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Smith Family 2009

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Smith Family 2009 - Page Text Content

S: 2009 - Life with the Smith's

FC: Smith | 2009

1: Smith Family | 2009 This past year has been full of excitement milestones, friends, family, vacations, trials and everyday life. The pages of this book capture a small sample of the events of this year. We are so grateful for all of the experiences we've had this past year and most importantly we are grateful to get to experience them together with our family and friends. No matter what life throws our way we always have each other and we always have our memories.

2: Tonight I was making a gourmet dinner of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner when Melissa came over to bring me my keys. She came into the kitchen and of course Paisley wants her undivided attention so she starts hanging all over her and talking to her at a speed no one can understand. I have to admit I was trying to tune her out but she did say a couple cute things. Thanks Melissa for the nudge to write them down. Anyway, we got new bar stools and so Paisley was trying inform Melissa of this. She told her to look at our new "bear stools" or maybe she was saying "bare stools". Not sure but it was cute. She then asked Melissa if she wanted a "girl" cheese. I had to explain to Melissa that I was making "girl" cheese sandwiches and not "boy" cheese sandwiches. We had a good laugh. Several months ago I figured out that she thought they were called "girl" cheese sandwiches because she asked me if I was going to make Parker a "boy" cheese. I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. I kept telling her they were grilled cheese sandwiches. She then preceded to tease Parker that he had to eat a "girl" cheese. She definitely keeps us on our toes. | January

3: Parker called from school today because he was so excited. He lost his first tooth! After I hung up the phone I realized, Parker didn't even have a tooth that was loose. Hmmm... I guess I would have to wait until he got home to find out the details. Boy was that kid excited to show me the big hole in his smile. He just kept telling me, I'm not the last one to lose a tooth. Now Grace is the only one that hasn't lost a tooth. I asked him if his tooth was even loose. No, he said matter of factly. I was just chewing on my coat zipper and someone grabbed my coat and it popped out. Oh my! Well that was easy. We didn't have to go through the wiggly tooth stage and then figure out how to get it out. I think loose teeth are so disgusting. Parker was pretty bummed that he couldn't find the tooth. He said he looked everywhere. Thank goodness the ladies in the office gave him a plastic tooth and he wrote a note to the tooth fairy letting her know that he lost his tooth. | Where did that tooth go? | Parker is such a tender hearted kid. I know boys/men don't like to be known as tender hearted but I think it's an awesome quality. Parker has many stuffed animal friends. Each night he and Paisley make their dad have the animals pretend they are alive. Of course he makes the animals do crazy thing and all I hear is loud laughter coming from their room. One night after the kids went to bed, I looked in on them and saw Parker sound asleep with a few of his friends. These are a couple of Parker's friends: Biscuit - Stuffed dog Jared and I bought for him before he was born Raider - Dog Webkin Mr. Froggy - Frog Webkin Indy - Pug Webkin Bearey - Stuffed bear from Alaska Otis - Bronco football player, monkey, build a bear This kid is going to make a great dad and husband with his tender heart. | Best Friends

4: Mylee is just so darn cute and fun. I think women continue to have babies because these little ones are the only thing that keep us from going crazy. When the older kids are driving you nuts, you can always count on the baby to make you smile. We love My My. | Mylee | Jan 09

5: Under Contruction | The time has finally arrived. We are finishing our basement. Well, let's say we are going to work on it until the funds dry up. It has been moving along a lot quicker than I had thought. We are so grateful to everyone that has helped Jared. Jared's brothers have put in a lot of hours. They are amazing. We are now just days away from being ready for sheet rock. After that Jared will start the long process of finish work. He did all the finish work upstairs and did an amazing job. My kids rooms look fantastic and so does everything else. It's a lot of work so I'm sure Jared will be living in the basement for the next little while. I've got to come up with some fun wood work for the kids rooms downstairs so if anyone has any ideas, send them over. I am so so so grateful for everyone who has come to help us. I can't say how grateful I am. We can't forget to mention how I added the job of putting bead board up in the 1/2 bath during all this. Jared is a trooper. | January 09

6: February | Weight: 22.6 pounds (35%) Height: 29.5 inches (25%) Head: 47 cm (75%) It was a pretty traumatic doctor's appointment for Mylee. She has figured out what happens at the doctor's office. As soon as the nurse came in the room she freaked out. And for heaven's sake don't try to lay her down to measure her. Her adrenaline kicked in and there was no holding her down. She is no dummy, she knew what she was in for. Shots! I think the sucker on the way out helped the situation. Other than the screaming and freaking out, she is healthy. I'm still wondering how she can gain any weight when she doesn't eat anything. Her diet consists of "rabbit milk" strawberry milk, apple juice, crackers, yogurt and chicken nuggets. Oh and we can't forget pizza. No matter what you put in front of her she shakes her head intently. There is no getting anything into her mouth. So far she is my pickiest eater and for those that know Parker, that is saying something. I hope she grows out of this stage or she'll starve. | Mylee | 15 Months

7: It was Friday night and Jared was working on the basement. He had a few framing questions so our neighbors came over to help. Nichole and I were chatting while the kids played upstairs and Rob and Jared worked on the basement. We really weren't paying too much attention to Mylee except that she was quite interested in Keaton so she kept hanging around Nichole. Every so often the kids would come down the stairs and look through the railing and talk to us. Mylee wanted to get in on the fun and turned from the far couch and walked all the way across the room over to the stairs. It seemed so normal for a split second and then I realized...wait she's walking. Mylee doesn't walk unless it's on her knees. So cute!

8: I love that my girls have each other. I don't know what I would do without my sisters. It's so fun to see Mylee want to do what Paisley is doing. I pray that these two will be best friends and always watch out for each other | Best friends | Sisters

9: When Paisley wakes up in the morning she is usually sporting some fantastic hair. I don't know why but today I couldn't stop laughing. Poor Paisley was not blessed with great hair. Everyone knows that her hair stresses me out. She is almost 4 and she still has short baby hair. No, I don't keep her hair in a short bob by choice, it doesn't grow! I think Jami has trimmed it twice or maybe three times in her LIFE. It is so thin and wispy. Yes, it causes me stress. Mostly because her hair takes work to make it look half way decent and you can't just pull it back into a ponytail when we're in a hurry because it doesn't all fit into one ponytail. Maybe we should go with the messy look. I think it suits her. | Love that Hair Do! | February | Paisley

10: Dr. Seuss Week | MoNday - The kids wore their clothes inside out and backwards. They got to take their pillows, blanket and a book to read for their read-a-thon. For breakfast they had green eggs and ham. Well most of the kids had green eggs and ham. Parker wouldn't have anything to do with them. They tried to explain to him it was just food coloring but he wasn't buying it. Let's be honest Parker is so picky and he wouldn't have eaten the eggs if they weren't green. | March | Tuesday - Hat day. | Wednesday - Crazy socks day. I have some blue striped socks that Parker wore. They were the "craziest" socks we own. They hit Parker about mid thigh. When Parker got home he said "mom, everyone said I was wearing girl socks!". I asked him who said that and he said EVERYONE!. I was thinking to myself... why would they say that. They were just blue striped socks. Well come to find out he told the kids they were his mom's socks. Not a good idea buddy. Never tell your friends you are wearing your mom's clothes. | Thursday - Crazy hair day. Parker just got his hair cut so our options were limited. I used Paisley's elastics and put them all over the top of his head. He looked in the mirror and with his stern voice said "I will not wear my hair like that. I look like a girl." I guess mom's socks scarred him for life. I took them out but they left his hair spiked up all over. He thought it was pretty cool so we hair sprayed it and off he went to school. | Friday - Today was green day. Parker wore his green striped shirt and was good to go.

11: Sometimes I wonder what is going on in this little girls head. She is so smart that I tend to give her more credit than a 3 year old should get. So far, this week she's drawn on her closet door with black crayon. Nothing too terrible. Only a little scribble but still, she colored on the door. Then she tried out the crayon on the sink in the kids bathroom. Hmmm, it works on wood, let's try porcelain. Then yesterday she cut her hair. "Only two times mom!" Paisley's hair doesn't grow as it is. It wasn't too bad, we already fight trying to keep all the odds and ends pieces up in her pony tails so what's a few | Paisley

12: Mylee | We have another fan. Mylee has just recently fallen in love with Dora. She will sit and watch an entire Dora episode. How nice is that? As soon as she hears the song start, she starts bouncing and clapping. She kept saying backpack backpack, so I went up to the toy room and dug out the "Backpack grandma gave Paisley when she was obsessed with Dora. When Mylee saw it she was so excited. It's so cute to see her get excited about something she recognizes. She's getting so big! | March

13: It's official. Mylee has hit the pigtail stage. Well, not quite but we can fake it. I am a sucker for pigtails and bows. I could eat this little girl up. | Pigtails

14: Paisley

15: 4 Years old | 4.15.09 | Annie, Pais, Annie Goose, Sister, Sissy Sue, Susie Q

16: I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true! | I can't believe it. Paisley is 4 years old. Sometimes I wonder if she isn't 16. This little girl is darling. She has the most beautiful face and eyes. There is something about her smile and the sparkle in her eyes that is contagious. She has the biggest heart. She loves everybody and makes everyone feel so important. Paisley is also a smart little girl. Paisley loves: Dancing Dressing up in dance costumes Playing with friends, Primary, Singing, Cereal, Pizza, Her dads cooked egg, Making cookies, School, Egg Nog Paisley's birthday is in the middle of April, but this year it looked like Christmas outside. | Paisley

17: May this year be your best ever! | 4.15.09

18: Easter | Paisley | Mylee

19: We had a great Easter this year. It's always fun to watch the kids get excited about hunting eggs and eating lots of candy. The Smith Easter Egg hunt was as crazy as ever. Of course Jared and I didn't win again. I don't think I even pulled $5. Bummer. I don't have the luck. Although I did come within a few eggs of the winner. Usually I'm the winner of the least eggs. So fun! This year we really tried to explain to the kids why we celebrate Easter so they don't think it's all about the Easter bunny, eggs and candy. I am so grateful for our Savior and what he did for me. This time of year is always a good reality check for me and what I am doing to become a better person.

20: April | A Smile As Sweet As Spring | The Story of your... | Paisley loves dress ups so she was in heaven when she got invited to a Princess Party. A party and she got to dress up. Wow! She had so much fun doing "princess" things at the party. I'm not sure what princess things are but that's what she did. | Princess Paisley

21: Thanksgiving Point Barn | Swimming anyone? | Paisley

22: Race for the Cure | May

23: Mom | We found out mom had breast cancer in July of '08. It's almost been a year. I know how hard it has been for me to accept that this was happening to my mom, so I can't imagine what she is going through. Mom has been so strong through all of this. Surgeries, bad news, good news, drugs, side effects and so much more. Doing the Race for the Cure was a chance for us to not only show our support to all those fighting breast cancer but to show our mom how much we love her. What an amazing experience. So many families are dealing with this. We have to find a cure! We love you mom. You are amazing!

24: For family night Grandma Froelich invited us to go to Thanksgiving gardens. She had always told me how beautiful it was and she was right. It was so fun and relaxing to just walk through the gardens and enjoy all the flowers. | Thanksgiving Point Gardens | May 09

25: Mylee | 19 Months | 19 Months | Mylee | 2 years old is just around the corner. She is getting cuter and cuter everyday. She is learning so much. We love her squinty eye smile. Don't get big Mylee. Stay little forever!

26: It is a tradition of Jared's parents to go camping over Memorial Day weekend. This year I got the amazing opportunity to go to New York with Jami and was gone over this weekend. Jared was a trooper and took all three kids. They had a blast. I got home on Memorial Day and went up to join them. It was rainy and muddy but they were all in heaven. They couldn't have been happier. I am so grateful for Jared who will do things like this for my kids. | Memorial Day

27: MAY | Parker is done with first grade. Didn't we just start this school year? Life is passing by so fast. This has been a great year. Parker had an amazing teacher. Mrs. Bird. We love her. She has so much spunk and doesn't put up with any crap from the kids. Now this is important when you have the 3 Musketeers in your class. Gabe, Parker and Hunter. How did she survive? Not without giving a few monkey business cards. The past couple of weeks I can tell it's time for school to be out. Parker went months without getting Monkey Business cards and now he's getting one once a day. He's a boy right. Thank goodness most of them were for harmless things like talking and messing around at the drinking fountain etc. We will miss first grade, well let's rephrase that, we will miss Mrs. Bird. Bring on Summer!!! | On the last day of school we decided to have a little pizza party for the neighborhood kids. It turned into a movie night in our backyard. So fun! The kids watched Mall Cop. It's officially summer break!

29: NYC May 2009 Jami and I spent an amazing few days together in New York. If you can imagine...two busy bodies together with a limited amount of time to see a million things... we went 90 miles an hour. We went from sun up until well into the night. We didn't waste a minute. We walked and walked and walked and saw everything we possible could. The World Trade Center site, Central Park, Wicked, Wall Street, Churches, museums, shopping and so much more. It was so fun. I couldn't ask for a more amazing friend so spend a fun weekend with in NYC. I feel so lucky to have her as my friend. Sometimes you need to spend time with your best girl friend doing things the guys wouldn't appreciate. We laughed, talked, walked and ate more than you could imagine. Everyone needs a Jami in their life. I'm grateful I have mine.

30: Parker

31: 6.24.02 | 7 Years Old | "D", Park, Snoopy, Snoop Dog, Peeky Bug

32: Tonight we got to go watch Paisley's dance performance. Paisley has been taking dance with Bella Dahl at Heart n' Soul. She has absolutely loved it. Tonight was the big night and I was so nervous for her. The High School auditorium was packed. I was sure the curtains would open and she would freeze. Nope, she gave it her all. She knew every step and did amazing. Several people commented how cute she was. We were so proud! Things like this choke me up. I was so proud I was bursting inside. Having kids is the most rewarding thing ever. Forget my accomplishments, I could live on theirs alone. | Dance Dance Dance | Paisley

33: Paisley and Reese | Paisley and Reese have so much fun together. What little girl doesn't love being silly for the camera? | June

34: A Close Shave | Oh man was I against Jared shaving Parker's head for the summer. Well, Melissa shaved Gavon and Gabe's heads tonight and so there was no way Parker wasn't going to get in on the fun. I tried to convince Jared to shave it like Melissa had done her kids. Not too short. He wasn't going to take my advice. He took it all the way off. Of course, dad was the bomb tonight. Parker was so excited he headed right over to the Oldham's to show off his globe. Next thing we know here comes Gavon and Gabe asking Jared to shave theirs shorter. Melissa agreed and by the end of the night I had a tub full of hair and three very happy boys. I couldn't get used to Parker's head at first but then as it was exposed to the sun and got some color it was actually cute. This might be a tradition. I have to give it to Jared. There won't be any wet dog smell when they are outside playing and getting sweaty. Ok, I take back all the mean things I said about Jared doing this. | Parker | Gabe | Gavon | June

35: This year Parker was on the Dodger's machine pitch team. Jared's favorite team is the Dodger's so of course Parker loves the Dodger's. Parker had a rough start this year. I think it was a whole new experience hitting with someone pitching. When there was no pressure he did great. When game time came there was a lot of striking out. Poor guy. I hope he recovers and doesn't give up on baseball. He still enjoyed it and got a few great hits.

36: This year we started planting a few shrubs in our yard. Little by little we will get there right? For an impatient person like me it's going to kill me, but we don't have thousands of dollars to drop into our yard so I will have to be patient. A few years from now I will have forgotten the sparse beginning of our yard. | June

37: The kids love to swim. This summer we are staying busy with swimming lessons at the SF Pool and at the Shenks. | Parker | Paisley | June

38: Parker | Avorie and Parker | June 24 | Donuts with Dad

39: Parker is 7! Happy Birthday Parker. Parker is such a cute kid. He loves to play outside and be with friends. Parker plays soccer and baseball and loves to play video games. He has so much energy and loves life. This year Parker had a combined birthday party with Avorie. She is our cute neighbor who was born on the same day. Our families are very good friends so it's fun for them to share this day. We love you Parker! | After the movie 'UP" | 2002

40: CAMPOUT | What a beautiful view! | It's Smith Campout time again. The kids absolutely love to go camping. Add lots of cousins, crafts, food and no one nagging them to keep their hands clean and the kids are in heaven

41: Summer Time! | Gavon | Camryn | Bailey | Gabe | Walker | Paisley | Summer isn't complete without doing a slip and slide. Thanks to Gabe for giving one to Parker for his birthday the kids had an afternoon of fun. | Parker

42: There is something about those eyes. They make my heart melt. | Paisley

43: Mylee | 20 Months

44: This is what we live for. | Kids

46: Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby. | Mylee | It must have been a tough day today. Mylee didn't even make it to the couch. She just crashed to the floor and fell asleep. | What | a day!

47: July | Mylee

48: Stuart Falls

49: Hike? I know... it's crazy to see that our family went on a hike for fun.. Or should I say that 'I" went on a hike for fun. I don't like to hike, but Jared talked me into it. I really went out of guilt. I knew if I said no, he would go by himself and take the kids. I'm so glad I went. The kids loved it and it was beautiful. We went with Kirk, John and their kids. I really enjoyed it. Even if I had to carry Mylee most of the way. She wouldn't have anything to do with Jared carrying her. It was fun! I'm glad Jared made me go. | July

50: We have lived about 3 miles from the Hare Krishna temple now for several years and have never been there to visit. We see it from the road in passing but never have taken the time to go check it out. Well, Melissa put together a little field trip and we headed over there to take a look. I'm not sure what I thought. I was dirty and not well kept. We had to take off our shoes and I was really grossed out. It made me more and more grateful for the spirit I feel in our temples and how well kept they are. It was interesting and I am glad I went. The kids loved feeding the fish out in the pond and talking to the peacocks. The highlight of the trip was when Gabe slipped and fell into the pond with all the nasty fish. I shouldn't laugh and this is really not nice of me to call this a highlight, but it was classic to see his face. Mind you the poor kid was so scared and started to cry. I felt bad for him but it was still funny. When we left my kids kept telling me they loved that temple. They thought it was our temple. I had to do a lot of explaining. I knew at this point there was no choice, we had to take them to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house. We took them and after we left our kids said. I wish our temple had a farm. Hmmm, maybe we should have called the Hare Krishna temple something else. | Hare Krishna Temple

51: GO TEAM | BASEBALL | For Jared's summer work party they took all their employees and families to a Bee's baseball game. The kids had a great time. Paisley got into it more than I thought. For her prize she picked the big foam number one hand. She cheered and yelled almost the whole game. I think Parker was not as loud because he was taking it all in. | B | EE | S

52: Mylee | 21 Months

53: Paisley

54: July 15-19 | Pioneer Trek | Pa and Ma | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

55: Chantel, Danielle, Josie, Breanna, Quin, James, Nathan | This is our Pioneer family. What an amazing opportunity to be a Ma and Pa on the youth Trek. This gave me a new perspective.

56: Jared an I had the awesome opportunity to go on the Youth Trek this summer. I can say awesome opportunity now that I'm home and had the experience. I have to admit I was very leary. I wasn't worried about the walking so much as I was the heat and wearing so many clothes in the heat. It was tough but I survived. We were the Ma and Pa of an amazing family. Our kids were so good. Everyone worked hard and there was no complaining. We ate great food thanks to Jared's dutch oven skills and those who planned the meals and had so many cool opportunities to learn about the many pioneers that came before us. I have a much deeper appreciation for what they went through. As a mom of three children I can't imagine the trails these families had on the trail. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and examples. My trials seem so small in comparison to what many had to go through.

58: It's dance recital time! The cute neighbor girls (Camryn Oldham and Bailey Jones) did a little dance class once a week for a few weeks this summer. Paisley had a lot of fun and loved getting to show her stuff on stage for all the parents at the end of the summer. | August

59: It's time for the Demolition Derby! This kids ask all year long when the derby is. I can't believe it was such a hit! This year was just as fun as the last. The girls round was especially cool. We were sitting there watching the cars roll into the arena and there she was. A pink station wagon. Don't even know the make or model. Just know that it brought back memories from my childhood. The "BLUE BOMB" we affectionately called it. That car was the bomb. I still remember it sitting out on the road in front of our house. It was time for the bomb to find another home. It was a bitter sweet day. Mostly sweet though. You know... a girl had a reputation to uphold. :) What better on a hot summer night but loud screeching tires, smoke and dirt filled air. Gotta love it. | Demolition Derby

60: Parker | Parker and Gabe

61: Avorie and Parker | It's time to start school again! Parker is in 2nd grade. His teacher is Miss Guymon. She is darling. The 3 musketeer's (Parker, Gabe and Hunter) are all in different classes. I hope this is a great year! | 2nd Grade | 8.18.09

62: It's time for Mrs. Heather's school again. Paisley was excited to get back to school. It was like she never stopped going. We pulled up and she jumped out. Don't walk me to the door mom. I'm 4 years old you know! | 1st Day of | Preschool | Paisley's | 8.25.09

64: Pawprints On Our Hearts | Snoozing with Millie | Parker | Paisley | The Oldham's were going out of town and needed a dog sitter. It was fun to have a little dog around the house. The kids loved her! They especially loved that she would sleep with them.

65: Mylee loves: Dora Baby dolls Tassels Appy JuJu Bee (Apple Juice) Cheesy Rollups Rabbit Milk (Strawberry Nesquik) | 22 Months

66: Parker loved soccer this year. Melissa Oldham was his coach and he got to play with his good friends Gabe, Hunter and Colton. Parker likes to play goalie and is turning out to be really good. If there is no action down by the goal you are likely to find Parker dancing around to watch his shadow. Either that or he'll just lay down and take a break during the game. He keeps us entertained.

68: Christmas in September. This year my mom gave the adults a trip to NYC for Christmas. We had a blast. We packed a whole lot of sight seeing, eating and shopping in a short amount of time. Here are some highlights. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Pizza Tour, West Side Story, Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to eat at Grimaldi's, 911 museum, LIttle Italy, shopping on Canal street and walking miles in the pouring rain, Yankee's game, Katz Deli, Junior's cheesecake and more....

69: September 6-12, 2009 | A trip to New York would not be complete without eating several pieces of pizza and a trip to Katz, Junior's and Carnegie Deli. I have never seen sandwiches like these in my life. The pizza tour was also a big hit. Jared was in pizza heaven. This was the start of something big. Jared is bound and determined now to perfect his New York style pizza. All we need is a coal oven.

70: What an experience to be in NYC on September 11. What happened that day is unimaginable. | September 11, 2009 | A DAY TO | Remember

72: September 09

73: Mylee | Mylee | My future is so bright I need shades.

74: Parker

75: 2nd Grade | 2nd Grade

76: Mrs. Heather's Preschool pictures | Paisley

77: Paisley Ann | There is something about kids when they sleep. They are so sweet and innocent.

78: Mylee

79: YEARS OLD | 2 | 10.29.07 | My My, Tiny Tot, Tiny Two, Mylee Mooshka, Mylerie Moo

80: October '09 | Paisley | Mylee

81: Every October we try to go to a pumpkin patch for Family Home Evening. The kids have such a hard time picking out exactly which pumpkin is "perfect". One the way home we stop and get "square pumpkin" kids meal from Artic Circle. This is a tradition I remember as a kid we did on Halloween night before going to Grandma Dickersons. I am so grateful for these simple memories I hope my kids will cherish. | Parker | Hey dad, I think this one is just my size! | Pumpkin Patch

82: Happy 2nd Birthday | Mylee

83: 10.29.09

85: Halloween is always fun except for when mom wants to take a picture before heading out to Trick or Treat. This year we had Super Girl, a boxer and a ladybug. Jared had just introduced Parker to the Rocky movies which were instantly a hit so a boxer was perfect for him this year. Paisley wanted to be anything she saw in the store so Super Girl is was for her. Mylee didn't know any better so she got the hand me down ladybug costume.

86: Haircut | Paisley's Hair. Anyone who knows me knows that I have stress over Paisley's hair, This is probably the 3rd haircut she has had in her 4 years of life. It is so wispy and it never grows. Everyday we have to get creative and put her hair in pigtails and big bows. We always get so many compliments on how cute her hair always is. In reality, it's because her hair looks like what we affectionately call a swamp monster. | November

87: Could we be any prouder? The kids had their Primary program and Paisley sang a solo. I am not kidding... she knocked it out of the park. She is 4 1/2 years old and her sweet little voice was amazing. She sang on tune and held the notes perfectly. I couldn't contain my emotions. I was crying like a baby. I was so proud of her standing up in front of all those people and singing in the microphone. It was priceless. She sang the first verse to My Eternal Family. I lived in Heaven a long time ago it is true. Lived there and loved there with people I know so did you. Then Heavenly Father presented a beautiful plan. All about earth and eternal salvation for man. Parker also had an extra singing part. He sang Follow the prophet with 4 other boys his age. So dang cute. To see those boys up there belting out that song just made me think that in no time they will be up there giving their mission farewells. Time needs to slow down. I'm not ready. It was an amazing program! | Primary Program | November

88: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days | December

89: We decided to surprise the kids and take them to Little America for a overnighter. The kids absolutely love to swim so we thought we could spend the night swimming and then going to the temple to see the lights. We packed the car and picked the kids up from school early. Parker was in an assembly and kept asking "where are we going?". When we got on the freeway we told them where we were going. We thought we would get screaming and all sorts of excitement. Parker just got a bugged face and said "why couldn't you wait until after the assembly". Seriously? Once we got into the hotel room the excitement was priceless. The kids were jumping on the bed and screaming. We could hardly get our coats off before the kids were ready to go to the pool. We spent a few hours at the pool and then headed out to see the lights. It was a very cold weekend so we bundled up. We drove around for a long time without finding a parking place. Note to self, make sure there isn't a Christmas concert going on at the conference center. We decided to get something to eat first. The kids picked so we ate at Burger King. Not my first choice but the kids loved the Avatar's in the kids meals. It's all about the toy. We ended up going back to Little America and took the tracks. Let's just say it was FREEZING. By the time we made it to the temple the kids were done. We literally walked onto temple square the crying began. We immediately turned around and headed back to Trax and went back to the room. Better luck next year I guess. The swimming and just hanging out in the hotel room was a hit so overall it was a fun weekend! | Temple Square Overnighter

90: There is something about those eyes. | Paisley

91: Christmas Program | 2 | nd Grade | The second graders put on a Christmas program. It was so cute. The songs they sang were so fun! Parker was a crack up. I loved watching him. He is such as animated kid. Mylee had a blast watching. She wanted to be a part of the program so bad so she stood down in the front and did all the actions and danced.

92: After Decorating the Tree | Our Christmas Tree | 2009

93: Parker and Paisley are working hard to write their letters to Santa. | Christmas Eve

94: Christmas Morning 2009 | If you will Receive.

95: Mylee

96: Paisley

97: Parker

98: Snowboarding anyone? Parker and Paisley are ready to hit the slopes. Or better yet, the hill behind the Oldham's and Black's.

99: Mylee bundled up loving the snow.

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