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Spider-man 3 Heroic Cycle

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FC: Heroic Cycle And Archetypes Spider-man 3 Dan Thao

1: Synopsis Peter Parker is getting used to the settled life and is starting to worry more about school and his regular life. Meanwhile Harry fixes his dad's old glider, engineered a new goblin suit, and then takes off to the sky looking for revenge against spider-man for the death of his father. In the mean time, Peter Parker hopes to marry his girlfriend M.J. when he is told by the police that his uncle's killer is still alive and has escaped from prison. Peter is angered and looks for revenge but his uncle's killer ran into a scientific experiment and is infused with sand, becoming the Sandman, making it harder to exact his revenge. Not only Sandman, but Peter's rival photographer is taken over by an alien symbiote and gives him powers like a venom spider. So Spider-man has to fight off all these new villains while defending everyone he loves.

3: Cast of Archetypal Characters Spider-man/Peter Parker: Friendly neighborhood hero to everyone. Is a hero of the city and the protector of justice. Peter Parker is the HERO behind the mask. He was an ordinary teenager, until he was bit by a spider and the venom in the bite merged some spider genes into his own, giving him abilities like a spider. He created his image as the "Spider-man" and loved his new abilities and fought for justice, but when his enemies start targeting his loved ones his life gets harder as he is forced to choose to either protect the citizens of the city, or protect his loved ones.

4: Harry Osborn: Peter's best friend in high school. Was passed down Oz Corp after his dad was killed, who he thought was by Spider-man, now he is out for revenge. Harry reveals himself as the Shape Shifter because at the beginning of the story Harry is out looking to kill Spider-man knowing that he was the one who had killed his father. He finds out that Spider-man is his best friend, Peter. So Harry attacks his loved ones trying to hurt peter mentally. But as the story unfolds Harry finds out that Spider-man didn't kill his dad, but he had killed himself on accident. After Harry finds out he is confused on what he should do next when Peter asks for his help. Harry decides to help Peter fight Sandman and Venom who has his girlfriend, M.J., captured.

6: Eddie Brock: Reporter who wants a job as a photographer at the newspaper company which Peter Parker works at. Eddie Brock becomes the Shadow after Peter steals his girlfriend and later on steals his job as a photographer. Eddie, angered, looks for revenge against Peter and finds his opportunity when an alien symboite attaches itself on to Eddie, giving him inhuman abilities, turning him into the "Venom". Eddie then targets Peter's girlfriend, M.J., as revenge for stealing his. He takes her as hostage to a high building, hoping to lure Spider-man out so he can finally get his revenge.

8: Peter's Mentors was his Uncle and Aunt. They were always looking out for Peter. They taught him how to be a good kid and to never do something stupid. Peter loved them as his own two parents, looking to both of them as his role models. His uncle told him "With great Power, comes great Responsibilities" right before he was shot and killed. Peter remembered what his uncle had told him and it stuck with him ever since he had his abilities and since he became Spider-man.

10: Defeats Sandman and ultimately he defeats the battle against himself.

11: Peter Parker is out looking for "Sandman" as he finds out that he was the one who killed his uncle.\Obsessed with finding him and getting his revenge, Peter is possessed by a strange, alien symboite which can control the emotions of a person. With this strange new power he becomes the "Black Suit Spider-man", only looking for revenge against his uncle's murderer. Sandman and Peter Parker himself, is a Threshold Guardian as he fights against himself, trying to get rid of the thirst for revenge inside of him.

12: At the beginning of the movie, Peter finds out his Uncle's murderer is still alive and his thirst for Revenge begins. Peter sits at home waiting for his chance to take his revenge on Sandman. He ignores the advice of all his loved ones, goes emo, and only cares about the death of Sandman. Spider-man gets his chance as he thinks that he kills Sandman by drowning him. After he has gotten revenge he finally realizes the pain that it's causing to everyone around him, so his thirst for revenge comes to an end as he rids himself of the alien symbiote controlling him.

13: The Hero's Ordeal and the Cycle for Revenge

14: Call To Adventure | Peter's Call to Adventure occurs in the beginning when he is given a ring by his Aunt May so he can propose to his girlfriend M.J. and his best friend, Harry, comes looking for revenge for killing his dad. | Threshold Crossing | Peter faces plenty of Threshold Crossings as he has to face new enemies, each looking for revenge against Spider-man.

15: When Peter fights both Sandman and Venom, trying to get his girlfriend back

16: Test and Allies | Peter Parker rarely has any Allies, if any, but rather than allies who help him fight, he has friends and family who help him through his battles against other villains and against himself. Since he rarely has any allies, then he has to fight alone. The only ally he had that could actually fight with him was his best friend Harry, who helped him fight Venom and Sandman at the end when Spider-man fought both of them at once. Harry was a great help as he took on Sandman, leaving Spider-man with fighting Venom while trying to save his girlfriend. Spider-man comes to face with many Tests as he sometimes has to choose whether to protect the lives of everyone in the city and become a hero to the city, or lose the life of one of his loved ones.

18: Supreme Ordeal | The Supreme Ordeal occurs when Peter has to face Venom at the end when he is trying to rescue his girlfriend, M.J., which Venom has as hostage. Spider-man fights off Venom and releases the alien symboite in Eddie Brock which was his source of power, controlling his emotions of revenge towards Peter and finally rescues his girlfriend at the end.

20: At the end, Spider-man is Rewarded with the safety of his loved ones, and everything goes back to the way it was before, but as we all know, there's no Return for Spider-man, cause he has a duty as a bringer of justice to the city, cause with Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities.

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