haven't been since high school, but it completely changed the way I looked at obstacles in my life. I used the same focus and discipline I had during training to also finally study, pass, and get the license in my profession I'd been trying to get for the better part of the past decade. Three years later after training, I'm still maintaining and fitter than I've ever been in years and now also have a license to boast, all because I first wanted to have change in my life. My personal training experience turned into LIFE training. I'm so blessed and grateful.Thanks Maggie!" -Josephine C | Josephine A Transformation for a Wedding and a Lifetime!

37: Diane | 100 Day Transformation From Good to Head Turning WOW! | "...Before starting Maggie’s nutrition plan, I was a hardcore sugar addict..."

38: Midsection Transformation Before After 3 weeks After 2 weeks training on nutrition on training | "I use to go to the gym five times a week and wonder why I wasn’t reaching my goals of a toned body. I have never been overweight, but I had always wanted a toned midsection and muscle definition. When I started taking Maggie’s SET class once a week, it was like no other SET class I had taken before. Maggie’s class forced me to really challenge my body and I was sore in places that I had not been sore before. After three months of taking her class, I knew I needed to train with Maggie to finally reach my goal of a toned body and a flat stomach. After training with Maggie for only a month, I started to lose noticeable inches off my waist and... to feel stronger. It wasn’t until I started following Maggie’s nutrition plan that everyone in my life started to see the changes. Before starting Maggie’s nutrition plan, I was a hardcore sugar addict. I would sustain myself on Red Bull, Wheat Thins and licorice. This would lead to sugar crashes in the late afternoon and I would be starving by the time that I would get home at night. This led to eating foods late at night that I had denied myself during the day. When Maggie first laid out the nutrition plan I thought there was no way that I could do it because I had failed many fad diets in the past. Once I started Maggie’s balanced nutrition plan, I noticed my sugar cravings subsided and I wasn’t overly hungry at night. I was able to sleep better which meant less fatigue throughout the day. Maggie has truly transformed my life and enabled me to make better decisions that positively affect my quality of life. Thanks Maggie!"-Diane

39: Diane only wanted to make better what was already good. She was already in decent shape from taking many group exercise classes. But, she could never get rid of a trouble spot around the middle. I was impressed by how she was so well balanced between a desire to shoot for something better and yet a glad attitude for where she was at each of the leg of the journey. She was patient with my busy schedule and did nutrition with me first until I could train her...and you can see how each leg of implementation affected her. Nutrition is 70% but you can only do that final edge combined with training. | NOW!!! | Midsection Training... ...whole package results!

40: The perfect place to conquer a difficulty is along side others who are doing the same. I worried a lot about stepping into a gym full of "In-Shape" people and prayed no one would talk to me or notice me. On my first day, a friendly gal in a group exercise class said, "Hi!" from around the huge column I was hiding behind and delighted me with her smile. So, I stayed... and lost 60 pounds and became a shape shifter! The magic of Group Exercise | Master Trainer Maggie Chen, BA. CPT, CES, IBCNC Turbo Kick and Strength Instructor

41: Turbo Court These are some of the beautiful, fun, happy people in our Turbo family who are on the winning side of the struggle. Together we conquer our weight and health issues and encourage each other on...come join us!! | Left to right, top to bottom (names and shape shifting accomplishments): John K-60 lbs, Nayiri B-2 dress sizes, Jocelyn S-87 Lbs., Karapet-Turbo Kicking while hearing impaired, Kathy D-55 lbs, Karen-Turbo Kicking with Effused Ankles, Fred Z-35 Lbs, Odette H-20 Lbs. Instructors: Maggie C-60 Lbs, Jason L-30 Lbs.

43: The Group Exercise | Come Join us for the fun!

44: Turbo Mania-Come join us for the friendships | Insane Turbo Instructors! | Excited participants of the Annual Turkey Burn lining up to go in for the kill!

46: Turkey Burn 2-Hour Cardio Marathon Party!!

47: Join us for the insane energy!!

49: ComeJoin us for the Triumphs!

50: Join us for Some Mad Skills!

52: So much More than a workout... | Come be part of our celebration of LIFE!

53: The Group X FITDANGO Review on the Classes... and why classes are so effective

54: It's much more then a group doing same exercises! It's more about our TEAM effort to be healthy together! Come see how being a part of an encouraging group causes weight loss, and how becoming a leader significantly increases that weight loss! "...We know that obesity can be socially contagious, but now we know that social networks play a significant role in weight loss as well, particularly team-based weight loss competitions," said lead author Tricia Leahey, Ph.D., of The Miriam Hospital and Alpert Medical School. ScienceDaily (Feb. 14, 2012) — "Is weight loss "contagious"? According to a new study published on-line in the journal Obesity, teammates in a team-based weight loss competition significantly influenced each other's weight loss, suggesting that shedding pounds can have a ripple effect." "...Team captains also lost more weight than team members, possibly due to their increased motivation and engagement in the campaign. Leahey says that future weight loss team competitions may consider requiring team members to share the leadership role. ScienceDaily(Feb. 14, 2012) "...According to a new study, those starting new weight loss programs may be surprised to find out that both location and level of experience may influence their success....women with weight-loss experience may find it more difficult to lose weight when starting a new program because they are less likely to seek and accept social support for their efforts and are unable to shake the bad habits that they have learned in past weight-loss programs...." ScienceDaily (Feb. 3, 2012)

55: "Since I have started taking TKB I have transformation in my body. More lean muscle. Losing at least 15 lbs of body fat. Increased Flexibility. I feel like I am 21 again. After turning 30 I wanted to make a change in my body. I wanted to be that ninja that I always knew I could be. TKB has inspired my commitment to the gym. I go at least five days a week now. It has become routine. I eat more healthy now and just have a few more pounds to go in the mid section. It has also inspired me to become an instructor some day down the line. Thanks Maggie!"-Owen | Before 185 Lbs | After 165 Lbs! And ready to Rock and Roll!! | Fred Z-Turbo King 09'-35 Lbs.Down! | Owen A.-Turbo Prince 2010 | “4 years ago when I was fat, I quit just after seconds of being in your class. Again, I came and quit. But your positive energy, serious movement and talk about how we can go from fat hell to slim heaven with exercise and nutrition worked on my mind and easily I got addicted to your class. I remember I was winded just after the first 10 minutes but after one year I became 2009 Turbo king & lost 35 lbs. You support people after class with right advise which I hadn’t found anywhere else with the kind of care you gave. Together with us, you build a Turbo family and provide the Turkey Burn event which I love!” -Fred

56: " I love Maggie's SET & TKB classes. From the second you walk in the door the room vibrates with a crazy intensity that is totally unique. The class feeds of this intensity and it keeps building throughout the session. This feeling totally pushes me to rise to new levels in both classes and to keep challenging myself. The other thing you notice is the friendliness and fun of the class. Maggie's style is to embrace new comers and her regulars follow her lead. So newcomers are greeted w/high fives and encouragement. This warmth totally makes you want to come back again. What's also great is how Maggie pushes people to the level they are capable of. If you can't do all the TKB steps, such is life. You aren't made to feel awkward, instead you are pushed to just keep on moving and do what you can. And believe me, I am not the most coordinated person and I mess up TKB steps all the time, but people kept high fiving me anyway for trying. That pushed me to come back time & time again and keep on trying. Maggie wouldn't let me hide in the back of the room and get discouraged, so I got the confidence to move to the front, where regulars took me under their wings and all of a sudden I was one of them and encouraging other folks. They even nominated me Turbo Queen, and I know that wasn't for my TKB skills, but rather for the enthusiasm I showed in the classes as well as towards losing weight and becoming healthy. All of this has helped me achieve a new level of confidence. It's made me realize all that I can do. And the warmth, encouragement & support of Maggie and the folks in the class--which is made of like people who either have been down the path I am on or are on the same path--has done wonders with helping me lose weight & improve my physical conditioning. In my mind all of Maggie's classes have a burn level of 5 do to the crazy intensity she brings to her classes that I mentioned earlier as well as because she always offers options for all levels, so i you want to push yourself, you can."-Jocelyn S. | Jocelyn S.-Turbo Queen 2011 52 Lbs Down in 2011 alone! | In addition to attending Group classes, Jocelyn is trained by my good friend Jerry Ford. He can be reached at Mid Wilshire club, fmclub118@24hourfit.com

57: Karapet-Turbo King 2011 | Karapet and Paul were both Nominated for Turbo King in 2011 for executing Turbo Kick in an extraordinary fashion. Karapet is hearing impaired and does the entire class on the vibrations of the floor and the movements he see's from members around him! He never misses a beat! Here he is with Turbo King 2010-John K. Who was crowned for a 60 lbs loss! | “Thank you Maggie for motivating me. I got interested in doing superman push-ups after seeing a YouTube documentary about the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. They were pumping them so easily that I had to try it, but I fell flat on my face. I consider myself core strong but felt deflated when I couldn’t do even one. In your TKB class, I thought I’d try them and to my delight I was able to pump 2 reps. I even asked you how was it possible since I couldn't do one before. You said it was the intensity and the warm-up that may have made it possible. Now I can do 10 or more reps. Then I wondered If it was possible to do it with only one armI fell flat on my face, so I waited for the TKB class between turbos to try it out, when I am really pumped. And lo and behold, I pumped out 2 reps of one-armed! Now I can do 10 or more with each arm. I am now aiming for one-arm, one-leg SMPUwhen I am in Maggie Chen’s class; I am so well motivated that doing hard exercises seems possible for me. One armed upside down push ups anyone?”- Paul C. | "I joined TKB class in early 2010 and it was hard for me but I tried my best. I followed the choreography though it was not easy for me. I found that I could do it and I came to love your class. I am addicted now to working out with TKB and SET class. I was 175 lbs but now I’m 165 LBs. 10 Lbs. lost! And now I am strict on nutrition plan and have begun to gain muscle!! I love your classes and the TKB FAMILY is so AWESOME and FUN-they make me smile and feel love in my heart. I have a difficulty. I can’t hear voice or music but I can see the people’s activity. The hard work of working out is simple for me. I am deaf but I can do it! I love my life, I love everyone and world!"-Karapet A. | Paul. C.-Turbo Prince 2011

58: "Turbo Kick has literally kicked my butt on several occasions. No really, you gotta watch out for those roundhouse kicks! But even through all the pain, I couldn't have reached and maintained my target weight if it wasn't for the intensely crazy and rewardingly fun TKB classes led by Maggie. She always kept me coming back for more, what else can I say? Go Big or Go Home!" Narbeh M., Turbo prince 2009 Burn rating: 5 EXTRA CRISPY HOT! | "Maggie's classes (much like the woman herself) are amazing, intense, and ever-evolving. She constantly challenges you in new ways, to keep you on your toes and off that all too comfortable plateau. She constantly shares her knowledge of health, technique, and diet. Best of all, she is always there for you in and out of class. Her advice is impeccable. She will not only transform your body, but your life. I know she's changed mine and I am truly grateful"-Benito Burn Rating: 5 Extra Crispy Hot! | "24 SET is fun AND effective. Weights and cardio help mix up the workout and the high intensity class gives me an energy rush for the rest of the week- it’s addicting! Maggie pushes me like no other trainer and the class is just fun- guarantee you will feel like a million bucks after"-Charleen Burn Rating: 5 Extra Crispy Hot! | "I look forward to Maggie's SET and TKB classes every week! The workout routines are always exciting and challenging, and there is always a full room of dedicated people who encourage each other along the way. You leave feeling like you had an awesome workout each time and you will definitely see results!"-Ahva Burn rating: 5 Extra Crispy Hot and all worth it! | "Hey Maggie..I am grateful to you for motivating me to reinvent myself. Thank you! I know I still have work to do and the best part is, I am ready for the challenge!"-Natalia

59: Very Special Transformations... On these final pages are the testimonials of clients who have a transformation of another kind. They are my heroes and heroines. I look at them everyday as they engender such gratefulness in my heart for the chance we each have everyday for health and fitness no matter what life brings us. As you look upon them and read their stories, may you always be at peace with what you are given to work with and may you find a strength within to make the most of everyday...for each one is a gift. | Maggie Chen, BA, CPT, CES< INBCNC Master Trainer/24 Hour Fitness Glendale SuperSport

60: Heather M. Survivor of West Niles Disease | "In August of 2004 a mosquito bit my hand. Several days later a friend called me on the telephone and realized something was wrong with my speech. Another close friend immediately came by to take me to the ER at Kaiser and found me on my living room floor. The diagnosis was West Nile Encephalitis. I remained in hospital for three months. I was in a semi comatose state for the first 3 weeks of my hospital stay and when I awoke I found myself largely paralyzed throughout my body. I was paralyzed for the entire time that I was in the hospital. When I was released I went directly to a convalescent home and after that a Rehab unit. I came home 3 months later unable to walk on my own or do most of the activities of daily life. Rehabilitation was promptly undertaken with an at-home assistant, wonderful Mary Silva. Mary took care of my needs for another 3 months while physical therapy worked to improve my functions and teach me to walk and do all the activities of daily living. Eventually I got to the 24-hour Fitness gym and began working with Maggie Chen, master trainer.It took a little over a year and my health was restored to normal through her efforts. In has now been 3 years and Maggie has worked with me constantly and provided emotional and physical support as we continue to work together. I cannot thank Maggie enough for giving me my life back."-Heather M. | "I cannot thank Maggie enough for giving me my life back."-Heather M.

61: 78 Year Old Termsri H. Total Knee Replacement, Diabetes Patient | Go on..Defy Your Age! 4 Years after the start of training... still no need for a knee replacement on the left knee as doctors insisted she had to have. Today in 2012, Termsri at 78, is the oldest Turbo kicker to our knowledge!!

62: Total Knee Replacement Knee | Transformed in Strength! | Transformed in Balance! | "I'm Termsri H. I'm 78 years old, diabetic and I'm a full knee replacement patient. I painfully hobbled in on the elevator to my first training session with Maggie. Maggie asked me about my pain level as I trembled through my first few exercises. I said to her, 'no pain, no gain!' She smiled at me and we instantly created a bond. I was very motivated by her interest in my well being and I had only expected to improve my function to the knee from surgery to some degree. Within time, my blood sugar came down to normal range, I dropped 17 pounds of body fat, [and] I regained not only my mobility, range of motion, but [also] developed strength that I didn't have even prior to my surgery. All my doctors were so pleased and said that I surpassed all their expectations. Because I fully recovered, I was able to take a trip to my homeland. My family was so happy to see how well I was doing. I am 78 years old and I can do whatever I want to do because of Maggie!"-Termsri | Transformed in Flexibility

63: My First Client.. | ME! Before to After 165Lbs. to 110Lbs. Size 14 to Size 2 10 Inches Down at waistline

64: After 110 Lbs. Size 2

65: So Great to be FIT!

66: I am a Master Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for 24 Hour Fitness, the 2nd largest chain gym in the United States. My greatest pleasure, passion, and calling in life is to use my combined experience in the health and fitness industry of 15+ years to be a catalyst for others around me to achieve the greatest health and fitness level possible. I became passionate about fitness after seeing numerous loved ones' quality of life drastically suffer by lack of good self-care. After earning a Bachelors of Arts degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science from California State University Los Angeles, I felt I wanted to further my education and practical experience. I finished an extensive personal training and nutrition program from National Personal Training Institute where to my delight, I was able to earn the highest graduating score. As I worked with weight loss clients, corrective exercise clients, strength clients, youth, seniors, and functional strength clients, I had the awesome privilege to witness phenomenal changes in their well being. 24 Hour Fitness recognized the joint effort of my clients with me and awarded me with the 7000/700 award and the 10,000/1,000 award and named me as the employee of the month. So encouraged by the dedication of my clients, I felt compelled to further my scope again. I went on to earn another certification with National Academy of Sports Medicine. Other certifications I hold additionally are AFFA Group Exercise, Powder Blue Turbo Kick boxing, Healthy Moms Perinatal Training, TRX and Apex. Although appearing in fitness demos, infomercials and national television broadcasts with fitness celebrities such as Billy Blanks, and Chalene Johnson was a exciting experience, I still consider my greatest achievement to be my own weight loss of 60 lbs., 6 dress sizes, and 10 inches from my waistline and becoming my very own first client. It is from a place of gratefulness in my heart for my own health, fitness and well being that I continue to utilize all I have been given to give all I have in helping others break through their own plateaus in life and achieve the unimaginable. | Education, Certifications, Training Bachelors of Arts in Physical Ed/Exercise Science Cal State LA Personal Training/Basic Nutrition Diploma Program National Personal Training Institute Certified Personal Trainer National Academy Sports Medicine Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist National Academy Sports Medicine International Board Certified Nutrition Coach Venice Nutrition Group/Para Training Certifications Turbo Kick, Healthy Moms PeriNatal, TRX, APEX, Nike Training Club, CPR

67: Every Shape-shifting transformation you have seen is true, documented, witnessed by numerous members of the 24 Hour Fitness Glendale Super-sport gym and the loved ones of the people in this book. I compiled this book to solidify in the minds of those who took the journey of the amazing feat they accomplished as we can all forget where we came from and not fully appreciate how much we've traveled. This book is also compiled to inspire you to shift in your life what isn't shaping up the way you want it to be. I would love to put your amazing shape shifting transformation story here.... | YOUR BEFORE | YOUR AFTER

68: I'm too fast for you! | Behind the Scenes of Make-Overs and Everyday Fun! | Take The Picture!!! I'm freezing! | Ok, who forgot to shower this morning? | I'm gonna fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee! | Take the Picture! I can't do anymore crunches!! | Take the Picture! I'm missing football! | 90% Chance of increasing precipitation at SET/Core class Glendale Supersport!

69: 101, 102, 103, 104... | Na na nana nana! Missed me again! | Can Someone help Fred land that Punch?!?! | Jason, would you please stay in one place?!?! | Photographing the fit and beautiful! | Great hair day!!

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