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Sharing memories Sharing life

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BC: I always like to win. But I'm the older sister. I want to make sure she has everything, even if I don't have anything. It's hard. I love her too much. That's what counts. - Venus Williams

FC: Sharing Memories Sharing Life By:Meghan White

1: I dedicate this book to my parents for helping me through life. They have helped me through a lot. They make my life what it is today.

2: Table Of Contents | I am Poem (Poem) A Wondering Mind (Poem) Driving on a Never Ending Road (memior) Anne Frank- Anne (letter) Astonishing My Life Felt (Poem) This I Believe (List) Bully Essay (persuasive) Anne Frank letter- Margot (Letter) Recycling Frank Robbins (Summary)

3: If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and white notes together -Richard M. Nixon

4: I am Poem I am an epic girl who likes to seek adventure. I wonder who I will be in 2015. I hear a thousand whispers of the past. I see people experience pain. I want what every girl wants... to fit in. I am an epic girl who likes to seek adventure. I pretend I'm not scared of anything. I feel the world on me as I carry my life. I touch a fist on a punching bag. I worry about my Uncle and Grandma's life. I cry when I see pain in others. I am an epic girl who likes to seek adventure. I understand that we all make mistakes and move on. I say everything will be ok when its not. I dream about how I can make my own music. I try my best at everything I do. I am an epic girl who likes to seek adventure.

5: Inside me a wondering mind. Inside me a shy girl with braces. Inside me a Asian girl who wonders about Life, death. Inside me a person who just wants to have amusing moments. Inside me giggles that feel my sadness. Inside me are people I love and hate. Inside me are shopping bags that tower on me, and movies that hug my thoughts. Inside me a girl who travels the world in search of something. Inside me still a kid who is afraid, fragile, free. Inside me waking up to a bright day with the sun shining like a new beginning. Inside me wishing time won't walk away. Inside me falling, skinning my knees, hoping to get up. Inside me an uncle who struggles with life like a fish without water. Inside me a girl that likes kung fu. Inside me someone who isn't afraid to take a chance.

6: Driving on a Never Ending Road He has learned anything can happen in three seconds. It was a pleasant summer evening, (summer was almost over) and I was getting picked up from youth group. I was wearing black capris, a snoopy shirt, converse shoes, and my hair was in a pony tail. I was hoping my grandma was okay, because she had cancer (for the 3rd time) and was going to get treatment done. My dad was telling me what was going on at the house, and then we get a phone call. I thought it was my grandma calling to say her treatment went well. Instead it was our aunt who lives in Illinois. She was stuttering as she spoke and breathing heavily. While she was talking my dad had a confused look on his face. He was wearing a tie and dress pants. My aunt was weeping into the phone; I was concerned about what had happened. My dad hung up the phone and said my uncle was in the hospital; he had gotten into a car crash. My aunt said that he was going to his friend's house to lift

7: weights. Something spilled in his truck, he turned to get it and he went off the side of the road into their neighbor's farmland crops. His enormous truck rolled him and the truck about six times. Nobody noticed him for at least an hour. One of their neighbors finally found him on the side of the road of the other neighbor's farmland. They called my aunt and cousins to tell them that they had found him trapped in his truck, in the field and that he couldn't move. They called the ambulance. The ambulance raced him to the hospital. Later that night my aunt called again and said, " the doctors are checking for permanent damage, he has broken his spine." He couldn't feel from his chest down. We were reserved the rest of the way home. I was thinking, me an 11 year old girl that I couldn't have this be happening to me. My heart was as empty as a balloon without air. I was afraid for him, and I hoped he would get better. I was afraid I wouldn't get to see him again. I felt like a puzzle with one piece missing. I felt that my fantastic life is over, and my uncle was hurt and there was nothing I could do about it. I thought of all the amusing times we had, the jokes he played on me, and the feeling that I wished he wasn't in the car at that moment. I remembered the smell of smoke whenever I walked in their house, and for the first time I missed that smell.

8: As I sat and glanced out the window and gazed at the children playing outside. Their faces were red from running around in shorts and sandals, I sat and thought about the great times I had with my uncle. I remember when we were camping and my aunt and my 16 year old cousin were walking back from the bathroom and my uncle hurled out and frightened my aunt, wanting her to think he was a bear. My cousin looked like she was ready to have a brawl with him. As the months went by I prayed every night for him to breathe on his own. Finally, three months later, my uncle got out of the hospital. He started to settle into his new "wheelchair proof" house. When spring break came around we got to go and see him for the first time since he got into the crash. when we got there I was racing toward him to give him a hug, but then I stopped. I saw him in his wheelchair. He looked happy to be out of the hospital, overjoyed to see us. He was trying to get out of the door. He was still learning how to get around in his wheelchair. I then saw him in a different perspective. I realized how his life would be different and the challenges he would have to face. He can't be the amping, going fishing, driving a car, and playing jokes uncle anymore. But I knew I couldn't give up hope, and he could still be th fun uncle I always had. Before then I thought you didn't have to have bad stuff happen to your life but now I realize, you can never have a real life without adversity.

9: June 12, 1943 Dear Kitty, Today I woke up before everybody; another birthday is passing my. I'm turning fourteen. So, here is how my morning went. I laid down, and stayed quiet; I read for a while. By eight o'clock everybody was up. We had porridge, and had sour milk for breakfast. I got some larger sized underwear, a new handkerchief, a spiced gingerbread cake, and a book on botany from Mummy and Daddy. I got a necklace from Margot. The Van Daan's got me a book, sweet peas for Dussel, sweet and exercise books form Miep and Elli, and best of all, a book, Maria Theresa and three slices of full-cream cheese from Kraler. I had a great birthday, nut we are still in our "Secret Annexe". I started reading some of my new books I got. By twelve o'clock we ate lunch. Then, I had a slice of my spiced gingerbread. It was amazing and delicious. After we had lunch it was quiet for the whole afternoon. Everybody was either reading or sleeping. Really that's mostly all we do here. I don't like it, but I DO NOT want to be caught! Yours, Anne

10: The whole life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. -Jiddu Krishnamurti

11: Astonishing My Life Felt Once I knew nothing, no direction in the big world. The space moved into rivers, loss of a friendship I once cherished. I had hope though. Smells around me had lost scent like a flower without rain. I saw dead ghosts. Felt clouds spitting, mocking their words at me as mud oozed though my toes. Then everything spoke to me. Moments belonged to me my eyes awakened. The world came to me I found things bigger than myself. Lonesome paths were now filled with giggle, laughter, hope. My life felt Astonishing!

12: I believe.... 1. That people make mistakes. 2. Learning is a gift. 3. You can do anything with your imagination. 4. Nature is beautiful. 5. The past should stay in the past. 6 Money is a way to help people's problems. 7. Failure can help people fix their future. 8. Music can help you be less bored. 9. Athletes are way to over paid. 10. In texting. 11. Shopping and hanging out with friends. 12. In God. 13. Laughing is a good thing. 14. Food is amazing

13: My Family

14: My Friends

15: I would like to discuss with you bullying in our schools, and what may occur if we don't do anything about it. The topics I will discuss include cyber bullying, students not standing up for their peers and the future for bullies. Cyber bullying is using your cell phones to bully other people without knowing who the bully is. Students not standing up for their peers is about how people are afraid to help the student being bullied. Lastly, what will happen to the bullies later in life. This is about how if the gullying is a continuing thing, it can lead to having criminal records. Cyber bulling is a dangerous way for people getting bullied. Maybe, during the night you get a phone call from a private number. Then, you get a text. You text back, and then they start calling you names. Of course you wouldn't tell your parents, but that wouldn't be the best thing to do, because that can cause more problems. The bully that is texting you might call you names. You don't do anything about it; that's not the right thing to do. If this bully continues to call and text you. The person that is getting bullied should finally get a teacher, or a trusted adult. One question we ask is, why is nobody standing up for the person who is getting bullied? A reason for that might be the bully is two times their size. Also the bully might be manipulating them. Or the student that is trying to help doesn't want to get hurt. If this student would tell a teacher, other students will call them a snitch once they found out. We should show students that we shouldn't be afraid to stand up to bullies. | Bullying

16: Once the bullies are out of high school, they might start getting criminal records. This would probably star happening at around the age of 24. This could be by the bullies doing bad in school. Also the bullies could carry around a weapon to school. Another thing is the bullies could have gotten in a lot of fights, and get school suspension. The bullying should star around second grade, and for the years to follow. We should stop this bullying, so our environment will be safe. I have talked to you about bullying in our schools, and how it can occur if we don't do anything about it. I've told you about cyber, and how it's dangerous. Also how nobody wants to stand up for the student that is getting bullied. Lastly, what will happen in the future. We should stop bullying in order to prevent students feeling the need to commit suicide. Or from hurting people physically and mentally. Also the bully can be mean about the physical appearance of someone. Bullying is like chickens pecking at the smallest member. Finally, bullying should be stopped!

18: We should recycle more. Why is recycling so important? One way to remember how to recycle are the three R's, reduce, reuse, and recycle. These are great big ideas to remember about recycling. Another good way to recycle is called compost. Recycling is important, because our environment is running out of space to put the stuff we throw away. The three R's reduce, reuse, and recycle is an easy way to know how to recycle. Composting is another great way to recycle and to help our environment. Do we wonder why recycling is important? Well, in our community we are running out of space to put the stuff we throw away. When we don't recycle, it can harm and kill plants, animals, and even humans. Recycling can save energy and other resources; such as water and chemicals. It also saves natural recourses to make new materials. We should recycle paper so fewer trees get cut down. We need to recycle plastic and oil. We, Americans throw away about four pounds of garbage everyday. Which is equal to four tons each year. Half of the garbage is paper, and sometimes toxic wastes go into the soil. Our house holds throw away 2,200 pounds per year. One tenth is reduced and recycled; that is ten percent. There are many items that get thrown away. The amount of green waste that is recycled is 32 percent. Paper/cardboard is 26 percent, 13 percent of glass is recycled, and 9 percent is plastic. The energy used to make an aluminum drink in a factory, would power a TV for about three hours. This is why recycling is so important; we need to cut back on throwing recyclable items away.

19: The three R's are a good way to remember, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce is not buying stuff you will have to throw away later, such as, lunch bags,plastic bags, and mostly anything that is prepackaged. Reuse is using an item more than once. Passing old clothing on to someone else is a productive way to reuse clothing. Instead of throwing away old clothing, cut them up and use them for cleaning rags. Plastic grocery sacks can be reused as garbage bags. There are many organizations. such as ARC and Salvation Army that are anxious to take donations. Recycle is using something again. Some examples are plastic, paper, glass, motor oil, old tires, and computers. A group called the "White Page" is trying to band phone books, to save paper for the trees. Trees are 70 percent of our oxygen, so that's why we want to save paper. So far they have gotten 20,00 signatures. These are the three R's that will help us remember reduce, reuse, and recycle, and why they are so important. Another way to recycle is composting; composting is food scraps, yard waste, and organic foods put into a bin. The bin is made with chicken wire, with holes in it, and is placed in the sunlight. The mix of "brown" stuff (dead leaves, branches, straw, and sawdust) are put in with the "green" stuff (veggie peelings, grass clippings, green leaves, and branches) and are put in the bin. . The compost is a nutritious, all natural fertilizer for gardens or lawns. A preschool class in Iowa added compost to help their blue berries bushes. They gathered up plant clippings, yard waste, and left over vegetables and fruits from their snack time. When David (one of the students), and his mom drove by a year later, the blue berry bushes were growing at an outstanding rate, faster than ever before. About 25 percent of household waste is from "green waste", (fruits, veggies, peelings, grass clippings, and weeds). Composting is another and easy way to recycle! Recycling is important, because it helps our environment survive. Reduce, reuse, and recycle, have gotten 20,00 signatures. These are the three R's that will help us remember reduce, reuse, and recycle, and why they are so important.

20: But when you get music and words together, that can be a very powerful thing -Bryan Ferry

21: February 16, 1943 Dear Kitty, Today it’s nice, and the sun is shining in Peter’s window. Also, today is Margot’s birthday; she is seventeen. Again like every morning we woke up and had porridge and sour milk. Well, today the milk wasn’t as bad as the other days. It was good. I had three cups; they were the most delicious drink I’ve had in the year since we have been in the “Secret Annexe”. We gave Margot our gifts after breakfast. Mummy and daddy gave her a book; I gave her a bracelet and a matching necklace. She also got a package of underwear, handkerchiefs, potatoes, sweet peas, a cake, and a couple more books. Like me, Margot likes to read. All afternoon Margot has been reading and I have been reading and writing. Margot was wearing her new bracelet and necklace I got her. All of us ate a small piece of her cake. By that time it was four o’clock. Today we need to bathe. Margot got to go first, because of her birthday; she went to her spot she picked out for bathing. We couldn’t go there for an hour. Then, I went, then mummy, daddy, Mrs. Van Daan, Peter, and Mr. Van Daan. We all felt cleaner and fresher. We all can’t wait to be free from the Germans. I can’t wait to ride my bike again. I will be able to feel the breeze in my face again. Yours, Anne

22: Frank Robbins My 2nd cousin Frank Robbins fought in the Vietnam War. He is one my dad's side, and is my dad's cousin. When Frank turned 19 he was forced to get ready to fight. After serving for almost a year in Vietnam he was seriously lwounded in a battle by 2 RPG's, (rocket propelled grenaders). Frank had shrapnel wounds from his chest down. A med-evac helicopter was called to take him to a MASH (mobile army surgical hospital) unit. When the helicopter arrived soldiers were fighting all around him so the helicopter couldn't land. Frank would have died there if the crew on the helicopter lowered a basket attached to a rope to the helicopter. Some soldiers put Frank in the basket and strapped him in. The helicopter had a red cross to show they didn't carry any weapons. Sadly the enemy shot at the medical helicopter crew who were trying to save Frank. The helicopter had to fly away before pulling him up. The basket with Frank in it was dragged through the tree tops as the helicopter escaped the enemy's fire. When they landed at MASH unit, Frank was tooken to see a triage nurse. A triage nurse rates how bad a solider is wounded. The nurse yelled, "Move this boy to the front of the line!" The doctors had to remove Frank's spleen to keep him from bleeding to death. When he became healthy enough to be transported he was sent to Fitzsimons army's hospital in Denver, Colorado. Frank is now partially disabled as the result of the war wounds. Frank got a Purple Heart medal from a US army general. Now Frank Robbins has great stories to tell us when we came to visit him in Dquawka, Illinois.

23: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. - Buddha

24: I love The poem "Astonishing My Life Felt" It was very interesting and was in detail. I loved that poem. I also like your pictures. They show you as a person and your personality. -Sarah Boyer Job Well Done Meghan this is one of my Favorite mixbooks. I think you did an awesome job on all your writing and pictures. -Amanda Gerace | Comments!

25: I Love your pictures and writing. Meghan your mixbook is one of the best I've seen so far. You really put a lot of yourself into it and it's amazing!!! -Cierra Muniz | Comments!

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