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Shelby Lane's Monomyth Project

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S: Confessions of An Ugly Stepsister


FC: Confessions of An Ugly Stepsister | Shelby Lane | The Monomyth

2: Iris: An Ugly Stepsister. | Iris is the painfully plain daughter of Margarethe Fisher and the sister of Ruth Fisher. She blames misfortune of imps and changelings. As a child, Iris believes in magic and mythical creatures.She constantly judges the values of beauty and searches for the real meaning of beauty, whatever it may be. In the beginning of Confessions, Iris is a plain beggar child with conflicted views of the world.

3: Separation: The Call | For Iris Fisher, the call occurs when a man by the name of Van Den Meer shows up at Luykas Schoonmakers studio. He wishes to have a commission painted by the master. The master had previously painted Iris holding wildflowers.The painting was in such expertise that Van Den Meer requested he create a painting as advertisement for the rising popularity of the tulip trade. He also requested that while the master paint, Iris was to be the solvent to domestic problems in his household; maybe "entertainment" for his daughter, Clara.

4: Refusal Of The Call | Understandably, Iris is offset by the request of Van Den Meer. She runs from the studio of the master thinking to herself all the things that would be better: "I'd be a changeling if I could", "Turn me into a flounder, a sparrow, a dormouse. Better yet, turn me into an insensible chair with a broken rush seat, a nail on the hoof of a horse!.."(Maguire, location 777-81). Iris fights her mothers attempts to make her presentable to the Van Den Meer household, stating "I won't be paraded as a freak"(Maguire, location 782-86). She has a smart mouth. Her mother berates her on the suffering a woman must go through to live and that Iris must "stand back, child, from considering your own foolish thoughts" (Maguire, location 796-801).

5: Crossing The Threshold | Despite all of Iris' yearning to refuse the invitation to the Van Den Meer household, she obliges. Her mothers harsh words sunk into her self conscious. Iris hates her older sister Ruth, who is dumb, but she refuses to let her go hungry. Iris crosses the threshold when she steps into the cart that would take her to the Van Den Meer house. If she hadn't stepped into the cart, she would have never been introduced to the family which would inevitably become her own. This one event lead to the all the other happenings of Confessions.

6: Supernatural Aid | For Iris, her supernatural aid would be Luykas Schoonmaker, a.k.a, The Master. The Master plays a big role in Iris' journey as a heroine. He gives her lessons in art and constantly instructs her on the values of life and beauty. He most comments on beauty, the value of beauty, or what beauty means in terms of art or even Iris specifically. To Iris' question concerning the comparison of beauty, he replies,"Good question. Is there a relative value of beauty? Is evanescence-fleetingness-a nessecary element of the thing that most moves us? A shooting star dazzles more than the sun. A child captivates like an elf, but grows into grossness, an ogre, a harpy. A flower splays itself into color-the lilies of the field!-more treasured than any painting of a flower. But all of these things, women's grace, shooting stars, flowers, and paintings, only a painting endures"(Maguire location 3389-94).

7: Initiation...

8: The Road Of Trials | Iris' road begins with the marriage of her mother, Margarethe, and Van Den Meer after the sudden death of Henrika. Soon after, Margarethe offered her hand to Van Den Meer for his wealth, ensuring a proper home for her daughters. After they were married though, Margarethe became the wicked stepmother society knows her as. She heavily berated Clara, who would have a tantrum. Iris had to take more care of Ruth and Clara while Margarethe was spending the families wealth away. Her road lengthens with the art lessons the Master offered her. Iris feels helpless trying to suggest even a shape on paper. Iris runs in disgrace at something she never believes she'll be able to do. This is one of Iris' faults. She runs away or denies anything when something challenges her. Iris' last trial is the ball, the ultimate test of her courage and her character, where all of her insecurities are tested.

9: The Goddess | Clara is Iris' goddess in Confessions. She is suggested to be a changeling child. Clara is a beautiful girl; envied by all others. She lives to the Cinderella standard with her grace and breathtaking appeal. But Clara lacks obedience. She lacks humility, responsibility, and realism. Clara is an immature child, even as a young lady, which teaches Iris what real beauty is, although she has trouble seeing it. Beauty is painted on Clara's face, but she offers a thin canvas. She has nothing beautiful inside.

10: Apotheosis | The ball; the party we still talk about.. Iris' apotheosis is when she sneaks the astounding Clarissa of Aragon into the ball, so she can capture the heart of Prince Marsillac. She possibly forced Clara over her own threshold in the story.This heroic gesture was out of Iris' character. Usually, she would just sit back and do Margarethe's bidding until she died, no matter how far against it she was. This time she retaliated, though. Iris went behind her mothers back, forced a stubborn Clara to do something she was against, and bartered everything they were to accomplish the task..with success.

11: The Return...

12: Master Of Two Worlds | Iris escapes life a woman. She has an eye for determining the pretty and the ugly things in life. The gallery of gods mistakes is an inevitable inconvenience that must be looked past. Beautiful people are more cursed than the painfully plain, like Iris, especially when the beauty of the victim is only skin deep. Iris has mastered the world of art as well as the real world. She sees what most people do not in life. Iris leaves life a female artist who is accomplished in life. She falls in love with Caspar and an evil stepsister proves to have her very own "happily ever after".

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