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FC: Someday | Original story by: Charllote Zolotow | By:Jakob Pozefsky

1: Someday I hope the one thing my classmates will admire about me is my love of animals. Most people don't really imagine me liking animals. I especially enjoy cats and would love my peers to realize that. awesome and thats final.

2: Someday I hope that the untidiness of my house would stop. It very much annoys me when every time I walk in my house it is so dirty. My mother does clean the house occasionally but it does not help much. My brother and I are always messing up the house in some way. I hope this problem will stop one day.

3: Someday I wish I could miniature golf better. It is very annoying some times when the ball is literally about a foot away from the hole and I miss. Unluckily for me, I enjoy mini-golf. sucking at it is a major setback. When I am playing with friends they always destroy me. Why can't I just have amazing mini-golf skills?

4: Someday I hope one sport I'll be better at is tennis. Ever since I was a young child I have thought about wanting to play tennis. The one time I played tennis, I was just terrible at it. The idea of hitting a ball with a racket is very appealing to me. I would love to be better at tennis.

5: Someday I hope I can give happiness to everyone. In many of the third world countries, happiness is not very common. Now there would have to be some major steps to give happiness to everyone. First off, there would have to be world peace and an end to world hunger. Even by doing this, we still wouldn't be anywhere close to happiness everywhere. Now, it may sound unrealistic but maybe in the distant future, it could happen.

6: Someday I hope my dog will be\alive again. Beezer was the cutest golden retreiver to ever walk the Earth. I wish I payed more attention to him than I did. Alas, he was an old dog, and his time was coming. So silently he dozed off to never wake up again. Oh how much I miss that great old dog, and how much I would pay to get him back.

7: Someday I hope my parents will mind their own business. When I am not around my mother will always look through my texts. This means I have to constantly delete my texts. They also ask me constantly if theres any new girls I'm interested in. Sometimes I like to just keep to myself.

8: Some day I hope to have one trillion dollars. I really don't need anything else because I could buy anything (thats materialistic) that I wanted. I could dominate the world.!!! All joking aside have a trillion dollars would be sweet. A trillion dollars sounds very good right now...

9: Someday I hope to own a dog. I've had a dog before but it died. The only dog I would even think about having is a Golden retriever. Golden Retrievers are so cute and every time I see one it makes me very sad. To replace my dog, we bought a bunch of cats. No offense to cats, but dogs are better.

10: So | Someday I hope to visit the Taj Mahal. The architecture of the building is so cool, especially the top dome. I would love to be walking towards it, and just see the vastness of that piece of art. It was built on India in the 1600's. If I visit India I will certainly visit the Taj Mahal.

11: Someday I hope to be a lawyer. Being a lawyer runs in the family. My father is a lawyer, and my Grandpa and Great Grandpa were lawyers. Lawyers specialize in one thing I am good at, arguing. I actually enjoy arguing with my parents and a lot of the time I get what I want as a result. Being a lawyer takes many years of practice and hardships, but I believe if I try hard enough, I can become one.

12: Someday I hope to be a straight A student. I mean get straight A's the whole entire year. Usually I get mostly A's and some B's. I am fine with B's but I am pretty sure most people prefer an A over a B. The few times where I got straight A's, I got extremely excited and loved the feeling. I would definitely like to feel that feeling again.

13: Someday I hope that my friends were more loyal. I have many friendships but there are only a couple that are loyal to me. Many of my friends talk behind my back and cause unnecessary drama. When friends do this I tell them to shut up and get a life. I just wish I had better friends.

14: Someday I hope to stop pollution worldwide. To stop pollution we would have to stop driving all gasoline powered cars. We would have to find newer, better way of producing power. The Earth can not take the pollution. Eventually we will tear a hole in the ozone layer and everyone will die. This is why we must stop pollution, the sooner the better.

15: Someday I would like our world to have less water. I don't mean freshwater lakes or anything like that, I mean our oceans. Did you know the oceans take up about 65% of the world? What if we could reduce that number to 50 percent? Think of all the new explorations we could have with more land. It could also stop over population for a long time. Many people would not agree with me for many reasons, but everyone has there opinion and this is mine.

16: Someday I hope that the law that says you must have a permit to hunt animals with a firearm should be abolished. I do believe that you should not be able to hunt endangered animals randomly. Lets say your in the mood to shoot a pigeon, I think you should be able to (not in the public). I don't really care about hunting, but there aren't that many laws that really affect me, so this is basically the worst law even though its not that bad to me.

17: But now it's time to wake up, eat break fest, and go to school. Then I will leave school. Then I shall go home and watch the television for about half an hour. Then I will go to my friends house until dinner time. I will then eat dinner followed by an hour of Xbox 360. Then I will listen to music until I fall asleep at Ten o' clock. Then I will wake up to the same exact day.

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