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S: Someday By Kelly Morris Original Story By Charlotte Zolotow

FC: Someday | By: Kelly Morris Original Story By: Charlotte Zolotow

1: Someday, my friends will admire my volleyball skills. My team won't put me as a bench warmer. They'll play me and I'll actually help my team win. I won't be the let down anymore. Also, they wont talk about me behind my back.

2: Someday, my family would stop fighting. My sister and parents always fight with each other. It's always because of her boyfriend, her spending to much money, etc. Tiffany never says no. She thinks that if she wants something, she has to get it. This eventually turns into a huge fight that can last until midnight. A lot of times I'm on Tiffany's side, but sometimes she goes to far. And for Kerry, she has to stop being selfish and inconsiderate.

3: Someday, I'll play volleyball better. I am grateful that I made the volleyball team, but honestly I didn't do much. Someday I wish that I can be an amazing volleyball player like my big sister Tiffany. I'll be on a great team and help them win the championships. This is the opposite of what happened at our volleyball championship this year.

4: Someday I'll do better in math. I'm really bad at it now and my friends make fun of me. When Ernie tries to teach me, he says I ask to many questions and he ends up threatening to slap me. Everyone will go to me for help, especially Colton, because he thinks he's a beast at math. People will go up to me and ask me to help them with problems I'd be the only one to know how to do.

5: Someday I'll give others money. There's hard times now and people are losing there jobs. The economy is really bad and some families are barely making it. It's so bad that they don't have money to put food on the table for their children. If I could give them money, they'll have a better life.

6: Someday my family will go back to the old days. We'll hang out more and go on more vacations together. My parents are always busy and don't have time to do anything. Plus, with the economy we can't go anywhere anymore. We used to go on vacation every summer and everyone would have a great time. I wish that could happen again.

7: Someday my relationship with my parents will be better. They'll stop blaming things on me when it wasn't even my fault. They'll stop freaking out over the simplest of things. I really want them to trust me to go out with my friends ALONE. That means no supervision. I want them to understand that it was different when they were teens. It's a new generation.

8: Someday I'll have a mansion with a huge pool. It'll be on the beach and have an indoor basketball court. The living room will have a waterfall connecting from the top floor to the bottom. In one part of the house, there'll be an ice skating rink so I never have to leave the house to go ice skating. The Rec room will have a gym just for playing volleyball. Also, the backyard will have a trampoline and a fire pit.

9: Someday I'll have a Giant Panda named TomTom. I'll come home everyday to him and give him a hug. I'll feed him 20 pounds of Bamboo everyday. Plus if someone tries to rob me, he'll attack them until they leave. Every time I'm depressed, TomTom will give me a huge bear hug and I'll feel better. But if that doesn't work out I'll just get a dog.

10: Someday I'm going to go to Italy. It looks beautiful with plenty of sites to see. Plus, I want to see how different it is to America. They have so many exotic places and food that I want to see and try. I know I'll have a great time and I've always dreamed of going there.

11: Someday, Ally and I will work for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). We're going to work undercover. Our dorm room in college is going to have a wall that flips over with a pass code and hand scanner. It turns into a military monitor. I specialize in pistol shooting and Ally specializes in the more thinky stuff that the CIA does. Both of us are super fast and hard to find because of our awesome ninja skills. We even have a secret code.

12: Someday our school will stop making us use bathroom passes. The way I see it is they're giving us passes and saying, Oh you can only go bathroom this many times a week. If we have to go pee we have to go. I've seen people ask to use the bathroom desperately and they won't let us go because we don't have a pass. I understand why bathroom passes are necessary sometimes, but it's not fair to the students.

13: 7.14.09 | Someday I'll be closer with my friends. They'll stop comparing me to Kerry and talking behind my back. It's like they judge me by comparing me to Kerry. They say, Oh Kerry's better, she's more fun to be with. She's less sensitive and all that other stuff. I just wish they can judge me for me and not compare me to Kerry. They also say, it doesn't matter, there the same thing right? It doesn't mean we're twins we do everything alike and don't have feelings.

14: Someday I want to save the Rain Forest and preserve other beautiful places. People will stop cutting down trees and destroying animals habitats. Many animals are endangered now because humans use the trees for stupid things. Someday the trees will grow back in the Amazon rain forest. Everything will go back to normal in the future. | Catalina

15: Someday the world won't have any racism. Everyone would get along and stop hating on others. If you eat tacos you should like Mexicans. If you eat Chinese food, you should like Asians. There's no reason why you shouldn't like another race. We're all the same. We want to have food on the table and give our children education and a better life.

16: Someday legal animal testing will be against the law. If they want there make up or other things, they should figure out a way to do it with out testing on animals. It's not fair to them. What if the ingredients were toxic? They would die. Someday, humans will realize that.

17: But now it's time for fitness, where I have to workout for an hour, waiting to go to lunch.

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