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BC: THE END of Stevie's Journals | By: Chris Kent

FC: By: John Feinstein | LAST SHOT

1: I will like to dedicate this journal to my new friend Susan Carol that i just met on my trip. We have been through a lot that I never knew was coming and I'm pretty sure you Susan had no idea.

2: Coach K | Dick Vitale

3: " I define passion as extreme emotion."- Coach K " Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication." - Coach K Its not over. I'm confident the ca do it. But its not a closed case."- Dick Vitale | Three Famous Quotes

4: Entry 1- I had just won the writing contest I just joined. The winners won a trip to the college basketball Final four. It was my dream to go to one of those. I was extremely nervous but also very excited to be heading to the final four with my. I'm just glad my dad was all for going because my mom wasn't so sure because of school. I would have never of gotten through this experience without my dad.

5: " Hon, this is a once in a lifetime chance. Plus, he earned it by winning the contest, I really think he'll learn a lot from the trip." said my dad(pg.5)

6: entry 2- My dad and I arrived at the hotel where we were staying. The first day we were there, I had to go meet the co-winner Susan carol who was a Duke fan. I hate the duke basketball team because they always win and get the calls. Through out the trip, I have gotten the chance to really get to know her and it ends up that she really isn't all that bad. I'm just glad she didn't bring up duke because we were blown away on how cool this trip was which made me happy.

7: " I just hope," I said to my father ," that shes not a Duke fan." (pg.15)

8: Entry 3- When Susan and I were roaming the halls looking for a story to write about.And then we came across an extremely big story. Their were two men talking and I realized one of them was Chip Graber of MSU. Who was my favorite player. It sounded as if Chip was being blackmailed by the mysterious man.

9: " Well unless I'm crazy, we just heard the best player in the county being blackmailed to throw the championship game." (pg. %6)

10: Entry 4- Now that we eavesdropped on Chip little conversation, we had to find out who the man was. we knew what the blackmailer was wearing but had no idea what he looked like or what his name was. We had to find out who the blackmailer was. We had a couple clues but it was still nearly impossible. And we had to do this before the big championship game.

11: " We need to hear that guy talk," I said (pg. 63)

12: Entry- We knew we had to talk to chip so Susan and I tried to find the team. We went to their hotel, and we asked someone who could help. The man we talked to name was Jerry Ventura. We lied about saying we were staying at the hotel and we lost our keys. We said we were thirsty and he gave us his key. Instead of grabbing a drink, we went to his room to find the rooms of the MSU players.

13: "Susan carol nice to meet you. I'm Jerry Ventura- no, no relation to the governor." (pg 92)

14: Entry 6- When we found out the room Chip Graber was staying in, we knew we had to talk to him. We took the elevator to his room but had a problem. We had to get by the body guard. We told him we were Chips cousin and hopefully he would believe us. We knocked on his door and we told him we had to talk to you about your problem.

15: " Mike I'm sorry, " Graber finally said. " I shoulda told you my cousin was coming up. My bad man. " (pg. 108)

16: Entry 7- When we explained to Chip why we were there, he wasn't as mad. He told us his story and that his old Dean of the school, Dean Wojenski could help. We drove to where he lived and asked a couple questions about Chips grades. He told us what to do. On our way home, we were trailed by a black SUV van.

17: " You say you're in trouble, Chip, and I'm happy to help. " said Dean Wojenski. (pg. 168)

18: Entry 8- When we went to talk to Jurgensen, the FBI agent, we were actually set up into a trap. Whitey and the other blackmailers to make sure Chip would throw the game. They were going to hold Susan and I hostage until the game was over. If Chip didn't throw the game, we would have been murdered.

19: " Where's Jurgensen, " said chip (to Whiting) (pg. 217) | MSU

20: Entry 9- While we were held hostage, we were watching the game. And we heard a knocking on the door. Someone broke in and beat up the man watching us. It ended up being Jurgensen. He recieved the message Susan sent him saying help. All we had to do now is get to Chip to stop throwing the game.

21: " You two keep quiet, " he hissed. " Who's there? " (Gary said) (pg. 226)

22: Entry 10 - We had just escaped the hotel room we were being held hostage with a little help from Jurgensen. we still had to get to Chip to win the game. When we drove half the way and ran the other half due to traffic, we arrived at the game around the 2nd half. Chip saw that Susan and I weren't hurt , and he started to play his game. It came down to the last shot at the end of the game. Chip had the ball and drove down the court, he threw up the last shot and MSU wins the NCAA tournament for the first time.

23: " I was rooting for you all the way Chip. But don't tell coach K." Susan grinned at Stevie. (pg. 248)

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