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Sophomore Year 2010-11

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Sophomore Year 2010-11 - Page Text Content

FC: Jordan Pitts | Sophomore Year 2010-2011

1: 1st Day of School Rosie Lovett came by and picked Jordan up for school and then they picked up Brittany Koppmann. These girls road together until Jordan turned 16 in December. | Rosie Lovett | Brittany Koppmann

2: Open Door Youth Band Lenox Baptist Student Rally | Luis Tyson, Marley Burke Jordan Pitts, Adrian Garcia, Nicole Futch | Pryscilla Harrell and Jordan sing a duet

3: Daytona Beach | We went to the beach Memorial Day Weekend with Jo Wilder and Becky Futch | Nicole Futch, Jordan, Matt Wilder, Tyler Reagen

4: Cook High School Hornet Football | Raheem Coxfield (brother) and Jordan

5: VARSITY CHEERLEADING Kadesha Allen, Jamie Marshall, Kari Funderburk, Shelby Willis, Sloan Gibbs, Nicole Futch, Ashleigh Nelson Jordan Pitts, Marlee Mathis, Meoshia Morrison, Ashley Johnson, Tori Duren, Kamyle Davis, Rachel Ray Cara Brady, Courtney Abrams, Andi Dickerson, Haley Rutland, Kerri Williams, Jenna Whitaker

6: Sara Ray & Leah Pickle | Taylor Walden | Rachel Bostic | Ashleigh Nelson Marlee Mathis | Taylor Crutchfield | Nicole Futch & Ashleigh Nelson | Carrie Revels, Brittany Koppmann, & Taylor Crutchfield | Rachel Ray

7: Emily Wall | Courtney Abrams | Nicole Futch, Ashleigh Nelson & Ashley Johnson | Chandler Williams | Chandler Williams, Ross Pickle & John Royce Reynolds | Raheem Coxfield | Rachel Ray | Caleb Duncan | Brittany Koppman & Stevi Dickerson | Taylor Crutchfield

8: It is held at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia. Although Becky Futch is not an FBLA sponsor, she goes as an extra chaperone so that we can all have a fun day at the fair! | Fall Leadership Rally

9: Region Competition | State Competition | Jordan won 1st place in Computer Applications and advanced to State Competition | The awards presentations are held in Moultrie every year. Below are the participants from Cook High School that attended. | Below: John Reynolds, Kim Burkhalter, Nicole Futch, Libby Norton, Corey Wright, Dillon Griffin, Rebecca Folsom, Lindsey Heard, and Jordan Pitts attended state at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel | Monthly Meetings

10: Student Government Association | C L A S S O F F I C E R E L E C T I O N S | Officers: Pres - Lexi Pike VP - Carrie Revels Treas - Shay Pickett Sec - Stevi Dickerson (not pictured) | Jordan decided to run for secretary because she could use her posters from when she ran for (and won) State Secretary for Y-Club. Stevi signed up to run against her, again, so she ran against Shay Pickett as Treasurer.

11: Homecoming Week Dress-up Days | Monday: Fake an Injury Day | Tuesday: Generation Day | Wednesday: Rags to Riches Day | Thursday: Float Theme Day | Monday: Jordan wanted to be a Berrien girl who was pregnant and fell out of a tree while hunting with her boyfriend | Tuesday: Each class dressed in different generations: Seniors = elderly Juniors = middle age Sophomores = toddlers Freshmen = babies | Wednesday: The students could either be a rich person or a bum. Jordan went as Lil' Wayne (a rap star who is in prison) - she was BOTH | Thursday: Each class dressed in their floats' theme: Seniors = Egyptian Juniors = Pirates Sophomores = Western Freshmen = Ninjas

12: Jordan took pictures with a lot of different people each day, but on this page, she is pictured with Nicole Futch and Talyor Walden (Waldo) who is her Homecoming Dance date. | The two best Rags to Riches... Amanda Gilbert and Julie Shattuck | Thursday is Spirit Stick Day. The varsity cheerleaders must decorate and carry a spirit stick. Jordan decided a long time ago that she wanted to create a creative stick so this year she created a "hornets nest". If anyone catches a cheerleader talking, the cheerleader "loses" her stick. Jordan used her pacifier from the day before so that she would not speak. However, there was still controversy this year over Jordan losing her stick. Some say she talked to Kalianne but both Jordan and Kalianne said she didn't. But to calm the gossip, Kalianne painted Jordan's face at Friday's pep rally.

13: EGG WAR: Thursday night after decorating the floats, a lot of students went to Chance Alley's farm for the traditional egg war. Jordan road out there with Chandler Williams. | The back of the Homecoming Week t-shirt | CHEER PRACTICE: The cheerleaders had practice every day after school to prepare for the pep rally.

15: HOMECOMING PARADE The sophomores worked really hard to make a western theme. The homecoming representatives for this class were Lexi Pike (attendant), Dalneisha Dean, and Amber Magsanay.

16: Jordan asked the morning of the dance if I could do her hair. We played with it and this is what we came up with. Not bad! | Taylor & Jordan | Taking pictures was a lot of fun because all they did was joke around. They never wanted to do the "awkward stare" where they look into one another's eyes.

17: Couples Left to Right: Brandon Hilliard & Darbi Goff, Blake Hilliard & Lexi Pike, Skylar Lindsey & Darby Davis, Hunter Betts & Katie Allen, Austin Norton & Hannah West, Justin "Cookie" Watson & Ashley Johnson, Zack Folsom & Marlee Mathis, Gage Barnes & Haley Rentz, Davis Mainor & Carley Brady, Stanton Moore & Kylee Sumner, Taylor Walden & Jordan Pitts, Justin Felts & Ivy McCartney, Justin Hamilton & Jena Brady, Waylon Morrison & Kalianne Mainor | Dinner at Pike Creek

18: Homecoming Dance After the dance the group Jordan was with went to the Hilliards' for a bonfire.

19: Post Season Football Games | It was really cold during the playoffs and Jordan got to wear her letterman jacket and toboggan. We also made scarves for a few of the girls. At one of the home playoff games, Jordan, Nicole Futch, and Marlee Mathis sang the National Anthem.

20: A praise and worship service was held at First Assembly of God after one of the playoff games. | Bradley Hines | Brea Yawn & Lily Tomlinson | Stephanie Dorminey | Amanda Gilbert | Refuge played and JT Thompson spoke

21: Cheerleading Banquet The banquet was held at the Catfish House. The end of the year "present" was pajamas (zebra bottoms and a pink shirt with their name). Jordan has worn these pants to every over-night event until they wore out. | Courtney Abrams | Principal Keith Croft | Nicole Futch & Ashleigh Nelson Becky Beard

22: Divva's Day Out Adel Memorial Hospital has a day dedicated to women's health. They asked a lot of the cheerleaders to come and model clothing for them as a draw to the event. | Hailey Rutland (Cheer Captain) | Rachel Ray | Jordan got to pick out any short dress she wanted to wear from Michelle's Formalwear. Each teenager was paired with a younger girl. Jordan's girl was very bashful.

23: Papa Harry Merk came over to Adel for Thanksgiving with the Pitts's. Below Jordan is standing with the oak tree that was planted by the farm house when she was born.

24: Youth Training Conference -- Y-Club | Taylor Crutchfield, Jordan, & Allison Smith | The students get to act as official state representatives and senators by using the actual rooms used for real government activities.

25: Students from all over Georgia go to the capital to debate bills and to have a weekend of fun with their friends. Jordan went this year as a media delegate because she doesn't know or want to know that much about politics. | Taylor Walden, Allison Smith, Jordan, Blake Fountain, Jay Jones

26: Caleb Duncan | Taylor Walden | Rosie Lovett & Kalianne Mainor | Nicole Futch | Brittany Koppmann | Taylor Crutchfield | Marlee Mathis, Nicole Futch, Ashleigh Nelson | Jordan's friends made her the Sweet 16 crown and Jordan loved wearing it all day at school. When she got her license two days after her actual birthday she had her first solo driving experience when she went to meet a few friends at Wendy's in Adel for supper.

27: Jordan & the Coxfields | Raheem | Tay Tay | Eddie

28: The Christmas show at Open Door Baptist this year was like the country show with all the singing. Also, the children did the traditional Christmas Pageant.

29: Christmas this year was special as always. Christmas Eve we opened family presents and Christmas morning, we opened Santa Claus. Jordan had to "hunt" for one of her present this year...Wii.

30: Open Door Baptist had a "watch night". We played games until midnight, then we prayed the new year in.

31: While Jordan was dating Steve Nix, he would come over a lot and play the Wii. | The Coxfields and Luis Tyson would also come over on Sunday afternoons and play the Wii. | Jordan cooked her first meal for Steve, Mama and Daddy. It was teriyaki chicken. It was very good! | Lazy Days Around the House

32: We went to Tallahassee, Florida to the Museum of History and Natural Science to take pictures. We were going to go downtown, but the day we went turned out to be inauguration day at the capital.

34: Disciple Now | Open Door Youth Group Back Row: Lily Tyson, Karnate Johnson, Ray Tyson, Luis Tyson, Raheem Coxfield, Breanah Jenkins, Nick Auffant, Marley Burke, Adrian Garcia, Nicole Futch, Jordan Pitts, Becky Futch, David Jackson, Jenny Pitts Front Row: Diamonds Simmons, Nicole Tyson, Jacqueline Auffont, Lynnette Hamilton, Mariah Shaw, Eddie Coxfield | Mariah Vossfeldt, Taylor Crutchfield, Amber Davis | Nicole Futch & Rachel Wilder

35: For fun, an "Amazing Race" was set up throughout Adel where the students had check points where they had to complete a task before getting a ticket to go to the next event. J.T. divided the students up into groups. These groups also witnessed in the same groups, door to door. | J.T. Thompson, the youth leader from New Life Baptist Church, headed up the organizing of a weekend of missions and fun for a few churches in town. The students met Friday night at New Life for praise and worship, then split into different houses throughout the community to sleep. Saturday, the students took loaves of bread and boxes of lights door to door to witness "the bread of life" and "the light of the world". | The speaker and song leaders were from VSU. The speaker brought the message of dating as a Christian and what it means. A lot of Jordan's friends from school were in attendance at Disciple Now. | Kolby Thompson & Amanda Gilbert | Lynnette, Nicole T., Mariah | Taylor Crutchfield | Caleb Duncan

36: Mr. CHS Contest | Jordan helped Steve Nix make his posters for the contest. She sang A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans at the contest. Her friends, Nicole and Taylor came to support her in her singing. Jordan baked him a good luck cake and Steve placed First Runner Up.

37: Papa's 80th Birthday All of Papa's children (Jenny, James, Joyce, and Janet) and his sister (Aunt Suzanne Ginn) took him out to eat at Ryan's Steakhouse for his birthday. | First Official Date Jordan and Steve Nix went to eat with Adrian Garcia, Nicole Futch, Ashleigh Nelson, and Chris Cribb. They took the Flex and went to Chilli's Restaurant and a movie in Valdosta.

38: G U N A | Randell Trammell State Director | Victoria Pittman | T H E D A N C E | Cook & Berrien Going to Eat | Nicole Futch & Taylor Walden

39: Blake Fountain | Rachel Shanklin | GUNA is a Y-club event held in Macon where students act as members of the United Nations. Jordan was the assistant presider of the Jr GUNA session. | One Seatbelt?

40: Left to Right: Carrie Revels, Jasmine Sisk, Ashton Lovett, Jessie Vick, Katie Allen, Jordan, Darby Davis, Rachel Ray, Taylor Crutchfield, Stevie Gaskins, Stephanie Deen, Libby Norton, Marlee Futch, Stevi Dickerson, Sloan Gibbs | Jr. Miss CHS | 3rd--Katie Allen, 1st--Jordan Pitts, Winner--Darby Davis, 2nd--Rachel Ray, 4th--Taylor Crutchfield | Jordan borrowed her dress from Leah Pickle and it was definitely the prettiest in the pageant. Jori Covington did her hair, her husband Robert made her poster. Jordan really enjoyed the time she got to spend with her friends "playing dress up." | Jordan's answer was true to her personality. When asked at what age should girls get to date, she said she wasn't allowed to date until she was 16 and she is now 16... "wooo hooo".... everyone laughed! | Jordan seemed more excited that Darby won than if she would have won herself.

42: Left to Right: Hunter Dunn, Stanton Moore, Blake Garrett, Turner Boone, Palmer Betts, Brandon Hilliard, Tyler Norton, Gavin Merwin, Skylar Lindsey, Ross Pickle, Michael Hancock, Zach Folsom, Coaches: Lee Mauldin, Lee Caqulard, Scott Ray, Cleve Edwards | National Anthem Jordan sang with Becky Futch for most home games.

43: Sara Ray was REALLY missed by Jordan this season. | Brittany Koppmann, Rosie Lovett Kalianne Mainor, and Jordan Pitts

44: Tyler | Yost | Jordan went to Colquitt County with Katie Allen and ended up on a blind date with her boyfriend's friend, Tyler. They went to eat at the Mexican restaurant and Tyler started texting Jordan later that night. One week later, Cook played Colquitt in baseball so after the game, the families (Mama, Nicole & Adrian Garcia, Tina & Jared and Addi Yost) went to eat with them in Moultrie, Jordan and Tyler dated for about 2 1/2 months even though it was a 45 minutes drive from his house to ours. | After the eating with the families, Tyler gave Jordan is baseball hoody that she wore everywhere | The shirt worn on the first blind date.

46: Pre-Prom | Nicole & Adrian | Ashleigh & Chris | Futch Garcia | Nelson Cribb | Jordan & Tyler took pictures before everyone got there | Running from the paparazzi...

47: Although Jordan couldn't go to prom because she wasn't in the right grade, Nicole asked her to go eat at Mori's Japanese Steakhouse for pre-prom. | It was very windy while taking pictures. Jordan & Tyler met his parents in Valdosta after eating. | Candid Shots are Best!

48: OUCH | !!! | When Jordan turned 16, she was told that if her tummy was flat, she could get a belly ring. Momma took her down to "Ink Addictions" in Valdosta and got it done.

49: Surf's Up! | The spring chorus concert was "Surf's Up". Jordan and Taylor Crutchfield ordered t-shirts and re-fit them so they fit tight for the show.

50: We received 5 Braves tickets from Lea Hazel, they were actually Walker's. So Jenny, Jordan, Tyler Yost, Walker Hazel, and Caleb Rogers went to the game one Sunday afternoon. We had seats on the mid-level behind first base. After the game, we went on the field and the children got to run the bases.

52: CLC was held state-wide this year at the FFA/FCCLA camp in Covington, GA. At first the students were upset that it wouldn't be in Ellenton, but they realized that they would get to see their friends from across the state. Skits, group singing, energizers, and a talent show were parts of the general sessions. When students went to the classes, leadership skills were discussed. During free time on Saturday, the camp had a wonderful slip and slide down a hill and the students thoroughly enjoyed going down this and getting all wet. Jeremy Austin, the NE director, is in charge of the camp and the students LOVE him. Randell Trammell is the state director. He makes all of this possible for the students.

54: Easter. . . He is Risen!

55: Scholastics Honor's Night | Outstanding Computer Applications Student | Rachel Shanklin was here for her spring break and Tyler Yost came and surprised Jordan by coming to the ceremony.

56: Let's Have Church VII

57: Baseball Banquet | All Region Team Members: Ross Pickle, Palmer Betts, Brandon Hilliard, Tyler Quick, Skylar Lindsey, Blake Garrett, Tyler Norton, and Zach Folsom | Diamond Darlings: Rosie Lovett (gun), Brittany Koppmann (concessions), Kalianne Mainor (statistician), and Jordan Pitts (videographer)

58: P I E R P A R K | CRUISING THE STRIP | PANAMA CITY BEACH BOUND | ARRIVING | We took the Mustang to have the convertible. At night, the girls were allowed to ride the strip but they had to text us every 20 minutes to tell us where they were. After eating at Pineapple Willies. "Jake" invited the girls to a party while he was walking down the street. He didn't care if "the Moms" in the back seat came to the party in Condo 410, too. | We stayed at the Seahaven Hotel. It was not a 5 star hotel, but it served its purpose and had a nice refrigerator. It was very close to Pier Park. | On the way to the beach, we stopped at 3 Targets. We were looking for beach stuff, and it looked like rain.

59: BEACH BABES | JET SKIING | The girls had to take a water safety test before being allowed to go out on the jet ski. The guy said they had to read a rules sheet then take the test. Taylor studied the sheet and half way through he gave the girls the answers to the test. Taylor wanted to read the rest, Jordan wanted to totally cheat. That is the essence of their friendship. Notice that Taylor pays attention to lessons and drove the ski first.

62: Becky & Jenny's bed was a "hospital bed" that vibrated. Everyone thought that it was fun to try it out. | Adrian Garcia, Jordan and Marley Burke led worship each night at the house before the late night group. | The SuperWOW staff stayed next door and ate with us at lunch each day.

63: Speaker: >>>>> | Worship Leader: Aaron Keys

64: SuperWOW Beach Time The youth spent Monday at St. Simon's Beach and spent another afternoon taking pictures on driftwood beach and on the tree swing.

65: Our Family Eddie Coxfield, Jordan, Momma, and Raheem Coxfield | Youth Leaders:: Pat James, Adrian Garcia, Becky Futch, Ray Tyson, Joanna Bryan, Jenny Pitts

66: FUN RUN | The run starts at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.

67: Aaron Keyes was the worship leader at SuperWOW. Each of the Open Door Youth Band members took pictures with the corresponding members of Aaron Keyes's band.

68: V | S | B

69: Summer Lovin' | Peyton Griffin (senior at Berrien) text Jordan out of the blue off of Facebook the last day of SuperWOW and after texting for a few hours, he asked her out for Saturday night. It was TRULY a blind date. They went to dinner and a movie together. It lasted about two weeks. During these weeks, Jordan set Taylor Crutchfield up with Kal Simmons (one of Peyton's senior friends from Nashville also). Jordan was not really surprised when he broke up, because "he said he couldn't handle commitment" after two days of being "Facebook Official". Taylor set Jordan up with Joe McCranie (a sophomore from Ber-rien). This was only a one-time swim date. All in all, it was a summer of blind dates. As Taylor said, "I don't know why I've waited so long to do this, dating is fun!" | Peyton Griffin | Joe McCranie | Kal Simmons | Jordan and Taylor got a lot closer this summer and started doing silly things together like going on blind dates, spending the night with each other, and taking goofy pictures.

70: Jeremy Austin | Tucker Cholvin State of Washington | South Georgia Delegates Leaving: Shahdra Patel (Thomasville), Taylor Walden (Cook), Elizabeth Holland (Tift Area), Rachel Shanklin (Madison County), Nicole Futch, Will Howell (Tfit Area), Jay Jones (Colquitt), Jordan Pitts, Blake Fountain (Berrien), Hallie Donaldson (Bremen) | Georgia T-Shirt Design

71: Conference on National Affairs (CONA) is a Y-Club week long camp that Jordan went to this summer. At this camp students from all over the country went to Blue Ridge Mountain, North Carolina. Students debated student written proposals while meeting different people and finding out who and what they really believed in. It was a life changing experience for Jordan and she realized she loves being in the south with their conservative ways. | Jordan's job was state photographer. She was allowed in all meetings, but didn't get to debate. Next year she has decided that she wants to debate. | Emily Jones (Madison Co.), Ansley Liken (Athens), Rachel Shankline, Jordan, Elizabeth Holland, Hallie Donaldson, Nicole Futch | What all the girls REALLY did at CONA...braid bracelets

72: S | S | T | L | O | The FBLA Officers had to attend a summer leadership conference in Cordele. Officers are Nicole Futch (Pres), Jordan (VP), Dillon Griffin (Rep), Amara Moore (Sec), Libby Norton (Treas), Brianna Williams (Parl)

73: YTC TRAINING The officers went to Rock Eagle on Thursday night to practice and prepare for YTC for Y-club. Planking is a huge phenomenon on the internet right now so the district directors "planked". Jeremy is looking at Zaidee like she is totally lost (top left corner). Jeremy loved "getting onto" Jordan for her silliness, but also egged her on. All the officers stayed in the nice cabin for the night and then had to move to the older cabins the next day.

74: Group Singing | On-Stage Games | Free Time | Officer Elections | Taylor Crutchfield ran for state VP, but did not win | Students in the audience volunteered for on-stage games | Becky Futch led the singing all weekend

75: State Officers | Smarter Than a 5th Grader Victoria was Selina Gomez, Hallie Donaldson was Angelina Jolie, Blake Fountain was the Church Lady, and Jordan was Kellie Pickler. Jordan definitely stole the show on Friday night, everything she said was totally "blond". It was hard to tell if she was acting or just exaggerating her blondness. | On Stage | Dorms | Rules & Regulations | Energizers | Skits | The district directors performed the energizers on stage and the students participated also | As secretary, Jordan read the announcements at ever assembly

76: Bedlam Ball | CONA KIDS: Standing: Sandy, Caylen Perry (Gainesville), Lauren, Nicole Futch, Jordan, Taylor Walden, Jeremy Austin (District Director) Kneeling: Hallie Donaldson, Elizabeth Holland, Rachel Shanklin, Jay Jones, Blake Fountain, Will Howell

77: Seniors 2012 Last Bedlam Ball

78: RAVE | Will Howell, Blake Fountain, Taylor Walden, Taylor Crutchfield, Josh Truitt, Jordan, Caylen Perry, Jay Jones, Elizabeth Holland | Riley & Taylor Crutchfield | Cook Participants Standing: Josh Bryan, Deena Griffin, Brandon Holt, Zach Young, Caleb Duncan, Christopher Taylor, Taylor Walden, Jamie Willis, Becky Futch, Jenny Pitts Sitting: Shelby Griffin, Kristin Varnadoe, Jordan Pitts, Nicole Futch Not Pictured: Taylor and Riley Crutchfield (the left for a cruise)

79: Farewell Speeches & Installation of New Officers | As State Secretary, Jordan had to give a farewell speech at the end of the conference before inducting the new officers. She cried (along with Taylor Walden) when she spoke of all the fun she has had in Y-club. | The LAST Officers' Meeting | In with the NEW (left) and out with the OLD (Right) Randall Trammell (State Director) | 2011 State Officers: Chaplain: Trey Wagers Secretary: Jordan Pitts Vice Pres: Carly Dye President: Victoria Pittman | Jordan received a plaque from Randell for being an officer. He spoke of her characteristics also. | Momma was the unofficial photographer for the conference

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