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Sophia 0-1

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S: Sophia Claire Rollins - First year from August 2012 to August 2013


1: Sophia | born 8.28.12 | weight 8lbs 1oz | length 20.5 in | time 12:34am | ------- | ------- | ------- | { welcomed with love }

2: Waiting for our little girl...

3: POP!

5: our sweet baby girl is such a precious gift... we are so in love

6: 1 Month

7: Welcome to the world, beautiful! You took 4 days of labor and 2 hours of pushing, but you finally arrived at 12:34am on August 28, 2012! When you were born, you weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce and you were 20.5 inches long. Your first month you mostly eat, sleep and poop, but while you are awake, you like to look around at people and to suck on your hands. You rolled from your tummy to your back and you slept through the night once. You won't sleep in your crib yet, but you love the bouncer, carseat and baby carrier. You also love to sleep on mommy whenever you get done eating. You like to look at yourself in a mirror and you get really sad whenever mommy is away from you. Oh, and you also lost almost all the cute blond hair you were born with.

8: 2 Months

9: This month you started really coming alive! You can coo and smile at us all the time now. You are a great sleeper, finally you enjoy your crib and sometimes snooze for 12 hours with only one wake up all night! You haven't quite figured out your hands yet, but you love sucking on them whenever they end up near your mouth. You like it when we move your legs around in the air and when mommy takes you on walks outside. You don't like bottles, sunlight on your face or being ignored. Your favorite thing to do this month is listen to mommy and daddy singing songs to you. At 2 months old, you weighed 12 pounds, 2 ounces (93%) and were 23.75 inches long (82%) which makes you a pretty big baby!

10: 3 Months

11: In your third month you are getting much more interactive. You figured out how to grab things right by your hands and hit at the toys on your playmat. You started laughing for the first time but only have done it in front of mommy and daddy so far. You are going through a big growth spurt so you have been awake a lot at night eating but I guess that can explain why you are so big now (size 6 month clothing already!). You really love silly dancing, talking up a storm and your rattles. You are getting closer to rolling over on purpose but don't quite understand it yet. You enjoyed your first Thanksgiving and you got to visit all kinds of family members.

12: 4 Months

13: Month number four and you have so much to learn and do! You aren't sleeping very well still. In fact, you are awake every few hours lately which is really hard on poor mommy! You rolled over a few more times this month and you found your feet. You are also figuring out how to use your tongue and love sticking it out at us. It makes for some hilarious faces and cute pictures! You had such a fun Christmas this year. You got a bunch of great toys, books from Santa and your family. Grandma Allison and Grandpa Don got you a new exersaucer which you love sitting up in, even though you can't touch the ground in it yet. You started crying with a rolled "rrrrrrr" sound this month which sounds really funny. At four months old, you weighed in at 13 pounds and 4 ounces (32%) and were 24.75 inches long (63%).

14: 5 Months

15: At only 4 months old and 2 days, you got your first two teeth! That helps to explain why you were getting so grumpy. This month your sleeping got even worse! You are now up every hour or two and mommy is so tired! You are getting faster at eating and better at rolling over and pushing yourself up. Aside from sleep, you are so cute and funny this month. You like interacting with other babies and with your toys more. You are getting much more mobile and you can almost sit up on your own now. You love playing peek-a-boo, toys that make noises, listening to songs and grabbing people's noses. You dislike your painful new teeth and sleeping!

16: 6 Months

17: Wow, half way through your first year alive and so much has changed already! You started eating your first food this month which was avocado and you loved it! We added in sweet potatoes, banana and oatmeal as well this month. You are getting really active so you need all those extra calories to help you keep up all the rolling around and push ups you are doing. You can sit up for a little while on your own but you are still pretty wobbly so mommy has to stay really close to keep you from tipping over. You say "ahh" and blow raspberries at us all the time. Your favorite song this month is "wheels on the bus" and mommy sings it frequently to keep you happy when we are inside. You love getting out for lots of walks, too. You love sitting in your stroller or going in your carseat for drives. At 6 months old, you weigh 14 pounds, 4 ounces which is only in the 15% so the doctor is having you come in again at 7 months for an extra weigh in just to double check. You are 27 inches long though which puts you at 87% for height! You are like a super model baby, tall and thin. :)

18: 7 Months

19: Wow this month you grew up so much! You are always rolling all over the place, pivoting to change directions, sitting up really well on your own as long as someone sets you up and crawling backwards a little bit. You keep getting yourself stuck in funny places, like halfway under your dresser or crib. You are babbling a lot more lately and saying more sounds like some consonant sounds "g", "b", and "d". You learned how to mimic us if we make a loud "ahhhhhh" noise you will join right in! It is pretty hilarious. You are laughing, curious, active and usually really fun to be around but you definitely do not like being ignored and will make a lot of noise until you have our full attention again. Your sleeping is hit and miss lately. Some nights you only wake up once and other nights it is every few hours. You are eating lots of kinds of food now three times a day and have enjoyed everything we have given you so far. You are getting really hard to change both clothes and diapers now that you just want to roll around and explore everything. And you gained 10 ounces this month so you are doing great!

20: 8 Months

21: This month you have been building all your muscles everyday. You figured out how to lift up onto all four limbs and rock back and forth mid way through the month. You can also push up into a plank position and sometimes put your butt in the air like downward facing dog. You must be very adept at yoga. We had a great time for your first Easter with a nice brunch with the Piccolo's and a dinner with the Rice's and Nana. You got your first Easter basket full of gifts. We bought two baby goats this month that will be joining the farm in a few months and you liked looking at them. We go to the park sometimes during the day to get walks in for mommy and you got your first ride on a swing. Your third tooth is coming in on the bottom next to the first two. It has made you a little cranky right before bed but not as bad as last time. You are starting to sleep much better again at night finally! Maybe all that squirming around is making you sleepier.

22: 9 Months

23: And, you're off! You learned how to crawl one day after turning 8 months and you have been zooming around everywhere. You quickly learned how to climb up objects to your knees and then stand up. You can pull along the coffee table or couch like a champ. We find you standing up alone in your crib sometimes too. You started saying your first word this month "mama" after a LOT of coaching by yours truly. Now daddy is working overtime to get a "dada" out of you. You have been eating way more foods this month. You can eat all fruits or veggies that are cut up tiny as well as chicken and turkey. You still love your avocados and bananas. Mmm. You started sleeping through most of the nights, usually only waking up once, if at all. You love being tickled on your tummy and laugh hysterically. At the end of this month, we went on your first plane ride/trip to Los Angeles to visit our friends Annie, Clifford, Amanda and Max. We had a great time and you got to visit the ocean for the first time in Santa Monica! :)

24: This month you learned how to say "Dada" a few days before Father's Day which made daddy feel pretty special! We also made him a surprise picture for him to take to work and smile at all day. You have been sleeping through the night pretty consistently lately, which mommy really appreciates! You learned how to walk while pushing your toy in front of you for balance. It is pretty adorable to watch you practice all day long. You love all your bath toys and get really excited when it's time for your bath at night. We have been spending a lot of time with family and friends this month. You have a lot of fun with all the other babies when we get to see them. You learned how to clap, high five and are starting to wave. You also grew two new top teeth.

25: 10 Months

26: 11 Months | This month you started practicing standing up without holding anything for balance. You are getting pretty good at hovering for about 20 seconds before sitting back down. You learned how to dance to music too. It is so cute that you hold onto something and shake your tushy and bounce up and down. You even seem to sing along to the music. You got much better at waving too, and will copy us when we wave to you. In fact, this month you have become much more interested in copying faces, motions and sounds. As you can tell by the picture, you discovered your nose this month. :) We celebrated 4th of July with family, went to your friend Jack's first birthday, to the state fair with Grandpa Don and to the zoo. You eat nonstop during the days, and you sleep full 12 hour nights with no wake ups! You really love fruit and you have started being able to eat some dairy.

28: 12 Months

29: I can't believe it has already been a year since you were born! Time really flew by when you look back at what an amazing turn of events the last year has been for all of us. You have been working so hard trying to walk this month. You took your first steps and are working up the courage to start zooming on your own anytime now. This month was mommy's 30th birthday and Denea's first birthday too. We had fun at her pool themed party. A few days after your birthday, we are throwing a big party for you, mommy and daddy's combined birthdays. This month you have gotten really good at pointing at the things you want and saying "ah ah ah" until we give them to you. You now can eat most foods, including goats milk. Your favorites are of course cookies, crackers and other carbs, but you will happily eat any fruit and lots of different veggies as well. We love you so much and are sad you are no longer a baby anymore but happy you are turning into a fun toddler.

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