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Shea White's Monomyth Project

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FC: The Hunger Games and the Monomyth By: Shea White

2: The Call | The Call in this case is a physical invitation to somewhere physically new. Katniss willingly accepts the call when her sister, Prim is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games. In her despair at the thought of her sister having to go through that ordeal, and probably not make it back alive, she calls out to the escort for her district "I volunteer! I gasp. I volunteer as tribute" (Collins 22). The following events put her in her sister's place as she goes through the horrific event that is the Hunger Games.

4: Refusal of the call | The refusal of the call for Katniss happened at many different times. Earlier in the book her friend Gale suggests that they leave District 12 and head off into the woods, leaving the world they know and hate behind. She refuses because she thinks "How could I leave Prim, who is the only person in the world I'm certain I love" (Collins 10)? Later though, while she is in the Justice Building, after volunteering in Prim's place for the Hunger Games, she "yearns for something...the idea of us leaving the district...making our way into the woods" (Collins 25).

5: Throughout the book Katniss refuses the call in another way repeatedly. She constantly thinks that she will die participating in the games. In a few instances she is thinking about a girl, whom she failed to save from a terrible fate of servitude in the capital " She has reminded me why I am here. Not to model flashy costumes and eat delicacies. But to die a bloody death while the crowds urge on my killer" Also "You don't forget the face of the person who was your last hope... I wonder if she'll enjoy watching me die" (Collins 80,85).

6: Crossing the Threshold | The acceptance for this stage happened when Prim asks Katniss to try to win the games, and come back home. She thinks to herself that she knows she will "because of Prim, I'll have to (try)" (Collins 36). If Katniss hadn't promised her sister that she would try to win the games, things would have been much different. In fact, the whole book might have been different. The simple fact of the matter is, if Prim hadn't made her promise to come back alive, she may not have had the motivation to, which in turn, could have led to her demise.

8: Supernatural Aid | The supernatural aid for Katniss is Haymitch, her mentor for the Hunger Games. When the tributes are chosen from each District to participate in the Hunger Games, they are given a mentor. The mentor is a previous winner of the Hunger Games, therefore, they know all about how the event works, and how to win it. The only person that can get sponsor deals for the tributes, are the mentors. These deals can significantly help the tributes in the Hunger Games arena. Haymitch, in the beggining of the book, seems like a no-good drunk who wouldn't do anything to help Katniss and Peeta.

9: Though as the story progresses, the reader realizes that Katniss and Haymitch have a sort of communication going on, even if she doesnt realize it at first. While Katniss is thinking to herself she realizes "maybe Peeta is right about us being alike because he seems to be able to communicate with me by the timing of his gifts" (Collins 305). (He being Haymitch.) Throughout the book the items Haymitch sends her are of such great importance she most likely would not have won the games without them.

10: The Road of Trials | One of the first major events that Katniss goes through is a huge forest fire that the gamemakers design in the Hunger Games. She is sleeping when all of a sudden "the stampede of feet shakes [her] from her slumber" and she thinks "it would be hard to miss the wall of fire descending on [her]" (Collins 171). She eventually gets away from it, though she received burns in the process. Haymitch sent a gift from a sponsor to Katniss and she "realizes by the scent that it's medicine" (Collins 188). The medicine helps her burns significantly and she is able to continue on through the Games.

12: The Road of Trials (cont.) | Another main event that happened shortly after the forest fire was when the Career tributes trapped her in the top of a tree. The Career tributes are tributes that have been trained for the Games since birth. They are very brutal and more often than not end up winning the Hunger Games. Katniss overcame this obstacle of being trapped with the help of a fellow tribute named Rue. Rue "points to something above [Katniss's] head" and Katniss realizes she is pointing at a wasps nest (Collins 184). The type of wasps in the nests are a deadly type;they are called Tracker Jackers. Katniss manages to cut down the branch holding these wasps, and they force the Careers to run away, and even kill a couple of them.

13: One of the last main events before the end of the Hunger Games that affected Katniss was when she decided to blow up the Career's supplies from th Games. The Careers had the ground underneath their supplies rigged so that if anyone stepped on the ground, the bomb underneath their feet would blow up, killing them. Katniss figures out a way to blow up the supplies by shooting a hanging bag of apples with an arrow, causing them to crash to the ground, causing a chain reaction of explosions.When she finally does this "the apples spill to the ground and [she's] blown backward into the air" (Collins 221). The explosion she caused ended up making her deaf in her left ear for the remainder of the games.

14: The Goddess | The goddess for Katniss is Madge. Madge is the daughter of the mayor of District 12. Every person who gets selected for the Hunger Games is allowed to bring a token from home. Katniss doesn't even think about bringing a token until Madge comes to visit her in the Justice Building after she volunteers to participate in the Hunger Games. Madge makes Katniss "promise [she'd] wear it into the arena" (Collins 38). Later while she is on the train headed to the Capitol, Katniss remembers the pin. She "got a good look at it" and "recognize[d] it was a Mockingjay" (Collins 42). The Mockingjays have a special place in Katniss's heart because "[her] father was particularly fond of Mockingjays" (Collins 43). Before her father died, they would go into the woods and he would sing

15: and the birds would sing back. Katniss beleives "there's something comforting about the little [birds]. It's like having a piece of [her] father with [her], protecting [her] (Collins 43,44). So even though Katniss doesn't know at the time, Madge had given Katniss something she would cherish.

16: Apotheosis | The apotheosis happens for Katniss when she and Peeta are about to eat the poisonous Nightlock berries, which would kill them both. They do this because earlier in the Games, the gamemakers said that both tributes could go home alive if they were from the same district, but then they repealed that same statement when they were the last tributes alive. Because they didn't want to kill each other, they decide to die in rebellion, by having no winner of this Hunger Games, instead. The reason this makes her god-like is because no one has ever defied the Capitol like that before. She essentially got away with something that was almost impossible. Later Katniss finds out just how "furious the Capitol is about her showing them up" (Collins 356).

18: Refusal of the Return | Because the Hunger Games is such a horrific event, Katniss, instead of not wanting to return home, thinks of "Home! Prim and my mother! Gale! Even the thought of Prim's scruffy old cat makes me smile. Soon I will be home (Collins 350)! I believe this is an obvious indicator that she wanted to return home very much. Also nothing in the actual text hints to anything that would suggest that she doesn't want to return home.

20: Master of Two Worlds | This stage applies to Katniss in one major way. She had always known just how terrible the majority of the people from the Capitol were, but she didn't know how furious they would be over what she did. One thing the Capitol hates the most "is being laughed at and [being treated like a joke] (Collins 357). She learned from this that no matter where she would go, she should watch her back because the Capitol would certainly try to find a way to hurt her in some way, shape, or form.

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