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Something Wicked This Way Comes

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BC: Key: Will Halloway is able to express his opinion because of his intelligence for his age and because of his father. His father's job had a huge affect on him, so I decided to write a journal. His father did mention writing a book in this novel and I went along with it. Will is a very shy person, so I can understand him making a book like this. Jim, his best friend, is very loud and usually talks over Will. This gives him a chance to speak and give his ideas. Most of the book showed how he was scared and how his father was able to find some confidence and happiness with his life and in the end, I think it helped will gain that confidence he needed. Overall, this gave Will Halloway the opportunity to show his true personality and thoughts without them being affected by Jim or his dad. This was the one true place that Will could be scared without being embarrassed or worried. If Will had actually written in one of these, I think it would help him grow up easier since Jim, the less mature friend, will probably hold him back. Jami Fein Period 2.

FC: Will Halloway Something Wicked This Way Comes By: Ray Bradbury

1: October 22nd Today I received this book from my dad. He works at the library in town and has always wanted to write a book. I think he wants me to do that since he is too old and tired to do it. | It is weird though because my birthday isn’t until the 30th. My birthday is right before Jim’s. I was born a minute before 12 and he was born a minute after. It’s pretty cool that we can celebrate it together. | We can do stuff when we get older together. I don't know what we will do when we are older but for now, we climb out our windows and play in the meadows near our houses. Well I have to go. Jim is here!

2: October 23rd | It looks as if rain is coming. A lightning rod salesman came and said that lightning will strike Jim's house. He got a rod for free from the man. Then the barber said it smelled like cotton candy.

3: October 24th Yesterday Jim and I found a flyer for the carnival that came in a 3 a.m. this morning.The train came and it seemed to | bring along the darkness. I thought that carnivals only come during summer. They dont usually come around our birthdays. | Miss Foley said that she saw a girl in the mirror maze that looked like her when she was young. I will report back later to tell what has happened.

4: COMING SOON TO YOUR TOWN! Cooger and Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show Many wonders and delights guaranteed to be enjoyed! Fortune Teller Merry-Go-Round Illustrated Man Mirror Maze Mr. Electrico And MORE!!!!

5: Today we also met the two guys who run the carnival. I think Cooger and Mr. Dark own it. Mr. Dark is the illustrated man with tattoos all over his body like the snake on his arm. Jim and I think that we saw Cooger go backwards on the broken merry-go-round and as each turn went, he became a year younger. It really creeped me out. I don't like the carnival much anymore. Jim likes it and I am a little worried that he will try something stupid. He keeps talking about if we were older but I think that it is fun being young.

6: October 25th Cooger used his youngness to trick Miss Foley. He then became really old and Mr. Dark said Cooger was Mr. Electrico to the police. They talked | to dad and he wasn't that mad. Then the witch came. She is also the fortune teller. She was riding in a hot air balloon and was staring at me. So I shot her down with my bow and arrow.

7: The next thing I know, Jim and I are hiding in the street down in the sewer thing. The dwarf and Mr. Dark come close to finding us. My dad helped save us from Mr. Dark. Thank goodness! He told us to meet him at the library to come up with a plan. I hate these situations where you're scared to death.

8: After the parade ends, we head to the library. For once, I think that Jim is also scared. I am usually the "wuss" or as I like to call it, "the not as brave one." Mr. Dark comes in after we hide and he breaks my dad's arm then tries to get the witch to stop his heart. He laughs and she can't do it. Then Mr. Dark finds me and Jim. He drags us down to the carnival where Dad meets up with us again. | Dad is the one who volunteers for the magic bullet trick and lets me help him by yelling my name and making me free of Mr. Dark. All I know is that I steadied the gun while he shot a bullet, with a smiley face that he put on it, at the witch. She dies infront of a crowd and we run to find where Mr. Dark put Jim. I don't know how my dad had that courage but I want to be more like him.

9: We find Jim in the mirror maze. Dad thinks he's old and useless but I think he's not and he can do it so I tell him and he grabs Jim. Mr. Dark put him under a spell. Dad told me to sing and dance | Jim then woke up! It was a miracle. The carnival left and Jim and I were safe. Starting on that day my dad became my hero. I want to be brave like him and Jim but smart like him.

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