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Sightsees in Tartu

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Sightsees in Tartu - Page Text Content

FC: Tartu Karoli Loot Alis Riga and Elissa Lehis 8.B Mart Reinik School

1: Contents 1. Information about Tartu 2. University of Tartu 3. Hall Square 4. Angel's bridge 5. Devil's bridge 6. Emajogi 7. Vanemuine 8. Tartu University Clinic 9. Pirogov Park 10. Tartu Observatory 11. University of Tartu Botanical Gardens | 2

2: Information about Tartu Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia. The mayor of Tartu is Urmas Kruuse. Flag of Tartu | 3

3: In Tartu there lives over 100 000 people. 80% of them are estonians, 15% are russians and 5% are others. | 4

4: University of Tartu University of Tartu is the national university of Estonia, it is the biggest and highest-ranked university in Estonia. University was established by King Gustavus Adolphus of sweden in 1632, that is one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe. | 5

5: The rector of University of Tartu is Alar Karis. Number of students is over 17,000. Language of instruction in most curricula is Estonian, but there are also several English language groups. | 6

6: Town Hall Square The central Tartu Town Hall Square is surrounded by buildings built in the classical style. Since 1998 the square is decorated by the “Kissing Students” fountain. | 7

7: Throughout centuries the centre of town activity has been Town Hall Square, the history of which goes back to ancient times. At that time the market place was the square lying between the fortress on Toome Hill and the harbour on the banks of the Emajgi River. This tradition persisted for centuries. During the midieval period the Town Hall was built here. The present building is the third one in the same place. | 8

8: Angel's and Devil's bridge Angel's bridge Toome Hill's largest bridge is the yellow and white, classical style Angel's Bridge, which stretches over Lossi tnav. It was built in 1838, and dedicated to the university's first rector, G. F. Parrot | 9

9: The name is thought to come from a linguistic twist - part of the hill is landscaped like an English garden and the words 'English' (Inglise) and 'Angel' (Ingel) are nearly the same in Estonian. Locals like to hold their breath when crossing it and make a wish. Devil's bridge Visible from Angel's Bridge, the darker, stone Devil's bridge is newer, built in 1913 to honor the 300th anniversary of Romanov rule in Russia. | 10

10: Like the Angel's bridge, its name might also come from a play on words - the bridge was built under the supervision of a professor Mannteuffel, whose name in German translates to 'man-devil'. | 11

11: The Emajgi The Emajogi is a river in Estonia which flows from Lake Vortsjrv through Tartu County into Lake Peipsi, crossing the city of Tartu for 10 km. It has a length of 100 km. The name Emajogi means "Mother River" in Estonian. | 12

12: Emajogi is the second largest river in Estonia The length of the river is 100 kilometres (62 mi). In 1927, its length was measured to be 117 kilometres (73 mi). | 13

13: Vanemuine It is the first Estonian language theatre, founded as the Vanemuine Society on June 24, 1865 following the idea of Johann Voldemar Jannsen. In 1869 Vanemuine Society organised the first song festival in Estonia. On June 24, 1870, the fifth anniversary of the society, a play called "The cousin from Saaremaa" ("Saaremaa Onupoeg") by Lydia Koidula was performed, marking the beginning of the Estonian national theatre and the theatre Vanemuine. | 14

14: The theatre was originally located in a building on Jaama street. This building was destroyed in a fire in 1903. A new building was opened in 1906 in Aia street (now known as Vanemuise street). In 1944 the building burned down as a result of the Second World War. The theatre subsequently moved to the building of the former Tartu German theatre, which is now a part of Vanemuine known as the "little house". In the former location a new building, now known as the "big house", was built and opened in 1967. | 15

15: Tartu University Clinic Its administrative services are located in two buildings on the Puusepa Street. The clinic is the largest employer of Tartu. The clinic had a pioneering role in study mental deceases as it was the world first university clinic with a psychiatric department. Famous German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin worked there.The surgery of the clinic is connected with works of famous Russian surgeons Nikolai Pirogov (worked there in 1836-1840) and Nikolai Burdenko (worked there in 1906-1918). | 16

16: Pirogrov Park Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov 25 November 1810 – 5 December 1881) was a prominent Russian scientist, doctor, pedagogue, public figure, and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1847). He is considered to be the founder of field surgery, and was one of the first surgeons in Europe to use ether as an anaesthetic. His name is one of the most widely recognised in Russian medical history, and he is considered a Russian national hero.He completed further studies at Dorpat (now Tartu), receiving a doctorate in 1832 on the ligation of the ventral aorta. | 17

17: Tartu Observatory The Tartu Observatory is the largest astronomical observatory in Estonia. It is located on the Travere hill, about 20 km south-west of Tartu in No Parish, Tartu County. Tartu Observatory was founded at the Imperial University of Dorpat as it was reopened in 1802. The observatory building was completed in 1810 on the Toome hill in Dorpat.In 1946 the renamed Tartu Observatory was separated from the university and subjected to the Estonian Academy of Sciences. The authorities started to look for the new observational base in 1950.By 1963, the new observatory building was completed, part of the astronomers from the old observatory moved in, and the 50 cm reflector telescope had first light. In 1964, an international conference was held and the Tartu Observatory was renamed von Struve Observatory. In 1974 the 1.5 metre telescope become operational. The name of the observatory was reverted back to Tartu Observatory in 1995. In 1998, a 0.6 metre reflector was installed, the last major instrument update for today. | 18

18: The old observatory building now mainly serves as a museum and is a part of a public science education centre. | 19

19: University of Tartu Botanical Gardens The University of Tartu Botanical Gardens (Estonian: Tartu Ülikooli Botaanikaaed), is a botanical garden in Tartu, Estonia, it belongs to the University of Tartu. The Garden was established in 1803. Originally, it was located at Vanemuise street near what is now the Vanemuine Small Theatre House. In 1806 the garden was relocated to more suitable site, on a former bastion at Lai street on the northern side of the old town. | 20

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