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Snow White And The Seven Ninjas

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S: Snow White and the Seven Ninjas

BC: Praises For: Snow White And the Seven Ninjas "We couldn't stop reading this book! Well, we wrote the book...so....." -Sara, Ruth Anne, John "Very original," - John's Mom "Love it .... Sooo good" - Ruth Anne's mom " Awesome .. Best book I ever read!"- Sara's mom

FC: SnowWhite and the Seven Ninjas

1: Snow White and the Seven Ninjas By: Sara,Ruth Anne,and John Mrs. Cunningham Block: 2-3 | By: Sara, Ruth Anne, and John Cunningham Block: 2-3

3: Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess in a land far, far away, in a beautiful castle, where she lived with her parents, the king and queen. She had shiny black hair and skin as white as snow. One day, she decided to check on her garden. “My garden makes me happy, my garden makes me complete, this is my garden, to which no one can compete!” she sang. She tended to her flowers, and picked the fresh tomatoes, then she lay down on the soft grass. “My life is complete,” she sighed. Then, she fell asleep. She dreamed that she got a letter from her mother and father, and she was so happy, she was flying! But the letter was written in a language that she wasn't familiar with. And she couldn't find anyone to read it to her.

5: When Snow White woke up she was very thirsty, so she started walking to the small stream behind her garden to get a bucket of water .Then the rumbling of hooves made the ground shake. “Only one person's carriage makes the ground rumble like that.” Snow White thought. she knew it was her Aunt. Whenever she visited, she tried to convince her parents to let her son be the king, but they always said no. She rushed to the castle, which perched on the top of a hill, a little too late because there there were her parents were on the floor of the grand hall not moving , face down. “No,” she whispered. " Yes,.” the twisted voice of her aunt whispered back. "I poisoned the water used to make the tea, so I am now the new queen. My son will now be the new king!" The Queen pointed to her son, the samurai, who was seated on the throne. On his face was a look of sadness. Her aunt nearly glowed with evil. "Now, bow before me!” she cried. “Never, I will never let you rule me,” and with those words still in the air, Snow White ran into the forest.

7: Snow White was in the woods for hours, mindlessly wandering to nowhere in particular. She couldn't go back to the castle, in fear of the queen and her son still there. In a few moments, she saw a little dojo hut made out of wonderful white stone and the door, well, the door was a just a curtain made of the finest silk she had ever seen. She sighed and went inside. The beds inside were very fancy, as if the finest clothmaker in the land made them They were made of straw and silk. Even so, Snow White lay down on the first bed and instantly fell asleep. She awoke to the burning light of a lantern and gasped in horror when she saw who was holding it. He had a ghastly face. She sat up, and no, there wasn’t just one of them, there were seven! They were dressed in tight, black clothes with belts that held weapons, very dangerous weapons. Ninjas, she was sure of it. Her father had once told her of these dwarf-like creatures, He had warned her to never, ever go into the forest. Now she was less than a foot away from seven of them.

9: “Oh, look what we have here! An intruder! Come to sleep on our beds!” the one holding the lantern yelled. "I-I-I-I d-didn't mean to trouble you!” Snow White stammered. “I....I needed a place to stay.” Snow White shook her head and began again. She told the ninjas her whole story, from the beginning to end. A ninja with a long beard looked as if he was deep in though. Finally, he raised his hand to quiet the others. “We will grant you permission to stay only if you agree to become one of us, so you can take your revenge on her aunt and her son. They stole our riches and our happiness!” “Deal,” Snow White replied, and they shook on it.

11: They began training the next morning. To tell the truth, Snow White doubted she could become a ninja. But, in three months, Snow White had become the best ninja they have ever seen. Soon, she began plotting her revenge on the evil queen. One day, when Snow White and her friends went off to train in the forest, the evil queen appeared and burnt the house down. Snow White and the ninjas were very sad. Meanwhile, the evil queen's son became very lonely. He did not like ruling Snow White’s kingdom, because he thought he wasn't being fair to the people in the land. He and his mother took money and food from the needy and created unnecessary wars with other lands. He needed a friend to help him stop his mother and restore peace to the kingdom. He heard from one of his servants that Snow White was working to become a ninja. When his mother came back to tell him that she had burned the house, he decided it was time to take action. He needed to help Snow White.

13: Snow White tried to find berries in the forest for her friends. Since the dojo house burned down, her friends and she had no food and shelter. They desperately needed help. When she was picking berries from a bush, the samurai prince jumped out from the tree he was hiding in and asked her if she needed help to punish the queen. Snow White agreed. The ninjas, Snow White, and the prince made their way to the Queen's palace. The queen was so frightened by their weapons and skills and the fact that her own son has turned on her, she ran away and was never to be seen again. Snow White realized that her aunt's son was truly a kind, good person inside, and they both fell in love and they soon married.

15: So Snow White and the Prince ran into the forest and found the place were the house had been. They cleared all the trees from that spot . While the prince was doing that , Snow White was going to market to buy some food for the everyone including the seven ninjas. When she came back the house was built. Three years later two baby ninjas arrived. During that time Snow White wondered if she would have married and had baby ninjas if she didn't believe in her self. They lived happily ever after.

16: The Authors: | Ruth Anne Kirtley: She was born on August 30, 2000. Which means she is currently 11 years old. She goes to Hill Country Middle School. She lives in Austin, Texas with her mom and dad and her brother. She loves to roller skate every were. | Sara Morales: A 11 year old girl who goes to Hill Country Middle School. She was inspired to write this book because of her younger brother,Christian Morales. She and her family currently live in Austin,Texas. She was born on August 13, 2000. She loves to climb and read. | John Crowell:was born January 1, 2000. He is currently 11 at the date of the publish. He currently resides at his home in Austin, Texas.

17: Ruth Anne, Sara, John left, middle , right

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