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BC: Taylor Nicole Specht

FC: Someday | By Taylor Specht Original Story by Charlotte Zolotow

2: Someday, I will be able to play volleyball better. Right now I'm pretty decent but someday, I want to be the best. I want colleges wanting me and I make no mistakes. I want to be unstoppable. Plus I would be the most consistent player. I would hit it straight down and make amazing plays and saves. Everyone will want to learn from me.

3: And... My team and I would always get first place single tournament!

4: Someday my classmates will admire all my talents and my sparkling personality. sometimes I do want the best for me but who doesn't?i can be greedy, rude, selfish and a little impatient but we all have our flaws? Sometime I just need to calm down about things and that's what i want my classmates to admire, that I can be an amazing king person that's fun to be around. Sometimes people will talk bad about me how I am mean and all about myself but what they don't understand is that maybe that's only one thing you heard about me? I just want my classmates to see my amazing personality and kindness shine through.

5: Someday I will change my situations at home. I want to get along with my brother more and try to help out my parents. My relationship with my brother is not it's strongest and I wish we could get along more. most of the time, we fight just to fight. If me and him would get along more and be there for each other, everyone would be happier and we would learn sooner that we need to be there for each other. And I would like to help out my parents more. They do so much for me and I would really like to return everything they do for me.

6: Someday I will change everything back to when I was in sixth grade. I was so happy and everything went my way. I had my best friends by my side and many more people I wish I didn't push out of my life. Everyone was so kind and drama was kept to a minimum. I had one of the most important people still in my life and they cared for me and we were so happy. We pushed each other away so fast. We didn't even have a chance. Everything went by so fast and we got caught up in 7th grade.

8: Someday, I will have a koala as a pet. And not just any koala, it shall be Ernie's koala that I stole out of his house! He will cry forever Ernie will have no idea where his koala went. while he is sad, me and his koala will be partying and eating eucalyptus.

9: Someday, I want to make our world one of the most peaceful and happiest place. People are always complaining, judging, and hating. With the lying governments and economic problems, people loose sight of the big picture: you only have one life and live it good. You don;t wan to waste your time worrying about the small things. If everyone focused on the right things and just calmed down, I'm sure our world would have half the problems. And I would love to just totally get rid of racism, it would be gone forever and we would all be equal. Color wouldn't matter at all!

10: Someday I will be better at gymnastics and stretching. I can't even touch my toes. Everyone finds flexibility such an easy thing when I can barely do it. It's really embarrassing when everyone makes fun of me when I groan in pain when I'm trying to reach for my toes.

11: Someday I want our earth to be perfect. No global warming, no extinct or endangered animals, and no pollution. The polar bears will be here forever and our ice caps wont melt. Animals won't have to worry about poachers or losing their family. Animals that live in the north pole won't have to worry about the glaciers melting and they will live happy lives upon the solid non-melting ice caps!

12: Someday I will be a singer. Everyone will be singing my songs I wrote and be jamming out to them. I will have my own band and all teens will want my C.D.'s, posters and other stuff with my name and face on it! i will have whatever I want because everyone will try to please me. every other famous singer will try to be my best friend and want to spend time with me!

13: Someday, I will change my relationship with my parents. My parents don't understand that the world is way ahead of them and they don't get that I'm not perfect and I do make mistakes. They hold such high standards and morals for me that I can't even follow. I want them to understand that sometimes, I am like the rest of the world and that I'm not perfect.But, they think everyone else except for them is wrong and every time I say" well my friends all do it and I'm the only one!" All her response is that their wrong and I have to listen to her. i wish she would trust me just a little bit more.

14: Someday I will work as a food critic! I wouldn't have to pay and I would get AMAZING food! They will do what I want and get me whatever! All I have to do in return is write a little review! Being a food critic, the servers and chefs would cater to me like I was royalty and then I would get delicious food for free!

15: Someday I will give others common sense. I hate when people ask really stupid questions. In my head I always say " Are you kidding me? Do you want to ask a more stupid question?" I hate when people just don't think. Sometimes I think it's because they think acting stupid is cute when it's really not, it makes you look like you have no idea whats going on.

16: Someday my friendships will be perfect. They are always so busy and we all have different schedules. We never have time for each other because were all involved in sports and other things. If we could spend more time together we would become even closer.

17: Someday my school grades will be all A+'s. I get A's most of the time but I want to get 100% on each test, project, and classwork. If I could get an A+ on everything I will have the most perfect grades and i will be so smart and ready for my future.

18: Someday I want to make our wold cancer free. It is so tragic when someone looses a loved one to cancer. I have lost many family and friends to cancer and I would do anything to have them by my side supporting me and loving me.

19: "A heart that has truly loved never forgets."

20: Someday I would like to visit Disneyland. I know everyone has been there, but I still haven't. When I was little I never wanted to go. Now I regret that. I feel left out when everyone else talks about it and I'm like the only one. but, my parents are trying to plan a trip there as soon as possible!

23: Someday I will make no taxes. That is one law I wish didn't exist. It seems to ruin everything. Everyone is always complaining about it.Plus the government only wastes it on crap. It only wrecks our economy more than it already is

24: Someday I will get a yacht! I mean, how much fun would it be to take your yacht in the ocean with your friends for a couple of days and just kick back and relax! Everyone will be wanting to come on my yacht and skip school. My yacht will be huge and have a mall and so many restaurants! It will be pink and have so many fun things to do.

25: But now its time for, my club volleyball, schoolwork, drama, family, worrying about my friends and guys, stay connected with everyone, sleep, caring for everyone, trying to keep peace at school, getting along with my brother, and everything else that drives me totally insane.

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