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BC: Skill 47 | Skill 47

FC: Act Skills

1: TABLE OF CONTENTS | ACT SKILL 31---------------------Pg.2-3 ACT SKILL 32---------------------Pg.4-5 ACT SKILL 33---------------------Pg.6-7 ACT SKILL 34---------------------Pg.8-9 ACT SKILL 35--------------------Pg.10-11 ACT SKILL 36--------------------Pg.12-13 ACT SKILL 37--------------------Pg.14-15 ACT SKILL 38--------------------Pg.16-17 ACT SKILL 39--------------------Pg.18-19 ACT SKILL 40--------------------Pg.20-21 ACT SKILL 41--------------------Pg.22-23 ACT SKILL 42--------------------Pg.24-25 ACT SKILL 43--------------------Pg.26-27 ACT SKILL 44--------------------Pg.28-29 ACT SKILL 45--------------------Pg.30-31 ACT SKILL 46--------------------Pg.32-33

2: Exponents

3: Skill 31 | Skill 31 | When multiplying exponents you must add the exponents. When adding the same exponents and base you add the coefficient. Negative means take the reciprocal.

4: When dealing with the equation y= mx+b. MX= the slope (rate of change) b= slope intercept Slope intercept is where the line crosses the y-axis. | SKill 32

5: Example of slope And how they are used in real life situations .

6: For most students probability problems are the hardest ones them all, but not for us. If you know the steps for the probability problems you will be perfectly fine. Step 1: Draw a blank for each position Step 2: Fill in the number of probability for each position. Step 3: Then multiply | ACT SKILL 33

7: Real Life Situations | Some may ask, when will i ever use probability? When you gamble, play rock paper scissors or any games like that it is using probability

8: SohCahToa When dealing with right triangles, you need to remember sin= Opposite over Hypotenuse;Cos= Adjacent over Hypotenuse; and Tangent= Opposite over Adjacent. The hypotenuse is just a fancy way to say the longer leg. The other legs are the adjacent or the opposite just depending on which angle you are talking about. If you remember SohCahToa , you will be fine with half of the trig problems on the ACT. | ACT SKILL 34

10: Skill 35 | There's a little more to SohCaHToa, than just Sin, Cos, and Tan. There's Cosecant which =sin(Opposite over Hypotenuse) flipped Then Secant which is Cos(Adjacent over hypotenuse)flipped. And Cotangent= Tan(Opposite over Adjacent) flipped.

12: Skill 36 | When using probability you use the equation want/total. For example if I had socks in a drawer and theres 18 of them 6 of them are red, 4 are blue and 8 are pink. We would be happy with 10 of them. So if when I plug it into the equation i would get 10/18 which would be 5/9/

13: SKill 36

14: ACT 37 | Anything times zero is zero, this is not a hard section they are just wanting you to take what they gave you and put it into the equation and find the answer.

15: ACT 37

17: ACT 38 | Y=ax+bx+c The equation for a parabola. The U shaped line is called the parabola. The bottom of the curve when it is pointing up is called the minimum When the parabola faces down the top of the curve is called the maximum

19: ACT 39 | This section we are dealing with circles. The equation for a circle is (x-h)+(y-r)=r the (h,r) and r is the radius of the circle. If you remember this formula it is for sure going to give you a point on the ACT, no doubt.

20: This is what the ACT loves to use. Just know that part of the triangle is the diameter and the right angle is opposite of the diameter.

21: Skill 40

22: This skill if mostly about vocab, if you don't know the vocab you can't get the problem right. Absolute value is just dropping the negative number Ex. l-3l= 3

23: Skill 41

24: ACT 42 | Arithmetic Sequence- a sequence of numbers added to a number to get to another. Geometric Sequence- a sequence of number multiply to a certain number to get to another.

27: ACT 43 | For a Fahrenheit or Celsius equation; if given degrees Celsius you plug it in and simplify, but when it is Fahrenheit you use algebra or just the answers.

28: ACT 44 | This section is more about making sure you did not make any errors. So to prevent from making errors. To help from making errors what you have to do is be focus and calm and don't panic.

30: ACT 45 | This skill is just like the last one it just, shows you what is the most common errors, and how to prevent them .

33: Skill 46 | This skill tells you about all of the difficult or the most made up errors with crazy numbers.

34: ACT 47 | log(logarithms) theres different types of logarithms for example one type of logarithm is exponents. log(5)25=2 the five in parenthesis is squared.

36: ACT 48 | What do you you need to know about "not so easy numbers" when dealing with "i" and i squared. It's easy all you do is treat i as a normal variable and i squared make that -1

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