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S: Softball The Coach Mess Way

BC: GO TEAM! | 2010 | In Loving Memory of Coach Messier

FC: Softball the Coach Mess Way | By: Shannan Orwitz

1: This book is dedicated to the Exeter-West Greenwich Softball League. I had the privilege to be coached by Coach Messier for two seasons, and in those two seasons I learned a life time worth of lessons as a player and a person. My hope is to teach all of you those lessons as best as I can because the younger girls of this softball league will not have the opportunity to learn these life lessons from Mess himself. Hopefully I can pass on as much as possible and change the actions and mind sets to the best of their ability to be a striving and successful player, as well as a respectful and sincere person. It will remain at the softball fields forever to teach the current softball players and players to come how to play with respect and teach the coaches what they can do to create a successful and winning team. Thank you Mess for everything you taught me and all the other players you coached into being a better person and player, this is for you. -Shannan Orwitz

2: The one thing Mr Messier always made sure of was that we stretched our arms and warmed them up as best as we could, even if that meant taking up the first half an hour of practice. It is better to be stretched, warmed, and prepared to start throwing our best as soon as we start fielding balls, rather then be tight and tear a muscle and get hurt. | 1. Get on one knee and do wrist snaps 2. Stand shoulder width apart rotate your hips back and make a full throw forward without moving your legs 3. Move full throwing distance apart, point your glove toward target, extend throwing arm in a full circle, release ball when it is directly in front of you and finish with following through with your leg (right handers end with right leg coming forward and left handers with left leg) | MESS TIP: Pretend when throwing you are standing next to a wall, it will prevent throwing side arm!

3: Throwing | For this drill there should be an even line behind every base. The line at home plate starts with the ball and throws down to second base, she follows her throw and the girl on second base throws to first (also following her throw). The first baseman throws to across to third (following her throw as well) and finally the third baseman throws back to home. Keep going until someone drops it, and depending on how many times the ball gets around, depends on how many laps are done at the end. | Softball | Star Drill

4: 21 Outs | 21 outs is basically a mini game of softball. The goal is to get 3 outs without making an error. The entire team is divided into 2 teams of 9 and the coach gives a situation before each hit. If an error is made, the team earns a point, once 3 outs are made, the teams switch This continues for 6 innings (top and bottom)The team with the least amount of points wins.

7: GO TEAM! | MESS TIP: Remember when turning to throw the ball to the next girl in line turn on your glove side! | The relay throwing drill is when the team is split in two, and each team is lined up with about 10 feet in between each player (lines are side by side). When the coach blows the whistle, the first girl in each line throws it to the next and so on, having it go down the line and all the way back. Whichever team gets the ball back to the first girl in line is the winner. Keep in mind that this is a race, therefore; quickness is a necessity, however, the correct techniques of throwing and catching should be followed at all times.

8: M E S S

9: Relay Race | The first thing to do is split the team evenly in half. Have one team stand in a line behind home, and have the other team make a line behind second base. When the whistle blows, the first people in each line start, the girl on home runs to 1st, then 2nd, etc. The girl on second runs to 3rd, home, etc until they each are back at their line. They tag the next person allowing them to go, the first team that finishes wins.

10: Everyone gets with a partner and they stand across from each other. They get a ball (no gloves) and shuffle back and forth while rolling it, one hopping it, or making their partner go back hand.Make sure they are low and shuffle the correct way. | Shuffle

12: BUNT

13: This game of bunting helps the hitter direct where the bunt will go. In front of the plate, make 3 different sections in the dirt, Have one towards third base, one towards the pitcher, and one towards first base. When you square around to bunt, the pitcher (or coach) will tell you which direction to bunt the ball in, if you get it in the correct square, you get a point. The team with the most points wins.

14: 1 | 2 | 3

15: For this bunting game, instead of having there be sections toward third base, the pitchers mound, and first base, there will be 3 rings in the dirt on the front of the plate, This game will be helping the distance of the bunt, not the direction. The further your bunt lands, the less points you get. The first half circle is worth 3 points, the second is worth 2 and the third is worth 1 point. The team with the most points wins.

16: My sophomore year in high school, which was my last season coached by Coach Messier, was not as successful as we had hoped. We had some problems with our teammates and one day Mess sat us down after a home game in left field and told us a story, He said to us that no matter what happens, or what we have to go through, we need to do it together. If we have a problem with someone, we need to fix it, we don't play like individuals, we play as a team. When things get hard and are not going our way, we change and make them go our way to achieve the outcome we want. If we aren't playing to our best potential, we work harder at practice, give each other constructive criticism and use it to get better, not take offense to it. But the way he ended his speech was powerful and no one sitting on the grass that afternoon forgot what he said.. "We win as a team, we lose as a team, but in the end, we are still a family." Those words stuck with every single one of us through every game that year, through the next year, and through the state championship.

18: Mr. Messier was someone who changed people not only as a player but as a person as well. This book is for the younger girls of the Exeter-West Greenwich Softball League who unfortunately will not be able to be coached by him or learn the life lessons that we did. As someone who was fortunate enough to learn these lessons from him, I would like to tell you all of the things I can. The most important would be to understand that your on a team and you do things together no matter what happens. Whether its practice or a game, cheer each other on in a good situation or even in a bad. Practice is where you prove yourself so always try your hardest and do everything with your best potential to prove what you can do. When playing you need to keep an open mind, softball is a very mental game, clear your head before every pitch and understand that you have one shot to show your best. Even though Mess is not here he will continue to coach as the years go on, you'll feel it.

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