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S: Someday

FC: Someday By: Bailey Crepinsek Also By: Charlotte Zolotow

1: Someday, everyone will admire me for my music. They may not know it now, but soon they will all know of my amazing talent. For five years I have expanded my talent to different categories. These include band, choir, piano, violin, and saxophone. I have worked hard to get where I am today and it has paid off. Music is everywhere I go, and soon will always be in everyone's.

2: Someday, things will change at home. My parents will treat me how they treated my brother when he was my age, but may be a little better. There are somethings that they let him do but they won't let me do. Of course it works the other way too, but I have shown that i deserve to do some of those things, but they won't let me stay out as late as my brother. Someday, I will be able to have the freedom that my brother had added to the one's I have earned.

3: Someday... I will master every musical instrument. It is my dream to be able to play every part of the song Secrets by my favorite band, OneRepublic, and record it. Then I will put all the parts together and it will sound almost exactly like the original. Someday I will reach this goal and be one of the greatest musicians of all time. It may take a while, but I have a great start!

4: Someday, I will be able to play Basketball like a member of the nba. Right now, i suck at it, but soon i will be able to slam dunk anytime I want. I will also be able to shoot 3 pointers and make it in every time. I will only grow to be around 5' 10", but i will someday be able to do what I described. With my strong legs I will jump to great heights to score points for my team. Someday, athletes will come all around the world to see me play.

5: Someday, I will give everyone World peace. I wish to give this to people because without peace, there is no happiness. Without happiness, the world is full of grumpy people. With grumpy people, the human race will all die off and no one wants that. There fore, we need world peace. Someday everyone will have their peace and the world will be a happy place once again.

6: Someday, things will go back to the way they were in second grade. There will be no bullying or judgment. This way everyone will love each other and we will all share our toys. No violence, just playtime and the occasional math problems that make us feel smart when we get correct. Things were so much simpler back then, and someday they will once again. We will no longer have to worry about having to go home and do chores, we will love to stay at school and play with our friends.

7: Someday, the relationship with my mom will be improved. We are already really close, but sometimes she pushes me a little too far. All I want is for us to always be on the same page and agree on things. Usually we do, but when we don't we get really mad at each other. Of course five seconds later we'll be eating pizza and watching our favorite show, but it's still awkward for those five seconds. Someday, my other and I will see eye to eye and not push each other to the limit.

8: Someday, I will live in the piano and violin house. I will have it built for me wherever I live when I grow up. In this house, I will have loyal servants who will tend to my every wish. Only my best of friends will room with me in my mansion and my three dogs will each have their own room. Someday, I will live in paradise.

9: Some day I will have a dodo bird. This way, whenever people come over they would envy my extinct pet. Together we will sit on the couch and eat pizza while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Then we will go sky diving since neither of us can fly. Someday, we will shout to the heavens, questioning why we can't fly.

10: Someday, I will visit Washington D.C. There are so many different places to visit there. From the Smithsonian to the White House, I would be busy the whole trip. I would like to visit there because it is the nation's capitol, it has a lot of really interesting buildings, and is the setting of my favorite show, Bones. It may not be Paris or Italy, but to me it's a perfect vacation spot with the snow in the winter and nice and warm in the summer. Just the place to go when you are looking for some place to explore the history of your country.

11: Someday, I will own a bakery. Klaire and I will bake sweets and end up on cupcake wars. After we win, we will probably have our own T.V. show on either the food network or TLC. Then we will be at red carpet events and hang out with all the coolest celebrities, but we will still have plenty of time for our best friends and our bakery. Someday, I will be the best baker ever.

12: Someday, I will get fantastic grades without even trying. I already don't pay attention sometimes, but then the test comes and I get lucky with guessing. Most of the time I work really hard and still get a bad grade on the test, but I bring it back up. What I really want is to only have to try at an average level and still have the grades I do now. Someday, I will be over the top when I only aim for the middle.

13: Someday, my friends will treat me how I should be treated. They will never make fun of me for trying to be funny and will no longer act as if I do not matter in this world. There are moments when they treat me good, but it is usually only when there is something in it for them. Most of my friends have been a lot nicer to me lately, but act as if they have never treated me badly. Someday, my friends will accept me for who I am and treat me how I treat them.

14: Someday, I will restore the Earth back to what it was when our great great great great great great great great great... you get the idea, when our ancestors walked the Earth. There will be no pollution, beautiful waterfalls, and forests full of grass and the prettiest of flowers. Also, there will be world peace since there are no countries created yet. Of course we will still have the luxuries of air conditioning, houses, pollution free cars, delicious HEALTHY food. Someday, I will be the pearl, and the world will be my oyster full of millions of other perfect pearls.

15: Someday, I will stop all of world discrimination. I myself don't care what race you are. You can say you are Irish, Scottish, Czech, African, I will only see you as part of the human race. We need to be united or the human race will not even have one color. Our world was made for peace, not for war over culture or religion. Someday, everyone will be free to say who they are and be who they are without any restrictions or dirty looks.

16: Someday, I will make it illegal to say or do anything mean. You can't even tease your friends. Not one adult will let it slide when they see a kid making a mean face or saying something under their breath. It starts out as kids, then when we are running the world, there will be wars unless we stop the violence now. I hate seeing someone say something mean about someone and then turn around and act like their best friend. I don't do that, so why does everyone else? Someday, everyone will live together like a family that loves each other.

17: But right now I have to do my chores, clean the house, and help out my friends. Then I must eat dinner and go to volleyball. After I get home I will help the world one step at a time. May be I'll start my homework and finally finish a book. And in between it all, I will somehow start off my writing career and become famous.

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