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Shea 30th bday

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S: Because You Are 30...( A Shea Kelly Birthday Book) 2011

BC: Relax, Kick Back and Unwind- Afterall Shea Kelly- you are only 30- So have an "AWESOME TIME!" Happy Birthday!

FC: Because You Are 30...

1: It's time to recall all the years, of laughter, memories, successes and beers- so this a collection of your past to make your 30th a blast! May you know through the words and pictures that follow just what impact you have had on those that you encounter be it stranger, friend or family. You are amazing, and well I think it's fair to say we are all glad you were born. Happy 30th Birthday Shea T. Kelly!

2: In Shea’s early pictures, he always had a bump on his forehead. Walking out of the bowling alley when he was 3 or 4 he tripped and fell hitting his head. His Dad evaluated the situation and said, I now see why you bump your head, you walk with your hands in your pocket. You need your hands free to stop the fall. He never had a bump on his head for falling again! -Mom

3: The Kids are playing football in the CCR parking lot and the football is thrown to Shea.He was more interested in catching the ball than the concrete wall of CCR he ran into.He caught the ball and he was dazed for 3 days. He is a driven man.. -Dad

6: It was well known among the kids Shea was quite the drinker. To Mom and Dad he was still the perfect angel. This went on for quite a while, Shea was great at hiding his drunkenness. It came to a head one night when Shea walked in and his eyes were “glowing” blue. Apparently, it finally occurred to Mom that her angel might have gotten near an alcoholic beverage so she confronted him. “Have you been drinking?!”. Un-phased, smooth talking Shea didn’t blink an eye “Mom, dad, sit down we need to have a talk.” | Mom and dad signed us up for Taekwondo. We got tired of it, but didn’t tell Mom and dad. So we would “leave” at the appointed time, but usually just kill time before we returned. Our favorite hangout was either Sams Subs or Drug Town (Hy-Vee). Thursdays there was an early session and it was common for us to “attend” that session. So one Thursday when wandering around Drug Town, hands full of candy and magazines, they bumped into Mom. They were caught red handed. The gig was up. Oh hey Mom “What are we doing here?! Oh we are going to the later session.” So the first time in a while we were forced to go to Taekwondo. -Sean Kelly

7: With Shea there have been a lot of firsts; 1. Tuna pizza in Rome 2. Learning about "Monkey Diapers" 3. A castle, Napa, wine and Swans 4. Trophies for dating longer than 6 months 5. Water gun fights while driving 6. Sleeping in apartment entry ways 7. Farting in cabs or in general (your cloud is obvious! ) 8. Hand-holding for 5 seconds 9. Cleaning toilets and killing bugs 10. Buying NEW JEANS (Union Bay jeans must go!) | -EMILY Wadle (The one in your phone)

8: Cheers to Shea on his grand 30th birthday, What great memories you’ve given us along the way. The many trips we’ve taken to the great KC To see George, or just singing his songs- it’s always a great place to be. We love sharing season tickets with you, And one of these years we know you’ll make it to all of the games- at least more than 2! To say you’ve been a little bit of a pain would be no mistake Breaking our screen door and Eldie’s ribs, Putting holes in our walls and then one at the lake! Spilling wine on our carpet and Tahoe- Brand New. And these are just some of the things- really just a few. So many memories come to mind when we think of you A stranger wouldn't believe them, but they're all true. Over-sized pops that won’t fit in the cup holder right, A broken nose at the Dells, And talks about religion and computers- that last ALL Night. But, seriously, you are a blast to be around, and through it all a great friend has been found. We hope the next 30 years are as great as the last And remember to cherish the small things as it all goes too fast. Happy Birthday! -Jeremy and Amy

9: My favorite Shea moment was from a couple years ago when him and I went to Mulligan's to play SilverStrike, let me tell you, it can get competitive! :) We started with 'loser buys shots' but I was tired of buying shots after the 3rd game so we decided to get a little more creative. Long night short, we kept the bar crowd entertained with us doing the moon walk, slow dancing with strangers and doing updowns. The final and best moment was Shea having to stand on stage, on a bar stool singing "I'm A Little Tea Pot". It was a great night that I am sure I will remember, and laugh about, for some time to come! -Beth Olberding Gravel

11: I brought Marie and Katherine home form the hospital when they were 10 days old. They each weighed less than 6 pounds. The boys were fascinated by their new baby sisters and were observing them as they laid sleeping in their individual bassinets in the dining room. Marie began crying; I was fixing bottles in the a adjoining kitchen. Shea yelled. “Baby crying! Baby crying!” I responded that I would pick her up and feed her as soon as the bottles were made. I heard, “Here Mommy, here!” I glanced over. He had picked her up by the neck and was carrying her to me. Her arms were straight out and her eyes bugged out!” I grabbed her quickly. She resumed her crying ; I gave her the bottle. Shea always wanted to be helpful!

12: A memorable weekend... The night before Seth and I got married we had a very nice rehearsal dinner and after the dinner we continued the pre-wedding festivities at a local bar in town. It was fun to see my family mingling with the Kelly family. More drinks were had and the more relaxed and comfortable everyone felt. True personalities were coming out, before I knew it my uberly competitive 50+ yr old Uncle with beer muscles was taking on my soon to be (25 yr old, fit), brother-in-law, Shea in arm wrestling at the bar. It was interesting to see Shea continuously take on a man twice his age and show no mercy.... Everyone enjoyed themselves watching my uncle be humiliated each time. The following day during the photos before the wedding, Shea clearly enjoyed himself too much and got sick in the Church. This 'event' became the item to hide from the bride. After photos, after the wedding, the wedding party told me of the mess, and by this time Shea was ready to rally. We had a good time again that night! I got to see more rare entertainment at the end of my wedding reception as my new husband and our best man (Shea) rapped and danced their way through "Its Tricky". I was truly impressed. Shea - You are a great competitor, determined at anything you take on, a strong leader and maybe more importantly you definitely have a zest for life! Makes for a great role model for our kids. Thank you for being Connor's GodFather. Happy 30th! -Jana Kelly

14: words of wisdom from Shea Kelly himself. “POINT BEING, POINT BEING” -Kevin Boge

15: Shea Kelly Liners: "SO" "I'm BUSY" BUSY... "I'm Having an Awesome Time" "Therya go" "Will you let Me Finish" "Wake up. Wake up. Wake up." "A Scusi" (attempting Italian accent) " K. Bumpkin, Muffin Head, Lemon Drop" "CSGF" "Bring me Some Beers"

16: I don’t have any specific stories that come to mind but I think there should be something about those excessive gestures of his that surface during most conversations ;) -Andrew Kelly | Things Shea says a lot. In a slightly higher pitched and accented way. “So hows it goin?” **your response** “Just livin life” “Sweet.sweet” “so all customers are completely happy with no complaints?” This one depends on the context but “havin’ a great time” is said a lot. Or “he's having an excellent time.” Etc etc. Usually referring to someone drunk. -Brandon Tessau | "C O N T I N U E !"

17: This one time Shea and I went to Irish Democrat, got all the world’s problems solved in one sitting, then drank too much and forgot all the solutions by morning. Oh wait, that happens all the time... -Leo Kelly

19: When Shea was around 4, we were living in Germany. Sean and Seth were practicing their soccer in the backyard. Shea did not play soccer but the boys needed a goalie so they asked him to take that position. They told him not to let the ball go in the small area behind him. He was not a real toughie and he had never played. I was curious as to how this would work out so I decided to watch. It was just the 2 boys but they were practicing one on one shooting into the goal. Shea stood in his position not really sure what he was to do at first. The ball was kicked toward him so he reached his arms out to catch it but the ball hit him in the forehead instead. I expected tears but was stunned. It was as if everything went into slow motion. He stopped and stared . His face began to change as he moved his arms into a flexed position giving a low guttural grunt. It was as if he were the Incredible Hulk! He played goalie that day with intensity. That was the beginning of a real toughie!

20: The first time I heard Shea laugh, I laughed, so I guess you could say I like his laugh.- Lizzie Wadle | Taco Marianas! -Jessie Wadle | So Amy's son Andrew says "Are Emily and Shea gonna get married or are they just like friends?" Shea is also known as the "guy with the green shirt according to Peter." -Amy Lerner

21: um the obvious one is me sharing a bed with Shea for an unforgettable weekend in Kansas City. . . . and also Shea, Tim, and I inventing the drinking game circle jerk in your kitchen while you wrapped presents and Tim lost consistently and got drunk. -Nick Wadle | My best memory of shea would be from golfing last summer. He helped me out a lot as I’d never golfed before, I’d like to say I learned a lot but I don’t really remember much of what took place that day. However it was an AWESOME TIME! -John Wills | Golf in the Summer = epic time -Tim Reising

22: On our way home from school one day a little kid came up and kept interrupted or conversation. We kept telling him to get lost. He kept nagging us and we kept telling him to get lost. We didn’t realize he was traveling with much bigger cousins. He went back and complained to them and they approached us and started beating us up. We were saved by some adult who happened to be in the area at the time. Then there was something about Marie and Katherine peeing their pants, and well I'm guessing you remember the story! -your siblings

24: We did catch lizards in Germany by flushing them out with the hose. We would bring them into the house (without mom and dad’s knowledge). I remember Mom coming upstairs as we played with one of them and quickly hid him behind a basket hanging on the wall. At some point we cut the tail off and were fascinated because it moved on its own. -Seth, Sean

25: My favorite football memory: Shea was a defensive end so he would rush the quarterback. One game there was an especially short kid in the backfield on the opposing team. One play his assignment was to block Shea. Shea planted his hand on the top of this poor kid’s helmet and launched himself over him and sacked the quarterback. I would play with him. And there was one play I caught the ball and one step later I was flat on my back, dazed, with a bloody nose. She looked down at me a little concerned, but said “wow, I am glad I let up a little bit.”- Sean

28: Shea always listens. | And when it comes to dancing- Shea's better than the rest! | And is there when its time to pray or play. | He's supportive. | And he knows how to pull you close or push you away. | And he dresses to impress.

31: Cheers and Happy Birthday!!!

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