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South Asia

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South Asia - Page Text Content

S: February 21, 2011

FC: Ashley Leggett's Adventures Through Southern Asia; Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan,Nepal, Sir Lanka and Maldives

1: PAKISTAN Concordia: We backpacked through the rugged, beautiful mountains with a large group and guides. We camped in the freezing weather in tents though, it was crazy! It was way worth it in the end when we saw the beautiful peak of K2. | Makran Coast: We took a small boat out to the coral reef and saw the most interesting, exotic aquatic life! Walking down the beautiful coast we witnessed baby turtles hatching! To end this experience we went deep see fishing. | Peshwar: We viewed the Khyber Pass then took a decorated bus into the walled city of Old Peshwar. We visted Qissa Khawani and stayed the night in an adorable historic Inn. We drank wonderful green tea and walked the streets viewing the impressive clay pottery.

2: Pakistan Facts | -It is a little smaller than California. -It's elevation goes from 0 to 8,611 ft. -The common language is Punjabi. -One of the oldest civilizations- The Indus Valley Civilization, originated here. -Has large natural gas reserves. - 95% of the people are Muslim. -They are 10 hours ahead of our time. - The Capital is Islamabad. -Their main exports are textiles and rugs. -It used to be apart of India.

3: I would definitely want to travel to Pakistan. Although it does seem like it could be a little dangerous in some areas, I think it would be a really neat experience. The hiking trip to K2 sounded like a lot of fun and I would definitely want to see the coast like I wrote about here. It would be extra interesting because I feel that not that many people travel here on vacation. The customs of the people and art would be awesome to witness first hand. After seeing the possibilities of things to see and o here, I would definitely travel here.

4: Agra; Here we saw the breathtaking Taj Mahal. We also visited the Agra Fort which looks down on beautiful rivers. Note to self: If you ever go back, keep away from beggers! | Varanasi: We did yoga taught from a guru! We visited ancient ruins in the holy city and traveled up the Ganges River on a boat. At the Monkey Temple my friends was attacked beacuse she made eye contact with a monkey! | Hampi: First we traveled to the ancient Virupaksha Temple then to the elephant stables where we road them! To end our visit here, we sat and watched the amazing sunset on Hemakuta Hill. | INDIA

5: -It is slightly greater than a third of the US. -Weather ranges from tropical monsoons in southern India to fairly moderate in northern India. -It's natural resources include coal and iron ore. -Drought, flash floods, earthquakes and volcanoes all put India at risk. - In July, 2011 there were 1,189,172,906 people recorded living in India. -Bacterial diarrhea and hepatitis are common waterborne illnesses. -India won it's independence from Britain on August 15th 1947. -The national symbol of India is the Bengal Tiger. -Exports consist of textiles, food processing and steel. -The most common language is Hindi at 41%. | India Facts

6: I would honestly travel to India in a heart beat if I were given the opportunity. It is definitely in my top five places to visit before I die. Although it is a developing country still it is so rich in culture. The people there seem so interesting and the landscapes and architecture look breathtaking. The place I want to go most there is the Taj Mahol which is probably my favorite building in the entire world. I hopefully can travel here someday to study the culture and expand my knowledge.

7: Sundarbans: This is a beautiful wilderness! We traveled on boats through the rivers and saw the Bangal Tiger! It's a great escape from the busy cities! | Dhaka: One of the busiest cities I've ever seen in my life! There were so many interesting people to see on the streets. We had amazing food that was really inexpensive and unfortunately a couple people on our trip got sick! | Rangamati: Here we traveled by boat around the Kaptai Lake. For the remainder of Rangamani we went on a cruise and saw amazing water falls and wild life. | B A N G L A D E S H

8: -Bangladesh is a little smaller than Iowa. -The weather here is generally tropical with monsoons. -Natural gas, timber and coal are natural resources found here. -The area is prone to droughts and cyclones -As of July, 2011 there are 158,570,535 people living here -Bangladesh used to be East Pakistan -When Bangladesh was apart of Pakistan, they had civil wars with present day Pakistan across India. -Monsoons here last from June to October -A majority of people do not have property so they are forced to live in flood planes. | Bangladesh Facts

9: Bangladesh seems like a really interesting places to travel. Although I am a little thrown off by the terrorist threats, I would want to travel here someday. I would have to go on some of the safaris if I went here and see the Bengal Tiger. The whole culture seems really interesting because of their history with Pakistan. I would also, like ever where I would travel here, have to try every food available. Someday I will definitely make my way to see Bangladesh.

10: The Tigers Nest Monastery: We traveled up to a large cliff to a Buddhist landscape. Here we went on a long hike. The hike was worth it though after we reached the steps to the monastery! | Trashigang: We were able to tour the Trashingang Castle that was breath taking! Watching the people walk around the Prayer Wheel and even walking around it a few times myself was pretty neat, The city is wonderful and full of friendly faces. | Thrumshingla: We ate amazing pastries for breakfast every morning here! Other than that, my favorite part was visiting the overlooking view from the Dzong which was beautiful! The town was scattered with adorable shops and handicrafts | B H U T A N

11: Bhutan Facts: | -Bhutan is approximately half of the size of Indiana. -The weather ranges from severe winters to hot summers. -Elevation varies from 97 to 7,570 meters -Hydro power and timber are main exports. -The towering mountains are named the Himalayas (translation: Thunder Dragon) because of the violent storms that arise from them. -The most spoken language at 28% is Sharchhopka -As of July in 2011, 708,427 live here. -The type of government is a constitutional monarchy -From Camp Hill, Bhutan is 10 hours ahead of us. -The land is full of mountains with some valleys

12: Although I'd love to travel to any of the counties we are studying, this is probably the one country I might not travel to. It honestly just doesn't seem interesting. The culture would be interesting to see but there was nothing when researching the county that made me really want to go there. The only reason I can see myself wanting to go there is because the scenery.

13: Lumbini: We traveled through the ancient ruins of the city where Buddha was born. We walked along the holy lake and visited temples and monasteries. | Bandipur: We walked until our feet ached through the friendly town. Everything and everyone here was charming and seemed so perfectly preserved from the outside world. | Patan: We went on a walking tour through the old town. We visited the Golden Temple started in the 12th Century. After visiting the Rato Temple we got to see the diverse collection of animals including peacocks to lions. | N E P A L

14: -Nepal is bigger than Arkansas -Weather ranges from cool summers to cold winters -In the south there are river plains and in the north there are the Himalayas -Quartz, hydro power and the scenic beauty are all natural resources. - Weather consists of thunderstorms and flooding with summer monsoons. -The most common language is Nepali -As of July in 2011, 29,391,883 people live here. -The type of government is Federal Democratic Republic. -They suffer from deforestation and contaminated water | Nepal Facts

15: Nepal has the same impression that Bhutan has on me. I don't really think I would go out of my way to visit here. The people would be so interesting to meet but I don't see that as enough of a reason to visit a place, especially if I would be bored when I got there. I would definitely there if I had a plan with fun things to do. I wouldn't go there though without a plan because it would probably be boring and I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

16: Arugam Bay: We lived along the beautiful water front and went swimming each morning. Fishing and watching the surfers was really fun. We went scuba diving and saw a few of the vibrant and colorful coral reefs. | Yala National Park: By boat we toured the area and saw spectacular animals.It's full of elephants, leopards and monkeys. It was like an African Safari all on one island. | Adam's Peak: We walked great lengths to the very top of the mountain. It was the most beautiful experience here! It feels as if you're on top of the world on this peak. | S R I L A N K A

17: -Sri Lanka is a little bigger than West Virginia. -Its weather consists of tropical monsoons. -The elevation remains low but has some mountains near the center -Natural resources are limestone, graphite, mineral sands and gems. -Dangerous weather conditions are rare cyclones and tornadoes. -The common language is Sinhala. -The most common religion is Buddhism. -They are a republic. The capital is Colombo. -They won independence form the UK on February 4, 1948. | Sri Lanka Facts

18: I would travel here any day. It seems like complete paradise and beauty. Snorkeling and scuba sounds so amazing there with the exotic aquatic life. I would definitely do everything I wrote about here. This would be an ideal trip for me and hopefully I can do this someday! I plan to travel here.

19: Fushifaru: This island is complete paradise.It's full of exotic animals and plants. Here we went on an amazing scuba diving adventures into the deep reefs and swimming alongside whale sharks! | Rasdhoo: Here we snorkeled along the crystal clear, blue coasts. We saw exotic fish and even swam in cages with sharks! I was given the opportunity to try swimming without a cage and I went for it.. for a full five seconds! | Male: We arrived on boats to the friendly island. Here we ate fish until our bellies felt like they would explode and lounged on the salty beaches. We explored the little stores of the island and relaxed for our last couple days in Southern Asia. | M A L D I V E S

20: -The weather is generally tropical and dry with monsoons in the south. -The elevations is flat. -The main natural resource is fish. -Tsunamis are the main natural hazard due to the low elevation. -The loss of fresh water is threatening water supplies. -There are up to 1,190 coral islands. -The most common languages are Dhivehi and English. -As of July, 2011 there are 394,999 people living here. -The capital is Male. -They are a republic. | Maldives Facts:

21: Traveling here would be amazing! Everything I wrote about I would do in an instant, Even swimming with sharks without the cage- it's on my list of things to do. The islands seem like such paradise. I would definitely only here out of the monsoon weather. But other than that, I would come here any time, probably anywhere on the islands.

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