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Shawna Antonelli

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BC: The End

FC: The Reformation | By Shawna Antonelli Social Studies F

1: The cause of the Reformation | In 1500, forces weakened the Christian Church in Europe. The Church taught the people they were never wrong and if anyone disagreed with them they would be severely punished. They could be killed, excommunicated, or tortured. When people started reading the Bible the Church was in trouble. The people claimed the Church corrupt. Many people began to go against the Church and some even started their own religion.

2: When people started to go against the Church, others also started to create new religion. Many people started joining different religions, this caused the Great Schism. A Schism is a religious split. The Roman Catholic Church split into the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Western, or Roman Catholic Church. This Schism happened in 1054. | The Great Schism

3: Eastern Orthodox Church | The Eastern Orthodox Church is lead by the Patriarch. The Eastern Orthodox Church does not believe in worshiping idols and the Bible. Also they do not think the Pope or Nobles should be able to marry. Idols are images or representations of God, that people use to worship.

4: The Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church believe in different things. The Roman Catholic Church spoke Latin, and the leader of the church was the Pope. The Western Church believed in idols, and that Nobles and the Pope could marry. Also the Roman Catholic Church split again in 1555. It slit into the Protestant Church, because the 3 reformers did not like what the Roman Catholic Church was doing. | The Western Church, or the Roman Catholic Church

5: The Three Reformers | Martin Luther | John Calvin | King Henry VIII

6: The Church was corrupt | The Church had money problems. People had to make donations, but those still weren't enough. The Pope was spending the Church money on things for himself instead of the Church and the people. The Pope was buying things for his own entertainment, such as decorating the Church. Also to get more money the Pope was letting people buy their way into the Church. It depends on how much money the people spent, they could even become a priest.

7: The Roman Catholic Church was selling indulgences, with the help of Johann Tetzel. Indulgences were basically tickets to heaven. These tickets shortened the person's time in Purgatory. This is where you stay to work off your sins. Selling indulgences was not allowed, which caused Martin Luther to reform | Indulgences | Johann Tetzel

8: Martin Luther | Martin Luther was one of the 3 reformers. He was from Wittenburg, Germany. He believed in the Catholic Religion, but he didn't like that the Church was going against the Bible. Martin Luther started reading the Bible for comfort. Then one day he saw that the Church was selling indulgences, he went home and read the Bible, but he found nothing that said the Church could sell indulgences. He then declared the Church was corrupt. He also created the 95 theses, which were 95 complaints about the Church. The Pope was not happy with Martin Luther. He sent him a letter saying that he must take back his complaints, or he would be excommunicated. Luther refused to take back his statements, Pope Leo X was very upset, so he excommunicated Luther. When Luther was excommunicated people gave him shelter and food out of Germany. When he returned to Germany, he found that many of his ideas were being put into use. This started the Lutheran Church.

9: Pope Leo X | Pope Leo X was the ruler of the Roman Catholic Church at this time period. He did not like that Martin Luther was going against the Church. He gave Martin Luther warnings, but Luther did not listen. Pope Leo X eventually excommunicated Marting Luther, and he also made a law that said no one was to give Martin Luther food or shelter. People ignored this law and helped Luther as much as possible.

10: The Lutheran Church was started by Martin Luther. This church started in Wittenburg, Germany. Martin Luther created this church because he believed the Pope was corrupt, and the Roman Catholic Church was going against the Bible. The Lutheran Religion was still a form of Catholic, but there was no Pope. | The Lutheran Church

11: John Calvin is from Geneva, Switzerland. He started the Calvinist religion. Calvin believed that you were predestined to go to Heaven or Hell, this was called predestination. The Catholic Church, or the Pope, disagreed with John Calvin, which caused another schism. John Calvin did not do as many things as Martin Luther, but he was a very important reformer. | John Calvin

12: The Calvinist Church | John Calvin started the Calvinist Church in Geneva, Switzerland. This was the second church to split from the Roman Catholic Church (the Western Church). This Church was caused by the disagreement between the Pope and John Calvin. John Calvin thought you were presdestined to go to Heaven, while the Pope thought that you had to work off your sins and do go deeds for the Church. Many people believed what Calvin said, this caused the spread of this religion.

13: King Henry VIII started the Anglican Religion. King Henry VIII wanted a son or heir for the thrown. he wanted this so bad that he had 6 wives. His last wife, Katherine Parr, gave him the son he wanted. He also had 2 girls from two other marriages with Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. King Henry VIII wanted to get a divorce from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, because she was old and was not going to be able to have anymore children Sadly getting a divorce was not aloud in the Catholic Church. To avoid complications he talked to the Pope about an annulment, but the Pope refused. Then King Henry VIII called Parliment into order, they passed a set of laws that took power away from the Pope. Later on they passed another law that said that King Henry had all of the power. King Henry was leader of the Catholic Church at this time,. which meant anyone who goes against him is committed of heresy. Two of Henry's wives cheated on him and they were convicted of heresey and killed. | King Henry VIII

14: The Anglican Church was started by King Henry VIII, in London, England. King Henry VIII wanted a divorce, but divorces are not allowed in the Catholic Church. He asked Parliment to make a set of laws stating the Pope had no power. The new laws caused the split from the Catholic Church. The laws also gave King Henry VIII all of the power. The fact that the Pope had no power, but the King had all of the power created the Anglican Religion. | The Anglican Church

15: At each Schism new religions were introduced to the world. Some of these religions are still present today. At first everyone believed in Christianity, but then in 1054 many people started converting to other religions. This caused the Christian Church to split into two different churches. One church, the Roman Catholic Church, believed in Catholicism, while the other Church believed in Greek Orthodox. Then from there the Roman Catholic Church continued to split multiple times. The Church split into the Lutheran Church, the Calvinist Church, and the Anglican Church. | Summary

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