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Smith 2010

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S: Smith 2010

FC: Smith | 2010

1: Layne - 33 years old Bekah - 28 years old Sabrina - 4 years old Trevor - 2 years old Brynlee - 6 months old

2: New Years Day 2010 | We slept over at Devin and Eileen's house over New Years. On New Years Day we all had a great time playing in the snow and making snowmen. David sculpted a fancy face on his snowman, mustache and everything. He even sculpted a pet dog for his snowman.

3: Winter Memories | The Dog | Sabrina had to do her snow angel on her tummy so that she could eat the snow at the same time. | Yes, my kids are eating the snowman. | Troy started a snowball fight.

4: Trevor cut his check open playing at Auntie Susanna's house. The doctor Super-Glued it closed. | January

5: Brynlee Loves to play duets with Layne | Teri came to visit and took us to her parents cabin. We got to ride in the snowcat.

6: February | 2010 was an excellent snow year. We made a handsome snowman in our backyard with Janae's family. We also built a snowman on Clay and Erin's front porch to get them back for leaving us a porch full of giant zucchini last fall. | Natural History Museum

7: Seara and Sabrina took a dance class together. | We took a trip to the Aquarium and a trip to the Planetarium.

8: "I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you." | Heart Shaped Pizza | Will you be my Valentine?...Forever? | Pink Heart Pancakes

9: Chicken Pot Pie | Chocolate Fondue | We just Love Valentine's Day at our house. We usually keep the hearts up until after Sabrina's birthday.

10: 5

11: Sabrina had quite the Birthday! Celebrations included a party with Grandpa Devin and Grandma Eileen, a party with Grandma Vonnie, a lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, and a friend birthday party complete with face painting. Friends include: Maggie McDonough, Abby Schofield, Jasmine Phouthavongsay, Caslea Tanner, Bella Wolfert, Chloe Tuttle, Chelsie Dibble, Seara Ricks and Auntie Liza.

12: ist | our | Sabrina has been having so much fun creating artwork in preschool this year with her teacher Miss Sue. Sabrina is always excited to share her work. We had a pile stacked high of all the cute stuff she wanted to keep, and we decided to start taking pictures of all of it so that we could remember it without having to buy a bigger house to hold it all.

14: Mom turns 29!

16: I took this picture of Sabrina, holding an art project she made at preschool. Just as I took the picture, Sabrina farted. We both started to laugh and Sabrina said, "Mom, can I see that picture? Did I fog it up?" Which just made us laugh more. So fyi, if you pass gas when someone takes a picture of you, don't worry, it won't fog up the picture. Just don't let your face give it away like Sabrina did here. | March | Trevor has always loved letters. He has known all the letter names and sounds since he was 15 months old. When he was about 18 months old, I dropped him off at a friends house and he sounded out the letters "GAP" on her sweat shirt. He wasn't really reading, just sounding out the sounds, but a few months ago he started blending the sounds together and realizing that they make words! What am I going to do with a two year old that can read?!"

17: Hogle Zoo | with the Ricks Family

18: Flower Girl | Auntie Nicole made Brynlee these cute hats and flower bows.

19: Trevor and Sabrina love to fall asleep in our bed. They are so cute when they are sleeping. | This is the bottom of my awesome laundry shoot. It just might be time to do laundry when the pile is taller than me. | Layne's amazing pancakes. | Brynlee rolled across the room so that she could hold a blanket and suck her thumb to fall asleep. | April

20: Here are all the kids waiting patiently while we hide the eggs at Auntie Susanna's House. Trevor, Alden, Sabrina, Ali, Brynlee, Kensie, Reese, Sienna, Kyler, Brixen, and Anna. | Hunt | Egg | Easter

21: At Grandma Eileen's house Sabrina, Trevor, Elias, Brynlee and Nicole's dog, Dice

22: Look Mom! | Trevor came to show me his bug

23: Swing | New to us | We got this swing set for $50 from a yard sale. Score! | set

24: A new photo studio called FotoFly was opening and they needed cute baby models between 6 and 9 months old, so Brynlee got a free photo shoot. They gave me a CD of the pictures, but it wasn't labeled and I lost it. So later when they finally opened their studio, I took a picture of their monitor that was displaying some of their great shots. (The picture on the bottom right is not Brynlee.) The picture on the top right was their facebook picture, and the picture in the middle on the bottom that you can't see very well is blown up big and hanging on the wall in their studio. It was a great shot! | Brynlee

26: Before | Layne's Eye Surgery

27: Layne has a right inferior oblique palsy, which means that the right inferior oblique muscle in his eye pulls too much. This pulls his eyes out of alignment. He has had it since he was little, but it has gotten worse as he's gotten older. He has a hard time focusing and keeping his eyes aligned late at night or if he is short on sleep, which he usually is. So we decided it was time for him to have surgery. The doctor took lots of measurements and was actually quite impressed that Layne could focus his eyes at all with how bad it was. He had never seen someone with the ability to bring it back into focus from so far. He said that both eyes should be worked on, because one muscle was too tight and one was too loose. Dr. Peterson did the surgery at the hospital with Layne under anesthesia but left a string hanging out of his eye, so that he could tie the last stitch later that day in his office with Layne awake. This let Dr. Peterson make sure Layne's eyes were straight before tying the last knot. Dr. Peterson purposely tied the last stitch too tight because quite often they will loosen a little as they heal, but it didn't loosen as much as expected. This was really hard on Layne because he was not used to focusing his eyes the other way, so he saw double all the time. We ended up doing another surgery later in the year to fix just that one eye and it has been great since then. We made sure to take some fun before and after pictures. | After

28: Trevor turns | 3

29: On Trevor's actual birthday, he and Sabrina were super sick. They slept most of the day, we could hardly get Trevor to open his presents before he fell back asleep. Good thing we celebrated a couple days earlier with Grandpa Devin and Grandma Eileen.

30: Scotland & London trip

31: We went with Cort and Teri to visit Teri's Parents, who were serving as Mission presidents of the Scotland Mission. Layne and I spent a couple extra days in London. It was an absolute blast! (The trip got it's own separate book.)

32: Discovery Gateway | While we were in Scotland, Grandma Eileen and Aunt Jenni took the kids to Discovery Gateway for an afternoon of fun and adventure.

34: Cousins | Girls' Night

35: We had Anna Baird, Ali Baird, and Anna Royce sleep over. It was a great girls' night! (Note the shoes they put on Brynlee in her highchair.)

36: June | & | We went on a fun hike when we went camping in Eden with some of Layne's High School friends.

37: Seth Bell

38: A | A | B | A | L | C | D | A | E | A | A | A | I | J | F | G | H | K | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T

39: U | V | W | X | Y | Z | "Now I know my ABC's next time won't you sing with me?" | I LOVE YOU DAD | This year for Father's Day, the kids and I took these fun alphabet pictures to make Layne an ABC book about reasons we love him. I never quite finished it. Maybe next year. Trevor gave me the idea when he went and got apples out of the fridge and made an A just like in "Grover's own Alphabet" book.

40: Brynlee's Birthday | st

41: We just love our little Brynlee and to show it, instead of Eileen making her a darling cake, we used this one from Swan's that had been in the freezer for a year. We gave her a ball from the dollar store and some baby puff treats. Grandma at least got her a couple of cute outfits. Isn't turning one the best?

43: We went camping at Payson Lakes with the Baird clan. We had a great time canoing, fishing, jumping off the dock, and singing around the campfire. | Baird | Family | Camp

45: 24th of July

47: Family isn't just blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who LOVE YOU no matter what.

49: Families are like fudge... mostly sweet with lots of NUTS!

50: Swimming Lessons at Dimple Dell | Grandma's Camp with Grandma Vonnie | August

51: Grandpa Johnson's 80th Birthday Party | Fun at the Park

52: Our | family | Layne is Super Dad. He is still working at Dorsey & Whitney. He is second counselor in the Elders quorum presidency, and he is the best dad ever. I am at home with the cutest kids in the world. I am the compassionate service coordinator in the ward, which keeps me busy. Layne thinks I am the best mom ever. He's probably right. Sabrina is smart and cute and wonderful. She and Trevor are great little friends and they both love Brynlee so much. Sabrina says renember instead of remember. And "on your marks, reset, go!" Trevor is super loving and caring. He gives me hugs and kisses all day. He helps Lucy take off her coat at Kindermusik. "Oh, let me help you with that." He told me, "When I grow upper and upper and upper, I'm going to be a daddy." Brynlee has learned a ton of sign language! She is a smart little baby. She is a great sleeper because she sucks her thumb--only her left thumb--and she has to have her blanket. I bought an extra blanket so that I could wash her original, but she wouldn't take it (It had polka dots instead of flowers). I finally convinced her to take it by telling her that she had two blankets, but now she just always wants them both.

54: Payson Lakes | August 27-28

55: Sabrina found this truck in the mud at the lake and we washed it off. It has it's tongue sticking out, so the kids followed suit!

56: Kindergarten

57: VIP | Halloween Party | Mrs. Lo | October 28th | Abby Schofield | Mrs. Lo | Pow Wow

58: SCHOOL DAYS | Trevor's First Day of Preschool with Miss Martha | My mom brought the apple cider press up to host a cider party for Trevor's preschool class.

59: This is a picture of the kids doing scripture for family night. We have them stand still at the wall while they recite the article of faith that they are learning. When they are done, they run over and give us a high five. Brynlee is so cute, she goes and stands up there with them, says something that must be a scripture in baby talk, and then runs to give us a high five. | We had Zucchini coming out of our ears this fall. | We went to the State Fair with Grandma Vonnie and Grandpa Bob. The kids loved going down the big yellow slide.

60: 9-14-10 | Sabrina scored a goal during her very first game of the season. She also asked if she could borrow my camera and took this picture of the soccer ball. Her picture made it into this book--so it was her second great shot of the night!

61: 10-12-10

62: Bear Lake was so much fun this year. We went up with Michael, Melanie, and Easton, and also my cousin Laura, her husband Shaun, and their 4 kids. The water was nice and warm, the beach was beautiful, we rode the tractor, found a snake and a frog, and Uncle Michael always stops in Evanston for fireworks. The only downer was when Sabrina got a spider bite right below her eye. We had to leave a little early to get her to an Instacare.

64: Sitting on the beach with Trevor. He started to make silly faces, and I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of my silly boy. | Tractor Rides | in BEAR LAKE

65: Fireworks with Uncle Michael | Everyone got their own roman candle. Michael and Shaun had a little war.

66: Enoch's Blessing Day | We had breakfast on this beautiful Sunday morning with family in Provo, Utah.

67: Sabrina and Grandpa | The morning after Bear Lake, we went down to Provo for Enoch's blessing. Sabrina's eye was getting worse. She wasn't feeling well and Grandpa Devin was the only one that could get her to smile. Layne and Grandpa gave her a blessing. Her eye quickly got better, and we were grateful for Priesthood blessings and to not have to take her back into the Instacare.

68: For Layne's 34th birthday, we headed down to BYU. While Brynlee took a nap at Grandma Vonnie's, the rest of us went bowling at the Wilk. It was fun for the whole family to have matching shirts this year. Sabrina missed the memo, but the rest of us matched. Then Layne and I headed off to the BYU vs. Nevada game with our friends Mindy and Remington Sorenson. | Happy Birthday Layne!

70: BIRTHDAY PARTY at his parents' house | Alden's birthday party | Layne's

71: Baptism | sure love | these cute kids | Reese's

72: Farnsworth Farms Pumpkin Patch | With our friends the Ricks. Sam, Janae, Seara, Elijah, and Enoch

73: What can be better than a pumpkin patch, a bounce house, a hayride, homemade apple cider, apple cider donuts, and a twilight outdoor showing of Charlie Brown's "The Great Pumpkin"? Nothing, that's what. | 10-13-10

75: We had a great time dressing up and heading out to Gardener Village for a witch scavenger hunt. Can you find a witch riding a broom? How about a witch eating a hotdog? Or a witch playing the piano? The kids had a lot of fun finding all the witches on the list. | Gardener Village

76: Grandma Eileen and Grandpa Devin came out again this year to carve pumpkins with us. It was Brynlee's first time gutting a pumpkin, Grandma brought treats, we roasted pumpkin seeds and then it even started to snow. | Happy Halloween

77: Trevor | Brynlee | Sabrina | Layne | Grandpa's BYU pumpkin

78: Sabrina had fun being Taylor Swift this year for Halloween because she had blond curly hair just like her. | Cowboy Taylor Swift Elephant Mermaid

79: Parade | Kindermusik party | trying on Mom's witch costume | Yes, these are Trick or Treat baskets on their heads.

81: Brynlee loves to climb into the sink in the downstairs bathroom and turn the water on. We would often find her in a dark room, and flip the light on, only to hear her say "no, no, no!" Note her reaching up to turn the light back off so she could keep playing in the dark.

82: Thanksgiving Day | Anna, Ali and Adam slept over the night before. Then Eliza came over in the morning and did all the girls' hair before we headed down to my Mom and Dad's for dinner.

83: I am Thankful for... Layne: Yummy Food. Bekah: My husband, children, parents, and siblings. Sabrina: Ali and Abby. Trevor: My cousins and my friends. You (mom) and your husband (dad). Brynlee: I think she is thankful for a wonderful, beautiful, kind, talented, sweet, loving mother.

84: Once there was a SNOWMAN | After we built this snowman, Sabrina ran down from the top of the hill, jumped on the snowman and started to eat it.

85: Clay's Birthday at Fudruckers | and then back to our house for dessert.

86: Nicole and Eileen's Birthday party

87: Christmas Eve | After celebrating birthdays on Christmas Eve, Grandma Eileen read the kids "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and gave them all Christmas jammies to sleepover in!

88: We had a wonderful Christmas morning. Grandpa Devin made his traditional scone breakfast.

89: Christmas Dinner with the Bairds | To the left is a picture of a singing moose that Layne's Grandma Smith gave us and we get to enjoy at Christmas time. All the kids love to make it sing over and over again, but sometimes I need to stick it back up on the wall so that nobody can touch it.

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