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Simplicibus Verbis Vol. 1

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S: Simplicibus Verbis Vol. 1 Inspirational Thoughts

BC: Book By: SimplyAmyNovo Photography By: Shannon Lewis

FC: Simplicibus Verbis Vol. 1 Inspirational Thoughts

1: MY DEDICATION: This book is dedicated to a few people who I hold close to my heart. They have helped me, stood by my side through thick & thin. Thank You. | The first person I would love to mention is my son, Michael Bormann who has made me laugh, love and want to live. Secondly, Kay Bormann my Ex- Mother In Law who has always been there for me no matter what, even when I was no longer married to her son.. She is a wonderful person inside and out and I could not have asked for a better grandmother for my son. Thirdly, Yvonne Lyman my best friend for the last 15 years. She has never passed judgement and has been a true friend through good and bad. I am so lucky to have her as my friend.

2: No matter how bad things may seem There is always something to make you smile: A beautiful Smile From a kind soul A child's laughter That warms your heart A really good friend who knows all the right things to say A loved ones touch that makes everything seem ok, just for that moment No matter how small these things may seem In moments like these They mean so much more!

3: Live forToday Remember Yesterday Love Yourself Always & Laugh Forever

4: Love is everywhere we go maybe we do not see it or even hear it but we have to be open to it to appreciate it and then we will see...

5: Love is not always visible Sometimes we need to look A lil deeper To see what is right in Front of Us!!

6: I wrote this poem to express to my son that even though times may be rough and we do not get everything in life, that he is loved. I try hard to make things better! I will never give up! | Michael Bormann | Amy & Michael | Mother & Son

7: My Promise To You I want you to know you are my heart, my soul and everything more! I have one goal in my life. That is top priority. That is you! I promise to strive and accomplish what I can To make a better life for you. There will be times when things will be rough, but that is ok! We will get through together, As mother & son. | I'm always here for you. I may not be perfect and I may make mistakes. But, that does not mean I have failed! The only time I will have failed is if I give up! I am proud of you! You're handsome, intelligent and so much more... Everything a mother could ask for.. I Love You! | As Published By:

8: Look forward to tomorrow But live for today | Find laughter in life & You will enjoy yourself more than you know

9: Even in pain There is laughter Even when sad you can find a smile Even when mad There is a grin Left inside

10: Hang In there There are many paths To choose from Just take that step forward And don't look back

11: Some of us are ashamed of what we have and had A broken home Or lack of material things I find love, happiness & laughter No matter where I live No matter what I own Hang in there and take your step forward to a new day you never know what will be tomorrow We choose the path we wanna ride...

12: Amy's Written Thoughts For Herself I am sitting here late at night Pondering over my life What I want, what I need & how to succeed! My mind is full of aspirations, hopes & dreams All that I want to come true. Some sooner than later. Sometimes I sit and I try to think about What is on my mind And nothing comes about, I wonder why? I know there is something on my mind, But what is it? I have too much on my mind therefore it hinders my actions. If only I could think clearly and think about one thing at a time I would accomplish more,

13: Even if I was to think about a couple of things At a time it would be easier than to think About everything ALL at once!! My mind races a mile a minute. Where should I begin? Why should I begin there? So many questions And yet not enough time To decipher what I really want OR what is a priority. Setting a goal is a detailed format of what My dreams and hopes are on paper. I have my long term & short term goals Short term I should never set too high I might just set myself up For disappointment! To be cont....

14: Sometimes we need To relax Rest our minds Our souls So that we are Fresh and prepared for the next We are only as good as we feel And we must take care of us To be free | A moment here A moment there Is all we need To change our lives To take control To be all We need to be and then we will See

15: REST | A Moment | RELAX | Be Free

17: A mind can venture to The unknown & Create ideas & thoughts Each one of is Unique Which makes life That more interesting!

18: To set a short-term goal I should pick the Simple things in life that are a priority to myself But minute to others. Remember these are my goals not someone else's! Long-term goals may seem within a far reach but my time frame is more spread out! Remember they are long-term. Something to strive for. Not easily accomplished but is important to myself and worth working towards. I would like to thank my friends around me For the support and time they give me. My strength comes from them... the little push, The positive attitude and the ear I need when I have to vent. | Cont...

19: All this leads to my success as long as I Open the door to let them in and help me In my journey in life!! Even though it is hard for me to let others help, Because of pride (my pride) I have slowly learned from my friends and especially a really good friend of mine Who once told me that; "If you enjoy giving you MUST learn to receive as well Otherwise you interfere with the cycle that comes with Giving, In order to give you must receive otherwise The circle is not complete" Even though this is a task I am still learning I am Thankful to this person for at least guiding me In the right direction! | Cont...

20: Beauty is everywhere Even in the darkest of places Don't be afraid But embrace!

23: Look at oneself Before Judging another Maybe what we see in them is what we have in ourselves | To find love inside Will bring love Your way Everyday No matter How hard it may seem There is always One thing That we like About ourselves Own it Love it Love you!!

24: The saying; "It is never too late to learn" Is so true and I live by that! I am always willing and able to learn From ANYONE! All of us have a tale or two that could Teach ANY of us A thing or two! Why put off tomorrow what I can have today? Why ask why? Why ask someone else; "What do you think I should do?" I think everyone concentrates too much On what is going on tomorrow & not enjoying NOW! | Cont...

25: Why can we not be happy with what is NOW Rather than what will be! Or what could be or what is! Positive Attitude, whether I want to believe It or not, it is a major influence on anyone's life. I know that to some this is a little hard to swallow, These are the people who have tried To be positive just once or twice and it has failed them and so in return they give up! Positive Attitude is something I need. To consistently practice it, it does not just happen overnight! I need to believe in myself and every time not just occasionally! I need to always keep in mind Not everything in life is going to go my way Or will look positive! This is why I maintain A positive attitude & then it will happen Because I, myself am beginning to believe that it will happen! | The End

26: The power of freedom Is within us all Fly & Be Free

27: Fly & | Be Free

28: Even when life Seems to take Us nowhere You can find Something Whether in Black & White Or the smallest of detail Look & you shall find

30: Sunset By: Kay Bormann A sunset is God's special way to end a very lovely day. The ending that is filled with bliss. You'll never see one just like this. The golden colors in the sky, to bring an end, and say goodbye. To all the things the day brought in. The Good, the Bad, take on chin. The wind flowing through the trees, the flowers blooming as you please.The birds a chirping as they sing, and then fly off on their wings. The rabbits, wolf, squirrel and deer, they settle down as night draws near. To begin a new day with the dawn, with the sunrise, we'll see a new fawn. God's rested world will then arise, and bring with it, a new surprise. So as you watch the sunset glow, don't forget to take it slow. To enjoy all the things in life. And not to forget about life's little strife's. life is short, but that is not bad, if you live your life as you wish you had. So, do not cry when the end is near, just love what's precious, that you hold dear. We'll all meet again, and I wouldn't lie, in that great big beautiful peaceful sky.

31: Written By: Kay Bormann | Bormann Family Kay (top left) Bob (top right) Rob (bottom left) Mike (bottom right) | Michael Bormann's Grandparents Father (Rob) & Uncle (Mike)

32: Vision I see You see We all see | What we choose To see Is what will guide us We can see Bad or Good WE have the ability to turn Bad into Good as well as turn Good into Bad Learn from what we see I appreciate the vision we were given If you choose to close your eyes remember you have to open them eventually Instead open your Eyes widely & learn from it!

33: I am thankful for the opportunity to change my life no matter what comes my way I can change nothing is set in stone, not for me!

34: Endless

35: Possibilities

36: In Loving Memory Of: Arie Lee Gamble-Dumas | Arie Lee(left) Marjorie Dumas (right)

37: I will be free By: Arie Lee Gamble-Dumas When the Lord cause my heart to cease Then I will have everlasting peace There will be no more, heartache for me Truly, I know, I will be free Though I may be battered and torn, And for sure I will be worn. Up there with Jesus I will be, Truly I know, I will be free I must praise the Lord, all the time. For it gives me joy and peace of mind It is good to praise him you see Truly I know, I will be free There I will meet my mother dear As she lived for Jesus, She will be near I am standing on his promise, as a tree Truly I know, I will be free.

38: Loving the winter months The time of year we can snuggle in front of a fire... No worries Just peace of mind!

39: Peace | Warmth | Relax

40: The Strength Within

42: Self Affirmations Something I live by If I want to change I must believe No matter how bad I feel About myself, I CAN change. I have tried I have loved myself again I have succeeded I would do it again Don't be afraid Of the truth I Love myself! | Example Affirmations: It's not what life brings to me, it's the attitude I bring to life. Where I am now is just a necessary stage on the way to my transformation I love myself & Who I have become

43: Beauty

44: Nature has a way to create Beauty In everything we see | Photo printed on Jones Soda Bottle Label in 09' By: Shannon Lewis

45: Our mind is a fascinating thing We are able to create anything music, art, poetry, stories And so much more Let your mind be free to create whatever is deep within Find that side of you and let it go You never know You could create a masterpiece!

46: Time Is Passing Us By | Choose Wisely The Path You seek

47: If we lived our lives Like a clock runs maybe our lives would be better A clock does not run backwards A clock runs forwards Every moment counts Even a clock must die We should always move forward You may look back but not go back Time does not stop When something happens Just like we should not stop But move forward with time!

48: INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES From: Michael Bormann Age: 16 | Michael & Riley Bell

49: Don't just stand there & Take hits That do not belong to you, Only stand up For hits that belong to you & Only You | when you miss Don't give up on it Just try harder & Sooner or later You will Achieve your goal! | OR

51: At the end of every road We will find What we want to find Even if it is not a reality

52: Smile & The Whole World Will Too..

54: Just want to say thank you to the following people: Shannon Lewis for your beautiful photography that create a story in my mind; Kay Bormann for allowing me to include one of your beautiful poems; Marjorie Dumas for allowing me the honor to include one of your mother's poems, may she rest in peace; Michael Bormann for being creative & willing to create some inspirational thoughts for your peers. I would also like to give a special thanks to Dannette Allen for believing in me & introducing me to Nancy Rawles (well known author) & finally thank you Nancy Rawles for your inspiration to move forward with my writing & create my portfolio | Thank You! | Thank You!

55: May this book bring inspiration to everyone in one way or another! SimplyAmyNovo

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