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Sheyanne's Book

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S: The Adventures of Sheyanne by Sheyanne Johnsen

1: Hello my name is Sheyanne Johnsen and I am ten years old. I live in a giant neighborhood called Sailview. If I could give three words to describe my neighborhood I would say beautiful, fun and amazing. Surprisingly there are a lot of kids on my street. One of my best friends lives on the street and we play together all the time. Her name is Jillian and she is a teeny bit younger than me, which I don’t care about because we have so much fun together. For the last few days we have been playing in our pajamas which is weird but we don’t care. Jillian loves to come over and see our pets. We have one dog, one cat, one bunny, three guinea pigs, and five breaded dragons. Jillian also loves to go in to my room and play. My room has purple walls, a bodacious comfy purple bean bag, and a blue bed with different color pillows. I also have a five-year-old girl on my street named Julie Kate who is so adorable. She love dolls; surprisingly, she also loves singing. Now you know a lot about my friends and me.

2: Desert Tarantula Tarantulas are the biggest spiders in the world, which seem dangerous to humans in movies but are not. They spend their lives underground in burrows. At night they sit silently and wait for insects. Males happily search for adult females for mating. Sadly, males only live for ten to eleven years, and then they die after mating. Females can surprisingly live for twenty-five or more years. Females can mate and lay eggs several times in their lives. | Pillbug In the world pill bugs are common backyard animals which get angry and roll up in a ball like a pill. The sow bug is a close relative to the pill bug. The sow bug is a little flatter and can’t roll up. The pill bug is a crustacean like crabs or lobsters. Pill bugs can surprisingly stay underwater and they breathe through gills. The gills are on the underside so they have to keep it moist. You can usually find these animals under a log in damp places.

3: Bivalves Oysters are bivalves which are marine animals. They have two shells one on the bottom and one on the top. Oysters are the coolest bivalves. You can usually find these animals in shallow and warmer waters in all the world’s oceans. Surprisingly female oysters can make five to fifty million eggs in just one year. The shells begin to form a day after their birth. The baby oysters swim a couple days after their hatching. Then they happily find themselves a rock and attach to it. The rock is their new home and they spend the rest of their life in it. Actually oysters can grow as big as two to ten inches long.

4: The Foolish Boy Once upon a time on an ugly morning, a little boy was feeling very lonely. He had no friend in the world and all he would do was sit on a beautiful hillside with his llamas. Every day, his father would tell him to watch out for the lime green wolf. He assumed his dad was a nut job. One day he was feeling so lonely he cried,’’ Ice cream, ice cream.’’ All the people in the crazy city came running up the hillside but when they got there, they spotted the boy. They were not mad at all. Surprisingly the next day the boy yelled, ’Ice cream, ice cream,’’ because he was so lonely. All the people in the crazy city came running up and eyed the boy. They were very angry because in the city when you yell, Ice cream it means a wolf is nearby. One day the lime green wolf showed up which scared the boy. He yelled,’’ Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream,’’ The people in the city just continued working because they assumed he was just lonely. Well, his yelling continued on and on and on. Eventually the people in the city wondered if it was true. They made up their mind and went up the hill side. However all they spotted was the ice cream cone.

5: Once upon a time a donkey was being driven down a road on a mountainside. The donkey decided to take a short cut home because he had seen his stall at the foot of the mountain. The donkey looked around and spotted the quickest way down was over the cliff. Surprisingly just in time his master spied the donkey about to jump down, which caused the master to catch him by his tail. That stubborn donkey would not give up. Finally the master said, ’’Rush then silly donkey and find where it leads you.” The foolish donkey fell down the mountain side. | The Donkey and His Driver

6: The Great Tsar In the eighteenth century surprisingly Russia was the largest nation in the world. Europe was spread through the west to the Pacific Ocean. Wonderful things were happening in Europe which made the people happy because scientists, explorers, painters, musicians, and writers were changing the world. The Russians did not want to change. Then came Peter Alexeevich who was the king of Russia. He was born in sixteen seventy two. After he witnessed Russia he decided Russia needed great expansive change. Peter brought great to his country. That is why he is called Peter the Great.

7: Orange Crush and Mallard Creek Once there were two softball teams, Mallard Creek and Orange Crush. They played on the same softball field. They despised each other so much. One day they played each other. During the game, Mallard Creek was crushed powerfully by the Orange Crush. They went into a corner to hide. Orange Crush had won the game! They got on top of the dugout and yelled, which made the other team mad. When they yelled they noticed Mallard Creeks coach was asking for a rematch. So a week later the game was here. Mallard Creek won and took the place as master at the softball field. | 0 00 | 100 30

8: Jonah and the Massive Fish One day Got told Jonah to rush to Nineveh and preach to them and help them repent for their sins. Nineveh was an ungodly place because when you rushed in they would throw rocks and stones at you. Jonah was scared which I would be too. I mean they would throw rocks at you which is not the place I would want to be. Jonah got so scared he amazingly jumped on a ship. Surprisingly he was trying to run away from God which was not clever because God can spot anything but foolish Jonah forgot that unfortunately. During the time Jonah was on a red ship and a vast storm came. Surprisingly Jonah was asleep and he did not know there was a storm. Just then finally Jonah woke and he spotted all the men throwing all of this tarp over because the shop had no central. Just then one of the fishermen spoke, “We must throw a man over board. To choose we will play a card game.” The card game finished and Jonah lost which was scary because the waves were amazingly high and he knew he would not live more than five minutes in the sea. Surprisingly a massive fish came and nibbled scared Jonah. Jonah was in the massive fish for ten days which I think is pretty cool. One day the massive fish spat Jonah out. When Jonah got out of the massive fish he repented for trying to run away from God. The next day Jonah went to Nineveh and amazingly all the people repented for their sins. I don’t enjoy calling this story Nineveh or Jonah helps Nineveh. I enjoy calling it Jonah and the Massive Fish.

10: The Secret Cave It was snowing buckets as I dreamily stared out the window. One more hour till I’m done with school, then I’ll go outside in that white world and explore. It all started when I was playing. I noticed a teeny opening in the side of a giant mountain. I imagined all this gold in the cave so I went to glimpse inside. When I went in the cave the opening shut. I got truly scared. Just then I felt something touch my hand. I discovered it was snowing which was creepy because it was a cave. I started to look around. The cave was so massive. There was all this gold on the floor and the walls. The cave was truly wonderful. I started to try to figure out how I would get out of the cave. Just then I heard a wee voice yelling. It spoke, “ Will you be my friend?” which was weird because I did not know the person. Just then I glimpsed a teeny girl. She came up to me and spoke, “So will you be my friend?” I uttered, “Sure.” Just then, as I stared at her, she turned around and I witnessed her parents. They came up and gave me a note. It read ‘Please help us out of this cave’ which was scary because what would they do to me if I could not get them out of the cave? I remembered I had a hammer in my bag so I got it out and got them out of the cave. So that’s the story and I cannot wait until schools over so I can go back in the cave and explore. One thing though, do not tell anyone because it is a secret cave!

12: God Never Left Them On August fifth a mine collapsed in Santiago Chile. Thirty three miners were stuck which was not good because they were half a mile down. They were down in the mine for sixty nine days and they would nibble on awesome tuna. A gentleman from Pennsylvania had made three capsules. He tested each one and made up his mind. He sent the capsule down to test it. Then the next day a person went down to the miners. He reached the miners and told the people what to do to get ready. The first guy ascended up the capsule. He reached the top and all the people were filled with joy.My family and I were cheering to. After a few guys got up they said there were not thirty three men there but was thirty four because God never left them. All of the miners made it up and no one was left in the mine.

13: The Tale of Misty One day a miniature mouse named Misty suddenly was wondering around the barn. Surprisingly she had not nibbled on anything all day. She was starving Misty had been looking for some smelly American cheese all day. Misty looked in all the trash bins and found nothing which was not good because she was extremely hungry. Misty looked around and noticed that the barn cat was sleeping on some cheese. She realized that if she was quiet she could get the cheese out. Amazingly the teeny mouse was not clever and went over to the cat not knowing the cat had not dined on anything. When gently the mouse went over the cat awoke and put her paw on Misty which scared Misty because she guessed the cat would snack on her. Just then bravely the wee mouse spoke, “Please don’t devour me. I will do anything for you, I promise.” The cat laughed, “I will never need your help. You are so wee and I am so monstrous. I can save myself and I will let you still journey through life just do not ever wake me up from sleep. Got it,” Misty yelled. “Yes, yes I will! Thank you for letting me still journey.” So Misty is still journeying through life and she has never even got close to the cat because she is scared which the cat enjoys. Well that is the tale of Misty.

14: Whooping Cranes HABITAT You can usually find whooping cranes in a swampy or marshy place. Happily whooping cranes dance because they love where they live. Whooping cranes spend all their summer in Buffalo National Park which is located on the northern Alberta border. Since beautiful whooping cranes live in wetlands they snack on small juicy plants and insects, frogs, crabs, clams and worm’s. Whooping cranes are truly amazing. EXTINCTION Since 1941 whooping cranes had become extremely rare which means they were in grave danger of extinction. The worst enemy was D.D.T. It was a chemical which was sprayed on crops because it helped to control bugs on the plants. Whooping cranes would gobble up some insects but would soon die after because of D.D.T. Scientists knew they had to do something or the magnificent whooping cranes would become extinct. Bravely a Canadian biologist in 1975 took eggs from nest. Nothing worked then he found something that worked. So the whooping cranes were saved. PARENTING The male and female share parenting equally which makes me want to ask how? Well it is simple. Both parents help to build their beautiful nest with grass in low waters. Did you know that ten times a day the male and the female take turns incubating? To me, this is fair because each of them works equally hard. It is very fair to me. Whooping cranes love their young just like your mother loves you or your father loves you. Do you want to hear something cool? Ok, here it is. Whooping cranes are just like us because it takes five to six years for the chicks to become mature, like it does with people. Gratefully now you know all about graceful whooping cranes being parents and how they build the nest and sit the eggs to keep them warm. Since they do all this work together, they truly love their young.

16: Top Secret Hello my name is Detective Beckett. Today I am going to be telling you some information. As you should know, there are no birds in wetlands but we have found bird droppings and feathers. Right now I am just about to go in HQ hoping they found more information. ’Have you found anything?’’ I ask scientist Emily.’’ Yes!” she said. It was a whooping crane. I said, where could it be Emily? She said,” I have you 3 books on whooping cranes. I have highlighted the words that may help you in this mission. I have hired detective Kayla to go on this mission with you. Any information that you find please bring it back Emily spoke,” Yes I have packed one notebook, one silver camera and two binoculars. Now go to the first page in the notebook. That is where you can find the whooping crane .Now go!” “Ok, were does it say to go?” I asked Kayla. She spoke, It says they live in a swampy or marshy place which means they disgest fish, worms, frogs, clams, crabs, snakes and grasshoppers. Why don’t we go to Buffalo National Park? It says in the book that that may be one of the places you can find a whooping crane.” Ok then let’s go! Here we are at Buffalo National Park. WAIT!” What?” asked Kayla?” QUICK, take a picture.’’ Kayla said. But you have the camera and why do we have to take a picture so quick?” I said, Because the wind could blow it away.” She said oh Kayla said,” QUICK!” so I took the picture and I said, Ok Time to go back to HQ and show them what we have.” “WOW” said Kayla.” I asked what here is another feather.” I said,” What?” She,” said Look.” It was a driftnet feather. It looked as if there were two whooping cranes. “Have you found anything?” asked Emily. I said, “Yes.” Kayla said “We found two feathers. We think they are from two different whooping cranes.” Ok,” spoke Emily.” I will do DNA and see what kind of birds these came from.”

17: Next morning Kayla asked have you found what kind of birds they are? “Yes!” Emily said.” They are whooping crane. Now go out and find them. If you see them, take a picture of them because it is a giant mystery. Because, as you know, in 2008 there was a major drought and so all the birds left but if you find whooping cranes that means there is still water! So, go and solve the mystery!” “Ok here we are,” I said,” Look over there. It looks like a tunnel. Let’s go and see if they are in there. Wait, why don’t we just look through the binoculars said Kayla.” Ok,” I said. ’WOW AWESSOME!’’ Look, water! Sweet,’’ I said. I spotted something move in the cave! TO BE CONTINUED...

19: The Most Wonderful Family in the World Hello my name is Sheyanne Johnsen I have three awesome older brothers their names are Trey, Wyatt and Cody which I think are super names. I also have a mom and a dad their names are Kristi and Jeff i love them because they love me. Since my birthday is May 6 that means my brothers birthday is one day up from mine Wyatt birthday is May 7. Bravely my brother trey is an adventure person he loves exploring and the outdoors. Trey is so brave. Wyatt now loves baseball. Cody loves basketball and baseball. All my brothers surprisingly all play sports and I play softball and I sing. My parents have been married eighteen years. In the summer of 2008 my family and I went on a mission trip to South Dakota. While we were there we helped build something called a dream center which was just a tent but now it is a giant building. We also got to help with a concert they had spectacular casting crowns there it was truly awesome. Since we were so close to Cheyenne Wyoming we got a bit to eat. We went to McDonald’s they were prong horn antelope. Then we went to the Cheyenne River it was magnificent.

20: The Foolish Chick Since it was mid-summer April was getting hot and hungry. So she went searching for food. Suddenly April saw the most ginormous worm! One of April friends said,” I dare you to eat that giant worm. “April said, “Ok!” So April started pecking and pecking and while she was pecking she was thinking, I got me a big hunky fat worm.’’ She pecked and pecked but she never broke through. April now was thinking,” Wow it has tough skin!’’ April kept pecking and pecking and strangely she never stopped. She was so determined that it was a giant worm. While April was pecking all of her friends were laughing and laughing but April was starting to get upset. She let all her anger out in the worm which was not actually a worm. It was a garden hose. Just then she broke the hose and it started spraying everywhere. April was shocked. She felt dumb so she just stood there a while. Finally April figured out she should go tell the owners so she started to run to get them. The owners were very upset but at the same time they were laughing because the chick was thinking it got a worm but instead she had a hose. So things went back to together at the farm and everyone got along together like peas in a pod.

21: One beautiful cloudy day Bonnie and Jacob were thinking it would be cool if there was such a thing as Marshmallow Land, where everywhere was filled with candy and the land beside it was Steak Land, all covered with steaks. Bonnie picked up the phone. Jacob spoke, “Why are you calling someone Bonnie!” Bonnie answered, “Well, I am calling my dad and telling him I am going got the library and I will be back tonight but we are really going to find a place called Marshmallow Land. So let’s go!” So they departed to the desert and amazingly, out of the blue, the sand in the desert zoomed away and it turned into candy everywhere. Surprised Bonnie and Jacob started chewing and chewing and suddenly a little white dog came out. Surprisingly, it could speak. It said, “Take me home. I want my name to be Bob.” So Bonnie took him home. Just then everything disappeared. Bonnie and Jacob soon figured out it was this spot. If they touched it, candy would appear and when they touched it, again it would disappear. The next day Jacob’s parents were very angry and confused. His mom, Sally, was wondering why he was gone yesterday but Jacob never told. Angrily his mother locked him in his room saying, “Tell, tell!” But smart Jacob kept his mouth shut. Although his mother was extremely outraged she soon had to let him out because she soon figured out he would tell her if she let him out which made Jacob merry. Since he never told his mom she grew irate again. The next day Jacob spotted what Bonnie told her dad. You see her smart dad was a scientist so this was amazing news to him because he place. He was ecstatic because Bonnie had been asking for a dog forever and ever he had been wondering if there was a land. Where everywhere filled with candy. So now he is merry. | Bonnie and Jacob in Marshmallow Land

22: The Worst Camping Trip Ever One day Jake and Tiger were having a wonderful time because they were telling stories about two eyed, giant face hideous man. Jake told most of the stories which were making Tiger extremely scared. Helplessly Tiger climbed under the covers because Jake would not stop. Tiger was dangerously terrified. Since Tiger was already scared Jake soon had grown scared. Although they were both scared they soon got to sleep. While Jake and Tiger were asleep they were not surprisingly were having horrifying dreams. Since they were having dreadful dreams they soon woke up. Jake soon got out of bed and got a baseball bat which was made out of wood. While Jake was getting the baseball bat Tiger woke up. Obviously they had to rush outside because they had to spot nothing was there but when they zoomed out they spied the two eyed giant face hideous man. Jake and Tiger were horrified. Jake and Tiger zoomed inside the tent. Since they had the bat they violently hit everything in the tent. Immediately the giant monster came in the tent which made Jake and Tiger horrified because they thought it was rushing to gobble them up. Just then the monster left. Jake and Tiger never tell anything about the monster because they were scared for life.

23: Back Row L to R: Sherry Thomas, Mikayla Nelson, Arynne Cole, Marissa Nelson, Sheyanne Johnsen, Andrea Cole, Lisa Berryhill Front Row L to R: Benjamin Kaiser, Samuel Walton, Elliott Thomas, Noah Bradley, Joseph Land, James Sumrall | 5th & 6th Grade Creative Writing Class Teen Learning Center Charlotte, North Carolina

24: A Monument to All Our Fun Featuring Mrs. Thomas' writing class By Noah Bradley It was a devastatingly stormy day in the small village of TLC, and Elliott Thomas, an apprentice of the teacher named Mrs. Thomas, was working hard to learn writing. Elliott worked through hard days, earning tickets and unexpected homework. All of a sudden, one day Elliott was told by his teacher to go to the land of writing homework and tell all of the people there that if they did not finish their homework they would have to finish it next week along with the extra credit. But Elliott, who strongly detested the land of writing homework, decided that night he would think of an escape plan. Because he violently lay in his bed, thinking of a plan, he was tired the next day. One day, he found his plan. He was to get on a ship and sail to somewhere far away. Heck if he knew where, but he was going anyways. So, the next day, he went out in search of a port. After a long day of challenging searching, he finally found a port named “Cole Ship Yard” and went inside. There he found the manager of the port, Arynne Cole, who told him there was a ship in the yard, piloted by Andrea Cole, her sister. Then, Elliott went onto the ship and met his captain and sailors. There were two sailors, Joseph Lang and Mitchell Darden, whom he greeted, and then Elliott went into the captain’s room to meet her. He asked where the ship led, and she told him the land of no writing homework. Elliott was excited to go to the land where no man has to write. After setting sail, the clouds turned black, and a storm started brewing. Spontaneously, the waves grew to the size of buildings, and the ship was flying in the air. The three ship-mates decided to play a game of monopoly to decide who was thrown off the ship. After gaining a lot of money, Elliott was about to win, when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind threw all his money off the ship and into the sea. Mitchell won the game, and Elliott came in last. Elliott wanted to admit what he did, but he kept him mouth shut. But then, a huge blast of red energy pierced through the ship, and Elliott exclaimed the story so fast, all his ship mates got was “Throw me over board!” So, Mitchell ran in the ship and grabbed a floating ducky for him to use, and Joseph tied him to a board and shouted “Sayonara, sucker!” and threw him overboard. Floating softly through the sea with his eyes open somehow; Elliott saw a huge whale coming toward him. On top of the whale was what looked like a camera. But, as it got closer, Elliott saw it was an amazing laser that had many weird looking symbols on it. He somehow understood the symbols to say “I am awesome” many times. Then, the whale came up to him, and, with a satisfying “GULP,” Elliott was quickly gone, inside the whale. He explored the whale until he found a shadow inside the whale, which then got closer to show that he was a man, named ‘Noah’, who went out of the shadows to see Elliottt. Who are you?” Elliott asked. “Who am I?” The man stated, and then laughed a very strange laugh. If a donkey could laugh, and the donkey had a soar throat, that’s what he would sound like. “Why, I am Noah, the man who was randomly attached to a whale when he was scuba diving one day. I then decided to attach a laser to it, just because I’m awesome!” He told Elliott. Elliott stared at the man in awkwardness. “Uh, OoooK.” He muttered. The man stared at him for a second, and then told him “Go talk to the little guy. The one over there.” He pointed behind Elliott. Elliott didn’t look the way the man pointed. He couldn’t believe that two people lived in one whale. But, eventually, he turned around and saw a little person wearing glasses. He walked over to him.

25: “Hello” Elliott muttered. “Hi” exclaimed the boy, “My name is Benjamin,” “Do you know the way out of this whale?” Elliott asked. “Yes, I do.” Ben told him, “Right up there”, and he pointed to the hole in the whale. “Right.” Elliott stated “How do I get up there?” Benjamin grabbed Elliott’s hand and brought him onto the tongue, which made a disgusting “Squash” sound whenever he stepped on it. Benjamin yelled “Catapult!” and Elliott had just enough time to shout “WHAT?” The tongue bolted upward and Elliott went soaring through the hole onto an island. When Elliott landed on the island, he hit the sand and got it all in his eyes. He stood up, and put his face in the ocean, and got salt all in his face. He couldn’t see, so he felt around until he felt a towel. “There is no way what I’m grasping a towel” he muttered, but as he felt it more, he decided it was a towel. He put it on his eyes and looked up. There were two people named Marissa and Mikayla Nelson. Marissa, after taking back the towel, asked “Hello, is this your first time on the island?” Elliott muttered something really intelligent: “Uhh” Mikayla pulled out a clipboard and wrote down something while saying - First-time-on-island. “Very well then, follow me.” commanded the one named Marissa, which he followed to a part on a cliff that showed a big city, and after saying “That’s where you live.” Marissa left, and Mikayla quickly exclaimed “Enjoy your stay.” And then disappeared. Elliott, who was soggy, hungry, and freakishly tired, set out to the city. Before he got there, he met up with Samuel, the city guard, who he asked where he was. Samuel shouted “You are here at the island of writing homework.” Then, Elliott told him thank you, and moved on. He walked through the town and into the mayor’s office. The mayor’s name was James Sumrall, who he told his message to. James told him he couldn’t enforce that as a law. Only the governor, Sheyanne, can enforce things like that. So he went to the governor’s house, who told him she would enforce the law and make everyone there abide by the rules of writing class. Very happily, Elliott went home on a ship, knowing he had saved writing class because he had made the journey. THE END And as a note to everyone in the class: Whether its polka-dot pill bugs or icy volcanic hills with rainbow wolves that shout “GUTTENTOG,” Thank you for making this an awesome, destructive, and absolutely insane TLC year. You all took part in it. (Especially Mitchell, Joseph, Elliott, and myself.)

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