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BC: GO TEAM! | 2009

FC: Brian's Winter Gary Paulsen

1: I dedicate this journal to my brother because, he is always supportive.

2: Journal one "Winter is coming and i can feel it" (23). The smell is different. Animals are out more and they are looking for food.Do i need to find alot of food? I can hear the wind breeze by my ears. my hatchet is dull and the wood does not cut good. Im making a door for the shelter so when the worse weather comes im prepared.

3: Journal Two I can still feel winter and i know i have to get food. The rabbits and the small game are not going to last me all winter. I need to kill something big. I set off into the cold weather with my bow and arrow and hatchet on my belt. I'm following tracks of what i think to be a moose. I'm staying very quite so i don't startle anything. I didnt see anything all day but in wake up in the middle of the night to a wolf howling. In the morning i went to go see what it was. I followed a blood trail that i found and saw a dear at the end of it. "The dear had been killed by the wolves"(44). But there is a lot of meat left so I'm taking it. | In wilderness is the preservation of the world: Henry David Thoreau

4: " Journal Three I just ran out of my dear meat and snow is on the ground. Finding food is going to be really hard now. But I'm going hunting and I'm going to kill something big. "The fresh snow is on my side and is making it easy to see tracks"(56). I'm following the biggest track that I have seen all day.The tracks stop and go into thick woods, so I'm sitting waiting outside the woods. I'm looking to my left when I see a moose right between two trees. I raise my bow and shoot it. "The arrow hits its mark but its not enough to kill the moose". It only makes her angry and she starts charging me. She head butts me and I'm defenseless. I reach for my spear and lung it at the moose's heart. It's a direct hit and she falls on top of me. she weighs over 500 lbs and it takes all of my strength to get her off me.

5: Journal Four "I'm finally laying down now after the long night of hauling the moose back to my shelter" (58). I can fell my body aching and i can feel how tired i am. I'm starting to to fall asleep. My eyes are closed and my door is swinging open. I'm sitting up in panic searching for my hatchet. A shadowy figure is entering my shelter. It's throwing me around like a rag doll and everything else in my shelter. My eyes are closing and I feel death when the shadowing figure starts backing away. I'm looking outside and i see a skunk spraying the bear.

6: Journal Five I'm just now waking up and I'm looking outside to see a very fresh coat of snow on the ground. The first thing I see is a rabbit going across the top of the snow. He isn't sinking in, just running on the top. I need to find out how he is doing this. I'm looking at the tracks and they are long and wide at the front. I got wood and string from my jacket. I'm letting the wood sit out so it will dry. The wood is dry and it will bend. I'm making them into the shape of a tennis racket with my string tied around it. I am finishing the last part of string for the shoe now. I put them on my feet and walked across the snow. " They don't work as good as the rabbit's feet but they keep me above the snow"(68) | Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality: Andy Goldsworthy

7: Journal Six Winter is now here and all the small game are hiding. "My regular bow isn't working well when i try to kill bigger animals"(73). I need a better bow. I am looking for a nice strong piece of wood that can bend but wont break. Right now its taking all my strength to make notches in the wood so i have something to tie the string through. This time I am tying dried rabbit skin so that its tighter. It's now night time and I'm really excited to test the war bow in the morning.

8: Journal Seven It's dawn and I am just waking up. I'm still excited, I get to test my war bow today. Before I can test it i need to boil me some moose meet for something to eat. My stomach feels like it's about to blow-up. My snow shoes are now on and I am walking outside to a nice spot to test my bow. "When I pull the string it hurts my fingers, but i know it is going to be strong"(80). First shot is perfect and I know it's good.

9: Journal Eight I just got done testing my war bow. Now its time to go hunt with it. There's not much action today. There are no animals out right now. Theres only one trail that I'm following and it looks big enough to be a bear. I'm laying on the ground looking for the animal. Threw the trees i see it, the bear. "This is the perfect way to see if my war bow will kill"(82). I'm raising my bow when a rabbit breaks a stick and the bear starts running. Then when i look the only sign of the rabbit are its tracks. I'm looking up into the sky and the sun is slowly going behind the mountains. My night is over, and i start walking back to camp. | Problem solving is hunting. It is savage pleasure and we are born to it: Thomas Hariss

10: Journal Nine Morning is here and for the first time in a while I'm actually warm. My stomach is grumbling and I open the door to see that i don't have a lot of meet left. Next the skunk comes over for it regular meal. But i don't have enough for the both of us. It's either i eat and get sprayed or I give the skunk my food and try to look for more. I think I will give it to the skunk. "I cant deal with the smell" (92). So I tossed the hunk of meat toward the skunk and close the door to my shelter.

11: Journal Ten I haven't eaten since yesterday when I gave my meat to the skunk. I'm putting my snow shoes on and getting ready for a long walk because there no food around here. It feels like I have walked miles when i get to another lake, completely covered with snow. It had one track going through the middle. The tracks looked like a sled with dog prints. What can that mean? "I'm now walking on the trail determined to find out where it goes"(125). All I hear are dogs barking, then i see people walking towards me asking if I needed anything. I simply asked, how do you get out here? Oh, theres a plane that comes once a month to drop of more supplies.

14: GO DUKE! | Lets go Team!

18: Good Game


20: GO TEAM!

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